Apple releases critical iOS update

Apple releases critical iOS update

Apple has released a critical software update to fix an exploit that allows malware to be installed with a single tap and  take complete control of  your iOS device.



“We were made aware of this vulnerability and immediately fixed it with iOS 9.3.5. We advise all of our customers to always download the latest version of iOS to protect themselves against potential security exploits.”  – Apple spokesperson

The latest  iOS 9.3.5 update patches the exploits codenamed “Pegasus” which lets an attackers snoop on email, messages, contacts and calls. Apple recommends all iPhone users to update as soon as possible to prevent a potential compromise. Update your phone now!


This article was written by Heland Ortega, Junior Contributor of YugaTech. He is a graduate of Information Technology and Multimedia Arts at FEU Institute of Technology in where he is also now working as a full-time faculty. You can follow him at @helandortega.

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