Apple iPhone 5 Review

Apple iPhone 5 Review

While the iPhone 5 has not yet been officially released in the Philippines, hundreds of units have been shipped into the country lugging along a very hefty price tag. We managed to acquire our own unit to test. Check out our full review of the iPhone 5 after the break.

Announced back in September 12 (September 13, 2AM Philippine Time), the iPhone 5 is Apple’s latest smartphone and represents one of the biggest changes it has made since the first iPhone.

The iPhone 5 broke record sales in its first week so it’s not surprising it will be the biggest release of Apple yet.

We took a closer look and will break it down to see what makes the iPhone 5 the best iPhone ever.

Design and Construction

For the longest time, in the last 5 years, the iPhone has maintained its form factor at 3.5 inches. When it came out, that size was still at the top of its class.

Since then, the iPhone has maintained the same exact screen size until they launched the iPhone 5. What Apple did was to extend the height of the iPhone 5 to make way for a 4-inch IPS display.

The handset is now thinner, taller and lighter (despite the bigger size). At 7.6mm thin, the iPhone 5 is slimmer than its predecessor (9.3mm). It also weighs much less (112g) compared to the iPhone 4S (140g).

The most obvious reason for this is that the iPhone 4S uses two thick pieces of glass that sandwiched the body of the phone while the iPhone 5 no longer used a glass back panel but a thin sheet of aluminium. This attributed to the thinner and lighter profile.

The power button is found at the top side while the volume controls and the mute switch are still found on the left side. The nano-SIM slot is found on the right side while the speakers are still at the bottom end along with the 3.5mm audio jack and the power connector.

Take note that two of the major changes Apple implemented on the new iPhone is the smaller nano-SIM (you buy one or cut your microSIM) and the use of a smaller 9-pin data/power adaptor for the device.

The phone feels very solid on the hands, has that refined finish and premium appeal. What’s surprising is that the unit feels very light despite its size. The reduction of glass components contributed to that. You get the same grip as the old iPhones since the width is just the same but the height has increased a bit and ergonomics of tapping with one hand might be affected.

The back side of the iPhone is now made of a thin sheet of aluminum. It’s got a nice and smooth finish with a subtle color tone to match the white body of the handset. The top end and bottom end is still made of polycarbonate to allow radio signals to pass thru, unimpeded (which includes the cell radio, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth).

The biggest concern with this new design is that the aluminum back panel is certainly prone to scratches. The first thing we did after we unboxed the iPhone 5 was to find a soft runner case for it.


The iPhone 5 retained its Retina Display monicker and the increase in display size to 4 inches meant that Apple had to bump up the resolution as well. At 640×1136 pixels and pixel density of the new iPhone is pegged at 326ppi. It’s an unusual resolution we have not seen in any other handset but its the natural result of increasing the height of the display while retaining the width.

The screen looks more detailed because of the larger screen and pixel density, the colors and saturation are even, and the brightness of the screen looks pretty impressive.

From experience with using flagship phones with display sizes from 4.3-inches to 5.3-inches, the iPhone 5’s display does not seem to be that far behind.

OS, Apps and UI

Nothing has aesthetically changed on iOS 6 although Apple has touted over 200 new updates and features over iOS 5 (see full overview of iOS 6 here).

The Passbook is a native app to help users keep tabs of tickets, coupons and store cards. However, this feature is only available in the US so it’s basically useless here in the Philippines.

In addition to the heavy Twitter integration from the last update, iOS 6 now comes with the same native integration with Facebook. This could prove useful if you’re a heavy FB user.

Apple is slowly divorcing its way out of its Google dependence and the latest casualty is Google Maps. Apple introduced its own mapping system with turn-by-turn navigation powered by TomTom. However, the map is riddled with lack of detail and wrong information to the point that CEO Tim Cook had to post a public apology about it. He even went as far as recommending Nokia Maps and Google Maps in its stead.

You can read more about iOS6 here.

Multimedia & Camera

This is the first time that Apple has made significant changes on the earbuds. The old one was crappy and the iconic white color is what remains with the new earpods.

The 8-megapixel camera of the iPhone 5 came with a few improvements. We noticed that the camera shoots faster, has better exposure compensation and takes better focused images and videos.


Apple did not bother to increase the camera pixel count on the iPhone 5. Instead, it added a few improvements including a better more refined five-element lens.

This gave the rear camera better clarity, faster focus and pretty even color saturation. Check out the sample 1080p videos recorded below:

The camera apps is very snappy and we noticed a little bit of difference in terms of speed from the iPhone 4S. Successive shots on the iPhone 5 proved to be a bit faster and the stills looked more focused and detailed.

Check out the photo gallery below:

[fancygallery ID=”iphone5″]

The native earphones that came with the previous iPhones were notoriously crappy and often falls off the ears due to its simple design. The new set of earpods has changed that for the better. They are now more comfortable on the ears, has a better grip and sounds way better than the previous set. They’re not really the best but we can definitely say it’s a significant improvement.

The speakers at the bottom of the phone is more prominent and the sound volume is more consistent and even (not too loud and tinny but not too soft either).

iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S

We fired up both the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5 to see if there are significant improvements in speed and performance.

We shot both the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S to compare boot time, load time for apps and web browser rendering. The video below shows the comparative speeds of the two.

For one, boot up time is significantly faster with the iPhone 5 — we timed around 4 or 5 seconds better boot time on the latter.

There’s also some noticeable improvements with rendering web pages and although we didn’t see any difference with loading apps, there’s some slight improvements in snappiness when doing successive camera shots.

Nevertheless, we don’t feel that this slight increase in performance is really that significant with most of common tasks done on the iPhone. If we did not placed the two iPhones side by side, we might not actually notice these differences.

You can read more about our iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S comparison here.

The Missing LTE

One of the biggest announcements that came with the iPhone 5 is support for LTE. This has excited a lot of people since there’s been a lot of local news as to the launching of LTE networks both by Smart and Globe.

However, it seems that Apple has not certified Globe or Smart in due time when it presented the supported global LTE networks. We are not sure if LTE will running on the iPhone 5 units that will be released in the country.

Based on the limited tests we’ve made on both Smart and Globe networks, we’re only getting HSPA+ speeds that’s pretty much the same as with the iPhone 4S.

Battery and Call Quality

In our week-long use of the iPhone 5, we didn’t experience any drop calls. Call quality is good — audio is crisp and clear. There were some delayed SMS but that could have been due to the network issues.

As for battery life, we did not notice any huge improvements over the previous iPhones. We managed to last exactly 48 hours on a single full charge when using only SMS and voice calls throughout the day. However, once we run a few social apps, connect to the net via WiFi for web browsing and use the camera once in a while, battery life starts to degrade much faster. We’d be luck to last one and a half days but for good measure, moderate to heavy use is only good for a single day.


At first glance, the iPhone 5 seems to be just a bigger taller iPhone 4S. Aside from the bigger screen, we could not find any strong feature that may compel us to upgrade from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5. For some, that improvement is reason enough though.

We believe the support for LTE networks is among its best selling point. However, that remains to be seen as the iPhone 5 is not yet officially released in the Philippines by Globe and Smart.

Nevertheless, the sell-ability of this handset is determined by the dynamics of supply and demand. Gray market prices of the iPhone 5 has pushed prices ranging from Php45,000 to Php60,000 each. And that is a strong indication that the iPhone 5 will sell very well in the Philippines.

Apple iPhone 5 specs:
4.0-inch IPS LCD display @ 640×1136 pixels, 326ppi
Corning Gorilla Glass 2
Apple A6 1.2GHz dual-core processor
PowerVR SGX543MP3 (triple-core)
16GB, 32GB, 64GB internal storage
DC-HSDPA 42Mbps, LTE 100Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, dual-band
Bluetooth 4.0
8MP autofocus camera, LED flash
1080p video recording
1.2MP front-facing camera, 720p @ 30fps
GPS w/ aGPS support, GLONASS
iOS 6
112 grams (weight)
123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm (dimensions)

What we liked about it:
* Bigger display, same high pixel density
* Great camera
* Thin and light
* LTE support

What we did not like:
* Aluminum back panel prone to scratches
* Inferior native Maps app
* Expensive

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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117 Responses

  1. Richard says:

    Nice review sir yuga. Tks

  2. Kevin says:

    Inferior smartphone: Maps, wifi issues. Hate those. In fact I hate Apple’s pre-launch gimmicks just to tame once again those iSheeps. Blessed are the meek.

  3. Papapau says:

    +1 to that kevin.

    The smooth experience their boasting are being sacrificed yet still lots of people are still playing dumb, paying di birong cash for a so so phone. 5 lines na homescreen, panoramic view. Huwaw!

    It doesn’t take a genius..

    • Edu says:

      I can only imagine How your life is full of hatred and jealousy. If your not happy with the iPhone then get rid of it and get a life. It’s all about personal preferences, if you find your own phone is the best, it doesn’t mean it is the best to other( look around you, those majority of consumers buying what they believe that satisfies their needs). This article is a sole review of the iPhone 5. If you have any idea that will contribute to a good conversation other than bashing the reviewer and other commenters then we appreciate it, if not, keep it to yourself or go to some thread that is relevant to the phone/gadget you are fan of.
      When it comes to fanatics, so what if people stand in lines to wait for Apple products? People also wait in line for concert tickets. So what if Apple has loyal customers? So do many other brands. So what if people choose to spend a little more money on Apple products? So do people who choose to eat at gourmet restaurants over fast food joints.

    • frenchy says:

      @Edu Did they bash the reviewer or other comment-ers (if there’s such a word) here? How? I think they just talked about how much they dislike the product and their reasons. It’s just normal for any popular product to have both fanatics and critics. This is a discussion area and you can’t expect to merely see praises here. You can discuss your thoughts with them about the product. You cannot let people to just keep their opinions to themselves so as to please you or to be appreciated.

    • lenovohaha says:

      Lenovo Lover- you obviously are not one yourself. Given your choice of phones which is synonymous to garbage and telephone para sa katulong. ha ha… grabe yung lenovo pa ang nagturo kung ano dapat sa next gen iPhone… what an irony.

      Sabihin mo yan sa Greenhills sa mga muslim traders kungdi ka na haram at pinutol yun birdo mo

  4. Ip5 says:

    Selling brand new iPhone 5 white 64gb factory unlocked. Only opened box to check if complete accessories, pristine, never turned on. 55k. Call or text 09178586850. I issue receipts and 7 days replacemet for factory defects. Comes with free Otterbox defender case white. Ony 2 units.

  5. John says:

    It’s so hilarious for the fact the every Apple column has Android extremists on it. Lol. What has this to do with everything ? Competition is good fellas. I’d take the One X any day though.

    • Papapau says:

      Yeah well some might think it’s funny, but the truth is, we’re just here to wake people up from their blind faith..

      A 50k cash-out for a just phone.. If they’ll be willing to show this kind of spending initiative to other “lot better” products like windows and android, they will be more than willing to manufacture even more generous, non-limiting devices..

      Ganito na lang, imagine if there will be an Android phone worth 50k pesos, what do you think can it do? eh 25k na Android pa lang ngayon, mas panalo na sa iphone 5 right?

      Wake up guys.. Read the news, sinasalbahe ng Apple ang mga tao. hehe.

    • User1 says:

      Kung may pera siya ate, why not? Makialam ba. Walang basagan ng trip. Sayo ba galing ang pera? Hay naku.

    • Papapau says:

      “Wake up guys.. Read the news, sinasalbahe ng Apple ang mga tao.”

      – kung may pera ka, better spend it wisely. We’re not pushing, we’re just waking them up, making more people informed with their choices..

  6. Enya says:

    No mention about audio quality being better or worse than the 4S! And, is a 4 or 5 second faster boot time really that significant?

  7. R2 says:

    I like iphones, except it’s ridiculous price! :D

  8. grabe talaga attack ng mga “so called haters”, as if, they can afford to buy one! to each is own, merong preferred ang iOS over Android because kahit oldies magagamit ang phone, unlike android andaming variants, andaming version, di mo pa sigurado kung puwedeng ma update yung binili mong phone,

    • Papapau says:

      Seriously pre? Wow..

      You have no idea na the concept you’ve given just now is what started it all.. One word.. “ELITISM”

      Apple manufactures people like you.. You’re just saying the decade old (2007 actually) concept na.. “iPhone users are Rich, Android users are poor” right..

      Well that’s so long ago pre.. eto ang bago. “Android users are hip and cool, iPhone users are plain dumb and old.” eat that pare.

      Nga pala, i own a 7.1mm Droid RAZR (7.6mm iP5) and ready na budget ko for the Next Nexus phone. Playing wise and cool, a phone not for old people like the so-so simple, sinisirang experience ng iPhone 5. What will you be getting this Q4 again? haha!

    • whatevs says:

      And where did you get that assumption that android users are hip and cool? From your feeble mind who knows nothing but to call others “pre”.

      Lol! I’m an android and an iPhone user, I have a lot of things against both of them, but I forgive them for a lot of things they’re good at as well.

      You have to really use both environments(yes, touching/playing with your friend’s phone for 10 minutes doesn’t count) for you to be able to judge what phone is right for you.

      I seriously disagree that iPhone users are dumb and old. It’s like you’re living in the old era where you judge people because of what they own or what they are.

      I know you’re like that because some iOS users are acting like elitists bitches, but do you really have to go down that level of stupidity?

      From your comment that is full of ‘pre’, I can only assume that the dumb one is you.

    • Pappau says:

      Where did i get it? read some tech news pre. besides, you can feel it.

      And what’s so funny with calling someone “pre” pre? We’ve been doing that since where in kindergarten, well, unless your pretending to be one of those elitists who think highly of themselves.. sapul ba pre? sosyalero amp. What a “feeble” statement. hohoho!

      Old era?

      “I know you’re like that because some iOS users are acting like elitists bitches, but do you really have to go down that level of stupidity?” – but you said it yourself, unless your you refered this to a so long time ago event..

      Contradicting ka pre. you haven’t even have any solid proof to counter my argument.

      All you came up with is to judge my use of “pre”

      “From your comment that is full of ‘pre’, I can only assume that the dumb one is you.”

      calling someone pre makes you dumb? sablay ka ata sa lahat ng opinion mo pre. nag mukha ka lang epal. hehe.

      Eto na lang.. Imagine this, 50 thousand peso Android.. Not cool enough for you pre? geez..

    • whatevs says:

      LOL, I find your reply so funny and amusing.

      “We’ve been doing that since WHERE in kindergarten”
      ^Exactly, you’re the one who’s old and living in a time where calling “pre” is cool.
      Lol. I have nothing against people calling other people pre, but using it again and again in a single message to stress a point is funny. Plus, seriously, “where” ???? dude, do you know what grammar is?

      I read a lot of tech news and yep, no one said that “Android users are hip and cool, and Apple users are plain dumb and old.”
      You’re the one who concluded that, and based from your statements and incorrect grammars, why should people believe you? And seriously dude, FEEL it??? You’re funny stupid.

      And i think you misused the word feeble. If in any way, you think that using words that you don’t know makes me a “sosyalero” then I pity you. LOL.

      “but you said it yourself, unless your you refered this to a so long time ago event..” WHAT? I didn’t understand your point in this statement.
      Lol, I’m actually giving you a moral advice because clearly you have no morals. Plus dude, go back to high school and learn grammar.

      I actually made a point, and I guess you just didn’t get it, thus proving my conclusion that you are dumb. Please, don’t embarrass yourself further.

    • ma5te12m1nd says:

      @Pappau BURN! hahaha… wasak ka “pre” kay whatevs LOL. Stop hating, kanya kanya tayo preference.

    • Papapau says:

      On which part was i “burned” or “wasak”?

      The part where he continuously say irrelevant bashing against me personally with no actual point regarding sa topic. patulan pa yun is senseless.

      And ingat ka, baka yung pag gamit mo ng word na “wasak” eh he might assume your a dumb one din. tao tinitira nyan hindi discussion, too low, sablay lang patulan.. nuff said.

      Now redirecting to the main point which is iPhone is for old people and Android is the new generation. try searching this on google..

      “Samsung Next Big Thing youtube”
      “iPhone vs GS3, it doesn’t take a genius”
      “Lumia 920 vs iPhone, it doesn’t take a genius”

    • whatevs says:

      Actually all my bashing against you is not personal and is actually relevant. I’m just pointing out all the stupidities that you are spreading in this article. Moreover, my acts are to prove that you are not a reliable source in the Android vs iOS debate.

      “Lumia 920 vs iPhone, it doesn’t take a genius”
      Another dumb rebuttal Mister, Lumia is not android. Maybe you should stop watching youtube videos and start studying grammar and reading/hearing comprehension.

      “Samsung Next Big Thing youtube”
      “iPhone vs GS3, it doesn’t take a genius”
      I hope you know that these videos are biased and have one mission, to bash the iPhone. Marketing 101, they do this so they can sell their products and to grab the attention away from the iPhone 5. I have nothing against these videos, for I clearly support competitions in everything, however, these are not reliable materials to use for an Android vs iOS debate coz clearly they will tell you that their products are superior. For you to state it here as reference, makes you a lot more incompetent.
      However even with these strategies or videos, I didn’t see/hear anything saying that iPhones are for old and dumb people. Yes they are saying that Androids are the new generation, but where is the part where they say that android users are hip and cool (referring to your first stupid remark).
      I’m not here to tell you to stop buying android phones, but I’m also not here to discourage you in buying an iPhone. Actually, I hate participating in Android vs iOS debates because I find it pointless and endless.
      I’m just trying to figure out where does this guy get all his incorrect information? Has he recently had a major accident making him lose his comprehension and grammatical skills?
      NO ONE is saying that Android users are hip and cool, and iphone users are old and dumb. Only this guy here, who thinks he’s smart.

  9. Ram says:

    Black or white?

  10. Pao says:

    I still prefer an android, aside from the price. masyadong cliche ang iphone.

  11. Edu says:

    Need some correction to the specifications
    >Corning Gorilla Glass 2
    >1080p Video recording

  12. chinitoguy says:

    For me its still worth the upgrade especially for those who one Apple iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 and 4S. Many will just find the iPhone 5 expensive for the features you will get. The Samsung Galaxy SIII blows the competition away. Its around 30k and you will get more of what you pay for. The Nokia Lumia 920 is also a phone to watch out…

    If you really want an iPhone but short on the budget, get the iPhone 3Gs. Yes! The phone is still selling and its openline when you buy at dealers like MemoXpress. Its around Php 14,990 and upgradable to iOS 6.

  13. phil says:

    time to settle for mcdo’s chicken fillet and jollibee’s 39ers for everyday. moreso 20-log.


  14. aczafra says:

    The uncertainty of the iPhone 5 (globe or smart) getting LTE connectivity is a deal breaker. If you have an iPhone 4S, stick with it. If you have older iPhones, time to upgrade to IP5. :-)

  15. miguel says:

    no discussion about the purple camera halo issue for the iphone5?
    I’d appreciate it if your reviews were more in depth sir yuga. Thanks

  16. Sosyalisth says:

    Ay basta di ko pa rin ipagpapalit ang aking Nokia 3210 with gorilya grass and waypay. Hahaha :))

  17. jarod_0122 says:

    The only thing I hate about the IP5 is the ridiculous price.

  18. cybrmyx says:

    iPhone is iPhone, It’s not about Samsung, it’s Android (Google). It’s not about speed, but functionality and useability. True that Android phones has a lot of function that you don’t use day to day, but there are a lot that you can… Whereas iPhone, weather and stock widgets…. Really? Apple is a premium brand, sure it is no question. But it’s really like having a Lamborghini that you can’t take out in the rainy season or drive in most urban places in Manila, that way I’d rather have a corolla.

  19. akosijayboy says:

    nakakatawa sa SG, nung weekend nandon ako.. nakapila ako to buy pearl milk tea. in front of me was a lady old na siya, she looks like she works in the food court kasi she has hair net and wears all black.. tapos gulat ako habang nagtetext siya nakita ko yung port ang liit.. tiningnan ko ng mabuti naka Iphone 5 siya! Wow!

    • komentarista says:

      @akosijayboy – Can you specifically tell me what’s funny about your story because I didn’t get your point .. well if you have one.

  20. Wu says:

    Personally, I think iPhone 5 is still a great phone. But I also think that paying that much for its price tag, yet its capabilities aren’t even close to what an Android phone can do for me, it’s just not worth it.

    I’m neither saying iPhone 5 is crap and just for those who can afford it, nor saying it’s the best and not for those who can’t afford it. I just believe that there are other phones that are far more worthy, specs wise, of my 45k.

    But anyway, good review, Yuga.

  21. alainL says:

    iPhone 5’s camera has a purple haze.

    iPhone 4S’ camera was better. please confirm in your review.

  22. Joyce says:

    Did you encounter scratches out of the box? It seems like every unboxing I’ve seen suffers from scuffgate.

  23. Hmmm….. Too expensive. And yeah that purple flare is not really very pretty.

    I’m good with the Android selections :)

  24. Papapau says:

    Just leave this so-so phone to the old people..

    And don’t support greedy companies.. read the news.. daming nabu-budol budol ng Apple, and grabe gulangan iSheeps.

    Eto latest.. Apple is reaping a mind-blowing 93% margin on iPhone 5 memory.. tubong lugaw in any way. napaka-simple naman ng phone..

    Watch the Samsung youtube ads na “Next Big Thing..” it doesn’t take a genius. Enjoy! hehe.

    We’re young and hip and free, bring down elitism, we are the new genearation..^^

    • Edu says:

      This is my response to your idea that iPhones are for the old people.
      You know your baseless uninformed knowledge doesn’t justify your arguments. It is more of proving your stupidity. I can only imagine how lifeless a Fandroid agent/vendor(or shall I say tindera?) just to convince others to buy android instead of iOS.
      Why do we believe a lifeless Fandroid who’s main mission is to sell android products with baseless information?

      The best targeting information comes from companies like comScore that focus on surveys and tracking on behalf of advertisers and publishers. In comScore’s latest data (from Aug. 2012), 47.2% of iPhone users are aged 35 years or older. So those under 35 years old actually make up the majority of iPhone users. For tablets, the iPad skews a little older with 55% of users 35 years old or older. 

      Note that the more money families make, the more likely they are to buy expensive consumer electronics, so it would make sense that iPhone/iPad(iOS) usage tends to skew older. At the same time, the largest single demographic for both iPhone and iPad usage is in the 25-34 year old range, as younger adults tend to have more disposable income and desire for the latest products.Â

      Does Android skew towards a younger demographic? The numbers might surprise you. According to comScore, 52.4% of all Android users are aged 35 years or older. That is five percentage points higher than the iPhone. Near 55% Android tablets users are also older than 35.


      So, according to comScore, Android is your mother’s smartphone. It is for the majority of Lolos and Lolas like you are! The perception apparently does not match up to the reality that Samesung – and many tech pundits and uninformed Fandroids like yourself included – would have you believe.Â

      You know what I thought about you? Your hatred and jealousy to iPhone users makes you blind and dumb. Knock your droid into your head till you  wake up from your hallucination Pre… Oops Mare I should say :-))

  25. Raha Sulayman says:

    Huwag kayo mag-away. Ganyan talaga ang mundo. May mga bumibili nga ng Sony Bravia para manuod lang nh mga iyakan gabi-gabi sa ABS-CBN. Malamang meron ding bibili ng iPhone para pang-status symbol lang.

    For the superior decision-makers, Lumia 920 o Note 2 lang.

    • Papapau says:

      Di naman nangaaway boss. Just against sa Elitism at the Apple’s rule of eliminating the competition..

      Its like a revolution is in progress and we are the voluntary soldiers aiming to wake the members of Apple religion up.

      Support true innovationand not the greedy companies.. Wake up guys. ^^

      “Apple store wake up protest”

  26. jose says:

    lahat tayo may ibat ibang reasons kung bakit gusto natin ang isang bagay, in this case example natin pagpili ng smartphone or cellphone, yung iba gusto bumili ng iphone 5 kasi gusto magpasosyal kahit na di nila gaanong afford pero pipilitin nilang magipon, yung iba kasi afford lang talaga nila at yun ang trip nila, at yung iba di nila afford kaya sasabihan nalang nilang masyadong mahal at no match sa phone na mas mura na nagkataong hindi ios, yung iba naman di nila afford at wala silang pakialam kung hindi nila kayang bilhin at masaya na sila sa kahit anong phone gamit nila, yung iba talagang ayaw lang nila ng ios at sabihin na nating android gusto nila, sino ka sa kanila?

    • Papapau says:

      Yet it won’t hurt naman to help them make an informed decision right?

      Eto true story, share lang..
      27 people.. Mga na-tulungan ko to decide na mag high end Android gadgets. 11 of them, iPhone fans. meron din 4 pa na ayaw talaga mag-switch from their iphones, puso pinapairal, mga tipong..

      Me: “After all i’ve said, bakit iphone ka pa rin?”
      Sya: “Ah, basta..”

      nuff said na ko. la pagasa pag ganyan. hehe.

      Its not much pero they are well informed by the time they bought their new gadgets.

      I seriously doubt anyone would still buy an iPhone if they will be informed. wag puso pairalin.

      Simple fact, Android can be complex yet can also imitate every boring activities and interface of an iPhone.. Not vice versa..

      Android won 2012 UX awards.
      User Interface awards yan..

    • Grade 5 says:

      Sir Papapau, ahente po ba kayo ng android?

    • appledroid says:

      mabuti nalang meron ako pareho kaya di ako nagsasayang mag isip kung ano ang better, i enjoy them both, even symbian and blacberry OS, no point arguing unless nagger ka

  27. Ian says:

    Great phone. expensive. =) But ofcourse class A people will buy it =)

  28. Dwayne says:

    I disagree about dun sa statement na bumili lang ng iphone for status symbol… Try nyo muna gamitin bago magreact :) I am using Android and iphone, and I can really say that iOs works better :)

    • Papapau says:

      Better on which part?

    • Papapau says:

      Are you referring on how hassle it is to on the bluetooth, wifi, tether, etc on an iphone where you can just click a widget on your android homescreen, or notif bar, or pop-up, almost anywhere shortcuts?

      Or are you referring on the ios6 maps which… oh ayoko ng ituloy pa yan.

      Or the all icon boring desktop you see everytime when you open your iphone against the tactical, complete, all you need information displayed agad on your android desktop?

      I’m not unexperienced with iOS so i can also say the same to you..

      “..I can really say that Android works better :) + explanation pa why its just better in anything…”

      Don’t use your Android like how you use an iPhone.. Be informed.. di kaya galaxy y ka?

    • Agent Pau says:

      Every comment na lang ba rereplyan mo? Haha.

      Oo maganda ang Android. At ganun din ang iOS.
      May positive sa kanila, and siyempre di mawawala yung negative.

      Nasa tao lang yan. Kanya-kanyang gusto yan. Kailangan ba pakielaman mo pa yung mga kaibigan mo at yung mga tao dito? Di mo naman pera ginagamit.

      Wag kang magalala. Di kami gaya mo na pahipster kuno, pero pera naman ng magulang mo pinambibili mo ng Android.

      Sana lang hindi ka naka android ngayon, dahil yun lang kinaya ng mga WK mong mga magulang :))

      Naka high end android? Sus. Sa pangiinis mo, mukha ka lang naka Galaxy Pocket. Anak mahirap. :)))))

  29. Trizia Alexa says:

    Mac products lang nagtatagal sakin… But that’s just me…:) Kelan po ba officially marerelease ang iphone 5 sa Philippines? Is there any news about this?

  30. Dwayne says:

    @paupau relax…by the way, I’m using galaxy s3 as my android phone…kaw ba? :)

  31. CallMe says:


    A cellphone is first and foremost a personal commodity. You buy it to satisfy your needs. And when I say “needs” that does not include the want to belong to a certain social strata.

    You see, if I hand over an iphone 5 to a balot vendor, you won’t see that vendor using maps to locate his avid customers in the metro, or connect to bluetooth with his fellow vendors to share balot vending files. He would rather sell that iPhone and stick to his old phone. It does not concern him what social symbol that phone represents.

    I still see a lot of people using nokia 5110, it does not mean they are uneducated, perhaps they cannot afford the expensive counterparts, but what’s important to them is it fits their NEEDS.

    Going back, you will see a lot of iPhone users would actually own an iPad, iTouch, and a Macbook as well. We easily call them a “fanboy” but the truth of a matter is, if you have a Macbook, an iTouch, and an iPad, it would make more sense for you to buy an iPhone rather than an android phone. In Marketing, we call that exclusivity. But in layman’s term, we call that compatibility.

    Ultimately, you buy a phone that suits you well. Whatever that works for you. A person who does not use bluetooth as often may prefer an iPhone. However for someone who uses file transfer a lot, would definitely go for an android phone.

    So you can go parading your antics here! Thank you for informing us of what we already know. BUT you can never convince a balot vendor that an android phone is better than his Nokia 5110. Because no matter how fully packed of features it is, he won’t simply find the use of it.

    • Papapau says:

      Was that a counter argument? The point you’ve given is general knowledge ah.. except the part where you gave the iGadgets example..

      Satisfy needs? Question. What can an iPhone do that an Android can’t if Android features will be dumbed down to the level of iPhone? Get the point? But if you wan’t to discover more, you can on Android, but on an iPhone… well..

      A little tweak on your statement na lang perhaps..

      If your greatest “need” is to feel sosyalera, konyita/konyita at mag-mukhang mayaman(or ma-obvious na mayaman if rich talaga), then buy an iPhone. You’ll never get those kind of human needs with a 5110..

      So much for parading your seriousness here! Thank you also for re-informing us of that very old cliche, “what satisfy your needs”..

      Well, you can never convince those kind of people naman talaga. sabi ko nga sa taas, pag ganito na usapan..

      Me: “After all i’ve said, bakit iphone ka pa rin?”
      Sya: “Ah, basta..”

      nuff said na ko. la pagasa pag ganyan. hehe.

  32. androidsucks says:

    @papapau I’m an iPhone user for 3 years and finally gave android (HTC Sensation XE) a shot. I have been using it for 10 months now and im very dissatisfied with it. Buggy, glitchy, transition lags (not as smooth as iPhone), and the battery sucks. Going back to iPhone and will never switch to android ever again in my life.

    • Papapau says:

      Seriously pre? Seriously? isa pa, seriously?

      Haven’t you been reading the discussions above? or you did but you just didn’t understand?

      haay, ayoko ng magkwento pa ulit. pero sige konti.

      Eto lagay mo hinaing mo dito sa site na to. Jan mo siraan ang 4.3″, 1750mah batt(1450mah ang all icons, boring wallpaper, na iphone mo), with live wallpaper, sense, Sensation XE with Beats audio.

      Galingan mo mag comment jan, baka sakaling makahabol sa points ang iPhone mo, mukhang iwan ng sensation XE eh.. saan lang nanalo iphone? sa size? 3.5″ compared sa 4.3″ seriously again? mas maliit panalo? seriously?

      wala akong makitang articles na nagsu-support sa tantrums mo..

      Nga pala may tropa akong naka Sensation XE, 1st month of release, last year pa lang ginagamit ko na yun so i agree with the discussions..

    • feel na feel qohhhh! says:

      wow feel na feel ni papa ang arguments nya nyahahahaha so cheap and non sense! enjoy ka nalang kung ano meron ka papa

    • wagas! says:

      grabe naman tong si papapau kung maka react WAGAS!

  33. Papapau says:

    Trolling mode:

    ge. go back on being boring na lang, so enjoy ka na sa mga icons mo now i suppose?

    well at least for now, rich looking pa rin tingin ng ilang tao pag hawak mo yang tiny screen phone na yan.

    pinagpalit sa sensation xe, at nagmalaki pa.. hehe.. geez..

  34. PPpPik says:

    just reading through the comments make me laugh. Ang pikon naman ng mga android lovers hehe. C’mon give it a rest. Everybody has their own choice nman. Some people say that if you have an iphone sosyalera ka na. I dont think so. Kasi ba its too epensive for a phone and if someone bought it, he’s already making an impression? mga pinoy talaga. TSkTSKTSK. Its his CHOICE and whatever makes that person comfortable – let it be.

  35. corny says:

    @Papapau stay COOL pre and get a life. Stop hatin’ you look like a low life bum.. can’t do anything? play with your android yeah!

  36. Callme says:


    Piece of advice: go get your own blog. Create an honest to goodness reviews of your android phones. That way you’re helping people decide the “best” phone for them the least annoying possible way :))

  37. johns says:

    I think you are just over reacted.

  38. johns says:

    Sir yuga pwede paki review din yung mga factory defects ng iphone 5. I think that sound so interesting. Para naman ma aware yung mga nagpaplanong bumili ng super expensive na phone nato. I plan then kasi to buy this. But i think its a waste. I have to wait na lang for iphone 6.

  39. Joan says:

    If interface lang ang paguusapn, android ako, pero hindi lahat e nadadaan sa pagandahan ng features, sooner or later, marerealiza nyo hindi lahat ng icons sa android fonr nyo e nagamit nyo na.. Well, i can say that iphone pa din, best os cla so far, android os? Well, ewan ko lang if makakasurvive pa navirus-an, just saying.. Maraming android os sa ibat ibang gadget, safe pa ba cla gamitin? Walang security..

    Halatang apple fan ako, well, unless android prove me wrong with their os, i stand corrected, but as to my opinion, i will still and will always use apple products, not as a status symbol, but because best os cla,..

    Aanhin mu pa ang ganda ng features/hardwares if ang software ay hindi ganun kasafe, kasecure…

    Ewan ko lang sa iba, pero ayan ang opinion ko.. :)

    • Papapau says:

      Lahat ng icons nagamit? Your using a superphone, there is more to life than icons, there almost 700,000 in fact..

      well, your an iphone user, quite understandable why you came up with that…

      Best OS ang iOS?

      Android won 2012 UX awards.
      Yan yung Oscars o Golden Globe ng ng mga OS..

      well, your an iphone user, quite understandable why you came up with that… again..

  40. yohanc says:

    for me, the beauty and elegance of a phone is part of what you pay for. ever since lumabas yung iphone 4, no other phone has come close to apple’s flagship phone in terms of hardware + software combination.

    isa pa, it’s not a status symbol. at least not as much as before. i mean cmon, everywhere you go someone has an iphone.

    • Dicecard says:

      its SO wrong to say that no other phone defeated the iPhone in terms of hardware. re-read the specs you will see that iPhone4s didn’t even come close to the specs of the OLD samsung galaxy S2 same for S3. applefanboys /piff

    • Edu says:

      You talk too much non sense. Your argument isn’t even a direct counter to yohanc’s comment. Yes, he meant no other manufacturer comes close to iPhone’s hardware+software integration at the time it was released and that is the truth. What’s the use of that fancy specs from galaxy S2 and  S3 that you are boasting if an iPhone with lesser specs is outperforming them by a mile? Its all about performance and user experience boy! A typical Fandroid never understand that.  Read this to enlighten yourself.

      For Fandroids, who live and die exclusively by specs, this is pretty devastating news for them, and I’ve seen quite a few meltdowns already on various sites.  What a horrible shame.

    • Papapau says:

      And they say iPhone 5 can compete in terms of speed. So where will you be using that power? You know that it doesn’t mean Androids are slower right? hope so..

      Besides, try doing this things flawlessly with your all icons phone…

      – can you do multi-screen?
      – can you load 5 web pages at the same time? can you use do sidetask while watching a youtube video (pop-up)
      – can you download a torrent while doing those at the same time in order to sulit your carrier subscription?
      – can you send your friends your mp3 or any file via bluetooth, wifi direct, or nfc?
      – at least, can you make your phone livelier? you’ve been using the same interface for 5 years for god’s sake..

      Why boast that power when you can’t even maximize it? Well, maybe boasting is what iSheeps do best, given their using a very dumb phone..

      I guess what you mean is, “It’s all about missing the great experience.” Specially with Project Butter..

      Eto link na mas convincing pre..

      try being smart paminsan minsan, bawas senseless na angas muna.. nabubulagan ka na eh..

      Classic iSheep, dumb..

      Nuff said..

    • Edu says:

      “And they say iPhone 5 can compete in terms of speed. So where will you be using that power? You know that it doesn’t mean Androids are slower right? hope so..”
      >>speed and user experience is all that matter Ate. Of course you don’t understand that coz you’ve used to live with the stuttering, stammering, skipping, crashing or freezing features of your android phone.

      “Besides, try doing this things flawlessly with your all icons phone…”
      >>FLAWLESSLY? Such a delusional fuckturd Fandroid.

      – can you do multi-screen?
      >> YES I CAN Sister, Of course you don’t have any idea of tweaking an iPhone through jailbreaking (coz you can’t afford to get one) . But why would I do it for a phone? Too small and you can’t enjoy doing it. If I want to enjoy multiple screen, I can always do it in my MacBook.
      – can you load 5 web pages at the same time? can you use do sidetask while watching a youtube video (pop-up)
      >>Lols! Look how ignorant you are. I bet you can read all that 5 web pages simultaneously while watching your YouTube! How useful is that?
      – can you download a torrent while doing those at the same time in order to sulit your carrier subscription?
      >> 3 words Ate. “I don’t steal”. I have money to buy anything I want. Ikaw, namimirata?
      – can you send your friends your mp3 or any file via bluetooth, wifi direct, or nfc?
      >> one word. JAILBREAK! There’s a lot of apps that does it. Again you know nothing about it. LOL
      – at least, can you make your phone livelier? you’ve been using the same interface for 5 years for god’s sake..
      >> of course we’ve got a product that is attractive, powerful, smooth and elegant. 5 years of the same great usable OS is better than a Fancy but buggy, crappy, and laggy Android OS. Jeeeez. * rolleyes*

      – I have some additional Android features that iOS is unable to compete withbAndroid
      >>Fragmentation. (How many newly released Android phones can run on the latest OS eh?)

      “Why boast that power when you can’t even maximize it? Well, maybe boasting is what iSheeps do best, given their using a very dumb phone..”
      >>your ignorance doesn’t prove that the iPhone’s real power wasn’t maximized. You gave me the impression how cheap a typical delusional Fuckdroid like you.

      “I guess what you mean is, “It’s all about missing the great experience.” Specially with Project Butter..”
      >> project Butter? LMAO! Seriously? Until now android isn’t as smooth as iOS? You drool..

      Eto link na mas convincing pre..

      >>Holy Crap! if you give link at least it will help you justify your arguments. The article is biased and poorly written. The writer is a typical Fandroid based on his uninformed knowledge about the features he was crediting to Android. Who cares about widgets? Screen shots? iPhone has it for ages! Desktop mode? Most sites has it, and iPhones has the ability to switch to it! The writer even admitted that it was just his personal belief and it can be viewed as a biased comparison.

      “try being smart paminsan minsan, bawas senseless na angas muna.. nabubulagan ka na eh..”
      >>Your stupidity justifies how uneducated and dumb you are. You seems so proud of your small brain.

      Classic iSheep, dumb..
      >>typical Fandroid/ Droidturd/Fartdroid, stupid…..(I’m talking to you)

      Nuff said..
      Bumalik ka na nga lang sa pagiging tindera mo Ate at magtinda ka na lang ng tinapa, dun may pakinabang ka pa. (Tagalog na yan para maintindihan mo)

    • Papapau says:

      “stuttering, stammering, skipping, crashing or freezing features of your android phone.”
      – When was that? You seem outdated and ignorant, keep updated dude, you look like a stubborn moron just by saying those things.

      – Here, let me help you get updated.iOS apps crashes more than Android apps.

      – And also this one… Android won the 2012 User Interface award (like oscar’s or golden globe of OS’.)

      “FLAWLESSLY? Such a delusional fuckturd Fandroid.”
      – Yes Flawlessly.. Do you really think i’m delusional or have you ever considered yourself as just a dumb, outdated ignorant? When did you last use a flagship Android phone? don’t know where you get your fantasy opionions..

      “you don’t have any idea of tweaking an iPhone through jailbreaking (coz you can’t afford to get one) .
      – No you cannot do multi-screen even on JB iPhone. Better not get me started with jailbreaking, i’m well knowledgable..

      “But why would I do it for a phone? Too small..”
      – Don’t refer to iPhones, those are really small. Try using the phones for the big boys.

      “Lols! Look how ignorant you are. I bet you can read all that 5 web pages simultaneously while watching your YouTube! How useful is that?”
      – Ignorant? Have you looked in the mirror after saying that to me? Anyone, i mean anyone who browses the web surely has clicked the “Open in New Tab” button at least once…

      Ok let’s use your example, if your still watching a youtube video and saw other good videos below it, you’ll definitely open those in new tabs, so eventually, you’ll be expecting those other videos to be loaded by the time you check them.. No, iPhones can’t do simultaneous loading..

      “Torrent, >> 3 words Ate. “I don’t steal”. I have money to buy anything I want. Ikaw, namimirata?”
      – Hypocrite.. Thought your just a bad mouth.. Now the credibility of your other opions above and below will surely be compromised.. geez.

      “- can you send your friends your mp3 or any file via bluetooth, wifi direct, or nfc?
      >> one word. JAILBREAK!”
      – So that’s what you tell to all iPhone users? how many of them jailbreak their phones?.. 1%? 2%? just as i thought.. On a great OS, you can do that straight out of the box, 99% of what you can do on a jailbroken phone is already available on non-rooted Android phones..

      And don’t start me with rooting also..i’ll just laugh at your face.. Nuff said.

      “attractive, powerful, smooth and elegant”
      – Subjective don’t you think? None of my close friends owns an iPhone, for us, its a phone for gay people, “sister”. no offense to them.

      – And then he just read the article. Now go back to that article and try to understand it ok? The investigation is general and applicable to all platforms/OS, they just used Google play apps on the study.

      Besides, do you actually know any Android users who got infected?.. None?… exactly.

      >>Fragmentation. (How many newly released Android phones can run on the latest OS eh?)
      – And how many iPhones can run the latest OS? how many iphones can run the new apps/features of the latest OS? Mas malala sa android, pero same lang talaga. not an issue.

      >>your ignorance doesn’t prove that the iPhone’s real power wasn’t maximized. You gave me the impression how cheap a typical delusional Fuckdroid like you.
      – Just a statement and bad mouthing? no proof? so how can you maximize your iphone? jailbreaking? it will just allow you to do what
      non-rooted/stock androids can do..

      “Until now android isn’t as smooth as iOS? ”
      – says who? says you? youre outdated, youre not credible dude.

      go to any product globe or smart centers, they have a galaxy note 2 there, Jellybean, try playing with it.. or you can just borrow your friend’s GS3 running ICS, that would do.

      “Who cares about widgets? Screen shots? ”
      – Everybody cares, unless your an iphone user.

      “iPhone has it for ages!”

      – Yup, iPhone has it for ages, but then they stopped innovating. Guess which OS keeps on innovating lately whom apple is copying now? yes. Android..

      Apple can’t stay on being the bar setter with their iOS.. They end up copying to Android even now. Having something for ages isn’t enough. ang tanong, kaya mo pa bang sumabay?

      Classic iSheep, dumb..


      Well, mukhang wala na magagawa pa diton i’ll be off na kasi yung mga malala ang pagkakabulag na lang natira. Open your hallucinated minds..

      Be informed, be updated, be aware… Read news.. Stop supporting evil companies, specially the most evil one.

      Harapan na tayong binabastos, pinapatay ang competition, lahat tayo kawawa gradually, sinusuportahan pa ng marami..

      As long as Apple exist, innovation will be hindered. Releasing 2 devices a year is not innovation for god’s sake..

      Thankfully, there are companies like Google who keeps innovating and bringing technology to the our hands, in a fare price pa.

      Wake up guys.

      Unsubscribing to thread.. ^^

    • yohanc says:


      well i was talking about design and integration. just look at the iphone 4. look at the s3. hold them in your hand. you’ll know immediately which one is the more expensive product. which one looks cheap. and if you don’t believe me, read the reviews. you like posting links right? i don’t think there’s ANY phone critic out there that would call a galaxy s3 a beauty to behold more then they would an iphone. and yes, we pay for that. we pay for how it feels to use it. we pay for how well it integrates with our other products. at least we pay for the experience, not for tons of features we don’t even use/need. cmon what’s the use of having a quadcore phone if all you’re doing is trolling in forums hating on apple? buti pa phones nyo, smart.

    • yohanc says:

      One more thing, i have 4s and a Galaxy Nexus. So i am up to date with all android features (samsung’s touchwiz is trash if you root your s3 and remove it it’s going to be smooth even without project butter). Google Now is a pretty cool feature (bet you don’t use that, do you even use mobile data?). Customizable yes, but overall, by being an open software and allowing itself to be fragmented, android has lacked the complete integrated ecosystem that apple has built over the years.

  41. Oxywolley says:

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  42. Antigen says:

    You can’t get away from the fact that in every distribution, there is an outlier like Papapau…. Bitch all you want but iPhone and Android users have their personal preferences… It’s just that iPhone is part of the ecosystem that papapau cannot swallow…lol pity…

    • Papapau says:

      Have you been reading what Apple is doing to society? Supporting that kind of company? Eliminating competition, hallucinating consumers, opportunistic overpricer, non-charity giver, most importantly, hindering innovation? Apple is forcing the patent war..

      Imagine the world without Apple, we might be using gadgets like those on minority report.. hehe..

      Well, you can’t get away from the fact that in every distribution, there is an ignorant like @Antigen….

      It’s just that ignorance is a bliss like what Antigen has been portraying… lol pity…

  43. Kris says:

    Dito sa saudi arabia, mga sekyu, janitor, vendors naka iphone. Iba talaga pag mayaman ang bansa at tax free..

  44. Dicecard says:

    -“the speakers are still at the bottom end along with the 3.5mm audio jack and the power connector.” –have you confirmed this? i think its (from left to right) -3.5mm audio jack, -mouthpiece(mic), -9pin power data power connector, -speaker. please don’t confuse the consumers thinking that their left speaker is defective when it is really not a speaker but a microphone.

  45. anon says:

    what’s the point of arguing whether to buy an iPhone or not? It’s your preference. Kung afford mo bumili ng iPhone, bumili ka. Kung gusto mo ng Android phones, same as well. Tutal hindi mo naman pera ang ipambibili diba? :)

  46. Reymund Cortuna says:

    NOKIA 5110 with antenna na lang.

  47. DiAkoPikonGayaMo says:

    Fellow Apple Fanboys, don’t feed the troll named paupau. He’s just a self-proclaimed Mr. “KnowItAll” sa mga barkada nya, if ever may friends nga cya. KSP yan. Needs a mental health check-up.

  48. betong79 says:

    Apple pa rin ako wala ako pakialam sa sasabhin ng iba… madali gamitin ang iphone. Kung hindi kaya bumili manahimik na lang. Parang babae putak ng putak!

  49. repulse says:

    I don’t have an Apple or Android device and yet I find this discussion hilarious. I can’t believe there are people who are this “passionate” about defending their choice of mobile OS, like it’s a matter of life and death. Keep it up guys!

  50. Ivan says:

    super liit pa rin ng screen ng iphone.

    super epic fail!


  51. iVan says:

    the most popular gadget magazine T3 ranks the Samsung Galaxy SIII as the #1 Smartphone.

    iPhone 5 ranks in pitiful #7. how sad naman.


  52. galaxy says:

    funny how in every apple-related article, there always seem to be a couple of fandroids bashing apple (probably got nothing to do with their phones). people have personal preferences. sometimes it’s in the looks of the phone, sometimes it’s in the ecosystem you’ve invested in, the apps you’ve bought and other devices you have. if someone can afford to buy an ultra expensive product that has less features but looks good, feels nice in the hand and works well nonetheless, so be it right? no need to be bitter, no need to justify your not buying (or not being able to afford) an apple product by bragging about features other people don’t even use. kung sa bilangan lang ng features based ang lahat edi wala nang bumili ng iphone, but clearly it’s not in the number of features. and it’s not about which phone sells better and is ranked higher.

  53. AsaKa... says:

    ang cheap mo nman paupau

  54. Lou Sarmiento says:

    when will iphone 5 be officially launch in philippines?

  55. eric says:

    sana may available na dito sa pinas but i dont know where to buy :( buti pa yung katabi ko sa bus na sm employee naka iphone5 and it geniune not fake and ok pala siya iba ang dating

  56. chris2fer says:

    The commercial that one Telco is running for apple iphone 5 with the panorama photo capture is making a fool of its target a buyers…

    My old nokia phone 8 years ago can capture a panorama photo.

  57. Oscar says:

    You are so interesting! I do not think I have read through something like
    that before. So good to find somebody with a few genuine thoughts
    on this topic. Seriously.. many thanks for starting this up.
    This site is one thing that’s needed on the web, someone with some originality!

  58. Apollo says:

    @Papapau Na-aawa ako sa mga kaibigan mo. Hindi mo naman pera yung pinangbibili nila ng iPhone 5. Pero kung maka-suggest ka parang galing sayo yung pera. hahahaha! =))

  59. Idevicelover says:

    I really love idevice no matter what! Kung gusto mo android mag cherry mobile ka nlng mura pa!

  60. jerome bondoc says:

    116 fernando st. phase 1 paseo de magallanes makati city

  61. eStore says:

    Latest iPhone 5 price in the Philippines is now down to

    Php 31,000 – 16 GB

    Php 34,000 – 32 GB

    Php 38,000 – 64 GB


    Mobile: (+63) 927.9500.502

    But it was just only Special Offer with limited stocks.

  62. Fappledroid says:

    Lol. Natawa ako kay paupau. Malay natin joypad lang gamit niya :))


  64. Briana says:

    For prepaid kit either smart/globe. 24 months installment din iyon?

  65. Attractive element of content. I simply stumbled
    upon your weblog and in accession capital to claim that I acquire actually
    enjoyed account your weblog posts. Any way I will be subscribing on
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  66. rexine says:

    i just have my iphone 5.. can you help me? i am a postpaid but I can’t use my internet. i need to know the cellular data> apn and the rest bcause i still can’t use it.. it’s still says i am not connected to cellular data even I already put On.

  67. Andy says:

    5 mos na sakin iPhone 5 ko wala pa ting gasgas considering im not using any covers. So yung prone to scratches parang depende yun sa tao hehe

  68. Critikim says:


    BF ko gamit nya iphone 4s, na color white.
    Ang cute tignan. Bagay sa kanya, tpos sa akin naman android phone color black. hahaha, wala lang nakakatuwa lang, magkaiba kame ng gusto pero still kame parin. hehe. share lang. Black & White!

    • Manong Hippo says:

      …. glad to hear that… for me, ex kabit ko iphone5 din gamit nia but ako i prefer premium, so blackberry z10 ako in white, I guess that’s the difference, kasi gusto ko ng premium at may dating na phone at brand, so hindi na kami ngayon, bumalik na ako sa asawa ko na premium, at gamit ay sony xperia z hehehe

  69. red lazaro says:

    and I am really loving my iPhone 5… planning to buy the colored black and my baby will be using my white one…she totally dumped android even i gave her the jellybean version…

  70. exe “[d:]\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore. taigas   tailed   tailer   taille   tailor   taints   taipan   takahe. Open the registry, runs directly can be used to open the registry, and the “start”–“run”—“regedit”.

  71. nagbabasa lang ako ng mga comments and what gets my attention is that papapau is reacting so much if people says their opinion about their iphone…gosh bro, just calm.. every person has their own opinion about their experience in their iphone.i have samsung galaxy note 2 while my brother has iphone 5 and i can say that iphone is so much easier and more comfortable to use(well, my personal opinion).. i think your an android fan. or maybe you cant just afford iphone and just start bashing about its cons.. hindi naman ibig sabihin na kung mas maliit, pangit na agad.. people has their own taste and likes. hindi rin naman ibig sabihin na apple gamit, pasosyal agad.. like i said people has their own opinion and you should stop saying negative comments about their experience…just calm your tits bro

  72. JM says:

    Whose cover is the Fireflies song used in the sample video?

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