Smart Unlimited Blackberry Prepaid Plans

Smart is setting first in the Blackberry service in the Philippines by offering prepaid plans on a daily or weekly basis. This is pretty good news for those who have open-line BB phones bought without a post-paid plan before.

blackberry prepaid

The daily unlimited rates are Php50 for 24 hours and Php300 for one week.

To activate:

Text in “BB DAY” to 2077 for the daily activation.

Text in “BB WEEK” to 2077 for the weekly activation.

The unlimited plan is only allowed for Push Mail and Messaging (Blackberry, YM, Google Talk and MSN). Regular browsing charge will apply when subscriber access the web browser using WAP Smart APN (Smart Internet).

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  1. option

    @andch had similar prob when i was adding a friend. u should tweet smartcare. they would have to send u missing service books. when u send service book via smart bis it’s not complete, it basically send service book for ur emails.

  2. option

    she even managed to install blackberry app world. she was able to update her bbm through app world. :) smartcare techs are pretty good. at the moment my friend is on the bb week plan and everything is working fine. we are able to send file, pics, videos and voice note through bbm, its awesome.

  3. smart sucks. lol.

    ANYWAY, i’m on the “515-3” network, instead of “SMART” anyone experiencing this, or its just me?

  4. Smart Blackberry Prepaid seems to be having problems these days. I renewed and wala the GPRS signal did not come. Are they having network problems?

    Also, I put another network’s SIM sa Blackberry ko tapos pagbalik ko ng Smart SIM ko (hoping magkakaroon na ako ng BIS if I did this) nawala yung internet browser ko WAP browser na lang. If I subscribe to Smart BIS again babalik ba yung internet browser ko?

    thanks guys. would not have been able to activate my BIS if not for this forum :)

  5. sablay

    3×50 na nag kinain ng smart sa BIS, ang masama hindi pa alam ng CSR nila na sila ang may problem.

  6. I got tired of waiting for Smart to restore my account… I switched provider kaso ayun lang nawala ung mga BBM contacts ko… please re-add me na lang… Thanks po!

  7. marvin666

    i got a bb 8520 as retention in my plan from smart four days ago but until now i can’t use the bb service. i enrolled the phone to daily unlimited bb service. i receive an acknowledgment for a successful registration but when i login to and register my pin and imei it says pin is not yet registered/provisioned. i tried the steps mentioned here but to no avail. smart says that their tech will call me and they are still checking the issue but their tech never called. it’s really frustrating!

    can this serve a factor in terminating my plan with smart since they can’t fix the bis issue?


  8. @option: is dat true? did u already tried it?

  9. I’m staying in cebu now. I’m korean. Need friend T T. Please pin me 2190AA8C

  10. I wiped my bb. So I need to join the bbm group again somebody invite me to group. 2190AA8C

  11. finally migrated my smart Plan to BB -pin me 211C7B31…

  12. I haven’t been able to use my BB service from Smart since 13 March… I get the confirmation message but no “Your Blackberry has been registered to the network” thing. Called Smart and they said the problem was on their end; there was a text registration but on their end no network registration.

  13. Please add me in BBM. pin:216fa95e :) Thanks!

  14. Ok now that App World’s available, I’m a bit confused. I’ve been wanting to have BB 9700 (way cheaper kasi dito sa Middle East compared sa Pinas – HOWEVER, after seeing several comments on this site bout BIS plan with Globe and Smart, parang I’m “hesitantly wanting” to have one. Kasi sabi sa thread:

    1. matagal mag subscribe and even renew ng BIS plan.

    2. you have to at least maintain 1 peso load, and that’s it. Otherwise it will be gone in no time due to some unknown hourly data charges. So paano kung may tatawagan or tetext ka? Dun ka lang pwedeng mag load ng extra?

    3. (sorry if this might sound dumb for a newbie) without BIS plan, by all means, is it not possible to use apps like Facebook and YM through regular data charging?

    4. and finally, both Globe and Smart’s reps have successfully made your day making you feel hopeless to setup BIS on your BB.

    Don’t get me wrong, as I’ve said recently I WANTED to have one pero parang andaming complaints sa thread coming from BB users. I don’t want to go buy BB and subscribe to BIS plan here just to find out na mahirap pala siyang i-setup/register sa Pinas doing all handheld / service books wiping, provisioning and stuffs that I’ve never heard. I hope someone will hear me out. Sa mag reply, thanks you pow and bless you! hehe…

    YM/FB “,, saka na yung PIN pag convinced nakong mag BB hehe..

  15. everyone, what’s ur APN setting?

    options > advanced options > tcp/ip

  16. @option:
    APN is ‘internet’

    Usernameand Password for APN is left blank. :)

    this is on Smart.

    Add me: 205B73C2

  17. Today, i tried to text BB Day to 2207 on my Smart Gold post-paid plan.

    It worked. So now, I don’t need a prepaid card or a special plan for my post paid to set up BIS.

    I don’t know if this is going to be for good though.

  18. davaoboi

    i used to subscribe to smart’s weekly bb service but then thursday last week, i loaded 300 plus another 30 to be able to subscribe to the said service. the response was “service not available, try again later” so i waited until afternoon to try again only to find out that my remaining load was only 12.75! WTF!!! i callep up smart via *888 to ask for a load return since the whole time i couldnt access my web browser, fb, etc… the agent only told me that bb automatically requests data services which costs about 10.00 per 30 minutes!!! agent even told me that the load can not be refunded since i already used it up! grrrrr!!!!i gave up… now, fearing the same thing will happen again, i opted to get the daily bb service, i usually get the “you are now subscribed….” message but then i could not log on to my ym, fb, browser, etc…. if anybody knows of any remedy on this, i would greatly appreciate if you can advise what to do…im gettin frustrated on this thing. at first, i was very thankful smart came up with this thing, but now, i am still hoping there is a solution to this. please help…

  19. BB_France

    GLOBE is way better than Smart… Tried both…

  20. Hello po. I am planning to buy a bb phone in a couple of days. Pero with the feedback I’ve been reading about the unlimited data plan parang nakakadiscourage. So ibig sabihin pag nakaregister ako sa BIS ng smart, kailangan ang extra load ko lang ay 1 peso, so di na ko makakapagload pangtext or pangtawag? Help so I know I won’t be regretting buying one. Thank you.

  21. BB_France

    @julienne – try Globe, mas ok. :-)

  22. thumbs up to this. napakinabangan ko tlg with my curve 8520, plus it had activated most of d hidden features of my bb like the maps and application center among others. until when thou is this promo? coz i tried to register last night but i get no feedback to confirm i was subscribd to it like i always did before when i txt at 2207…

  23. eternal.happiness

    I have this problem too… I have a Smart Postpaid plan. Once I heard that they were offering unlimited BB Monthly for only PHP1200/month, I immediately had my Data Plan 700 disconnected and availed of the BB Monthly. IT SUCKED!!!!! Upon confirmation of “BB MONTH,” I was able to use it fine for the first 3-4 days… HOWEVER, after the 3-4 days, the service suddenly stopped… I called BB HOTLINE, *888, emailed Smart Customer Care and even went to the Smart Wireless center twice here in Cebu but was advised that I was charged with the PHP1200 (Even if I havent used it for almost 2 weeks already!!!) and problem is currently (until today) being investigated…. SUCKS RIGHT?!??!?!!?

    This happened last MArch 30 and up until now, April 11, NO ADVISE YET.


    HELP! HELP!!

    Any way for me to end my Smart contract and switch to Globe without being chargeD?????

  24. To eternal happiness

    Hi its so nice to know you.
    As you know. Smart isn’t that smart. They suck..
    and I’m in cebu. I’m Gaz from korea. Having long vacation here just contact me at 0921 950 7564


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