Ekotek UV+, UV+ II Sterilization Case Hands-on

Ekotek UV+, UV+ II Sterilization Case Hands-on

We recently featured in this article some UV-based sterilization gadgets. These are handy devices especially during the COVID-19 pandemic as we need to sterilize almost everything we get our hands-on, including gadgets. Another example of this device is the Ekotek UV+ and UV+ II sterilization cases. Check our hands-on below.

Ekotek sent us two UV sterilization to check out. First up is the UV+. This one comes in a rectangular form factor which is good for tall devices. It has this textile cover in dark gray color.

It has a rubber button on the front that illuminates when it’s on.

Then on the back is the USB-C port for the power adapter.

Unzip the case and you’ll see a reflective lining to make sure that the UV light fills the inside of the case.


Found on the left and right sides are the UV lamps. To use, just plug the case using the USB-C cable. You will then see the power button light up with a green color.

Place your gadget inside, zip it, then press the power button to start sterilizing. The power button will then light up in red to indicate that it is working. The sterilization will then finish after 5 minutes and will make a beep sound. The Ekotek UV+ also has a sensor that will automatically turn off the UV light when the case is opened.

Next is the Ekotek UV+ II. This one has a squarish shape but with a textile cover as well. Instead of a rubber button, it uses a touch-sensitive button at the top that lights up when it’s sterilizing.

It uses UV LEDs and already has a built-in USB cable.

Just plug the USB to a power source, place your device inside, zip the case, then touch the power button. It will start sterilizing the gadget for 3 minutes.

These gadgets are useful not just for sterilizing gadgets, but other objects that you frequently touch like glasses, keys, money, and face masks. They can also be powered using a standard smartphone charger or a power bank.

The Ekotek UV+ has an original SRP of PHP 2,499 but we spotted it at Abenson for PHP 1,899. The price for the Ekotek UV+ II, on the other hand, is priced at PHP 1,690 at MSE.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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