iPad 3 Design Concept: Makes you wanna buy 2!

iPad 3 Design Concept: Makes you wanna buy 2!

Just saw this video last week of an iPad 3 concept where you can actually pair two iPad3’s to extend the real estate screen of the tablet. Pretty cool features we can only dream is possible on the iPad.

Just check the video below.


How cool is that? Makes you wanna buy 2 iPads right?

Speaking of the March 7 launch, we’ve made a pre-order of the upcoming iPad 3 thru unconventional channels. We’re hoping to get it ahead of time for local release.

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24 Responses

  1. seraphica_seven says:

    hmm… ung display ok xa… pero ung sa hologram.. parang malabo pa…

  2. James says:

    sick..siguro 3d pwede pa, pero hologram, ewan ko lang… :)

  3. dude says:

    if only it was true

  4. Mark says:

    Unless they can find a way to differentiate a finger holding the device from a finger operating the device (probably using software), I believe that we won’t see a no-bezel tablet anytime soon.

    But I would love to look back at this video a few years from now and compare it with an actual working device. :)

  5. Papapau says:

    Why is it superb for you guys if Apple implements old concepts?

    This has been existing to Android since long ago.. geez..

    “Pretty cool features we can only dream is possible on the iPad.”

    I’ve been doing this even on my HDTV and my RAZR..

  6. NoToAndroid says:

    Amazing APPLE!! Say NO to Android, iphone wannabes

  7. AdRiaN says:

    ang lufet nyan kung tunay

  8. Kurt Adriano says:

    possible… the hologram technology already exist some of scientist are pinoy

  9. joenel555 says:

    so sad that tablets were first introduced by Bill Gates but no one buys it….people back then were stupid…..2003 tablets specification were better than the 2012 ipad….

  10. sweetscrazy says:

    Uhm..product concepts in IT are mostly lies used just to keep the stock prices up. Remember Vista? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9ifQvQCO7Y

  11. Rhynax says:

    Abe, san yung “unconventional means” na yan? How much? Baka I could also get one through it. :)

  12. cyberjong says:

    parang Bluescreen lng na backround tpos animation,.

  13. joenel555 says:

    nakakatawa, dahil sa mga concept na videos e madaming naniniwala na yun na mismo ang lalabas….parang sa Iphone na concept na may hologram, laser keyboard….nakakatawa mga kaklase ko…hindi iniintindi yung description ng video….basta kung ano napanood e yun na agad paniniwalaan…hahaha

  14. Des says:

    I’m addicted to everything Apple :) , so this made me really interested. Hmmm…waiting for iPad3. Hope to get your thoughts about it soon.

  15. Brickz says:

    You sound pathetic, man.

  16. Brickz says:

    Above statement directed @NoToAndroid. (Commenting/Reply system’s not working well on my end)

  17. Nino says:

    I agree with Brickz. NoToAndroid be more informed next time. =)

  18. wtf says:

    LOL, why xnxx tube is included in search terms ?? hahaha

  19. booboo says:

    Cool kasi Apple product. Ok.

  20. crap says:

    Sus… Kalokohan!

  21. Matt Vera says:

    Battery Life: 1 hour.

  22. pao says:

    Dream on Apple fan boys. These are just concepts, just figments of their imagination.

    The edge to edge displays and the super thin OLEDs are are already being produced by Sammy.
    Samsung – Imagination to reality
    Apple – Imagination then back to drawing boards.

    Apple really lost their innovation (their competitive edge besides marketing) when Jobs died.

    And to all Apple Fanboys out their who criticize android without even knowing a shit about what the fuck their saying: study harder kids ;)

  23. Edwin C says:

    I have an iPad 2 and I’m getting sick of it. I’m getting sick of touch screen controls and games that go with it. The only feature of my iPad 2 that I like now is the comic reader.I am so sick of iOS that I bought me a PSP Go. So, iPad 3 or whatever your name is, I don’t think I’m gonna want you ever.

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