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ClicktheCity iPhone App is cool!

Click the City is now available on the iPhone / iPod Touch and I must say that it’s pretty cool. Location-based search is finally here with the CTC iPhone App.

ctc clickthecity


The usual search feature for movies, TV schedules and restaurants are all there (plus recent articles) but the most helpful function is the Search “NearMe” function. It uses the GPS in your iPhone to find your location and all establishments in your area. Not sure how far but from experience, it’s around 500 meters (half a kilometer).


The app costs $3.99/year on the Apple App Store but if you own a Nokia N97, Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic it’s free (not sure if it has location-based search too). That might be a little unfair to iPhone/iPod Touch owners but I think it’s still worth it.

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35 Responses

  1. noggy says:

    We are glad you liked it yuga :) Version 2.0 is just around the corner, and the new feature would again take advantage of the iPhone’s GPS capability.

    The Nokia versions currently available is the CTC Lite version and does not have location-based service. But we are already working on the premium version which would have the same feature as that of the iPhone app. Same is true with the Android version which should also be out before the end of the year.

  2. am_magsombol says:

    Yup, ok nga itong app na ‘to. I have one installed on my Nokia 5800 XM. Magandang pangcheck ng movie sched.

  3. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    nice advances

  4. Why is the cost per year? Isn’t that against the App Store policy? Maybe you’ll just need to upgrade using a newer app, like how most free antivirus programs do.

  5. Wow! Clcikthecity FTW!

  6. Calvin says:

    wala bang lite version for the ipod touch?

  7. noggy says:

    @Glenn: Mapquest implemented the same thing for their iPhone App:

    Mapquest Subscription Options:

    30 days = $3.99
    90 days = $9.99
    365 days = $29.99

    14 days trial = $0.99


  8. jcf says:

    clickthecity for nseries is likewise cool

  9. McBilly says:

    Wow. Very cool! Portable ClicktheCity. Very helpful especially for movie junkies and the likes. :D

  10. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    why charge for it?
    how much can you possibly make with the # of iphone users here in the philippines? even less with # of iphone users who will pay for it…

    make it free, gets lots of users

    sell advertising on it

    the ones with the money are the businesses who list or advertise with click the city.

  11. Mark Ryan says:

    not cool if it’s not free!

    i agree with andre. they should make it free, and just put some ads on the app.

    filipinos love free stuff. they’ll be lucky to get 10% of the philippine iphone/ipod touch users.

  12. Hub says:

    It would be nice if the restaurants in the Food section had some kind of price range for their meals, para lang may idea na kung ano yung pasok sa budget hehe.

  13. Popthecorn says:

    ooo… I have lots of money, I’ll buy it. Instead of viewing their site from my Iphone’s internet browser.. ;)

  14. william says:

    if you can’t afford the price of $3.99 per year, then use the safari browser in iphone/ipod touch.
    after all, some has to make money right?

    but if many will insist on free version, maybe clickthecity can do something by cutting down on features

  15. Carlos says:

    iManila offers Movie skeds too!

  16. jcf says:

    ngek… for iphone it’s not free? for nokia it’s free…

  17. Patrick says:

    I think the $3.99/yr makes sense. While we can always check the scheds/info via Safari browser for free, 200 pesos a year is relatively cheap for the convenience and utility we’ll be getting from their iPhone app. The app is not ad-supported thus no intrusive banners or whatsoever.

    The Near-Me functionality will be very useful. It’s about time that we throw in our support to local publishers like CTC. I’m also looking forward to other local sites to come up with their own.

  18. Benj says:

    another pointless expensive app when information is free and easily accessible.

    besides, you have to be extremely lazy to need click in the city.

  19. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    the cost is not the point, its making the most money out of your application considering the target market.

    i know they want to get in on the iphone market but their target market is not the US or the world and considering a person can use safari to find the info for free, the price isnt worth it, im just saying theyre missing a good opportunity to give make it available for free and then sell advertising on it.

  20. @jcf
    I was skeptical when I saw your comment that it’s free for Nokia so I headed over to ctc’s website.. Imagine my surprise when I saw that yes, it is free.. at least for N97 users… but it’s free.

    To anyone interested:

  21. o nga dapat FREE. They should just support the application by running ads

  22. Kevin says:

    @ all those who think it should be free

    Do you even use the iPhone and CTC?

    CTC is a great site for information and look forward to other sites like MunchPunch to develop location-based apps for the iPhone and other mobile phones with GPS.

    4 USD sounds very reasonable than me having to manually input my location and get irrelevant results. Both waste my time.

  23. lolipown says:

    I second Kevin’s take. Besides, if you can afford an iPhone then 200 bucks a year is really nothing.

  24. Bayan says:

    Yeah, I’d rather google it or go to CTC on the web via Safari. Also, it’s easy enough to check movie skeds online without need of a dedicated app such as this one, and we do usually know the good places to eat in our neighborhood and other places we usually go to. But I do understand the premium they’re imposing. If you want less hassle and a bunch of other features (location-based search sounds cool), maybe $3.99/year isn’t that bad. Maybe CTC understands the Pinoy market better than we do.
    But I also don’t think it’d be too much to ask for a “lite,” probably ad-supported version for the iPhone. They have one for Nokia, and it’s just purely discriminatory on their part not to have the lite app for us iPhone users.

  25. Dickson says:

    Just want to share this review over at the iTunes Store, by an actual user of the app. Found it very helpful and informative:

    By ToffeFrap – Version 1.0 30-Sep-2009

    If you are going to charge $3.99 per year, you might as well have info stored into the application and not require Internet access every single time. Perhaps an initial download of the database upon first launch will work. Then similar to currency conversion applications, the date of last update will be shown. It’s impossible to see ANY info without Internet connection–mind you, Globe’s mobile Internet charges are not in any way cheap.

    Needless to say, it’s a steep price for an app that does nothing without Internet. It’s like Apple charging for Mobile Safari. Geez!

    -I hope there will be a way to add favorite restaurants, malls, and TV channels.
    -Please allow saving TV Show Airtimes to a “calendar,” and/or allow notifications when chosen shows are about to be aired.
    -Please fix those jagged, pixelated tab bar icons. :-S
    -The 512px icon on iTunes does not even fill the whole space! I can see the white edges. Fix please.

  26. Cheftonio says:

    cool app… sana walang bayad though.. let the advertisers pay!!!

  27. Ana says:

    The only thing that’s keeping me from buying this app is that it always needs internet connection to work. Useless they fix that, I think it’s kinda useless to get the app when there’s Safari. I hope they’ll work on that because the app is worth it.

    And for those who’re complaining about the price.. If you think about it 200 pesos a year is about 17 pesos a month. That’s cheap.

  28. Ariel says:

    I have it on my ipod touch and it has helped me a lot! i love checking out movie schedules on it… Any of you guys know about aloo.ph (alooph)? It looks like a location-based social networking site for filipinos. Haven’t really played around with it but I hope they have an iphone/touch app also… fingers crossed.

  29. deuts says:

    Wish there’s also one for the iPad! :D

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  31. Curt Loeb says:

    The modern Zune browser might be astonishingly fantastic, except for as well as typically the iPod’s. It again successful, and yet isn’t actually for the reason that rapid for the reason that Safari, not to mention carries a clunkier user interface. Any time you in some cases consider together with the browser it is easy, and yet for anyone going to browse the web site at present . from a PMP then that iPod’s more substantial panel not to mention healthier browser could possibly be fundamental.

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  33. hyip says:

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