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Top 5 Pocket WiFi Worth Buying

Pocket Wi-Fis or Mobile Hotspots have become a must-have for users who wield multiple devices. As such, we listed down five of Pocket Wi-Fis that are worthy of your hard-earned moolah.


Note: The devices on the list are not arranged in any particular manner.

We’ll kick off our list with the pocket Wi-Fi that I personally use, the Huawei E5776. It’s an LTE mobile hotspot with a non-removable 3000mAh battery. It made our list because it also doubles as a powerbank that comes in handy when our gadget runs out of juice.

Huawei E5776

The Huawei E5776 can be had for Php4,995 from Globe which comes with a prepaid LTE SIM. The open-line variant of this LTE mobile hotspot is available at Lazada for Php8,919 (see listings here.). More information about this device can be found on our full review.

Next up we have the E5776’s rival, the ZTE MF93D, which is being offered by Smart for Php4,888.

[Image Source]

Unlike the E5776, the MF93D has a removable battery which, sadly, can’t be used as a powerbank. To compensate though, the LCD of this device is touchscreen. Not sure why would you need a touchscreen display on a pocket Wi-Fi, but if that’s what rocks your boat then the MF93D should be a good bet.


Now if you want a pocket Wi-Fi that supports LTE connectivity, but don’t want to be tied with any of the telcos and/or spend a fortune for it, then look no further than the Cherry Mobile Ultra-On-The-Go.


It’s openline right off the bat, which means that you can pop any local LTE SIM card in it and get LTE signal whenever it’s available. It also offers decent battery life and it costs almost Php1,000 less than what Globe and Smart is offering. Be sure to read our full review of the CM Ultra-On-The-Go, so you’ll have a better idea of what you can expect from it.

The whole point of getting a mobile hotspot is to have wireless access to the internet on your mobile devices. But if the situation arises that you need hook up your internet source to your PC/laptop via an Ethernet port, then having a pocket Wi-Fi like the Huawei E5730 may come in handy.


It’s doesn’t support LTE connectivity like the other devices in this list, but it makes up for it with an enormous 5200mAh battery that is claimed to last up to 16 hours on a single charge. Like the E5776, it can also be used as powerbank to charge your devices and, as mentioned earlier, has an Ethernet port which you can use to establish wired connection or broadcast your internet so other wireless devices can connect to it.

The Huawei E5730 is available in some local stores like HotGadgets (see listings here) for Php4,280.

Softbank 203Z

Rounding up our list is the Softbank 203z, a Japan-made mobile hotspot that was made available locally by some online resellers on OLX (see listings here).

Although we haven’t personally tried the device ourselves, the specs sheet of this bad boy alone got us hyped up. In a nutshell, it’s a combination of the ZTE MF63D’s touchscreen display, powerbank function of the E5776 and the monstrous battery of the E5730, plus it has LTE connectivity too so it’s really quite a steal for Php3,999.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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32 Responses

  1. Kent says:

    How about dun sa 1499 pesos na 4g pocket wifi na offered ni smart ? Is it any good ?

  2. rockz says:

    This article talks about LTE device and why the hell Huawei E5730 is included on the list?

  3. Mr A says:

    I personally don’t see the point of pocket wi-fi with large batteries. I guess, saves having a powerbank with you, but with think profile powerbanks that are rated 10Kmah, I just don’t see the large battery capacity being as a selling point.

    While I don’t have a LTE device. My CM-m1 that I bought in 2012 still works fine and connecting it to a powerbank makes it a worth companion.

  4. roiji says:

    These cannot do USB tethering right?

  5. Eric says:

    Daming info sa MF93D ay mali. It does not have a removable battery, and it does not have a touchscreen. I have one from smart. Magresearch din sa maraming sources, di lng sa iisang source.

    • Anthony says:

      Tama mali mali info.. parang gusto lang papangitin yun model nang sa smart samantala todo build up sa model nang Globe.. Laki talaga bayad kay Abe nang Globe.. haha.. Dapat talaga mga blogger hindi bias..

    • Gabby B. says:

      Etong @Anthony naman mali mali ang logic. Kung bias kontra kay Smart bakit pinalabas na mas maganda yung features nung ZTE MF93D dahil touchscreen and removable battery?

      Tsaka, basa basa din, si Ronnie yung nagsulat nito.

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      @Anthony huh? Napaganda nga ng article yung specs ng MF93D eh.

      Screen is supposed to be monochrome non-touch
      Battery is non-removable
      Battery capacity is only 2800mAh

      Basa-basa din pag may time. Gatong kasi ng gatong eh :p

  6. Manny says:

    Kumusta ang Huawei E5776 at ang LTE connection via Globe? Solid ba or does it keep shifting to 3G? Thanks!

  7. Tony says:

    Pocket wifi is also useful pero mas maganda ang device na may built in 3g/4g na signal. Hassle free.

    • anonymous says:

      yup! but not battery friendly for you phone :)

    • ako ito says:

      Ok lang din naman kong sa own cp nakalagay ang sim na for internet/data. Dahil walang masyadong sagabal sa pagdala nang magkaibang charger for a specified gadget… Cp or pocket wifi. I myself is using a sim and naka direct sa cp ko na capable for 3g/4g connection. Just saying lang. Thanks.

  8. Easy E says:

    Convenient na malaki ang capacity ng pocket wifi dahil may mga cases na walang avail na power source or sometimes wala kang bag at malaki at maraming kabit kabit pa pag gagamit ng power banks. So ok ako sa mga 6Ah hanggang 10Ah na pocket wifi.
    Pag sinabing LTE pocket wifi, hindi ibig sabihin na yun lang ang meron. May 3G yan pababa hanggang sa bwisit na gprs/edge.
    TIP lang. Wag kayo bibili ng alcatel na pocket wifi.

    • Tony says:

      Tama. Capacity lang yung 4G. Hindi actual speed ng user. Another false ad like UNLI net pero may data cap naman.

  9. Mandy says:

    Yung sa panghuli ZTE ang gumawa actually dalawa ginawa nila for Softbank

    models: Pocket WiFiSoftBank 203Z and Pocket WiFi (GL09P)


  10. Vince Paul Dela Cruz says:

    Globe doesn’t supply huawaei e5776 anymore, they’ve switched to huawei e5372. Correction please.

  11. kobeparas says:

    Pakiayos naman info niyo sa ZTE MF93D, di removable battery and walang touchscreen.

  12. Anthony says:

    Oo nga po, correction para dun sa zte, wala namang removable battery at hindi touch screen. Akala ko tuloy mali yung seller.

    About Huawei E5776, even sa lazada wala akong makita, went to all stores sa sm north edsa annex cyberzone, wala sila ganitong pocket wifi. Kahit sa mismong globe store.

  13. cianelle maala says:

    Hello po! I will be taking a vacation there in the Philippines for two months, just this summer and I’m looking for a hotspot mobile device that can provide good service. Any suggestions? (I’m aware this post is like 4 months old)

  14. MR.Carny says:

    I’m just wondering which is the best one for a rural area with poor cell reception And allow to stream movies online?

  15. Zhini says:

    The best is smart bro pocket wifi its fast lalo na qng nasa right area kau but depende parin tlga sa loc nio guys

  16. Nancy says:

    I found one model from China supplier is similar as Huawei E5730 in Alibaba, sharing the link to everybody: lowelltek.en.alibaba.com.

  17. Globe says:

    Smart Bro is the fastest.

  18. Lenwill Parde says:

    Is this pocket wifi can use in other country? Cause I’m a seafarer I traveled around the world.

  19. Ana says:

    Hi I am living out of the country all Our European and this my frist tab ….Is a Samsung Galaxy tab A. What is good to get WiFi if you are going to be all over with a car

  20. Arianne says:

    Hi ask Lang ako Kung sa tacloban city Myron ba kayo Dto?

  21. Roma says:

    In your experiences about lte pocket wifi..which one works good….im planning to buy this soon..plz..i need ur respectful opinions…does zte wifi can be open line?

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