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Top 10 Predictions for 2008

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Last day of the year 2007. As we head for another year, let me venture a fearless forecast for 2008.

  1. At least one Yet another blogger will get published. It will be a book about a blog, not a book about blogging. And no, it’s not me.
  2. More bloggers with bow down to Google’s wrath, drop TLA and all other link ads. Matt Cutts will personally see to it that those who put out links because of any form of sponsorship will get their day in Google hell.
  3. Mobile Advertising will significantly rise. And no it’s not AdSense for Mobile but AdMob. The iPod Touch, iPhone, N95 and upcoming Nokia Touchscreen S60 devices will push this. The web will slowly move on to the mobile phone.
  4. Facebook will be the next Friendster. Everyone will be on Facebook that it won’t be that cool anymore. It will fade away, in favor of a newer fad.
  5. Bloggers will blog less and flock more on Twitter. It needs to get bought though in order to survive. Maybe by Yahoo. Google already went with Jaiku 3 months ago.
  6. More bloggers will join main stream media. It will more likely be broadcast media rather than print.
  7. Adsense will lose its age-old glory, thanks to prediction #2 and the fall of the US dollar.
  8. A 2010 Presidential candidate will blog, and will actually write it himself/herself.
  9. Podcasting will continue to fade. Unless, there’s a good model that presents itself, it will be hard to continue producing podcasts. Just look at what happened to PodTech (a podcast network) in the US.
  10. Local e-commerce will finally take a huge leap forward, thanks in part to Paypal. Let’s just hope that this doesn’t make the hackers/crackers/phishers work double-time.
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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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14 years ago

I’ll bookmark this post and get back to it on 2009. I have my own predictions too. http://animohosting.com/main/my-2008-technology-predictions/

14 years ago

Let me add this:
A great nemesis of Yugatech will rise 2008,2009,2010. who knows?

14 years ago

Amen to Number 10! Woohoo!

14 years ago

A new tech blog will apear that will sound like yugatech….

Kevin Ray N. Chua
14 years ago

I am very happy that http://marroxas2010.blogspot.com is gaining ground in the blogosphere. I expect that my blog would be kicking better this 2008.

Jomark Osabel
14 years ago

Adsense will not fade. It will adapt as the great G will keep on the buying binge including its competitors.

Minic Rivera
14 years ago

…and Abe will remain as the top Pinoy blogger in 2008

Lyle, RN
14 years ago

I don’t think adsense will fade.

I have never seen an ad network that is better than adsense in terms of ad relevance vis-a-vis the content of the blog where the ads are shown.

14 years ago

whew! I’m never gonna be a problogger.

GM Tristan
14 years ago

If Adsense will fade. Do you know of any alternates? Thanks in advance and Happy New Year

14 years ago

Kwentong Tambay already published :D

14 years ago

very interesting… i can’t wait to see that blogging president. hehe. :) happy new year! :)

Dark Knight
14 years ago

Could 2008 be the year of the Tagablogs?

14 years ago

If that’s what the future will hold… then bring it on!

I’ll be waiting on that book of yours. LOL.

14 years ago

what nice fearless forecast. Like The Jester said, I bet your book is upcoming. :)

14 years ago

I guess Yuga would be the next Matt Cutts. Hehe.. :lol:

Bob Reyes
14 years ago

I say, “Amen!” to #10. Happy New Year everyone!

14 years ago

to # 8 —> indeed! proof: http://tinyurl.com/35agdz

14 years ago

OMG, like i just started blogging and adsense will like fade! hehe anyway, im sure there’d be an AdSense alternative by that time.. :) heheh

happy new year sir abe!
God Bless!

the jester-in-exile
14 years ago

follow up forecasts:

to #1 – “Yugatech — The Untold Story”

to #2 – some form of alternative advertising will be developed so that folks still have options other than AdSense.

to #5 – there will be some talk about twitter v. blogging instead of blogspot v. wordpress.

to #6 – broadcast media will be doing the recruiting, and not merely pundits; there’ll be the vloggers and the humor bloggers who’ll make it on TV.

to #8 – candidates in general, not just for president — maybe even for the senate or congress; if they do it right, they will earn the OFW vote and the pinoy cyberdenizen vote.

and at #11 – Yuga will form an educational charity to be supported by bloggers and blog earnings. heh heh.

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