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Acer DX900 Dual-SIM Smartphone

This is Acer’s first foray into the mobile market and before making a big splash, it’s flagship phone (Acer DX900) was leaked on a UK store before being formally announced.

acer dx900
Technical Specification of Acer DX900

Samsung S3C 6400 533 MHz Processor
256 MB ROM, 128 MB RAM
2.8″ VGA (468×640) colour transflective TFT
Dual SIM card support
Bluetooth 2.0
WiFi 802.11 b/g
3.0 MP auto-focus camera (2048 x 1536 pixel resolution )
0.3 MP front-facing camera for video calls
Composite TV-out
Microsoft Office Mobile (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)
Windows Media Player 10
Direct Push Technology
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional

Above average battery life rated at 1530 mAh but a little thick on the side (17mm). This could be one of several new phones Acer will be presenting at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this month. Unwired reports this is just a re-branded model of the E-Ten DX900.

Pre-order price on the online store indicates UK£395 or somewhere around Php27,000.

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23 Responses

  1. Snow says:

    How user friendly is this? I am thinking of buying a smart phone and right now, I am torn between the iPhone and the LG Prada. And now, I have seen this so I am having confusions…

    Too many gorgeous gadgets around to choose from. :(

  2. Mark T. says:

    nice looking phone and I’m sure that would be hit id the price is not going to be too high when it hits the market.

    Acer has local support here already so buying this can be less risky because u have gr8 support.

    For now I’m contented with my e63. This is what I’m using to post here. :)

  3. madzman23 says:

    A little bulky.
    I still wanna go for the Toshiba TG01, it sleeker but this has Microsoft office, so this can be useful for professionals. If Toshiba TG01 will priced above 30K, I might for this one. But all in all, TG01 really rocks!^_^

  4. geri says:

    i own a glofish dx900 which is the same as the acer model..its nice, its serves its purpose for what its designed to users..gps, wifi, 2 sims..etc..

    only one drawback for me..the battery cant last 9 hrs…fully charged. the units heats up(u can feel it, more than normal working temp of the unit) when battery goes low..

    approximately its useful for 8-7 hours. already changed the battery, but same. i guess, it needs a higher cap battery.

    hope this helps for those interested, might want to check and test it first before getting one.

  5. don says:

    does the acer dx900 have blackberry like email? or push email?

  6. bibi says:

    Can it download chatting programs like Yahoo Messenger and Skype?

  7. gpader says:

    Where can I buy Acer DX900 Dual Sim Cellphone in the Philippines? Is it sold in Cagayan de Oro City? If not where can I buy it and how much?. No not the Glofish but the Tempo, I suppose.

  8. Norbert says:

    The built in Windows Live Mobile software supports push email for Hotmail accounts. If your office email is running on Microsoft Exchange, the phone has built in support for synchronization, email push and calendar push

  9. Norbert says:

    You can download Shape IM+ for Yahoo, ICQ, MSN, GTalk, MySpace and Facebook chat. Skype has their own version that you can download at the Skype website

  10. Sam says:

    I am interested to buy this Acer DX900 but who is the distributor or store I can buy the unit? Is it international warranty too?

  11. raffyr says:

    does this unit work with bayantel wireless subscription (for the second sim)?

    geri says that this unit heats up when the battery goes low? is anyone experiencing the same thing?

    thanks, i am thinking of buying this unit.

  12. raffyr says:

    Is the Toshiba TGO1 available in the Philippines already? Where?

  13. thessa says:

    where can I buy this in the philippines?

  14. arman says:

    this is my worst phone ever! i bought my acer dx900 at accent micro in sm cyberzone north edsa last july and i only used it i think for a week then the problems started to appear.

    hanging, frequent shutoff, the unit starts to heat up.

    and since then 4 time already, i had it checked at acer service center but until now they are still trying to determine the cause of the problems, they always tell me that its already OK and for pick up, but when i picked it up and stated to use it again, the problems are still there.

    this phone sucks! big time!

    such a rip off, i spend 29k for this piece of garbage!

  15. rose says:

    hi where can i find acer mobile service center in the philippines? need badly your help..thanks

  16. pototoy says:

    Topstrasse Global Inc.
    Unit 415 La Fuerza Plaza I 2241 Don Chino Roces Ave. Makati City
    Telephone: +63 2 515-8888

    For Sales, Marketing & Dealership inquiries ([email protected])
    For Product Support inquiries ([email protected])

  17. rose says:

    @pototoy: sir do you have service for ACER DX900 mobile? back portion of the camera protector glass broken. please let me know so i can visit your office. thank you

  18. clai says:

    Where can I buy battery of Acer Neo Touch S200 Windows Mobile in Philippines?

    How much is it?

  19. harley de borja says:

    hi there i would like to ask how i can purchase a new battery pack for my acer dx900, kindly email me [email protected]

  20. Samuel says:

    Hey guys, please dont ever buy this phone DX900 if you dont want to have a nightmare. My DX900 is lying in my drawer like a dead machine. it is really a garbage believe me!

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