Will iCloud replace DropBox in your iDevices?

Will iCloud replace DropBox in your iDevices?

With the iOS5 update on the iPhone came the iCloud feature, a cloud-based storage for syncing files from your phone and PC. It definitely competed with the popular DropBox service that’s been around for years.

In fact Steve Jobs himself talked with the owners of DropBox years ago for a possible acquisition (for a rumored $800 million).

iCloud is now an integral part of iOS5 and works really great within the iOS/OSX environment. You get automatic backups in the background for many of the essential iOS services and media.

That includes all the apps, photos, documents, notes, bookmarks, reminder, calendars, contacts and downloaded mails.


Apple gives you 5GB of free iCloud storage that allows for multiple devices (I’ve got my iPhone 4, iPad2 and iPod Touch 4G already consuming 3GB of my iCloud storage). You can buy more storage for $20/10GB, $40/20GB and $100/50GB per year on top of your free allocation.

On the other hand, DropBox is pretty simple. It’s an app that resides in your phone or tablet. On the PC, it acts like a folder where you drag and drop items to be synced to the cloud. Pretty simple, easy to use and allows you to pick whatever files to upload and share.

Dropbox starts you off with a free 2GB storage and you earn 250MB per person you refer. Maximum free storage is up to 8GB. You can upgrade to 50GB for $9.99 per month or 100GB for 19.99 per month.

The biggest advantage for Dropbox is that it’s available on so many platforms — iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, Linux, etc.

Both service overlaps but also complements each other. If you’re 100% within the Apple garden, iCloud is the best and most seamless solution. If you use multiple platforms, DropBox still rules.

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14 Responses

  1. iamdoods says:

    I still havent received my verification email.. :(

  2. Brickz says:

    For me Dropbox wins hands down. It’s available in almost all platforms so you just set up one service and you’re good for everything. Just set up and forget. Having one platform for everything makes life easy.
    With iCloud, all of your devices should be from Apple to be able to fully utilize it. If you want to include your Android, PC or something else, you’ll have to set up another service.

  3. Richard says:

    iCloud is different from Dropbox. It may not seem that way but iCloud DOES NOT SYNC ALL your desired files within your iDevices. Obviously it is because of the failed acquisition of Dropbox. I still think functionality wise, they help each other. I don’t think one will dies because of the other since they offer very different cloud services from the start.

    Breaking it down:

    iCloud lets you sync contacts, calendars, photos, and backups within your iDevices. iCloud may not be available with other systems but that’s mainly because it does not need to be. There is, however, an iCloud preference installer for Windows devices for those who would like to take advantage of Mail, Contacts, Calendar Syncing with MS Office Outlook. plus photo stream to your pictures folder.

    while Dropbox lets you sync files within devices, it does not have restriction on what files are allowed and it does not have a framework to sync all personal info of your device to another.

  4. mutt0mbu says:

    box.net is giving 50GB to iCloud users. #Box50GB

  5. raul gorospe says:

    agree w/ sir muttombo,

    box.net = icloud > dropbox

  6. rotero says:

    icloud is very useful for back up only, unlike dropbox you can share your files in every device you have….. just my 2cents

  7. Nice, with those who can afford, can use it, and has access.

  8. Rico says:

    Not a chance in hell

  9. nyoy says:

    Part of an (overrated) ecosystem.

  10. http://box.net offers FREE 50 GB for life for those iOS5 owners. Just download the app from the app store, join, and instantly you’ll get the free 50GB storage. It works like dropbox, but it doesn’t comes w/ free windows sync tool. Pretty sad for a great 50GB offer.

  11. dee says:

    Dropbox for me hands down. I believe it’s more user friendly. Problem with dropbox is that a lot of users are free loader. The business model of upgrading to a paid option doesnt fit much on them. Hopefully, they would still be in the cloud biz in the next 10 years hehe. The hardest part of this cloud services is that you will never know when this companies stops from giving the free option.

    Apple has a good financial outlook and who knows they might buy dropbox in the future to copy their framework :)

  12. paul says:


    Dropbox has become one of those services that I can’t do without. One of those “It just works” services. I use it to keep my files in sync across my desktop, laptop, android phone and iPad. It’s fast and I like knowing I have the added security of my files stored securely online.

    One neat feature which has saved me in more than one occasion is the undelete feature. I can restore any file that was accidentally deleted.

    If you don’t use the service I highly recommend trying it out. Please feel free to use my referral link to sign up. If you do you’ll get an additional 500 MB…and so will I


  13. jasonmuyot says:

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