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3 Reasons Why Apple will not unveil a bigger iPad

If the past two releases are anything to live by, then both the iPad Air and the iPad Mini with Retina Display are bound for a refresh next month. But instead of a bigger successor, like what the company did with the new iPhones, we think that the upcoming iPads are likely to be more of the same and here are five reasons why we think so.

1. “Don’t fix something that’s not broken” mentality – Apple is still the reigning king of the hill when it comes to tablets. That being said, we don’t see why Apple would even want to toy with the idea of a bigger iPad since their current tandem maintains its allure to consumers.

2. Cannibalization – If and when Apple decided to release an iPad with a bigger screen, we think that it may take a significant bite out of the 11-inch MacBook Air market.

Regardless of that the fact that one is running on iOS and the other is OS X, people who just care about having a bigger display with utter disregard to processing power will most likely opt for the bigger iPad than an MBA 11.

3. A 12-inch+ MacBook Air rather than a 12-inch iPad – Speaking of MBA 11, we feel that the Apple will be better off giving the smaller version of the MBA a boost in the display category, instead of releasing a bigger iPad. Our rationale is that consumers who buy an iPad mainly use it for media consumption on the go and light productivity. Therefore we think that a 9.7-inch display is big enough to do just that, yet small enough to still be considered as portable.

MBA 11 users, on the other hand, have been dying to get an upgrade for their display not only in the screen resolution, but also a slight bump in the screen size. That being said, we think that it makes more sense for Apple to release a bigger and revamped version of the MacBook Air 11, instead of going for a bigger iPad.

Of course we’re not totally closing our doors to the possibility of a bigger iPad. However, at the moment, we don’t really see a compelling reason for Apple to unveil an iPad with a bigger screen other than maybe compete with Microsoft (MS Surface) or Samsung in the 10+ inch tablet.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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6 Responses

  1. Miss Call says:

    “Don’t fix something that’s not broken” mentality. That sounds similar to when they were not going to release a smaller iPad.

  2. Enya says:

    What I’m excited about is a bigger Ipod ala iPhone 6 Plus.

  3. Epol says:

    Mas interesting siguro kung maglabas sila ng MacPad, panlaban nila sa MS Surface. Similar internals sa Macbooks nila but with touchscreen and detachable display. If they do it right magiging hit ito.

  4. YononsgaM says:

    “…we think that it makes more sense for Apple to release a bigger and revamped version of the MacBook Air 11, instead of going for a bigger iPad.” Whhaatt???? a bigger MBA 11 IS the MBA 13. There is a reason why it is called MBA 11. you want a bigger 11-incher? so a 12″ screen would be a “Macbook Air 11 Plus”?… think Ronnie, think….

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