10 cool non-tech products that Xiaomi is selling in China

Chinese tech giant, Xiaomi, is known around the world mostly for their very capable yet aggressively-priced Android devices. But did you know that they are also selling cool, non-tech Mi products in China? Take a look at ten of them.


Mi Clothing

mi clothing_1

Xiaomi is selling Mi-branded clothing on their Chinese webpage. From shirts with Mi Bunny designs, sport shirts, cardigan sweaters, to hoodies. Even Hugo Barra wears a Mi shirt whenever Xiaomi holds a press event here in the Philippines.

Mi Shoes

mi shoes

According to Xiaomi’s Facebook page, the Mi Canvas Shoes went on sale in China last year and has a price tag of 99 Yuan or around Php700.

Mi Plushie

mi plushie

These plushies (that looked like it went through a week without coffee) are so adorable that we can’t find a reason not to want one. Aside from being fluffy, the Mi Bunny’s looks can be customized by having it wear different costumes. You can dress it as a monster, Superman, or a friggin’ Alpaca. There’s even a large-sized one if you just can’t get enough of it.

Mi Pillow

mi pillow

Apparently, the Plushie’s cuteness isn’t enough for some that they have to make a larger, fluffier version designed to be cuddled in bed. Hence, the Mi Pillow.

Mi Playing Cards

mi play cards

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

These cards are just regular playing cards that sports an MIUI theme. Still a cool stuff to have.

Mi Key chain

mi keychain

Aside from keeping your keys together in one place, this key chain also doubles as a screen cleaner and an accessory that you can plug on your smartphone’s headset jack.

Mi leather products

mi wallet_2

These are simply wallets and business card holders. Can you imagine the famous jingle if these were sold here in the Philippines instead of Seiko Wallet?

Mi Backpack

mi backpack

Xiaomi also offers a number of backpack models with different styles that are aimed at businessmen, students, and techies who often travel with gadgets and laptops.

Mi Water Bottles

mi water bottle

I wonder what Apple’s designers would come up with if they designed water bottles.

Mi Notebook

mi notebook

Xiaomi’s style of packaging of their smartphones also works well on the Mi Notebook. It looks clean and simple. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a Mi Pen.

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This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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  1. Avatar for rick rick says:

    Putang INA mo yuga wala kanang magandang topic

  2. Avatar for Ban0ng Ban0ng says:

    Ending nyan CD-R King lolz

  3. Avatar for Mulhouse Mulhouse says:

    MUJI copycat.

    Oh well, Mi is Chinese after all.

  4. Avatar for jc jc says:

    Mismo, LAZADA, bring it on! :-)

  5. Avatar for KIM KIM says:

    Calling the attention of LAZADA! Offer these products here in the Philipppines, please! As in pleaaasee before Christmas. :))

  6. Avatar for misyao misyao says:

    waw!! wallet, bag, at shoes aus ang design.. lazada ilabas mo na yan!!!! ksabay ng redmi 1s or redmi 2 kung ilalabas nila XD

  7. Avatar for archie archie says:

    Mi mi wallet. Balat nito ay genuine, international pa ang mga design. Ang wallet na maswerte, Mi mi wallet.

    Though I am impressed with the shoe price, and all of these are sold only thru internet right? They save a lot of overhead expense with their business model. As long as quality is good, there’s no need to worry buying online.

  8. Avatar for RaM RaM says:

    Xiao-mi = Sio-mai

  9. I’d like that plushie on my desk. It looks like a that-chic-in-my-office magnet.

  10. Avatar for jenie jenie says:

    cool! me want mi bunny please!

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