Yahoo! Philippines shuts down, redirects to Yahoo! SG

Yahoo! Philippines shuts down, redirects to Yahoo! SG

We’ve already learned about Yahoo! PH’s entire editorial team being given their walking papers a couple months back, leaving the website no original source of local content except syndicated stories from partner publishers.

This week, global HQ made an announcement in a blog post that a number of services will also be shut down, including the Yahoo! Philippines website. now redirects to

Not long after the announcement, the Philippine homepage of Yahoo! PH is no longer active and being redirected to Yahoo! SG.

Yahoo! PH was among the most active homepage in the region with active local content. Yahoo! PH also popularized the annual TechnoStorm event and the much publicized Yahoo! Celebrity Awards.

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27 Responses

  1. archie says:

    Those were the good years yahoo. Nahihirapan na siguro ang global marketing nila kung paano makacompete sa google. Wag lang sanang maapektuhan ang yahoomail department dahil may silbi pa rin naman yun.

  2. Easy E says:

    Feel old yet?

  3. Mulhouse says:

    How about the trolls lurking in the Yahoo news section?

  4. lee says:

    sana naman yun yahoo mail hindi makasama in the next years, im still using it as my main email address, i only use gmail for my android phone.

  5. bern says:

    I have been a regular visitor of daily to keep me up to date about news that is going around the country and one of those confused about lately what was going on why it was not accessible.

    Sadly to confirm this news that is no longer exist.

  6. Rosa says:

    Kaya pala mga 2 week parati sa napupunta ung website ganun na pala nangRi, naalala ko noong mga 90 yahooo nga pinaka sikat na webiste, may yehey pa nga eh hehehehe

  7. ocommon says:

    Naalala ko pa yung una kong email sa Yahoo.. With a whopping 25MB space :D

  8. Michael says:

    ever since na may Facebook at Google ang nag top. Malamang ang mauna sa rank para sa Yahoo ay impossible na.

  9. Freeje says:

    And the Singaporeans won’t like it. You should see all the hate that comes out from the comments section against Pinoys.

  10. jdGONEMAD says:

    i dont think yahoo will shut down their mailing services.

  11. c says:

    most visited pero shutdown pa rin. anyare yahoo?

  12. mark says:

    To give you guys a thing to think of… this might have happened.

    Department of ICT is now being talked in the congress which will try to regulate the internet connection in the Philippines. Along with this is the issue of ”internetwork peering”. Basically, internetwork peering allows exchange of data from different service provider for free. It’s analogous on texting. For example,and just an example,globe text promo should be applicable when texting smart users.

    Since yahoo ph is one of the most visited foreign site that is being hosted by PLDT, they get a lot of revenue from this. It is really a big issue if the time will come and they will have to share it with other providers for free or even with small charge. The last thing that they will do is to share their services to others for free.

  13. ken says:

    It’s all about the money.
    This simply means all marketing people are now in Google and Facebook.

    I still somewhat love you Yahoo.

  14. Spread says:

    I always used yahoo philippines. Its sad that it was already shutdown. I hope the yahoo mail will not shutdown cause I’m using it since 2002

  15. Aubelle Packard says:

    ang mga istorya kasi sa news ng ay mga wala nang kwenta.
    kung anu ano na lang na balita inilalagay, makapag lagay lang.

  16. q says:

    …it’s because Philippines is so dumb and cannot compete its neighboring countries.

  17. Summer says:

    Yahoo! ran out of big brains to compete with other online giants.. Too bad.

  18. ho says:

    baka walng trafik ung yahoo sg

  19. ONE EYE says:

    Yahoo Philippines was closed because more Filipinos are awakened to the truth that media is just made to mind control the people. Also the one commentator was exposing that everything is controlled by the oligarch capitalist illuminati puppet masters.

  20. Fed says:

    Ginawa kasing tambayan at gaguhan ng mga troll ang yahoo philippines.. tsk tsk

  21. Michael McDonald says:

    Please advise me why I cannot access my mail!

    thank you,

  22. Keps says:

    Yahoo taking wrong decisions one by one since Marissa Mayer took charge… first they shut down popular chat rooms on messenger and then yahoo PH before that also many wrong decisions… this is bad for yahoo future….

  23. napurga n kc puro nalang punyatang kim kardashian ang balita nila eh..!!!

  24. Jefrey Pineda says:

    Kaya pala search ako ng search bakit di ako maka-direct sa PH Yahoo.
    Tapos puro SG news ang nakikita ko.

    Nakakalungkot man, di na ako makakakita ng mga local news para updated kahit di ako makapanood ng news at night.

  25. Joven John says:

    Damn..why did they took Yahoo Philippines? I am using that. :(

  26. Check out the website It is up and running again. Then, try to access and you will be redirected to Yahoo PH. Does the recent acquisition of Verizon to Yahoo has something to do with it?

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