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iPhone 2.0 Software & iTunes App Store

Together with the launch of the iPhone 3G, Apple also released the iPhone 2.0 Software for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Though it’s a free upgrade for iPhone users, there’s a $9.95 price for iPod Touch owners. So I forked out the $9.95 to see what this update and the App Store is all about.

You will need the new iTunes 7.7 in order to download and install the iPhone 2.0 Software Update which is over 200MB. Your iPhone/Ipod Touch will be restored to factory settings when the new software updates. After your unit is reset, the additional are installed and ready to use — Stocks, Maps, Mail and the App Store.

iphone 2 software

The App Store can be accessed via iTunes or directly into your iPhone or iPod Touch where you buy and download games or other apps. Some will cost you just $0.99 while others can go as high as $9.99 like the popular game MonkeyBall.


app store

Of course, there will be free apps too. The ones I’d recommend are — Remote, NetNewsWire, eReader, Facebook, To Do, Phone Saber and Twitterific.

ipod touch email

I think the $9.95 was well worth it. I’m pretty stoked thinking I could get more out of the App Store if I had an iPhone.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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11 Responses

  1. it’s really worth it!

  2. jhay says:

    So this means you’re getting an iPhone Kuya Abe? ;)

  3. josey says:

    hi! tanung ko lang po kung-i-install yung iphonw 2.0 software, malalock po ba uli? kasi openline yung akin, gusto ko sana install 2.0 kaso baka malock uli? thanks.

  4. yuga says:

    @jhay, a friend is getting me one and due to arrive back from the US on Tuesday. Hopefully, he was able to grab a prepaid unit.

    @josey, yes it will wipe out your entire iPhone, including files and music.

  5. Lindt Dale says:

    Hi Yuga,

    We now have Itunes PH, you can log in now and create your own account. You can only purchase apps but not music or videos…. sigh…. I’ll get a new iphone and I’ll get it around 2nd week of august. buying the white one… But favor Yuga, please give a full review once you get the iphone 3g…. I’d really love to hear you opinion about it… :-)

  6. scrufus says:

    the upgrade i think is worth it. you can install apps now and can sync with mobileme if you have it. there’s a couple of free apps that make the $9.95 worth it. makes me want to have an iPhone already. haha

  7. Yoe says:

    How much does the prepaid iphone cost?

  8. Oliver says:

    pahelp naman po. kasi sa greenhills ko binili iphone ko and im using smart. simula ng dinowload ko yong latest software sa itunes, nagrestore sa factory settings yong phone ko and now ayaw na nya recognize ang smart sim. help naman po. di ko magamit iphone ko at all. :(

  9. angelo says:

    please help me…. i want to have games and apps in my ipod touch but i dont have a cc to purchase in itunes store.. any other way to put it? i dont want to jailbreak my ipod touch thanks
    !!! email me at [email protected] please please thnx in advance

  10. kbr says:

    Hello, i have an ipod touch 8g version 1.1.4
    My problems are, i cannot download free games from iTunes. I also try using iTunes in my pc but it also didn’t work, i cannot sync all the games i purchased in. Then I realizes my ipod touch didn’t have an “app store” in it. Please someone help me..What do i need to do…Thanks♥

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