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December 01, 2009

Smart Unlimited Blackberry Prepaid Plans

Smart is setting first in the Blackberry service in the Philippines by offering prepaid plans on a daily or weekly basis. This is pretty good news for those who have open-line BB phones bought without a post-paid plan before.

blackberry prepaid

The daily unlimited rates are Php50 for 24 hours and Php300 for one week.

To activate:

Text in “BB DAY” to 2077 for the daily activation.

Text in “BB WEEK” to 2077 for the weekly activation.

The unlimited plan is only allowed for Push Mail and Messaging (Blackberry, YM, Google Talk and MSN). Regular browsing charge will apply when subscriber access the web browser using WAP Smart APN (Smart Internet).

284 Responses to “Smart Unlimited Blackberry Prepaid Plans”

  1. miguelmallari says:

    web browsing is covered…they are just reminding that if u used the wap setting on ur options for your browser u will be charged..but if u r using the internet browser setting u can browse unlimited..make sure before you comment about something that u know what u are talkin about..

  2. jas says:

    I can’t set up my mail.

    When im on the set-up wizard, i don’t have an option “create new mail” :(

    i only have one.
    “i want to use to a work email account with a Blackberry Enterprise Server” :(

  3. BernilB says:

    Hi, how can i setup the internet browsing without using the WAP SMART?

  4. artemis says:

    internet browsing setup is automatic when you received your service book. Depending on the bb you use, you’ll have an option to use either “internet browser” or “wap smart” as your default browser configuration

  5. J says:

    @dongv: When you backup your BBM contacts from your old phone then load them to your new one, the PIN which is registered in your contacts BBM will automatically update to the new one.

  6. dongv
    Twitter: willyyu

    thanks, but what I mean is your personal pin on other’s phone. when you change phone, they can’t contact you at the new phone (with new pin), am I correct? you have to notify all of your contact that you change pin?

  7. miguelmallari says:

    bro…ur not just changing pin..u are changing ur unit….hahaha.the pin is some kind of id number of a blackberry…every unit has its own pin..

  8. ralph says:

    i noticed that when i register for a day of unlimited blackberry plan, after loading up P60 just to try it, it would deduct the P50, but when i check my load balance, only P1 remains. The P10 seems to be deducted without my knowledge for the P10/30 mins browsing. How is it possible? I’m using my old blackberry 8800. Even after the registration to the plan has expired, and I do not renew my registration, whenever I load up, it would automatically eat up the credits. I just find it weird that I dont even use the Smart WAP and it deducts all those. Called up customer service about this but they just suck big time. Smart service is very appalling. I mean seriously.

  9. miguel mallari says:

    Ngaauto connect daw ksi ang blackberry s network internet..kya dpat pgnka Bb ka and ur using smart makesure ndi lalampas ng 10 xtra load mo.naexplain na skn yan ng cs.every 30 mins mbbwasan ka ng 10 pag marami ka load ksi auto connect..malabo..kahit s mga nka postpaid daw every 30mins tlga ang 10 peso charge..badtrip.pero wla tyo mgawa kundi mgingat at wag mgload ng lampas 10.if psible insert nlng dw s fone n wlang browser ung sim.fucked up right?

  10. dongv
    Twitter: willyyu

    What? is it true? kung postpaid ka, every 30 min charge ka ng 10 pesos? so 480 pesos a day & 14400 pesos a month if you are on postpaid?
    you should get the name of the cs, ano kalse sagot yan? walang logic

  11. Smartcares says:

    @Ralph>> Hi! Feel free to communicate with us at or follow us in Twitter @Smartcares so we could further check on your concern. Appreciate to provide ur SMART number and your name. We shall wait for your response.


    Customer Care
    Smart Communications, Inc.

  12. toph
    Twitter: toph_fredy

    is this work with my vintage BB 6720?! jijiji.. TIA..

  13. Jen says:

    I have the same concerns (load disappearing only to find out it is automatically deducted for the P10/30 mins. browsing charges that I never even used), problem renewing the BB daily package (being able to receive the registration confirmation from 2207 but not being able to receive the blackberry registration msg, hence not being able to use the service although the P50 was already deducted)

    I’ve already used two prepaid sim cards to test out this new promo, have purchased loads amounting to P470 (out of which P150 were the only ones used for successful registration, the rest either being eaten up by the 10/30 mins. charges or being able to register but not being able to use the service). I have spent 45 minutes each day for the past 3 days talking to customer service and making follow ups on my incident reports but to no avail. I think it’s about time I give up. This promo is really a great idea (and I was one of those who are willing to test it out even if I have an existing BlackBerry plan with Globe, thanks to having an extra BB phone), but the service is really disappointing.

  14. miguel mallari says:

    @jen hello..pls avail of ur refund..ask them for a goodwill VAS and tell them the exact amount deducted from ur load per sim..they can refund any value below 300 per sim card..u will recv ur load less than a day..

  15. miguel mallari says:

    After u recv ur refund if posible dont insert ur sim to a blackberry fone..use something like 3310 or wat ung walang browser..there are lots people having problem with renewing..i encountrd that situation too..what i did is compile my load in my other simcard and subscribed too a1 week servce of bb with smart..after my subscrption it worked..but i wont renew again after my subscription hnggang wala pang fix ang problem about renewing of the bb prepaid servce..i join u in ur stressful encounter with smart..

  16. Jen says:

    @miguel: oh it’s possible? I will try and call tomorrow (I just got off from talking to a CS and I dont think I can wait and talk again that long), hopefully I can get the refund immediately. It’s been 4 days since I reported the problem (and I reported another one now, I bet I’ll have to wait the same length of time for any progress) but they kept on saying they will just update and forward the report, blah blah.

  17. miguel mallari says:

    Tell them about the goodwill vas.lam n nila un.ako nung snbi ko un less than an hour nrcv ko n refund ko

  18. Jen says:

    @miguel: okay I will do that. thanks for the heads up. hopefully they can act on my problem the same way, or else this is gonna add up to the stress they’ve already given me! lol

  19. miguelmallari says:

    sobrang stress ko nga na umabot ako s point n ngsalita ako habang tulog ako sbi ng wife ko umuungol daw ako sbi ng wife ko bkt sb ko daw kinuha ng smart load ko..haha..

  20. Jen says:

    HAHAHA! Dude di pa naman ako umaabot sa ganun. Hopefully not! Or else baka mabaliw ako HAHAHA! :P

  21. miguelmallari says:

    ngyari un after 3days of stress and 15 calls totheir cs and 2 visits in their center…fuck that!haha

  22. dongv
    Twitter: willyyu

    how is the web browsing with this prepaid BB?
    same lang ba with unlimited data?

  23. patty says:

    how to get your pin?

  24. abiduds says:

    i’ve tried the one day package and i was so happy to be online the whole time.. ym, facebook, gmail, everything! it’s just too bad the blackberry appworld does not work. :(

    i plan to subscribe again and hope it would work like the first time.

    you can get the pin from Options > Status. ;)

  25. dani says:

    abidubs: Update us if u were able to renew. Having a hard time renewing after subscibing for 1 day eh. Kaasar. Di pa kasali Pinas sa BB AppWorld but soon I know it will be included, unti unti na nila sinasama yung ibang countries.

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