Running WP Super Cache

Running WP Super Cache

After upgrading this server to PHP 5 and mySQL 5 last week, I tested a new version of the WordPress caching system.

I’m sure most of you have seen the announcement in the WP-Dash for WordPress Super Cache.


I must say that after installing WP Super Cache on several blogs (including this one), and updating the old and clunky WP-Cache (which, IMO, is real hard to setup), the server seemed to be running much smoother now. Best part is that the plugin is now much more easy to install.

mySQL loads are down and access times are up. Some plugins might not work (such as Recent Comments, Pageviews Count and Who’s Online) due to the cached pages. But, if your blog is raking in a ton of traffic and slowing it down, this new plugin might be a ton of help.

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7 Responses

  1. I was testing this a few hours ago before going to my OJT. Not sure how to use the do_cacheaction() trigger tracking and use it with other plugins. Will go at it later, just he releases 0.3 with a readme file.

  2. Mikko says:

    Not for me. Compensating plugins for speed, not an option. ;D

  3. J says:

    great stuff. this my first time to try such plug-in. :D

  4. Jaypee says:

    I don’t really need this type of plugin but I did try the old WP Cache plugin once and had problems with it. I’m gonna give this plugin a try and see if it works. Might come in handy in case one of my posts ever gets Digged or Stumbled. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. jhay says:

    Have no need for it at the moment, is there a plugin that increases your traffic instead? :P

  6. Does this plugin affect the stats shown by the WP Stats plugin? I wanna use it, but dont want to sacrifise WP stats!

  7. Diablo says:

    I´m using it and it works fine.
    They should change it, so GD Star Rating + Comments are updated more often.

    Anyway a nice Speedup for every blog.

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