Hong Kong Adsense Publishers to get EFT

Hong Kong Adsense Publishers to get EFT

It’s getting closer to the Philippines now. Inside Adsense just announced that Hong Kong and Hungary will be available to receive their AdSense payments via Electronic Fund Transfer (ETF). EFT directly deposits your AdSense earnings into your bank account, in your local currency, to greatly speed up and simplify the payment process.

So far, Japan and Hongkong are the only Asian countries to get support for EFT from Google AdSense but I guess it’s just a matter of time before it’s also available in the Philippines.


Electronic Fund Transfer was first introduced back in December 2005 and the list of supported countries aren’t growing as fast as we’d like them to be. EFT or Direct Bank Deposit is much more convenient since your AdSense payouts are deposited into your preferred back right on the day it’s released. No need to visit or line up (in my case, reserve the expected amount one working day before I claim it) in your local Western Union station.

Only drawback with EFT is that it’s only remitted in local currency and there’s no option to get it in US dollars.

Like in the case of Paypal Philippines, the introduction of EFT highly depends on our country’s banking regulations. If other states like Slovakia, Turkey and the Czech Republic can get it, I’m sure the Philippines will get its turn. eBay/Paypal did it in a year. Google can do better.

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5 Responses

  1. Dean says:

    Haysalamat! Although I’ve earned little from my blog so far, I think EFT for Pinoy AdSense users will be very useful, and will be welcomed by the blogosphere. Yipee!

  2. Erin says:

    like dean, i would like to say that this doesn’t really impact me (i barely have US$40 in my account and my first impression was in 2005!) but this is the same person who accomplished the Western Union option the day I got the notification in my mailbox. :D


  3. Kenneth says:

    This is good news and looking forward on this one. :-)

  4. Bad news for me ‘coz I was disabled by the google adsense :(

  5. MJ says:

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