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December 01, 2009

Smart Unlimited Blackberry Prepaid Plans

Smart is setting first in the Blackberry service in the Philippines by offering prepaid plans on a daily or weekly basis. This is pretty good news for those who have open-line BB phones bought without a post-paid plan before.

blackberry prepaid

The daily unlimited rates are Php50 for 24 hours and Php300 for one week.

To activate:

Text in “BB DAY” to 2077 for the daily activation.

Text in “BB WEEK” to 2077 for the weekly activation.

The unlimited plan is only allowed for Push Mail and Messaging (Blackberry, YM, Google Talk and MSN). Regular browsing charge will apply when subscriber access the web browser using WAP Smart APN (Smart Internet).

284 Responses to “Smart Unlimited Blackberry Prepaid Plans”

  1. Art says:

    I think you meant to say 2207 not 2077.

  2. micha3l says:

    i’ve been on smart’s bb week for 6 days now, renewing tom. so hopefully di magkaproblem (fingers crossed). its been reliable for me for the past few days :)

    my only gripe so far, is that my BIS doesnt work when i’m in 3G mode. kaya sa 2G nalang ako. when i did finally get my 3G to work earlier today, nawalan naman ng signal….. hina ata ng 3G service ng smart, it always kept switching to the small letters 3g, sabi no data connection whenever i try to HRT.

  3. scott says:

    tried registering again.. did the mms on, batt pull before subscribing then batt pull again.. did not work for a few hrs… until i went to advanced options – host routing table – menu button – register.. it worked! still too hard to register though

  4. MJson says:

    Hi! I hope someone can help me out, this is not related to prepaid though but someone might be able to help. last year I’ve subscribed on a corporate plan for smart and had the E71 phone with it, now my E71 is just my spare and I have a BB 9530 which I would like to register to smart, the service rep just gave me the smart.blackberry site which didn’t really help, I need to enable BIS so I can have my BES to work.

    happy valentines to you all and thanks in advance.

  5. niCoLe says:

    21A4EA1F pin me

  6. Randy_boi says:

    I’ve been using globe blackberry prepaid unli internet service for 3 weeks now with no problem or whatsoever. I can also subscribe immediately after my current subscription has ended. No need to delete any service book. You just need to do battery pull after registering again and after a few minutes, 2 mins to be exact, you can surf away and use different chat engines.i have so many applications in my BB which are using internet services and globe never stole any single centavo. :) I have all chat engines from ym, msn, google talk, facebook chat and skype and all are working. I have dictionary, scoreboar, google maps, viingo, bb trans and all are perfectly working without any additional charge from globe. Just make sure you are using BB internet browser and not globe wap site. You can access any site you want. I have activated all 6 email accounts, including my office email without a hassle. All are working and the best thing about it? They’re separated per folder… Very nice. You’ll know which email account an email was received. :)
    I was planning to switch to smart, but after reading comments here, i decided to just stay with Globe.
    One more thing, if you plan to switch to globe, make sure the blackberry phone is issued by globe or it’s already open line when you bought it.
    Because if the phone came from smart and you just have it openlined, goodluck! You’ll surely go through a lot!!!!
    My sister is from globe, that’s why i know.
    Hope this helps in your decision making.

  7. niCoLe says:

    @randy_boi dtZ nOt tRue po…smart Me bEfoRe nka LocK s sMrt….pna Open Line qoH deN nag gLobe me …oK nMan pg reGister qoH sA globe…kea d totoo na dka MakaKa register sA gLobe BIS qNg GaLing sMart BB u…. :)

  8. Cee
    Twitter: keneshea

    Hi All… those who are experiencing na kinakain ang load or balance sa Smart try to enable your load wallet kasi saken after I enabled it di nakakain ung extra credits ko… you may try it…

    Enabling Load Wallet:

    Type WALLET send to 7532

    Hope this helps!

  9. jordan says:

    ^i don’t thibk it’s necessary, i’ve been using smart for quite some time now and i’ve never experienced that they ate up my extra load.

    Just make sure lang guys that the unlimited surfing doesn’t include website with streaming videos like youtube. And make sure that you’re using blackberry browser.

  10. precious says:

    guys, i tried battery pull, etc. but something weird happened to my bb internet service. i suddenly couldnt use it to send msg to bbm, surf internet, twitter and facebook. tried to register again to BB WEEK but it says “network out of order” daw… ive been using this service for almost a month now without any problems… what should i do? any suggestions? tia..

  11. scott says:

    did you try MMS ON first before the batt pull? if you did you may want to try going to advanced options – host routing table – menu button – register.

  12. andch says:

    hey.. guys.. why does it still say pending to my friend in U.S? what should i do?

  13. andch says:

    he already accepted me and sent me a message but on my end he is pending and no message..helppp!!!

  14. andch says:

    help me pls.. me buddy in US is still pending when he told me he already accepted and event sent me a message. im here in phil. now..w at to do…
    PIN: 23EDE47B

  15. andch says:

    GUYS HELP!!! i tried again adding him and even doing pin messages.. he recved everything and evern replied but I did not recve anything and he is still pending on my end. wat to do??? huhuhuh

    pin id : 23ede47b

  16. Lia says:

    something wrong with the smart again?? walang service ang blackberry ko?? i cant renew again!! help!! ive done all those things pull out ko na battery and everything!! wala pa rin..bigla nalang nawala ive been using thier service for 3 months na now lang ako nawala ng interenet service!!

  17. shane says:

    Guys! Whenever I try sending emails from my bb 9700 the messages fails with a red “x” beside the message. It says message status:service blocked.. Iam also unable to use any form of messenger, as well as bbm,fb and twitter.. Could someone pls help? Is there something wrong with smart prepaid bb plan?

  18. niCoLe says:

    ms Ok ang BIS ng gLobe

  19. murad says:

    hi guys can anyboday explain to me why blackberry not working i have tried to reg. many time but something wrong with service,,,,,?whats going on?

  20. precious says:

    my bis still doesnt work! its been 2 days! sayang naman ang load ko. whats happening? is it a service provider issue or theres is something wrong with my bb 9700. PLS HELP!

  21. lia says:

    Same with sure its the SMART that has problem.Is Globe BIS ok? pls post about globe BIS. I want to transfer to globe im so pissed off with smart sayang load ko@@@

  22. gonein60secs
    Twitter: gonein60secs

    down po ang system ng smart for BB pag ganun. try lang after a few hour or the next day. One thing is, di dapat kainin ang load nyo once hindi na acknowledge ang subscription nyo.

  23. niCoLe says:

    @ lia I’m smart usEr b4…nUng ma eNcouNter q Yng gYa ng seNio nag switch Me s gLobe…mas Ok BIS ng gLobe…sMart kiNain na Load month wLa kp BIS…keLngn mP mkIpgaway s sMrt bgo p nLa aYusIn…nagsUbscRibe me mInsaN ng 1wik s sMrT BIS nLa after 3daYs qNg Magamit aYun dNa guMana…nag Lowercase Na gprs at edge…dpa qOh nadaLa ngtry Lit Me after q Ma xpirEd,,kinain Lng nLa lOad qoH peo wLng BIS…nUng ngswitch Me s glObe so far dqO pa na encOunter Yng nangyari skN s smRt…mg 1month n me s gLobe..

  24. Cee
    Twitter: keneshea

    Hi Nicole,

    Can you help me configure my BB for Globe? Kasi I tried calling them and as usual sagot nila saken eh di nila matutulungan pag di sa Globe galing yung BB… I tried registering and successful naman pero di nagiging GPRS lagi lang cya lowercase and aun nagexpire na si one day eh ala pa din… On and Off yung connection ko with Smart and tama ka as in todo makikipag away ka pa sa kanila… Ilan na yung supervisor na nakausap ko and la pa din… please please help me how I can configure my BB for Globe BIS to work… Thanks in advance!

  25. vixendmd says:

    I’m using smart bis so far ok naman, wag na kayo mag switch sa globe kinain ung load ko na 220
    I called their hotline and humingi ako refund sabi sakin u shouldve read the terms and comditions
    Pag hindi galing sa kanila ung unit walang guarantee na magwowork parang bahala ka na sa buhay mo
    sorry nalang kung kainin load mo! Unfair!

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