Apple iPhone 5S Review

Apple iPhone 5S Review

Once a year, Apple would introduce the new model of their very popular iPhone. This year is a first as Apple introduced not one, but two, iPhone models — the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s. So we bought these 2 models to test and review. Check out our full review of the iPhone 5s below.

We’ve always had this dilemma every time we review an iteration (the S model) of a current iPhone since we first encountered the 3GS many years ago. This year is no exception.

The iPhone 5S looks and feels like the 12-month old iPhone 5. We suggest reading up on our iPhone 5 review here first before proceeding, so we don’t repeat ourselves from time to time.

Take note, some parts of this review will be shortened (like the design, display, etc) as we’ve already discussed them in the iPhone 5 link above.

Design and Construction.

If you’re a long-time iPhone 5 user, you’re not missing anything on the design department. It is the same small, thin and hefty device that Apple did not bother to further polish this year.

First is the slightly elongated dual-LED light at the back of the phone, just beside the camera and a small pin-hole for the noise-canceling mic.

Second is the fingerprint scanner embedded into the physical home button. The old one has a perfectly concave but shallow button with a small, squarish mark with rounded corners at the center; the new one has a ridge around the flat, depressed circular area where the Touch ID sensor is incorporated.

Then, there’s the color variants — the space gray which is slightly lighter then the old black one; the silver which is exactly the same as the white model from last year; and the coveted champagne gold which experience huge demand that it’s selling for twice the retail price (Php60k and higher).

Still, the iPhone 5S (like the iPhone 5) remains to be one of the best-looking and solidly built handset in the market. The combination of glass and aluminum alloy is just elegant and refined.


In the age of full HD displays, Apple’s marketing term — Retina Display — does not seem to count so much as before. While we agree that a pixel density of 326ppi is already enough for the naked eye, we could not deny we’ve been spoiled with a lot of 1080p displays pushing the pixel density to 441ppi and above.

Once you zoom into the display and look a little closer, you will see the difference. The pixels are more prominent and you appreciate the idea of having a higher pixel density.

Nevertheless, with a small 4-inch display, the 640×1136 pixel resolution (even if it’s even lower than a 720p resolution) will do just fine.

OS, UI and Apps.

Just before iPhone 5S and 5C were released to the market, Apple already seeded out iOS 7 to the older models like the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. As such, we’re already familiar with the changes introduced with the new OS.

Since the very first iPhone was released, Apple has never strayed away from their original UI and design. After 6 years, it has finally changed significantly. Again, we cannot help but notice that a lot of the new gestures and layouts in the UI were inspired by Android.

Spotlight was moved from the farthest left of the window to the middle of the app list (shown by dragging any empty space in the middle of the screen).

Icons and windows are now flat and uses vectors instead of the old gradient colors. The Status window pulls down from the top while the shortcuts and quick menus are pull up from the bottom. Even the running Apps list was lifted from HTC’s Sense UI.

Don’t get us wrong — we actually liked the new UI of iOS 7. It’s very much closer to Android now and becomes easy to figure out.

We could spend more paragraphs explaining the new UI features of iOS 7, some of them really great refinements of Android and other UIs, but over-all we feel that Apple is making it more complicated to the average user than before.

Before, it was just the icon and the home button. It was so simple a 2-year old and an 80-year old can both figure it out in a matter of seconds. Now it’s swipe up, swipe down, swipe from the middle, left and right, plus the home button. It’s not as dead simple as before.

Multimedia and Camera.

Except for the improvements in the camera, we could have given the iPhone 5S a lower score in the multimedia department.

Compared to the iPhone 5 from a year ago, you don’t get a bigger screen, not even a full HD resolution for watching movies. There were also no improvements done on the audio quality of the speakers.

The feeling is like upgrading your old 32-inch LED TV from 2012 at home with a new 2013 model that has the same 720p resolution and same 32-inch size. On that this time, you can turn it on in just 0.5 seconds instead of a full second and then channel surf twice as fast from before.

Then we move on to the camera. Of all the new features of the iPhone 5S, we think this is the one where it made a good lasting impression – the 720p @ 120fps video recording got the most nod from the people we showed it to. It’s basically a slow-mo feature incorporated in the camera app.

The sample video above shows a number of low-light and evening shots taken at full HD using the rear camera. The quality is quite good and has much less noise.

Here’s the slow-mo version of the video taken above.

The first video shows the recording played at 30fps while this second one is the original 720p @ 120fps. It was quite hard to just lift the slow-mo videos straight out of the phone. You can’t even share the slow-mo on Instagram. You will have to either share it via Email, YouTube, FB or Vimeo to preserve the capture.

Here are some sample photos taken with the iPhone 5S.

[fancygallery id=”49″ album=”52″]

With scenarios that there’s ample lighting, we could not spot any improvements compared to the old iPhone 5. Some of the photos above sure do look really great and even the macro shots are actually amazing.

Nonetheless, if it were not for the slow-mo feature, we might not really appreciate what Apple did to the camera of the iPhone 5S.

The two speakers at the bottom of the device is more prominent and the volume is more consistent and even (not too loud and tinny but not too soft either).

Fingerprint Sensor and Touch ID.


The idea of a fingerprint sensor on a smartphone isn’t an novel one. Motorola had the Atrix with fingerprint sensor back in 2011 and the idea did not even caught on to other handsets until the 5S.

The rationale was simple – add a biometric security feature to the iPhone so that users will have easier time unlocking their devices as well as make purchases in the iTunes Store.

The Touch ID was served as an alternative or supplement security feature. You still have the PIN code or the long password as the default measure. The fingerprint sensor comes in as a secondary measure.

Here are the several permutations we tried with the 5S:

1) Directly unlock the phone with a simple PIN code or password.

2) Directly unlock the phone with a finger print scan.

3) If you forgot your PIN code or password , or entered the wrong one 3 times, you can use still use the fingerprint scan to unlock.

4) Completely remove PIN code or password and finger print scan.

There’s actually no option to just use a fingerprint scan and no PIN code. There’s also no option to ask for both PIN code and scan your fingerprint to unlock.

This permutation means you can actually unlock the phone either with a finger print scan or with a PIN code. The same is true with purchasing content directly from iTunes Store – use your account password or run a scan.

We tried to figure out the different scenarios where this biometric scan actually makes practical sense and here’s what we could come up so far:

* Making a long press (around 3 seconds) on the home button to simultaneously wake up the iPhone and auto-unlock it via Touch ID.

* Provide biometric access to the device for up to 5 people without sharing the PIN code or password. The Touch ID feature can store up to 5 different fingerprints. No need to give the password as you can just add their finger prints.

* Eliminate the “Forgot Password” feature and replace it with a biometric scan.

The scanner is very accurate, way better than those biometric login scanners you’ll find in the office’s main door. Based on our repeated tests, we only get about 3 errors in 20 attempts to scan a print.

It’s a nice feature to have but we still think it’s a classic case of a “solution waiting for a problem“. We’d rather that Apple find a work-around to that issue of LTE connectivity getting cut off when receiving or making calls. Or maybe some really cool power-saving feature to extend battery life.

Performance and Benchmarks.

Apple was never the type that would boast the number of CPU cores or crank up the frequency of the chip to insane numbers. So, we won’t delve into the fact that they still use a 1.3GHz dual-core processor.

Instead, we’ll focus on the surprising fact that they’ve developed the first 64-bit mobile OS. We’ve covered this part quite a bit here but in our opinion, it’s an improvement that will never be really felt even by an experienced iPhone user.

The most appreciable explanation we can offer as to the benefits that a 64-bit platform provide over the current 32-bit platform is the ability of the system to handle memory (RAM) beyond the 4GB limit.

This was a huge issue before with desktop computers and laptops – where even if you upgrade the RAM to 4GB or 8GB, the operating system will only recognize 3.5GB.

For the iPhone 5S, we could not find any practical or noticeable improvements because of this shift. Developers will also find it confusing that they’ll have to deal with 2 current models, one running 32-bit (iPhone 5C) while the other is 64-bit (iPhone 5S).

At least Apple gets to brag about having the very first 64-bit mobile OS in the world.

Nevertheless, we had to do some sort of benchmark to see some numerical differences between the A6 chip of the iPhone 5 and the A7 of the iPhone 5S.

PassMark Performance Mobile Test:
CPU: 36,024 (iPhone 5S) vs. 17,568 (iPhone 5)
Memory: 4,146 (iPhone 5S) vs. 2,788 (iPhone 5)
Disk: 13,266 (iPhone 5S) vs.10,213 (iPhone 5)
2D: 2,462 (iPhone 5S) vs. 875 (iPhone 5)
3D: 1,929 (iPhone 5S) vs. 1,647 (iPhone 5)
Overall: 5,069 (iPhone 5S) vs. 2,800 (iPhone 5)

So yes, the numbers clearly show the iPhone 5S got at least twice the performance boost as the iPhone 5.

Call Quality, Connectivity and Battery Life.

The iPhone 5 has been pretty consistent with signal reception when it comes to making or accepting phone calls. Audio is quite good, loud and crisp although we seldom encounter instances when one party could not hear the other despite the line being clear.

We’ve also noticed that when placed side by side the iPhone 5C, the 5S gets a slightly weaker signal and there were even times it could not find an LTE signal when the 5C just beside it hooks up to the network just fine.

As for connectivity, it’s got everything you’d expect for a flagship phone except for NFC. LTE speed is also great and we’re getting results in the north of 15Mbps downlink and 6Mbps uplink.

As for battery life, we’re still a bit disappointed that Apple didn’t improve it on the iPhone 5S. Been using the iPhone 5 alongside the iPhone 5S for a week now and I don’t see any improvements in battery life.


The iPhone 5S is sill a solid phone but this is mostly because of the advantages derived from the simplicity and robustness of the OS. Apple no longer has monopoly over good design or even impressive hardware.

With the updates introduced to the iPhone 5S, it seems line Apple is ignoring the big strides a lot of the Android handset makers are doing — bigger and better hardware, more computing power, better displays and longer battery life. The iPhone 5S seems to be lagging behind.

It will, no doubt, sell really well. But once you see people willing to pay twice the price for a gold color, then it’s all about status symbol and blind loyalty; not excellent craftsmanship and superiority.

The Apple iPhone 5S is not yet officially released in the Philippines but the schedule has been set sometime in December of 2013. No official price has been set although regional stores in Singapore and Hong Kong puts the starting price at around Php32,000 and above.

Apple iPhone 5S specs:
4.0-inch IPS LCD display @ 640×1136 pixels, 326ppi
Corning Gorilla Glass 2
Apple A7 1.3GHz dual-core processor
PowerVR SGX544MP4 quad-core graphics
16GB, 32GB, 64GB internal storage
DC-HSDPA 42Mbps, LTE 100Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, dual-band
Bluetooth 4.0
8MP iSight camera, LED flash
1080p video recording
1.2MP HD front-facing camera, 720p @ 30fps
GPS w/ aGPS support, GLONASS
iOS 7.0.2
112 grams (weight)
123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm (dimensions)

What we liked about it:
* Great performance
* Impressive camera
* LTE support

What we did not like:
* Very expensive
* Same old design
* Gimmicky Touch ID
* Same poor battery life
* Small screen and low resolution

Disclosure: We spent Php45,000 to purchase this 32GB model of the iPhone 5S in Hong Kong.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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143 Responses

  1. abuzalzal_fan says:

    Great! It’s no doubt that it’ll sell like hotcakes.tingnan ko na lang kung ano ang panlalait ni abuzalzal.haha

  2. abuzalzal says:

    Boss Yuga, how about a CAMERA SHOOTOUT?
    yung extensive, from daylight to lowlight.

    G2 vs Z1 vs 5s

    Now that would be very exciting!

  3. abuzalzal says:

    Apple robbing their customers blind with NO improvements in the aesthetics and battery life department, lol…

    • abdulJakulSalsalani says:

      parang samsung lang no? sirain pa hahahah

    • abuzalzal says:

      Yung Note 3 ba kamo? let’s see…

      1. From 5.5 to 5.7” – That’s an improvement athough not substantial

      2. From 3,100 mah to 3,200 mah coupled with an energy-efficient SD800 – that’s an improvement

      3. From 720p to 1080p – that’s an improvement

      LOL, ano pa???

    • pato says:

      It has been like this for the past 5 years. Every other year we get an S version where only the insides are improved, and its every other year that we get the aesthetic changes. Now people who expect to see changes in the chassis every S year and complain the lack of it don’t really understand the smartphone scene (or at least Apple’s smartphone scene).

      Btw, people are not forced to buy the phone. Any IOS user can choose to skip this year and wait for next year. If you like a yearly change of appearance, then go for another phone. It is as simple as that.

    • aze says:

      dude, i dont think apple robbed somebody by just selling their product. ip5s might be underwhelming in specs, but they are selling it as is or as advertised. they did not force anybody to do so. what i did not like about them is how they changed peoples mind/thinking on buying products and services.

    • Kat says:

      @abuzalzal: Talking bout aesthetics? Read on this. Samsung mobile phones have been designed like a chopping board for the past decade. What’s new with the design? Nothing. Always a chopping board. :)

      Internal performance? Spell LAG. Durability? Spell WARRANTY.

    • bajigjig says:

      What’s new with the design?? LOL

      Quote ko lang ulit yung review ni Abe:

      “Apple no longer has monopoly over good design or even impressive hardware.”

      “The iPhone 5S seems to be lagging behind.”

      “What we don’t like:
      * Same old design”

      Napaso ka nanaman Kat. Pano ba yan?

    • simultaneous says:


      wla ka bang kadaladala???? wag mu nang pagpilitan yang iphone mung bulok!!! at yang kapabayaan mu sa gamit ang sisihin mu!!! my pa lag lag ka pang nalalaman e yang utak mu e sobrang lag na kakaisip sa iphone mung bulok!!! e wla ka nang maisip n pang depensa mu puro ka link!! sus!!!

    • Kat says:

      “Apple no longer has monopoly over good design or even impressive hardware.”

      Explanation: True. Because, yearly, we always expect awesome iPhone designs. Apple has no monopoly over good designs because HTC and Xperia brands are doing good but Samsung, what do we expect? It’s a chopping board for centuries. :) Wag kang assuming follower ko ha, hindi kasama ang Samsung sa good designs na yan. :)

      “The iPhone 5S seems to be lagging behind.”

      Explanation: Yugatech is not sure hence the word “seems” :)

      “What we don’t like: Same old design”

      Explanation: It’s okay. Paano pa kaya ang design ng Samsung na ever since the world began eh itsurang chopping board lagi ang design? Bwahaha!

      Hindi ako napaso, talagan HOT lang ang mga iPhone users. :) Ang Samsung fans din naman hot kasi nagooverheat ang phone nila.bwahaha!

      Thank you so much my follower. :)

    • bajigjig says:

      Bakit pinupuri mo Android ngayon? And why do you keep putting in Samsung? Bakit sinasali mo ang OEM manufacturers ng Android dito? Uhm at ang topic po dito e yang beloved iPhone mo. Wala ka na sigurong link na mahanap no? Tapos contradicting pa yung mga statement mo. Hirap talaga puro link lang pinagbabasehan no? Hehe

    • simultaneous says:

      I keep on wondering why you always say that samsung design looks like a chopping board but if you’re going to compare who looks like a chopping board apple will win! hahaha it will win because of its materials used. to think that your chopping board is made up of aluminum. what an innovation!! way back chopping board are only made on wood and PLASTIC.. now it is made on ALUMINUM!! I can slice an apple on iphone without worries!! hahahaha

    • Kat says:

      OMG another follower. You two really seem to have a huge following on me. Or maybe isang tao lang kayo? hahaha! But still, one or two at least I have a follower. Lavet! :)

    • kitkat says:


      Hindi ko samsung fan pero kung makalait ka sa overheating issue ng samsung wagas, tae ka! Nag ooverheat din ang iphone lalo na kpag wagas ka gmamit ng data plan, mapapaso ka sa init.
      Halos lahat ng phone me overheating issues, kaya wag kang mangmang, nasa usage yun, tanga ampota.

      Aminin na naten simula na ng namatay si steve jobs, namatay na rin ang Apple! Sobrang baba na ng sales nila sa market compared dati.

    • bajigjig says:

      Hehe wala nanaman maipaliwanag. Daanin nalang sa tawa pag hindi kaya ng utak magpaliwanag at dumepensa. Magpaliwanag ka naman please. Kawawa ka naman eh. Sa link kalang nakadepende. I dont follow you, this is not social media. I just burn your ass every single time. Magpaliwanag ka naman please. Kawawa ka naman eh. Sa link kalang nakadepende. Hehe

    • simultaneous says:

      follower?? are you joking?? let us say that I’m just testing your knowledge regarding your iphone but I think you don’t have enough knowledge on it.. you just rely on the links just to answer on our bashes.. hahahaha.. sorry I’m just happy to argue with you..because your just a social climber acquire an iphone just to tell the world that you own one and keep bashes on android users and telling that you own an iphone and you love your iphone that you keep on comparing to samsung but all of a sudden if you can’t find a link pertaining to you beloved iphone you’ll just say that you have a follower?? just keep your mouth shut and keep on sucking apple’s ass dude..

    • LAGDROID2013 says:


    • simultaneous says:

      oi ikaw lagdroid n pangalan aka kat kung mgkukubli ka jn s alyas n yan aba wag ka nang magtangka pa.. palibhasa wala ka nang makuhang link kya gumawa ka pa ng isa pang alyas.. hahahha at ikaw kung ayaw mung makipagtalo d2 wag ka nang sumali at sabihin na cellphone langyan aba kung hindi dahil sa mga ganitong eksena ndi mgkakaroon ng magandang kompetisyon ang bawat oem.. yang utak mo mejo dagdagan mu brad.. 2013 na nka 32mb k prn.. pwde dagdagan mu ram ng utak mo at gwin mung 64bit ang processor ng utak mo para maka pick up ka agad ha?? hahahaha

    • Kat says:

      Yup. I will not stoop down to your level. Nakakaloka ang dami niyong account isang tao lang naman para kunwari marami kayo. Hahaha!

      Halata grammar niyo pang drop-out. :) Stop Englishing I can’t understanding your Englishing. :)

      Bye followers, rant all you want arrogants. :)

      Naiinis na sila followers, just lavet! :)

    • simultaneous says:

      nakakatuwa ka talaga kat.. pati grammar napansin mu.. hahaha.. nice.. wala ka nang link to defend your iphone? kaya naghanap ka na nang ibang pambara? hahaha.. well sorry kawawa ka.. maxado kang hambog pero knakain mu dn mga sinasabi mu.. hahahaha!! hanap k pa ng link para may pagtalunan tau!!

    • FanBoy says:

      1 very very important feature that Apple has somewhat made slight mention of which is a hands down winner over ANY, yes, ANY OS – MULTI-PATH TCP! DAMN!!!!!

    • bajigjig says:


      followers? this isn’t twitter. talaga naman oh ang mga nobody/social climber na tulad mo nagfi-feeling celebrity na agad coz they are on twitter. hehe

      always the same retort (losers kayo, why you follow me etc) and yet walang man lang proper explanation or defense on your part. puro nlng flame ang sinasabi. napakaclueless.

  4. CopyCat-droid says:

    …Ang tagal na ng SAMSUNG’S Galaxy S4 sa market ngayon lang naisip maglabas ng GOLD color na GALAXY… Gaya-gaya nga naman.

  5. xxgid says:

    As a long time reader of this site, I find this review a little disappointing. I am not an iPhone owner but I found this review a little biased. Just a little bit. The author did not made an effort to write in detail about the advantages of these device and instead focused on how it is similar to android devices. I suppose com pairing it to an android device isn’t fair considering that it performs must the same or even better than high-end android devices.

    • abuzalzal says:

      What would you expect, ma-WOW ka sa 5s?

    • simultaneous says:

      Panu ka gaganahan mgreview kung same old crap prn ang irereview.. nothings new.. ay meron pla.. ios 7, touch Id at ung pinagmamalaking 64bit n processor.. un lng? Hahahaha.. at meron pa pla yung ginintuang kulay na pagkamahal mahal.. hahahaha..

    • bajigjig says:

      Fair or unfair ganyan talaga comparison ngayon. It’s been Android vs iOS for the last three years.

    • LAGDROID2013 says:



    • Adrian says:

      Why not compare your iPhone to Nexus devices? Samsung lang ba ang alam mong gumagawa ng android phones? hahaha Damn i used to buy apple phones every time na mag update sila ng flagship from first generation pero ang huli ko is 4S you know why? Wala kasing bago puro wento ang apple wa naman wenta walang innovation hahaha

    • bajigjig says:

      Faster na ano? Faster drain ng battery compared to the S4? Hahaha

      Pansinin mo din kasi yung HTC One or the Xperia Z. Hindi lang naman kasi yung S4 ang tumatalo sa iPhone nyo. Madami pang Android OEM’s dyan. Hehe

  6. Jyu says:

    The dropping of LTE signals during calls are network dependent I think. It’s the same for android

  7. apolfanboy says:

    A7 chip made by appple.. isight camera made by sony.. that’s the innovation right there.. :-)

  8. apolfanboy says:

    A7 chip made by samsung. isight camera made by sony.. that’s the innovation right there.. :-)

    • diorarat says:

      Ah true. But it is a good news. Lets not forget that apple is more of a designs company. It assembles it’s phone with parts mostly made by other companies.

      But it does design the a7 chip as you would otherwise think and have Samsung manufacture it. Simply put if Samsung would use the a7 chip on it’s product then they would pay apple licensing fees. Besides I’d rather have a something as complicated as a chip to be manufactured by Samsung rather than some unknown Chinese firm.

      I’m surprised Sony doesn’t use bigger sensor on their own cameras if it’s true they designed the isight. Frankly I believe that bigger sensors plus Ois at 8mp would be better than 13mp shooters. But I guess consumers see no count as a factor as an indicator of good camera even if it isn’t always true. its too bad the iPhone didn’t have ois. But still, a Sony camera is dependable camera. And I think it’s a smart move by apple assuming it’s true.

  9. Kami says:

    i dont know about you guys but for me the review is kind of lacking of depth or is on the verge of being biased.

    this is also the only review of iphone 5S i have read so far na parang ewan lang.


  10. diorarat says:

    The review is apparatly a little bit rush. @abe would like a redo of the review for the following:

    #1 sensible use for the biometricscan is basically for lazy iuser who is too lazy to type a pin but need some sort of basic security.

    #2 the camera is supposidly to be built for low light. I’m surprised there’s no comparison if it really does do change low light quality. Plus no samples for the two tone flash?

    #3 you mentioned that it raised the benchmark by as much as 50% from the previous iPhone 5 after you said it basically doesn’t work without sufficient ram. I know it’s a bit complicated but I was looking for you’re insights on the creation and destruction process within the 64bit and how it affects benchmarks. As much as i share you’re sentiment that lack of ram does indeed affect 64bit processors, it shows quite an improvement and I wish you could explain it in a layman’s term.

    #4 isn’t the gpu a 3 core instead of a quad core?

    @Abe I really hope for a more in depth insight from further study of the iPhone. I’d appreciate it to help me make a decision if it’s a good upgrade from my broken HTC.

  11. bajigjig says:


    Get ready Sir. Andami mo pinaiyak na Apple crybabies with your “biased” daw na review. LOL

    • diorarat says:

      Actually more of lack of depth. I like to compare before I purchase somethings that are expensive. I actually appreciate yugatech for telling something down tofacts but this review seems somewhat missing a few stuff here and there.

    • abuzalzal says:


      what’s *missing* here are the compelling reasons/features that make you want to upgrade.

      From iPhone 5 —-> Waste of Money
      From iPhone 4(s)—> Pwede pa siguro

      You can’t blame Yuga for his lack of enthusiasm lmao, kahit sino hindi gaganahan mag-review sa iPhone 5s

  12. zarne says:

    Just my 2 cents about the “Cons”:

    “very expensive”- So true but since when Apple started selling cheap products? Apple brand is historically, always more expensive compared to other brands and everyone familiar with Apple knows this. (this is why I don’t own any Iphone and have no plan to buy one)
    “Gimmicky Touch ID”- It adds another layer of security and made it harder for phone thieves to sell stolen Iphone 5S. I maybe wrong but I read somewhere that even if the unit is wiped and restored to default settings, the unit will still prompt for owner’s PIN and fingerprint. I can understand if this feature is not listed as one “Pro”, but as a “Con”?? I would like to see mobile hacker try and bypass this security.

  13. louie6380 says:

    Nice review… I’ll definitely upgrade my iPhone 5 to 5S this December..

    For those who has nothing good to say about iPhone 5s… Just shut up!!!

    If wala naman kayong pambili ng iPhone manahimik nalang kayo! Why can’t you just be proud of your Android devices. No matter what you say about iPhone, we users rarely complains anything about it… We’re just proud iPhone users…

    • Kat says:

      That’s true. They’re so arrognat. They call iPhone users social climbers just because we own one. But when an Apple fan tells a Samsung fan to just shut up if they don’t choose to buy an iPhone, they are quick to defend that they are not poor. LOL! Stupid and morons…… and arrogant. Can’t accept the fact an iPhone is way better than a Samsung chopping board.

    • bajigjig says:

      “But once you see people willing to pay twice the price for a gold color, then it’s all about status symbol and blind loyalty; not excellent craftsmanship and superiority.”

      Napa-OUCH nanaman si Kat! Hahahaha

    • Kat says:

      OMG I already have a follower! :) Thank you @bajigjig. ^_^

      And oh, your statement is indeed a copy-cat from someone (obviously an Apple hater too). Copy-cat talaga kayo.haha! Would you like me to copy-paste an I-HATE-SAMSUNG statement too because there are tons of them? :)

      OMG, a follower, so lavet! :)

    • bajigjig says:

      Copycat daw si Abe oh. Sa conclusion ng review yan eh. Halatang di nagbabasa oh. You must’ve been kissing Apple’s ass all this time kaya di mo nabasa yan sa review.

    • Kat says:

      OMG, hindi ko kinaya mindset ni follower ko. :) I love kissing Apple’s ass. In fact, an Apple a day, makes a Samsung loser like you dismay. :) Really lavet! :)

    • bajigjig says:

      “Yey tawa nalang tayo barado na ako masyado.” -Kat hehehe

      “But once you see people willing to pay twice the price for a gold color, then it’s all about status symbol and blind loyalty; not excellent craftsmanship and superiority.”

      OUCH talaga to oh.. hindi na nagawang makapagcomment :)

    • bulastog says:

      All these phone companies comparing themselves to Apple… I love how they all try but fail hard. The iPhone will still be on top of the phones for a while. Steve Jobs you’ve done an amazing job. :)

    • anokamo says:

      Ang laking tanga pala nitong Kat na ‘to. Nagpapa-uto na naman sa Apple para magmukhang sosyal.

    • Kat says:

      Yup. I will not stoop down to your level. Nakakaloka ang dami niyong account isang tao lang naman para kunwari marami kayo. Hahaha!

      Halata grammar mo pang drop-out. :) Stop Englishing I can’t understanding your Englishing. :)

      Bye followers, rant all you want arrogants. :)

      Naiinis na sila followers, just lavet! :)

    • simultaneous says:

      wala nang pag asa yang si kat.. hahaha apple for life yan.. binigo daw xa ng s2 at s3 sa ganyang mishandling at s samsung pa sinisi.. hahaha

      kat eventually apple will go down like nokia and ios.. to think that they have their own os.. hahaha..

    • kitkat says:

      Natatawa ako sa comments ni kat.

      Ultimate loser. Hahaha. Porke lhat patama sayo iisa lang ang account? Hahaha..

      pa english english ka pa, paulit ulit nman comment mo.

      Anung level mo ba para hindi makalevel sayo yung ibang tao?

      Defintely kung mayaman ka,u will not waste your time posting sa blogs na to unless ultimate pretender ka?

      Filing ko PokPok ka, papakantot bigyan lang ng Apple Products. Hahaha. Magka Apple Device lang, filing elite na. Nyehehehehehehe!

    • Lu says:

      @KitKat by way of your comment/s halatang pikon na pikon ka, bastos lang? Tsk tsk, ikaw ba e nagka iphone na? Baka isa ka sa mga naiinggit n lng? Watch your words d maganda iha/iho. All androids versus nag iisang iOS o d b nmn very flattering sa iphone yan? Nakakatawa hot na hot ang mga android users pilit n binabagsak ang nagiisang iphone. Sabi ng mga iphone haters nwala n c Jobs ky pabagsak n Apple, e bat ky lalong tumataas? Think think, lumalabas ang totoong nasasaloob niyong pagkainggit ahahay tsk tsk

    • simultaneous says:


      oo mejo bastos lang magsalita c kitkat pero ndi xa ung pikon hahaha..

      look on how kat comment on us.. sa kanya mu makikita ang pagiging pikon.. hahahaha

      and please don’t say na hindi bumabagsak ang apple since na nawala si jobs.. you’re blinded by your loyalty.. since nrelease ang 2 iphone bumagsak ang shares ng apple.. it won’t have any right now pero slowly mararamdaman niyo yan due to lack of so called innovation.. bilib aq s iphone until 4s pero since nwala c jobs nawqla na sa iphone.. wag ka mgbulagbulagan jan dahil ng nawala c jobs nawala nrn ang iphone.. nabubuhay nlng ang iphone dahil sa loyal followers nito pero in real world pabagsak na.. hahaha

    • Lu says:

      @simultaneous I think hindi nmn basehan ung pagbaba ng stocks kse unstable nmn tlg yan each time, may time n tataas, may time na bababa at hindi lng sa Apple nangyayari yan kundi lht ng shareholding companies. Masyado lang nhhighlight ang Apple kse nga bawat pangyayari sa Apple all eyes ang buong mundo aminin mo man o hindi. Kaya maling sabihin na pabagsak na kse wala k nmn data kung cno2 bumili malay b ntin kung may mga bagong converts or mga ng upgrade from 4s and 5. Ang point ko lng bago mgbitiw ng mga salita, dpt may data ka to support you. Di nga ba tinalo ng Apple ang Coke this year as best brand for 2013? Ang isang company n lumalaban sa lht ng aspeto ngeexcel, d lng sa products kundi sa brand itself etc, 2012 nga best company p, a year after mwala c Jobs. Masyado lng kse halata n mainit agad ang mata niyo sa Apple at sa nga Apple users naming aa blindly loyal etc. At ang nkktawa mga Android lovers laban sa iisa, so why the noise? Gaya ng sabi, ako naapreciate ko n di masyadong ngcchange ng itsura ang iphone, kse iphone 4 or 3gs can still be used nowadays na d feeling out of place k or tipong itatago mo sa bag mo pag ngtext k kse luma n, hindi d b nkksabay p rin in style p rin e ung mga ksabay ng iphone4 or 3gs? Asan n? Carry p b ilabas at gamitin ng d k nhihiya kse orang out of style n? So cguro pinakamainam, wag n lng kau mg brand sa nga iphone users ng kung ano2 dhil kmi nmn walang pkialam kung android fanatics nmn kau d b?

    • simultaneous says:

      I know sa stocks bumababa at tumataas ang shares.. the fact na ni release ang most anticipated iphone bakit bigla bumagsak ang shares instead na tumaas.. I admit na ndi aq knowledgeable pagdating sa ganyan kumbaga sarili kong pananaw ang mga sinasabi q, supposed to be pag mga gnyang inaabangang mga product dapat mgkakaruon ng interest ang tao.. bakit gnun? biglang bumagsak.. maybe sa sobrang antisipasyon or let’s say na ung mga hinahanap ng tao sa iphone na dapat inilagay ng apple e ndi nila inilagay.. due to lack of innovation ika nga.. kung ikaw ay techie malamang s malamang ndi ka bbili ng iphone. tama? pero kng ikaw ay isang hambog nakikiuso lang dahil sikat ang iphone parang c KAT malamang sa malamang bibili ka ng iphone.. kung mayaman ka naman at sobrang yaman mu malamang meron ka din.. ndi lang apple may samsung din..

      at isa pa.. I know apple is a big company.. and maybe they are the one who starts the innovation of smartphones.. kya nga all eyes are on them.. due to anticipated innovation.. pero asan? ung 64bit? touch id?

      jan naiiwan ang apple ngyn. people are looking for more.. sana sumasabay cla s samsung dahil un ang hnhnty ng tao.. san nila dinadaan ang laban? s trial court? why? kc nga natatalo n cla.. kya dun nila dnadaan ang laban.. hehehe..

      try to think..

      bt nung lumabas ang s2 di sila agad ng sampa ng kaso? if they really know n may patent violations.. ngsampa lng sila ng sumisikat na..

      correct me if I’m wrong..

    • Lu says:

      @simultaneous mwalang galang n ho pero baka gusto mong tingnan at balikan ang pnanalita mo putak k ng putak, galit n galit k sa iphone users prang pinalalabas mo n d ng iisip ang mga bumibili ng iphone at hambog lng, ngiging judgmental k n ho niyan kung d mo p nppansin. I think may kanya2 tayo ng preferences kung anong gadget ang bibilin. Pero sana nmn wag mong ilabel lht ng bumibili p ng iphone nowadays n hambog at mpera lng, masyado k nmang galit n galit sa mga lawsuits ng Apple????? Oh oh, gumamit k ng Android mo then wag k mgjudge sa mga Iphone users tapos ang usapan, kau lng nmn ngppagulo kmi cool lng, ano b paki nmin sa fonr niyo e masaya kmi sa fone nmin. Please lng kung hambog tingin mo sa mga iphone users medyo icheck mo sarili mo bka prang bata k n lng n ngttantrums kse d mo mbili ang latest iphone 5s o kung capable k man e d mo mgawa. Anyway, hindi mtatapos to pero atleast ako wala akong msamang sinadabi o jinajudged sa mga gumagamit ng android o ng Samsung sabi mo nga ganun lng nmn dpt. We are free to choose pero foul nmang mgsabi k agad bg hambog d ko tanggap yan at khit cguro mga ibang Android users d rin mgugustuhan ang sabi mo. Wag mg judge ng d k rin ijudge. This is the last time I’ll reply coz sa mga tulad mo sarado ang utak walang panalo, no wonder npipikon ang iba sa inyo baluktotbang isip maidepend lng ang Android or masiraan lng ang iphone tsk tsk

    • simultaneous says:


      kalma ka lng.. napaghahalataang tinamaan ka eh.. lumalabas na pikon ka eh.. hahaha..

      well ndi sa wla aqng pambili ng 5s.. it is not practical to buy an expensive phone like an iphone.. hahaha.. text call surf lng nmn gngwa q bt kelngan q p ng iphone.. ok n q s cherry mobile.. hehehehe..

      kahit ilabas q pa s eskinita no worries. hahahaha..

      sana mg msg na si kat.. hahaha xa nmn tlga pnapatamaan q at d ikw.. d q alam bkit nappikon ka.. hahah


    • Rockafella says:

      To be fair, Samsung is really a shitty phone maker. I was an Apple fanboy but not android enthusiast.

  14. abuzalzal_fan says:

    Hey people! What’s the point of all these arguments and bashing?!? Taga apple at google ba kayo? Or binabayaran ba kayo ng mga kumpanyang yan para depensahan sila? Cellphone land to mga brad. Bibili tayo kasi gusto natin. Kung gusto kong magjolibee,magja-jolibee ako.Kung gusto kong mag mcdo, mag ma-mcdo ako. Wala kayong pakialam kasi gusto ko. At nasasatisfy ako. Sana ganun lang! Para namang pinapakain kayo ng mga kumpanyang yan para mag away2x para sa cellphone lang! I’m using a Q10 and nobody can tell me not to use it! Kasi gusto ko sya. May iphone ako kasi gusto ko rin sya. Gusto ko magka htc one pero OA naman ang tatlong phone d ba. Pero hindi rason para pag awayan ‘to. Cellphone lang ta. Hindi ito ang nagpapakain sakin. Kung ako siguro may ari ng apple o google pwd pa.kasi yan ang hanapbuhay ko.kaso consumer lng ako may choice ako.

  15. Copernicus says:

    Wow, thanks Yuga. This line of yours sums it all about Apple products, esp the new iPhones: ” It’s all about status symbol and blind loyalty; not excellent craftsmanship and superiority.”

  16. hazel says:

    ano po ba ang mga problema ninyo? telepono lang yan. basta nakakatawag, nakakapag text at browse tayo at nakakagamit ng apps na gusto natin ok na po yun. ang masasabi ko lang sa inyo e, YABANG na lang yan kaya kayo ganyan sa mga hawak ninyong telepono.
    Aaminin ko, nag balak ako bumili po noon ng isa sa mga smartphone na yan. ako ay isang regular na empleyado lamang at kumikita ng sapat lang. pero nung bibili na ako, napag isip isip ko na kailangan ko ba to para makasabay ako sa mga tao sa paligid ko?
    sa maniwala kayo at sa hindi, ako po ay nakabili ng isang TV, Aircon, microwave at lo end na washing machine para sa aking ina. hindi niya birthday pero dun ko na lang ginastos yung pambili ko. Pag palain kayo lahat ng Diyos :) salamat sa blog na ito at kahit papano ay na uupdate ako sa mga gadget na naririnig ko sa mga kaibigan ko

  17. Chris says:

    I didn’t realize that the colour gold is owned by Apple. lol

  18. abusalsal says:

    sabi nga nila, Samsung….for the man who has nothing, will never have anything, but likes to think he’s arrived!

    in other words, trying hard kayo haha. apple started it all and all of you are just following our lead, trying to overtake us but later on realized sa ibang direction pala lumiko kaka overtake kaya nagkaka sabit sabit kayo hahahaha, no class, no substance no groundwork for the future. thats samsung.

  19. FruitLoopz says:


  20. abuzalzal says:

    Napaka-ignorante naman ng mga iba dito, ginagamit pa rin yung ”LAG” as an arument sa mga Android handsets …. 2008 pa rin yata ngayon ah, lumabas-labas din nga kayo sa mga kuweba pag may time hahahahahaha

    • Adrian says:

      this time agree ako sayo Abu, Samsung lang ata ang alam na Android phone manufacturer ng mga iSheeps eh di ata natamaan ng innovation ang mga utak hahaha

  21. Lu says:

    Pansin ko lng ang tlgang hot nga Android lovers, makalait sa iphone. Ala cguro kau pambili ng Apple products. Kung san kau masaya dun kau wag ng manira p or pansinin kung loyal lng b ang bibili ng mga ganun kmamahal. Sa totoo lng Android user ako dati pero nung ngswitched ako sa iphone I never go back to Android. It’s the experience and being user friendly ang d mbabayran jan e. Isa p, pg tungkol sa Iphone o ios ng Apple ganun n lng mka react o mkpanlait, mabuti p mga Apple users khit ilang bese mgupdate ang Android ng os o ng product cool lng kse d kmi naiinggit e ung mga android users??? Alam na tsk tsk. Isa p, ang mganda sa iphone khit iphone 3gs o iphone 4 till now gamit n gamit p rin, hindi feeling out of place e ung ksabayan ky ng iphone4 mgagamit p b ky ngaun?? Ky be wise sa pagbili din. Khit bumili ng mhal ok lng kse pangmtgalang gamit lalo n kung pwede p nmn. I can attest to that, yung iphone 4 n pinaglumaan ng sis ko ipinasa niya sa bunso nmin, walang mgsasabi n ‘ay lumang iphone’ hindi kse hindi mdaling mwala sa ksalukuyang style, carry lng. Yun din cguro ang pwede nming ipagpasalamat sa Apple kinoconsider p rin ung mga d mdalas mg upgrade sa pamamagitan ng d papalit palit n itsura taon taon. Mad mainam n ang paunti unting innovation pero tlgang ngddictate p rin ng market kesa labas ng labas ng mga bago gang sa wala ng maisip. Kya lng nmn galit n galit mga Android users kse solid ang Apple users tlgang matindi p rin sa market. Karamihan p sa mga mkpanglait jan for sure ni hindi p nkgamit ng iphone tsk tsk. Ako android ako dati pero d gusto flatform bukod sa d user friendly. Gusto ko lng sa Android ung pwede ibahin ung font. Yun lng but then again pwede din nmn ibahin font sa jail break n iphone. Payo ko lng, yung mga malakas mkpanlait jan, cguraduhin niyo munang nranasan niyo n iphone ha pr may K kau manlait, kung d p nmn e purong pagkainggit n lng yang nraramdaman niyo iligo niyo n lng.

    • soulannihilator says:

      I own both an Android device and iPhone. Android phone sa akin, iPhone 5 sa asawa ko. And having experienced both, I can safely say na ang bentaha lang talaga ng iPhone is iOS. Now don’t start with arguing which is better of the two, iOS vs. Android – you can’t compare apples to oranges. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

      I would love it if iOS gets ported to other phones, because if we talk about other features of the iPhone, look elsewhere because you’ll find much better. Want good camera? Sony Xperia Z1. Waterproof? Xperia Z1 din. Premium and durable build? HTC One. Beautiful full HD resolution? Samsung Galaxy S4. Bigger screen? Almost every high-end Android phone out there are bigger than iPhone but if you want something that makes the most out of it, Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Ni walang NFC at bluetooth transfer and iPhone 5S. I always wonder why iPhone is priced much higher than these Android phones.

      What about the iPhone 5S being the first 64-bit mobile OS? Gaya ng sabi ni sir Yuga, it’s not something that an average user can appreciate at this point in time, especially since 5S only has 1 GB RAM. Maybe in the future, when other OEMs have released their own 64-bit chip.

      With that said, when I decide to upgrade a new smartphone, I would choose an Android phone again, unless Apple does something new and revolutionary with their iPhone. Napag-iiwanan na sila sa totoo lang. And unless they do something about it, nakakahinayang lang ang iOS, it’s doomed to fail.

    • FanBoy says:

      “I would love it if iOS gets ported to other phones” – ;) :)

  22. Anthony says:

    to iOS users: please naman. tigilan niyo na ang pagmention ng “lag” sa mga android phones dahil sa Samsung. Samsung lang naman kasi ang manufacturer ng Android na nagsasanhi ng lag sa system. tignan niyo kaya ung Nexus 4 at Motorola Moto X, super bilis naman diba? sa lagay na un, ang Moto X ay parang iPhone 5S din na dual-core lang at pareho pa silang may 2 low-power cores. labas-labas din sa Apple Ecosystem niyo pag may time :) PEACE! :)

  23. John says:

    Actually, iPhone 5s’ processor is topnotch, superior than any other smartphones like the G2, Note 3.
    The design is still superb compared to S4 or G2.

    A7 is manufactured by Samsung, but it’s designed & engineered by Apple.

    Touch ID is not gimmicky, it’s very useful in so many ways as what I’ve read from most of the reviews I’ve seen.

    The only thing down is the screen size I guess.

    The reviewer here is ignorant compared to Anandtech’s or other professional reviewers.
    Yes I’m an apple fan, but also an Android fan, I own Apple tablet/phone and android tablet/phone. Windows phone is the only os I don’t like.

  24. wew says:

    ung mga nagrereklamo na kulang sa detalye ung review,oo tama kayo pero sinabi na rin un sa intro nitong article na may parts na di na ilalagay o ung iba ay di na masyadong idedetalye dahil parehas lng naman ang masasabe tulad sa iphone 5…tska ung mga nagaaway tungkol sa iphone at samsung(sina kat at ung mga followers daw nya lol)be matured enough cellphone lang yan bilangin nyu man ng ilang beses ang mga features ng magkabilang phone,sa user experience pa rin yan babagsak aanhin mo ang touch id kung di ka naman naglolock ng phone mo…aanhin mo naman ang camera features ng samsung mo kung di ka naman talaga into photography at kung ginagamit mo man ito pangkuha ng litrato di ka naman mahilig magedit?nakakatawa kayo parehas kayong nagsasabihan ng bobo eh parepareho lng naman kayo.

  25. gambit16774 says:

    Look at all you children of a God loving country, quarreling and disrespecting one another over on who’s got better specs on their phones blah blah blah. Just like someones religion is better than others,my principles are better than yours, which unfortunately most certain leads to fighting and inevitably WAR !!! Grow up and learn to respect one another. These manufacturers could not give a rats ass if you start shooting each other, at the end of the day all they care about is your hard earnt money. PEACE !

    • Kat says:

      Exactly, I don’t know why Samsung fans rant so much when an article bout Apple products are published. Makes me wonder what kind of people they are. :)

    • simultaneous says:

      nakakatuwa naman.. are you really affected guys? are you an iphone to be hurt when you were rant or bashed? this is battle between 2 great os at this moment.. android and ios.. and those os conquer the smartphone technology.. of course in a battle you need to attack and defend.. but in case you guys can’t defend your beloved ios or iphone better keep your mouth shut.. if you get hurt in every words thrown to your ios or Iphone your insane.. hahahaha

      so kat don’t comment when you can’t defend your’re telling us why we keep on ranting and bashing your beloved apple ass..? coz android rocks!! hahaha

    • Chris says:

      Pretty sure it was an ios user that started this flame war but saying android is “laggy”.

    • Kat says:

      @simultaneous aka bajigjig aka chris: OMG, what a peanut brain. I can’t stand your reply. Your Android fans are the warfreaks. Kayo ang affected, the fact na panay tira pag may article regarding Apple. Kaming mga Apple fans, pag may Samsung article we only yawn and don’t give a fuck because it’s not worth it. Oh no, you’re perfection grammaring are affect me very big much. :)

      Hahaha! Kakaloka. :)

    • simultaneous says:

      looks like you really affected on how I construct my gramar.. hahahha

      para kang bata.. hahaha

      wa kakampe? wawa man.. tumbong natin ke itay. hahahahaha

      don’t be a great pretender.. ayan napagtutulungan ka tuloy pati ung ibang username cnsbi iisang tao..

      grow up kat.. yang mga palusot mu d na tatangkilikin yan.. hahahha

      everytime na my ilalabas na article here in yuga you just yawn? dapat lang kasi mapapahiya ka sa sasabihin mu. you always rely on links and not your own thought. hahahaha

      you are inconsistent and redundant.. hahahaha

      spell LOSER? i’ll spell K.A.T. HAHAAHHA!!

    • Chris says:

      I don’t even own a Samsung phone. Way to assume Kat.

    • bajigjig says:

      “it’s all about status symbol and blind loyalty”

      Tsk. Tinamaan tuloy si Kat.

    • simultaneous says:

      nakakatawq yang si kat eh.. iisang tao lang daw tau.. hahaha..

      isip bata..

      puro kayabangan lang alam..



  26. FanBoy says:

    I’m not a big fan of iOS or Apple, even though my daugther has one of each. As much as it really pains me to accept it, Apple/iOS is the first to implement it, iOS 7 specifically, is using multi-path TCP!!! Damn! How the hell was Apple able to implement this ahead of Android!! Damn!

  27. bajigjig says:

    But once you see people willing to pay twice the price for agold color,then it’s all about status symbol and blind loyalty; not excellent craftsmanship and superiority.

    Couldn’t have said it better, Sir Abe. :)

    • JP says:

      How about differences in app ecosystem? I develop apps on different platforms. Overall, I still like the quality of apps published in the Apple App Store more than any other variety out there. Although the apps in the App Store normally run well alongside the fairly recent Apple products, it’s a sad fact that Apple hardware normally lags behind the competition. Everyone could probably use an increase in computing power every now and then. :)

    • soulannihilator says:

      Very well said JP.

    • zarne says:

      As for the color gold Iphone5S with outrageous costs, it has much to do with Status Symbol, and less with blind loyalty or craftmanship. Rich people who owned several high end mobile devices will buy this for the privilege of being the early owner of a rare commodity.
      Let’s face it, Iphone 5S is rare for now.
      If you think that Php 80,000 is too much, check the ebay auction where the gold color Iphone 5S was sold for Php 400,000 ($10,000). Average bid was PHP 160,000 or $ 4,000.

    • diorarat says:

      Woah.. so much money. Hehe sana bumili na lang sila real gold plated iPhone5, s4 or HTC one na lang sa price na yan, meron naman nagtitimda gold plated instead na gold painted:))

  28. tmcr7 says:

    Alam mo na ngang gold plated lang yang iPhone 5S bibilhin mo pa sa halagang 70k? Eh may mabibili ka nang malaking singsing na yari sa tunay na ginto nyan. May pambili ka nga, tanga ka naman.

  29. komar says:

    “..status symbol and blind loyalty.”

    ’nuff said.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Kita talaga ung bias ni Sir Yuga dito. Gumamit sya ng “blind loyalty” na never nyang ginamit pag nagrereview ng android phone na ganun din naman minsan ang nilalabas ng OEMs – konti lang ang nabago. Alam din natin lahat na mahusay ang pagkakagawa ng apple sa mga products nila (pinuri nga nya ng maraming beses ang pagkakagawa nga mga products nga apple) kaya ung word na “Excellent craftsmanship” eh i think eh karapatdapat pa rin naman ipang describe sa iPhone 5s. Hindi madali maglagay ng fingerprint scanner sa isang handheld device na gagamitin mo lagi araw-araw. At mapagkasya sa maliit na katawan ng iphone ung mga piyesa. D pa ba matatawag na excellent craftsmanship un? Kung di pa antaas nga ng standard nyo. Minadali ang review na ito. Sana mag stick ang Yugatech sa mission nito na iinform ang tao sa mga features ng mga phones.

    • I respect your opinion. If you say that this was rushed, I have had 9 months of using 80% of the hardware and features of the iPhone 5S found on the iPhone 5. The other 20% is only in the last 2 weeks. If you think the 9 months is not enough, then I don’t know what.

      Let me also quote you on this — “The idea of a fingerprint sensor on a smartphone isn’t an novel one. Motorola had the Atrix with fingerprint sensor back in 2011 and the idea did not even caught on to other handsets until the 5S”.

      When I used the word “blind loyalty”, I referred to the fact that a change in color of a handset can command a twice the price of the SRP. If you can point me to a color variant of any handset, Android or WP or Symbian, that when released was priced at twice the regular price, then I will concede to you calling me biased. :)

      If I had the predisposition to be biased against this device, I would not spend Php45,000 of my own money to buy this iPhone 5S.

    • Pol says:

      @Anonymous Kaya nga may disclaimer si Sir Abe eh! “The iPhone 5S looks and feels like the 12-month old iPhone 5. We suggest reading up on our iPhone 5 review here first before proceeding, so we don’t repeat ourselves from time to time.” basa basa din kapag may time!

    • diorarat says:

      Sir Abe, I think you have dissuaded me from the iPhone 5s but I think the biometric scanner is not at all gimmicky as you coined it. It’s corny at start but I have friends who would have real world use for it. let me paint the scenarios, i have a friend working as a marketing related and another in the banking industry. I would encounter data on their phone thats supposed to be sensitive. They should put pin lock at least put are just too damn lazy to punch a four code pin. It’s annoying to punch a 4 number pin everytime you have to unlock the phone.

      If you say that the scan works almost all the time and unlock time is instantaneous. I think you have solution for something consumer don’t know yet. Isn’t that what marketing is all about, pushing out solutions for problems before they become a problem. The problem with old biometric scans is that the are wrong most of the time and it takes a while for recognition that the consumers tend to stay away from it.

    • @diorarat – I don’t discount that there will be really good case use for the finger print scanner. Some folks will find it essential even.

      Where I am coming from is the fact that there are so many “genius” ways to improve on the iPhone 5 — bigger battery, bigger display, more storage up to 128GB — and these are pretty common problems majority of users will find very useful when improved. Instead, Apple chose to solve the problem of a *secondary* security lock. That problem is like number 38 in the list of things a common user would want in his iPhone.

    • diorarat says:

      Ah true. But I can’t blame them. It’s so hard to come up something innovative and people have high expectations not just for apple but even for Samsung. Sometimes I wonder if they are just buying some time until they come up with something revolutionary. The iPhone 3gs and iPhone 4 and galaxy s3 were amazing when they came out during their own times , I don’t think they can top off their own products.:))

  31. Berkanoshow says:

    When you compare fingerprint scanner in the 5S to your average office biometric device, you forgot the fact one is used exclusively by an individual while the other is often shared by hundreds or thousands of other people. It is a bit unfair then make a comparison. The failure in accuracy with those biometric scanners stem from the fact that other people have used it before you, leaving residue on the glass and not necessarily because they are crap.

    • We tested the iPhone 5S with 5 different fingerprints scanned all at the same time and they were still more accurate even after randomly running print scans.

      To compare, we also took a typical office scanner and wiped them clean every time we ran a scan and check accuracy after several dozen attempts.

    • zarne says:

      @Abe Olandres:
      “The Touch ID was served as an alternative or supplement security feature. You still have the PIN code or the long password as the default measure. The fingerprint sensor comes in as a secondary measure.”

      You admitted that the finger scan was very accurate. What problems do you foresee with the Touch ID? The Touch ID feature will definitely make it difficult for thieves of Iphone 5S to market the stolen device. I read in another Tech Review that even if this phone was wiped out and restored to factory default settings, the devise will still prompt for owner’s fingerprint scan before activation. So the phone is still owned and controlled by the owner. This was not covered in the review. Perhaps that is why some were calling the Yugatech review as Rushed.
      This is a very valuable feature and by dismissing it as’ gimmickry’ and putting it in your ‘Cons’ list gives the appearance of being BIASED,even if you are not.

    • Berkanoshow says:

      Thanks for shedding light with your methodology. While I still stand by original post I have to agree that the way TouchID takes an image of one’s fingerprint may be an advantage versus the office scanners. Only time will tell whether TouchID will be strong feature or liability to the IPhone.

    • @zarne — if you read the allegedly “rushed” review again, you will see that we mentioned that the PIN code (and not the finger print) is still the primary security.

      Thus, if you wipe the phone along with the PIN code, even if the fingerprints are still there, you gain access to the iPhone with a new PIN code. Then delete the scans altogether. This makes the security of the fingerprint moot and obsolete.

    • @Berkanoshow — yes, only time will tell. It’s been 2 years that the Motorola Atrix had a finger print scanner like Touch ID yet we don’t see any leaning towards the use of that model as the most secure device.

      Also, I think the reason why the iPhone 5S is more accurate is because of the number of scans it takes for sampling (almost 10 scans or more) compared to the office scanner which only makes 3 samples.

    • mang kanor says:

      @zarne, isa kang tiga kweba kung inaakala mo na masasagip ka ng finger print scanner sa mga magnanakaw. ang mga scandal mo di safe ulels. hahaha

  32. Berkanoshow says:

    When you compare fingerprint scanner in the 5S to your average office biometric device, you forgot the fact one is used exclusively by an individual while the other is often shared by hundreds or thousands of other people. It is a bit unfair then to make a comparison. The failure in accuracy with those biometric scanners stem from the fact that other people have used it before you, leaving residue on the glass and not necessarily because they are crap.

  33. Justin says:

    Eto na lang para happy tayong lahat!!!

    iPhone 5 running Android Jellybean! :D

  34. FanBoy says:

    Closing thread… ay pot! kala ko forum ito lol buti na lang ako happy sa android, ios at wp :)

  35. Anonimous says:

    napakabiased ni sir yuga.. Nasa payroll k din b ng shamesung?? wala man lang akong nabasang ecosystem ng Apple ung appstore.. ung 64 bit, ung m7 co-processor kung anu ung magiging future nito. “bigger and better hardware, more computing power, better displays and longer battery life.” Apple is known for superb performance per watts. Btw, you look ridiculous when having a phone call with a big phone, para kang nakikipag-usap sa brick. FUNCTIONALITY NOT SPECS… suggest ko sa iyo sir yuga. magbasa k din ng ibang forum or website na pagbabasehan mo ng review doon marami kang makukuhang idea..

    • simultaneous says:

      kaw mag review.. dami mu reklamo..

    • Soul Annihilator says:

      So tell me, are there any apps in Apps Store that iPhone 5 is having a hard time running at the moment that releasing a 64-bit phone would be something iPhone fans will be happy to have? Like sir Yuga said, there are so many genius ways to improve iPhone 5. There are so many features a lot people are wanting to have on the new iPhone – full HD resolution, bigger screen, better battery, etc. And yet they added things that not everyone will appreciate this time.

    • Anonimous says:

      hindi ako magrereklamo kung hindi bias ung review. gaya ng sabi ng iba kulang. maraming dahilan kc..

    • If you’ve been reading this blog for years, I am sure you also read my review of the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4, you will realize that I am actually an Apple fan. This is the very first time I review an iPhone that I was not thoroughly impressed.

  36. zarne says:

    @ Mang Kanor: Your worthless comments do not add any value to the conversation.

  37. unknown says:

    People who like samsung and apple wont shut up……. Both brands have pros and cons. So deal with it…

  38. Kennethcole says:

    Para sakin mas secured ang 4-6 digit PIN compared to fingerprint scanner. Why?

    -During daytime, pag nasa office or bahay ka and gising, ano mas secured?
    di naman nahuhulaan ang PIN, except of course kung birthdate gamit mo. Di din magagamit fingerprint mo kasi nga gising ka.

    -During nighttime, ano mas secured?
    mahuhulaan ba ng wife mo or girlfriend mo PIN mo? hindi! Pwede ba nila scan finger mo while you’re sleeping? Yes! So goodbye privacy!

    -Party/Drinking sessions. Ano mas secured?
    *PIN again
    When you pass out, nado-drawingan ka nga sa mukha e. What makes you think na hindi gagamitin ng barkada mo phone mo? They can easily swipe your finger and ayun na. Pati Facebook and Twitter mo maoopen na. Bigla nlng may magpopost sa status mo ng “I’m gay”. Pwede pa nila i-like fan page ni Justin Bieber habang lasing ka.

    Thanks Apple, secured na secured nga yung iPhone 5s.

  39. Meh says:

    Sige mga kapatid, ganito na lang. Tanong ko, mai-coconnect nyo ba ang android phone/tablet sa projector for a powerpoint/keynote presentation?

    Sir Abe pwede nga po ba? Hehehe… Sorry…

    Okay lang na meh magalit sa akin, kase ang intesyon ko lang naman ay magtanong.

    Kung ang apple device nai-coconnect sa projector, pwede din kaya ang android phone?

    • Kennethcole says:

      Yup, compatible ang mga android phones sa projector. Wireless man o via USB.

      Pano pag hindi wireless yung projector? Dapat dala mo pa yung lightning connector mo? Eh yung android, standard micro USB ang gamit so di hamak na mas convenient. May mga devices na hindi na kailangan ng cable, NFC nlng like yung mga portable printers. Kaya ba ng iPhone un? Siguro sa iPhone 10, may NFC na sila.

  40. Wow … you guys really missed the boat there.

    Here’s a handset that blows away just about ever other handset speed-wise, and you complain about its processing power?

    It’s the A7 SoC which enables the fast fingerprint matching and camera tricks.

    The image stabilization which captures up to four images and finds the best elements of each and assembles them into a single image. The 10 fps 8 mp burst mode which takes up to 999 full sized images and scans them for composition, exposure, and facial expression (and closed eyes) and picks the best shot(s). The 1080p30 image stabilization, and the 720p120 HD slow motion video (when played back at 30fps).

    Take a look at the improved Safari browser, Javascript engine, and A7 and compare its render time to other handsets.

    Oh … and before I forget … the passcode is required because it uses the passcode to encrypt the contents of the phone. If you don’t use one, the phone’s data isn’t encrypted.

  41. Lisa says:

    Basta ang mahal pa din nito for a phone. At the end of the day. Sa mga bibili, mawawalan ka ng 40-80k for a PHONE. imagine? For a phone? Ok bye ;)

    • wew says:

      eh kung di ka naman tanga eh, kailan pa cinonsider na essential ang katangahan sa pagbili ng phone?cguro ikaw kase tanga ka talaga lagi mong winawala phone mo

  42. Raymond says:

    IPhone 5s= luxury Samsung s4= durability need extra income just go to this link

  43. Benjie says:

    Bakit nang ilabas ng Microsoft ang Windows 8 UI eh marami na ang gumaya sa style ng Windows Glass UI kagaya ng iOS.

    Pero in fact. Maganda ang iPhone ngayon ah…

  44. Hi there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you
    if that would be okay. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

  45. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting
    my own blog and was curious what all is needed to get set up?
    I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny?

    I’m not very web smart so I’m not 100% certain. Any tips
    or advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

  46. takash says:

    I’m uglee.

  47. Jan says:

    i like the finger print sensor but this is too expensive and they’ll just release another one soon

  48. Jacinto says:

    the finger print scanner is not that smooth :|

  49. scks says:

    this phone suuuuuuucks!

  50. thomas tagle says:

    hi.., i am from philippines & i just bought iphone 5s 32gb last month been using it now.. maybe for the bnew released price i think it is not worth the it.. but for the price of only P5,500 for a refurbished or a 99% smooth unit of an iphone 5s today 2017, i am really happy & blessed to own it.. for someone like me who has no financial capability to own latest & expensive smartphones, it is a dream come true to finally have an iphone 5s.. i am also very satisfied with the bettery life exept it lacks in external memory.. but 24gb user memory space is large enough because i am used to transfer the files to my old laptop.. it is also enough for my apps & games.. still able to have 13gb of free space.. the camera is unbelievably great i really enjoyed taking pictures & uploading them.. the best of all is handy,, i can do all stuffs with it just one hand while my other hand doing something or eating my favorite snacks.. great phone!!..

  1. December 5, 2013

    […] iPhone 5S is one of the most expensive smartphone to date, especially here in the Philippines. But if you […]

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