Smart Unlimited Blackberry Prepaid Plans

Smart is setting first in the Blackberry service in the Philippines by offering prepaid plans on a daily or weekly basis. This is pretty good news for those who have open-line BB phones bought without a post-paid plan before.

blackberry prepaid

The daily unlimited rates are Php50 for 24 hours and Php300 for one week.

To activate:

Text in “BB DAY” to 2077 for the daily activation.

Text in “BB WEEK” to 2077 for the weekly activation.

The unlimited plan is only allowed for Push Mail and Messaging (Blackberry, YM, Google Talk and MSN). Regular browsing charge will apply when subscriber access the web browser using WAP Smart APN (Smart Internet).

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  1. yes, please tell us if you successfully ‘renew’ you subscription abiduds. i also have the same situation with dani. i tried to subscribe for the second time but it didn’t work and the P50 was deducted from my load. :( I called Smart’s customer care and they gave me a ‘case’ number but until now, no feedack :(

  2. miguelmallari

    kakarenew ko lng s old sim ko…salitan lng ung technic…dont use the same sim in registering again..siguro it takes 2-3days para mclear s blackberry service ung old settings para mkareceive ng new

  3. try ko na sana mag-renew pero i’ve read the comment about dun sa PROVISIONING. hehe.. so nagload lang ako ng 300+ para makapag-renew the next day. ayon, kinain lang ni smart load ko. kaasar.

  4. How to renew the service?

  5. I was reading some tweets over at and many people are having problems “renewing”. this is what i found:

    I hope this prepaid plan reprovision fr @Smartcares for blackberry will be fixed soon. Many bb users are complaining already.
    9:01 PM Dec 12th

    @SMARTCares I did. Hope you can resolve the renewal and reprovisions of this service. Many of us encounters this problem. Ok sana service.
    7:36 PM Dec 12th

    @Smartcares don’t want to call customer service and be refunded again, it will take 1 hour of my time, they’re not even worth it. Wtf

    @Smartcares many are victimized already, load disappearing when renewing the service and nothing will happen.

    @Smartcares just ate up my load again because of the bb unli prepaid plan! Renewal of the subscription won’t let you connect anymore!
    3:50 PM Dec 12th

  6. enonymous

    Will this work for the nokia e61i or is limited to bb?

  7. Only for BlackBerry

  8. miguelmallari

    @Blackberry9700: With smart, after an expensive trial and error, what the customer assistants dont know, everytime you want to renew your BB prepaid service, you have to txt MMS ON to 211 first before txting BB DAY or WEEK to 2207 then battery pull after

    Globe’s a bit hassle… really? 24 hours after subscribing? Smart only takes a few seconds, the reset of the handset itself takes longer!

    I’ll stick with Smart for the meantime.. until Globe fixes issues

  9. @miguel: so that works (texting MMS ON to 211) first before renewing? sure way ba sya? wanna try it since u mentioned it. im still wondering how, after renewing, the remaining load won’t be eaten up by the 10/30mins. charges. (knowing for a fact that I’m using the BB browser and not the Smart WAP Browser/Sandbox thing)

  10. miguelmallari

    hopefully that will work….also register kng nkarecv ka na ng msg nung after 3o mins mgxpire na.try it…im testing globe prepaid plan pa ksi…1st day so far so good ok sya…sabi ndi unli browsing…but im browsing now on a 50 centavo remaining balance….ncharge ako ng 5 knia ksi 5.50 load ko..pero since i have no load and its still woring…then i must say…unlimited din ang browsing with globe

  11. miguelmallari

    add me up s ym. pin me in bbm 20E0CA81

  12. Oh I didn’t know meron na rin ung Globe? That I gotta check out too! I guess what they mean na ul get charged is if u use the MyGlobe browser and not the “Internet Browser”. Does it make sense? :-) Is it ur first day trying it? If not, kamusta naman ung renewal nung service?

  13. its the first day….nka internet browser ako..pero ncharge ako ng 5….heres a review..

    That didn’t take too long. Learned about this a couple of days ago but held off until it was official and the prepaid prices have been finalized. This is Globe Telecom’s response to Smart’s Unlimited Prepaid Blackberry Plans.

    Subscribers can get unlimited BlackBerry service on their BlackBerry smartphones with new prepaid service plans for daily, weekly or monthly rates.

    Daily Personal BlackBerry: Php50
    5-Day Personal BlackBerry: Php220
    Monthly Personal BlackBerry: Php1,200

    The rates are almost similar to that of Smart. Smart’s weekly is Php300 for 7 days while Globe’s 5-day price is Php220.

    The new prepaid BlackBerry service plans provide unlimited access to (push) email including Yahoo! Mail and Gmail; instant messaging via BlackBerry Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, and Windows Live Messenger; and social networking sites such as Facebook and Flickr.

    To activate the prepaid BlackBerry service plans and experience unlimited BlackBerry service all day just text BB ON and send to 8888 (e.g. BB ON 50). This is available to all Globe prepaid subscribers nationwide.

    The prepaid BlackBerry service will be activated on the customer’s Globe prepaid account and BlackBerry smartphone within 24 hours following the text message registration. Internet browsing is not included in the unlimited service and will be charged like any GPRS service for prepaid subscribers — P5 for 15 minutes for time-based browsing or P0.15/KB for volume-based browsing.

    Note: Free use on Blackberry APN only. Additional charges will apply when Globe APN is used.

  14. Lets PIN exchange =]

    heres minE


  15. miguelmallari

    Finally!!the answer upon renewing is here! SEND MMS ON TO 211 everytime before u register again!

  16. Quote: “everytime you want to renew your BB prepaid service, you have to txt MMS ON to 211 first before txting BB DAY or WEEK to 2207 then battery pull after”

    do we still need to delete the “service books”? and do we really need to pull the battery? or pwede na ung MMS ON to 211 na lang?


  17. miguelmallari

    i think u dont need to delete ur service books unless ur from globe then switching to smart..

  18. Thanks miguel. how about the battery pull thing. kailangan ba talagang magtanggal pa ng battery?

  19. miguelmallari

    pag hndi parin ngwork after mo mgregister
    after 3mins..maybe thats the time na need mo mgbattery pull.

  20. why do i get a NETWORK OUT OF ORDER everytime i try to register to bb day or bb week? :(

  21. louiesantiago


    i bought an openline blackberry 8520 the other day.

    i immediately put my globe sim and tried their bb service for one day. only the instant messaging was working. called 211 and even went to their customer service. they dont know why the push email was not working.

    so i decided to buy a smart prepaid sim and tried their bb service. it worked perfectly well. when i called 8881111, the customer service was so helpful to guide me on how to register my bb device.

    thanks smart!

  22. louiesantiago

    by the way, here is my pin: 2117051C

  23. miguelmallari

    Louie dyn ka na ngkamali..s globe ssetup m lng push email m s anyway ako I’m using globe..1 day lng sinubscribe ko 4 days na activated parin..s smart strictly 1 day lng yan..sayang..hina pa ng signal s smart GPRS lng.. S globe most likely EDGE lagi..bihira gprs lng..wag ka din mgload ng sobra2 s smart..bka matawa ka mwwala nlng bgla load mo.haha

  24. louiesantiago

    ah talaga?

    yun nga lang eng eng sila at di nila nakita why my push emails cannot be used. kahit pa nag register na ako sa

    thanks for the advise.

  25. @miguelmallari: wow talaga? activated hanggang 4 days? nice!

    anyway, i plan to subscribe again for the 3rd time and hopefully it’ll work na. di kasi gumana ung 2nd time ko. so this is what i’ll do:

    delete the service books
    pull out the battery
    text MMS ON to 211
    subscribe for the Smart BlackBerry Prepaid

    are these correct?

    btw, this is what i get every time I enter my username and password at


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