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iOS 8 has free calls and support for Tagalog keyboard

During the WWDC launch, Apple sped through the explanation of some features on the new iOS 8 and didn’t get to detail everything. Among those features are free calls using Wi-Fi, support for different languages including Tagalog, and more.


The image above was just flashed during the slide presentation without the company really diving in to each of them. As you can see, there are a lot of new things incorporated into the latest OS like Wi-Fi calling. Wi-Fi calling, as the name implies, is being able to call your contacts using only Wi-Fi connection. This feature has been around for Android, but will be the first time to be seen on iPhones.

If you’d look closely under the logo, there’s also new support for different languages — Tagalog included. The following is the list of new things, as compiled by 9to5mac, to expect once iOS 8 rolls out on September.

Improved zoom for accessibility
TouchID to exit Guided Access
Braille Keyboard for direct 6 dot braille input
Alex voice for accessibility
Time limits and countdown timer for guided access
Multi-device support for MFi hearing aids

realme philippines

iBooks built into iOS
See books as series in iBooks
Auto night mode in iBooks
Travel time notifications
Panorama on iPad
Camera Timer
Lunar calendar support
Rich Text Editing In Notes
Battery usage by app
DuckDuckGo support in Safari
Place cards in other apps
In Case of Emergency Card
RSS feeds in Shared Links
Instant burst mode

Flyover city tours
Vector maps in China
Navigation for china

WiFi calling
Speak Screen
Purchase iTunes content with Siri
Shazam with Siri
FaceTime Call Waiting

24 new diction languages
Indian, Tagalog, Irish Gaelic, and Slovenian keyboards
New definition dictionaries for Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Thai, and Turkish Hindi localization


Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

10 Responses

  1. Zobel says:

    Matagal na to sa Go at Multiling keyboards sa Playstore. As usual, Apple is playing catch up. Just like the old Mac vs Windows war.

  2. booboo says:

    Tatanggapin kaya ng Tagalog keyboard ang cge, nlang, aq, uu, kc, at kung anu-ano pang jejemon text.

  3. Easy E says:

    Saan naman kaya ippwesto ang ‘Ng’ at ‘ñ’? May special place ba sila sa keyboard or nasa *longpress N’ sila? May dictionary din ba? Yung suggestions sa (iOS) keyboard ko na tagalog ay naka-base sa gamit ko. Yung android ko naman ay palpak sa tagalog suggestions kahit na matagal ko na ginagamit yung phone.

    • bobby says:

      Hey, you can input Ng by simply typing letter N followed by letter G. Susme.

    • Easy E says:

      Susme ka. Yun nga ang punto ko. Anong silbi ng separate na tagalog keyboard eh yung dalawang yun lang naman ang iba sa US at alpabetong Filipino.

    • bobby says:

      Hindi lang naman physical keyboard ang tinutukoy dito. If you will go to Settings/General/Keyboard, kasama sa set up is Auto-Correction and Check Spelling. Also, similar to Español keyboard, baka nga ilabas yung ñ katabi ng letter L. Tsaka meron din ibang improvements like Predictive keys and Swiftkeys. So malamang isasama din ito sa Tagalog keyboard.

    • bobby says:

      Also, malamang papalitan yung $ into P (peso) sa special characters ng keyboard.

  4. paulrenzo says:

    Laking tulong sa smartphone typing ang support for Filipino words. Sony in particular does a good job at this; Samsung, not so much.

    On a side note, Filipino teachers all over the country are probably facepalming because Tagalog and Filipino are interchanged…again

  5. Matt says:

    Wi-Fi calling is carrier dependent. don’t just jump to conclusions. #clickbait

    • U says:

      Agreed. Telco dependent to kong walang signal cell mo you can use wifi to initiate calls. Lintik naman tong author di nagreresearch …. Libreng calls san mo lupalop nakuha yan????

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