There are many smartwatches on the market, costing from PHP 184 to PHP 25,000 and higher. But if you are looking for an affordable one, lucky for you, because in this article, we’re going to be checking out one of the most affordable and well-designed smartwatches you can buy, the HAYLOU SOLAR LS05.

Right off the bat, the HAYLOU SOLAR LS05’s design looks pretty elegant. This smartwatch’s frame is made of aluminum and high-quality plastic that looks pretty rugged, coupled with an easily replaceable silicone strap.

Upfront, it sports a 360-degree LCD, although it isn’t the best in class as there are many noticeable pixels. On the bright side, it is reasonably usable under direct sunlight.

Located at the bottom are the heart rate sensor and magnetic pin for charging.

On its side, we have one button that acts as a home and sleep/wake button.

This watch has an IP68 rating, but I wouldn’t recommend you take this guy to swim, especially on saltwater.


Before you can fully use the HAYLOU SOLAR LS05, you have to download the Haylou Fit app. Through the app, you can access features such as sending specific apps notifications, setting the alarm, firmware update, and more. It is worth mentioning that it is connected to your phone via Bluetooth 5.0

The HAYLOU SOLAR LS05 has a 1.28-inch TFT LCD panel with a resolution of 240 x 240.you can swipe down to access find your device, brightness, do not disturb, and settings men for display navigation.

Inside the settings, you can change watch faces, brightness, about the device, power off, and reset toggle. Swiping up from the home screen, you get access to your Stats, BPM, sports activity, weather, sleep tracking, notifications, music controls, and a more option which contains the stopwatch, countdown, find phone, and breath training, and settings. Alternatively, you can also access all of these when you swipe left from the home screen.

Now going back to watch faces, sadly, there’s nothing much to choose from. You only get five faces, to be exact. You have choices from sporty looking watch faces to a minimalist one. The battery is equipped with a 340mAh battery, which can last for a week in theory.

By the time I am writing this review, I’ve been using it for five days now, and I still got 20% left on my watch.

Feature-wise, it’s got a g-sensor and a heart rate monitor, multi-sport mode, and auto step tracking with calorie and distance counter.

If you are into a smartwatch that can give you essential information such as steps, calories, heart rate, step tracking, and such, you should check out this smartwatch. Still, if you have the budget and are serious about tracking your health, sleep, and getting more advanced information, I suggest you check out something else.

The HAYLOU SOLAR LS05 is only available in black and is priced at PHP 1,399 on Shopee. So what do you think? Are you planning to buy one as well? Let us know in the comments!

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