Havit Stereo Mini Bluetooth Headset (HV-H2256BT) hands-on, first impressions

Havit Stereo Mini Bluetooth Headset (HV-H2256BT) hands-on, first impressions

Havit gave us quite the haul last month by sending in a bunch of items from a Powerbank down to even a Gamepad. Today, we played a little bit with one of the gadgets we got, the Stereo Mini Bluetooth Headset (HV-H2256BT). Here are our initial impressions and hands-on.

The Havit Stereo Mini Bluetooth Headset, let’s just call it Stereo Mini for short, is a small, lightweight, and adjustable Bluetooth headset. The buds can be swiveled-in for easier storage and it can be extended or shortened depending on your head size. The extension is a bit short though, so it might not fit those with larger heads.

There’s also the fact that the earcups are popped out instead of caved-in to provide some sort of grip to your ears. So it might fall off every now and then if you make any sudden strong movement. Still, the extensions can provide added support by tightening its hold on your head. It does feel weird, though, not having the earcups “hug” your ears like how other headsets do.

Being a wireless headset means that the Stereo Mini has built-in controls on one of its earcups. All the controls, which are the power and volume adjustments, are located on the left cup. They require a little bit of force to activate and leaves a hollow “clicking” sound when pressed, which is a bit of a disturbance.

The headset comes with its own microUSB cable for charging and even an aux if you wish to use it wired instead of wireless. Sadly, the cord is rather short, which is a bummer.


Controls are also a bit weird, when clicked once the volume buttons act as forward (-) or back (+) clicks instead of volume increase or decrease. To actually increase or decrease the volume you’ll have to hold the volume controls. Then, obviously, the power button acts as a pause or play button.

Audio-wise, we have beautiful highs and mids, and respectable lows. We actually felt the bass knock on the earcups, it’s not much but at least it’s there and it can be felt. Volume is high enough to slightly cancel out your environment while still maintaining clarity. It doesn’t reach dangerous levels but it can still get pretty loud.

The headset has a rated 8-10 hours of playback time and 3 hours of charging time, which is not too shabby.

The Havit Stereo Mini Bluetooth Headset (HV-H2256BT) is one respectable piece of audio gear. It has a small, lightweight adjustable frame, making it easy to carry or store. It can pump out clear and crisp music and sound with respectable bass and high enough volume.

It’s not perfect though as adjustments are quite lacking and the controls can sometimes be a burden. Still, with a price tag of Php 1,130 (see listing here) the Stereo Mini has the potential to be a great budget wireless audio gear option.

Check out our unboxing of the Havit haul, which includes the HV-H2256BT Stereo Mini, below.

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