Smart Unlimited Blackberry Prepaid Plans

Smart is setting first in the Blackberry service in the Philippines by offering prepaid plans on a daily or weekly basis. This is pretty good news for those who have open-line BB phones bought without a post-paid plan before.

blackberry prepaid

The daily unlimited rates are Php50 for 24 hours and Php300 for one week.

To activate:

Text in “BB DAY” to 2077 for the daily activation.

Text in “BB WEEK” to 2077 for the weekly activation.

The unlimited plan is only allowed for Push Mail and Messaging (Blackberry, YM, Google Talk and MSN). Regular browsing charge will apply when subscriber access the web browser using WAP Smart APN (Smart Internet).

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  1. Hi ask ko lang kung pano ba nag-wowork yung BB Lite prepaid, nag-try ung hubby ko for one day it works fine then nag-expire na, after 10 hours nung expiration dun lang ulit cia nagload tapos text ulit cia SOCIAL DAY to 2207, may dumating na confirmation etc kaso di cia makakonek sa ym, bbm and facebook.. cannot connect to server un lagi sinasabi..tinanggal na nya bat nya several times even the sim card itself wala pa din..over 12hours na since nung nag-text cia di pa din cia makakonek ngayon..please help. Thanks

  2. tanong lang, got a 9700 bold…subscribed it for a week with smart. success with reply text from smart. but i cant access bbm,surf,ym… etc. i always get “connection error 65”. what can do to fix this problem. thanks
    if i change my sim from smart to globe. possible ba? coz’ someone told me to unsubcribe daw my smart. if yes, how? again thanks

  3. Dan Butler

    Ok smart has changed the setup on the BB here. I have BB Torch 9800. According to how smart operate they have diffrent settings and diffrent menu operations. I have a UK 9800 and when I used smart i lost my apps the mail was upgraded to version that deos not work on my phone (old version).

    I had use my P.C and restore the phone. In the UK we pay 50 USD a month for all BB services and its just plug and play. Here is a total nightmare with smart. I’ve had it working for one day only. I’m not so inpressed with how they have it setup.

  4. Dan Butler

    I put my UK sim card back in, wiped the phone and started again by doing the following:

    Register the smart sim (prepaid) on smart web site

    Set up smart email address & password

    Put 1200 peso of credit on phone

    Sent text to 211 for SET 3G

    Sent txt to 2207 with BB WEEK

    Waited 5 minutes

    Typed alt LGLG

    Turned BB off and removed batt – 10 secounds

    Turn it on again

    I’m still working on it to find a solution ! Service books ok. I was working but now its not. Why has smart made this so difficult unlike the rest of work it just so easy to setup.

  5. Dan Butler

    Can I just add that if you get a message to upgrade and you phone is from overseas dont do it. I had all these problems since the upgrade.

  6. Dan Butler

    at last i have it working after spending maybe 6 hours going back and forth. I think its ok but SMART has issues they need to fix and fix fast.

    SMART deos not like @live email address ? I have no idea i just will not register on the phone were as gmail will

    The mail icon will appear once you get a gmail account.

    the smart email address and icon on the home screen. still working on it why it deos not apear could be becoz im locked out of my account for 24 hours. I have no idea its a little strange

  7. Dan Butler

    Here is so more info: this page really had me lost as I had never seen it before.

    When in your BB and you go to your setup and go email you see a screen asking for username and password.

    This is the same info as when you registered your BB on smart.

    My BB is now working 100%. Feel free to ask me for help I do my best to sort you out.

    I have also done in APN:

    Maps: Working in Manila – YES

    • ralph

      with smartgold lite 300 plan does it include BIS (blackberry internet service) so i can use my facebook app bbm etc using my bb bold 9000
      . thanks

    • sandra

      hi Dan.. we have the same problem with my BB.. i hope you would be generous enough to share how you do it.. thanks in advance..:)

  8. Hi Guyz ping’s my PIN..2326B8F0

  9. richmond

    ask ko lang paano ko aactivate yung sim ko pra sa web browsing? diba sa sim settings may naklagay dun na activate and phone models ano ilalagay ko dun na phone model ask ko lang po black beey lang ksi wla dun dba

  10. im on a globe prepaid service bb subscription and im happy with it.

    P300 / month unlimited, fb, twitter, ym, bbm, googletalk, msn etc.,

    very easy to subscribe. :)

    pin: 23106961

  11. @dan: can you help me with this. I have the same problem with you before. I’m asking if in the wizard set-up in the email section of your phone, does it need to coincide with the email and password that you have registered in the smart BIS? Please answer. Thank you

  12. First of all smart customer service personnel are sucks! they do not know what they are doing they need 10 years of training before they can familiarize their service..advise: dont offer anything that you do not know how to manage if the problem occurs.
    I bought the plan when i was in the province i hv Smart Gold Postpaid Plan of 700/month i used to hv a prepaid plan of 1200/month but then the CSP named Ms. Mareniel of Smart KCC Koronadal City South Cotabato Branch offered this pospaid kasi sabi nya nga makakasave dw ang lolah nyo ngaun bcoz i need the BBM service and access to my FB i bought it i paid the 300 kc dw pwd utang ung 300 i can pay it nxt month..i was furious when she could not activate the service i hv waited 2 hours for my number to be called and another 3 hours for activation of my acount??kc nga dna nya alam ang gagawin nya so i asked her f theres any1 who can do this at nagalit ang lolah sabi nya “bakit ano ba ang ginagawa ko di ba kita ina assist? nagpakahinahon lng ang lolah kc may pinag aralan nmn ako then sabi ko baka kelangan pa natin maghintay for activation kc pagkakaalam ko 1_-2 hours pa yan then u can use the service ini insist nya talaga maactivate yan kaagad..un tama ako mali xa eh xa ung taga smart d nya alam?my gosshhh! And the worst thing that happen i barely use the fon for texting and calling bigla na lng na cut off kc dw nag exceed ako sa limit For only 1 week since i paid for my second month bill 850 ang dapat kung bayaran to get the service back! Holy macro!
    I wanna ask u guys pwd ko bang i stop ung current plan ko and switch to globe plan kc sabi nang mga tanga na smart CS sa barrio namin hindi dw pwd dapat tapusin ung contract na 6 month since yun dw ang pinirmahan ko?
    Ung current plan ko is soo annoying lagi wlang cgnal super bagal magdeliver ng msg pa..
    Anybody who can help me?

  13. ms.hatter

    I’ll be in the Phil. for a 3-week vacation and I’m planning to get either Globe’s or Smart’s plans. Does anyone know if Twitter is included in the package?

  14. Any updates on Smart BB Prepaid issues? I’m still having the same issues. Cannot access bbm, other messengers, fb and twitter.

  15. winston lambe

    i was in the philippines for 3 weeks and everything worked on my fone with smart. i have a bb 8520 and Torch and the both worked all bb services too . this was from March 7th to march 25 , 2010. holla at me at bb pin 212eef57

  16. i got BB 8900 i used overseas.
    when i got home during vacation last Nov 2010, i tried Smart prepaid BB WEEK. Activation was very quick and email setup was easier and faster than the overseas. they said browsing is not free but i tried finishing my extra load and then do wap browsing and , walla, it was ok. speed was also at par as my overseas BB experience. overall, Smart BB is not bad at all.
    to all those with problems on BB, the solution there is to upgrade your BB OS.

    when you buy it, the BB (except Torch) have OS 4.x and it will cause problems with all networking sites because their apps are updated to latest OS but not your own. So if you have laptop, you can download latest OS for your device. Install in your laptop and upgrade.

    How to upgrade:
    (Assuming you downloaded the latest OS, i downloaded mine from Rogers Wireless Canada or Orange UK, whoever has the latest. The filenme readds like this: 8900M_PBr5.0.0_rel1626_PL5.2.0.96_A5.0.0.900_Rogers_Wireless_Inc.exe. Maybe Smart has OS upgrade site also)
    1. Install the file in your PC or laptopn. Reboot if you like. This OS upgrade is different from the BB desktop Manager.
    2. Connect your BB to the PC or laptop. Does not matter if you choose Y or N to the mediacard challenge.
    3. Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader. Look for the vendor.xml and delete it. Look for Loader.exe. Double-click Loader.exe
    4. Click Next. Then Next. On the next menu, uncheck the other languages except English. Skip the Make sure you check the DOD root, MIME. Skip the TTY and Financial Terms. You can check Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, and Appworld.
    5. Click Next. Then Next.
    6. Relax for 30 minutes….

    After upgrad is done and EDGE/GPRS has come back, check your FB, YM, Twitter, MySpace and what-have-you to update your login/password. Check your BBM also to accept the conditions.

    I guaranty your woes will disappear.

    btw, only 2 version and one of them is Torch that has BB OS 6. the rest of us will be happy with the ver 5.x

    Hope this helps.

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  18. apple sia

    Hi guys, I’m planning to get a bold 9700 and definitely new in blackberry. Can someone help me decide on which BIS I’ll get? Which is better sun or smart? I’m already a postpaid subscriber in Globe and doesn’t want to give up my unit for Globe since most of my calls are coming from Globe. And most definitely I can’t have 2 globe numbers. So I have to get at least a sun or a smart for my BB. Please help. thanks so much! :)

  19. dar.toledo


    How fast are your download speed when using your BB in Phone As Modem mode? Under Globe, I get around 25 kbps download speed.


  20. luis dacara

    how can i use my wifi.. i have BB8520.. and its so hard to connect in any wifii have scan!! grr

  21. rhex kimmer

    hi, how can i use FB and twitter using BB torch 9810? pls reply asap! i registered alredi but im confused cause i cant use fb or twitter.. how will i know if im available to use both? not like GLOBE meron indication kung nalaman mo na kung pwede ka na makafb or twitter..

  22. one thing that has not been mentioned that is very important to remember when trying to avail blackberry services and internet through Smart in the Philippines.. when you avail services then you take your sim card out, and put it back in, your services are deleted and your sim card goes back to original settings.. this is according to someone i talked to on the phone who has 10 years of experience selling and equipping people in the Philippines with blackberry services…

  23. Guys, ano na ang balita sa problema ng BB? walang email setup ang BB curve ko. Nagregi na ako sa BB SOCIAL MONTH, Done register now for host routing table, ok naman ang apn ko Battery Pull lahat na ata nagawa ko na pero wala padin :(

  24. Guys, nag registered ako ng unli bbm for 1 month pero ilang minutes lang gumana, nawala na, ilang beses lng ako naka pag send ng message, what would be the problem?

  25. I have an android phone with bbm app. Can i use this in order for me to have unli BBM?


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