Mini Dell Inspiron to match HP 2133?

Mini Dell Inspiron to match HP 2133?

According to Gizmodo, Michael Dell is secretly lugging what could be an Asus Eee PC 900 or HP Mini-Notebook 2133 competitor. It looks like an 10″ Dell Inspiron mini-laptop to me.

Pictures were taken by Gizmodo during the All Things D conference:

Dell Inspiron Mini Notebook



There are no details (except for the 3 USB ports, LAN ports and card reader) about the prices and specs of the mini-notebook but my guess is that this is a 10-incher UMPC.

They come in shiny red too!

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11 Responses

  1. Wow! Hopefully it will be running using either Intel Atom or VIA Isaiah.

  2. Techsoulja says:

    I don’t think that the Dell can beat the Eee pc 900 maybe because of the prize, I doubt that dell can sell this machine cheap like the Asus. and yeah! Im still planning to buy an Eee Pc!

  3. What’s good with this news is that with all of these UMPCs coming out, we can expect prices to go down for the said computing category…

    I think this unit looks real sporty…

  4. maganda yan para at least may competition.

  5. BrianB says:

    No, sub-$500. Pretty nice. I wonder why they didn’t make it a 10-incher. Everyone used to want a 10-inch laptop. I’d but a 10-inch Dell, under 3 pounds with battery 1GB RAM, 1.0GHz VIA for $700. Ubuntu isn’t so bad if you’re only surfing and writing.

    Style-wise-this is the most amazing sub-notebook yet. Macbook air is toast.

  6. BrianB says:

    Dell’s just fantastic.

  7. Dicky Banzon says:

    waiting for this to come out… looks like no function keys on keyboard… adds to the competition…but even with all the competition, prices might not go down because the dollar is going up right now… sigh

  8. Dicky Banzon says:

    …and to say that the dell mini inspiron is trying to match the hp 2133 is an insult to dell… the hp looks nice but is painfully SLOW…a poor standard to measure by…

  9. Dicky Banzon says:

    …saying that the dell mini inspiron is trying to match the hp 2133 is insulting to dell… the hp looks nice but is painfully SLOW…not a good standard to measure up to…

  10. rosman says:

    wait for dell 10 inch, what the price USD?

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