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Results: AVG is Most Popular Anti-Virus

According to our recent poll on antivirus, AVG came on top of the heap followed by Nod32 and Avast. From over 220 respondents, AVG was actively used by just over 25%. See chart after the jump.

Surprisingly, the Slovak-developed antivirus Nod32 came in second with close to 16%. First time I heard and tried this software was back in December in Germany when a Honduran delegate shared it with me (in Spanish version).



Avast came in 3rd. All of the the top 3 anti-virus offers a free version so it’s not a surprise they’re the most widely used.

Eight (8) of the total respondents shared they did not need any anti-virus (OSX/Linux maybe?) while 19 added they were using a different kind of anti-virus software.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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19 Responses

  1. deric says:

    yep. i’m one of those 8 fellows who aren’t using anti-virus. Kubuntu user here. Happy and proud. No anti-virus needed. :)

  2. Erin says:

    mainly working with ArchLinux on the desktop and just recently installed the latest mandriva on my laptop. but my wife needs windows for her work which deals with proprietary formats that doesn’t have an opensource equivalent. i use the company provided anti-virus but i am thinking of replacing it with avg as well.

  3. Luis Cruz says:

    I use Avast, but I also use Comodo Firewall Pro (freeware too) that makes a claim that you might never need an anti-virus program again.

    It seems to be true – the log file on Avast shows that I haven’t had a virus attack in several months. All the alerts I’ve noticed recently were initiated by CFP, not by my AV.

  4. jhay says:

    I’ve been using AVG for 3 years now and version 8 is a great improvement. No more annoying pop-ups whenever it does an update or system scanning. :D

  5. P365D says:

    AVG is not for me, it can’t filter viruses transferred from PC to PC (use of flash disk from one internet cafe to my PC) Hindi nya nasasala kala ko dati ok lang yung PC ko then nung napansin ko iba na yung mga activity sa systerm I tried installing yung free Norton sample ayun sandamakmak na virus ang nakuha at bumilis na yung PC :D

  6. minor says:

    nod32 version 3, very sweet

  7. Luis Cruz says:

    Try Comodo Firewall Pro and Avast (that’s the combination I’m using). Anytime I plug in an infected flash drive, it blocks the virus (or asks you whether to allow the program to execute).

  8. Kaspersky user here…

    No offense to all AVG users, but I think AVG is one of the poorest antiviruses. It was because of AVG’s poor performance that my desktop is retired now. Guys using AVG should try to deactivate some time and install other antiviruses like Kaspersky to see how much villainy has crept in to their system unknowingly.

    Kaspersky saved this laptop that I’m using from early retirement…

  9. Guys using AVG should try to deactivate “it” sometime… Sorry, typo error… :-)

  10. Bassmeister says:

    AVG WAS the best freeware anti-virus for me. But today, the BEST FREE ANTI-VIRUS is Avira AntiVir. It can easily detect viruses from USB’s and has built-in HIPS technology. Kaspersky is the best COMMERCIAL anti-virus.

  11. LEONIDAS says:

    NOD32 is the best!!!! you can also try McAfee

  12. AVG Fan says:

    Very nice poll, guys if you need AVG (From home users to networked computers) – you can contact http://www.kaizen.ph and in case you need protection from viruses from USB storage devices. you can get it as well by using GFI endpoint security from http://www.kaizen.ph thank you.

  13. Jhunz says:

    The Best will be Kaspersky just pay 140 a month for your protection will be nice than having a big problem on your pc or laptop. Please read my article in this site http://www.ctrzone.com

    Thanks guys and be secure now!!

  14. Michael says:

    try eset smart security 4 its the best of the best…

  15. alvin says:

    i encountered a problem last day. my laptops ”my docu”‘ page is not working, i clik the my music and the same my docu page wil appear. i try to scan it using avg, surprisingly, only cookies are got detected. and still, the same problem i encounter. just decided to re-format it. try to use nod or avira. coz they say its efficient.

  16. Essex says:

    yeah yeah popular but crap on security measures and Avast too.. Eset NOD32 is great too but if your PC attack by some newly strong virus that will become unreliable sometimes. Kaspersky great too but too much slow because there fancy GUI…

    so this is my tip.. if you want security on your computer buy a legit kaspersky or NOD32… dont try those free anti virus because they are useless in therms of PC security

  17. mr. bogus says:

    ganyan talaga pag libre!!!!!

  18. Alvin says:

    I used to have Avast and AVG installed on my computer. Then I switched to Microsoft Security Essentials. There were viruses that were not detected by AVG but were detected by MSE. The only problem I had with MSE was it took more than 1 hour for a full scan.

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