A very Merry New Year!

A very Merry New Year!

I’d like to greet everyone a grand new year. 2007 is so last year. Let’s all welcome 2008.

Happy New Year


Here’s to another fruitful year to everyone!

P.S. Too bad there won’t be any World Pyro Olympics this year.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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29 Responses

  1. rod says:

    happy new year :D

  2. Happy happy happy 2008!

  3. happy new year!! cheers

  4. Dexter says:

    Happy New Year To All

  5. Eugene says:

    An ecstatic novel 12-month period to you all!

  6. Bob Reyes says:

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  7. There will be 2008 World Pyro Olympics.
    MoA venue already booked since last year (I mean 2007 :p )

  8. Jazzy says:

    Happy New Year Guys. May this be a breakthrough year for all Netrepreneurs out there.

    God bless!

  9. asdix says:

    happy new year sir!

    i wish i could see breathtaking pyro shows like those!

    here in mindanao (iligan), its not really something we can boast (our “Pyro” shows)

    happy new year!

  10. Lyle, RN says:

    Happy New Year Fellow Bloggers! :)

  11. Amy says:

    Happy new year!!!
    Hoping for a better year for bloggers, more traffic and more income for us!

  12. jun says:

    A great New Year to all.

    So what will 2008 bring us? May peace, good health, abundance and joy flourish this year.

  13. A prosperous blogging new year to all.

  14. Sherwin says:

    Masaganang Bagong Taon sa ating lahat.

  15. AnnaE says:

    Happy New Year, Yuga!
    How come there won’t be any WPO this year?

  16. Michael says:

    2007 Year is old long since. A 2008 greetings to you Abe.

  17. leo says:

    happy new year 2008!

  18. Jaypee says:

    Happy New Year everyone! :)

  19. Happy New Year folks! :D

  20. jay says:

    happy new year party people. lol.

  21. Happy new year to all. May this year brings us good luck and more money online. :)

  22. eric says:

    malipayun nga bag-ung tuig Abe!

  23. Ederic says:

    Happy new year, Abe! Siguradong exciting na naman for bloggers ang 2008. :)

  24. Aice says:

    Happy new year of the
    boom da RAT da RAT!!! ^_^

  25. Toni says:

    Happy New Year Yuga! Thank you for all the inspiring posts you shared with us in ’07. And in ’07, I met you too! Here’s to even more fruitful endeavors in the new year. :) Cheers!

  26. Allen says:

    Happy new year! :)

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