iPhone 6 leaked specs

The next flagship from Apple, as history dictates, won’t make its appearance until September at the earliest. But to give you an idea on what it might be sporting, well-known Apple device leaker Sonny Dickson says the iPhone 6 will be thinner, processes better, and would be having a new display technology.


According to Dickson, the iPhone 6 might have the following modifications:

Slimmer 5.58mm body compared to iPhone 5S‘ 7.6mm
Ultra-Retina display with 389ppi compared to the previous 326ppi
A8 processor clocked at 2.6GHz compared to its predecessor’s A7 1.3GHz and iPad Air‘s 1.4GHz

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Other rumors from previous reports also stated that the new iPhone would at least have a larger 4.7-inch body, higher 10MP sensor with f/1.8 aperture, and an improved filter.

Imagining all those specs packed together into one device, it seems like this could be the long-awaited successor of the iPhone 5 (since 5S is just more of an upgrade for me).

This is just the beginning of rumors surrounding the device and we’ll be getting more bits and pieces of it over time. If you want to keep close tabs on its updates, be sure to watch this space.

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  1. Avatar for joel joel says:

    Huwag kayo magbasa dito ng articles kung puro kayo reklamo.. better mag gawa kayo ng sarili ninyong articles.. ambisyoso kayo!!

  2. Avatar for nego nego says:

    IMO title should be ‘rumored iP6 specs.’ Back to topic, Apple really needs to increase iPhone’s screen size this year masyado na maliit ang size ng 5, 5c & 5S. Maybe they should change the aspect ratio too.

  3. Avatar for jake jake says:

    Boooo!!! Desperadong writer

  4. Avatar for abuzalzal abuzalzal says:

    Leak = it must come from a valid/legit source

    This article blows, napaka incompetent mo naman mang Kevin

  5. Avatar for Critic Critic says:

    You forgot to say the magic words “take this with a grain of salt”. Poof!

  6. Avatar for Ice Ice says:

    Misleading. tsk.

  7. Avatar for John John says:

    misleading title

    A8 @ 2.6ghz? 2.6ghz? Apple? Oh come on… =.=

    Lame writers.

  8. Avatar for AndreiLucas AndreiLucas says:

    Very misleading indeed.

    These are just rumors not leaks.

    And technically iphone 5s is really an upgrade over iphone 5. Maybe you meant to say that iphone 5s was not worthy of the ‘flagship’ tag? The way you wrote was a bit confusing.

    I have high respect to this website, but seriously, yugatech needs better writers.

  9. Avatar for TotoyBrown TotoyBrown says:

    Leak spec? Ganito naba kadesperado makakuha ng reader ang Yugatech ngayon? Shit.

  10. Avatar for bliss bliss says:

    Very misleading headline…says a lot about the editors…this are just rumors not leaked specs…

  11. Avatar for abuzalzal abuzalzal says:

    Fish-4-clicks article

    like, seriously, wtf

    • Avatar for Heckler Heckler says:

      Sir, pasukat naman ng bezels. tutal, dun ka naman magaling, at least di na siya magiging rumor. so pakilabas na po ng ruler niyo, tas pukpok niyo sa ulo niyo. After non, sukatin mo na yung bezels kung kasya…

      Thank you!

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