Interview: Online Community Manager at Yahoo! Philippines

Interview: Online Community Manager at Yahoo! Philippines

When official word came out that Yahoo! Philippines has finally selected the person to be its Online Community Manager, I hooked up with Jonas de los Reyes to get an interview. The leak came in via LinkedIn (you get alerts when people change jobs and update their profile). Jonas was Yehey’s eCommerce Manager so his new position over at Yahoo looks like a perfect fit.

You can check the full transcript of the interview over at PTB: Interview: Jonas de los Reyes, Community Manager at Yahoo! Philippines

Incidentally, I also asked Yahoo! Philippine Country Manager Jojo Anonuevo about their plans to put up a physical office during the recent Search Marketing launch but didn’t get any specific details.


Jonas couldn’t give me any details on that end as well but pointed out that Yahoo! Philippines has several job openings right now — Partner Account Manager, Communications Consultant and Senior Editor & Analyst. Check out the job listing over at

Yahoo listed their Philippine office as 14/F Net Cube Center, 3rd Avenue corner 30th Street, E-Square Zone, Bonifacio Global City but turns out it’s just a Regus Virtual office.

Jonas has been actively posting on his work blog at Yahoo! Answers Philippines blog and his personal blog at Jonas de los Reyes.

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7 Responses

  1. Yoe says:

    Thanks for the info! Haven’t been hearing much about the Yahoo! Philippines office since the announcement a couple of months ago

  2. QUESTION??? says:

    My account was terminated by Google Adsense and I appealed already but they denied it. If I close my google account would that be the answer to delete my information in Google Adsense? I really want to re-apply for a new adsense account with new mail address, IP Address, New Blog with the Same Name and Payee name.

  3. blogaholic says:

    You can reapply hundred time but google will disaproved it… You better used another payee Name…..

  4. blozoom! says:

    jonas went thru a series of yahoo interviews…

    question no. 1 – during your yehey tenure, do you really believe that yehey could thrive by copying yahoo?

    question no. 2 – you had a hand in that payplus of yehey? what happened to that atm online gateway?

    question no. 3 – are you sure you are not spying on us?

    question no. 4 – going back to yehey, do you really believe that yehey is the number 1 portal/search engine in the philippines?

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