LBC enables Online Sellers with SoShop!

LBC enables Online Sellers with SoShop!

The current situation right now is challenging for a lot of people. Many lost their jobs while others have closed their businesses. But Filipinos are known for our entrepreneurial spirit and social media savviness, and many have ventured into online businesses. While online businesses are common, it’s not without challenges, especially during a pandemic. And that’s where LBC Online and their SoShop! program comes in.

What is LBC’s SoShop!

LBC’s SoShop! is basically a program with plenty of features but with a common goal, and that is to help entrepreneurs move and expand their online business further.

It is designed for ‘Social Sellers’ who are looking for a one-stop-shop solution to their online business, from payment to pick-up to delivery. That doesn’t stop there though, as SoShop! members will also gain access to a community where they can receive tips, updates, and promotions, as well as access to an exclusive marketplace for their business.

SoShop! Benefits

SoShop! offers plenty of benefits to empower, enable, and educate online sellers:

SoShop! Online Bazaar: Get invited to SoShop!’s biggest event – the online bazaar.
• Sponsored Exposure: Digital Advertising boost for your brand and products.
SoShop! Socials: Expand your network and get to know other SoShop!sellers.
• Dashboard How-to: Get important tips on how to maximize the use of LBC Services such as LBC Online, LBC Cash on Pick Up (COP), and Cash on Delivery (COD).
• Special Rates: Eligible members can get exclusive LBC discounts.
• Partnerships: Connect with LBC’s premium SoShop!partners and learn more from them.
• Information and Updates on SoShop!: Learn more about SoShop! and how it can help you grow your business.
SoShop!Tips: Discover social media, online business tips, and proper COD/COP usage.
SoShop! Sessions: Attend special classes and seminars conducted by industry experts.

In addition to these benefits, LBC also has a tiering program based on the number and value of transactions you have with LBC. The more you transact, the higher your tier will be and you’ll be able to receive more from the SoShop! program, including discounts.

How to sign-up on SoShop!

Now that you’re familiar with SoShop! and ready to take your online business to the next level, here’s how to register.


The first thing you need to do is signup in the SoShop! Lobby and join the Facebook Community.

From here, create a unique SoShop! username which you will use for the program. If you already have an LBC Online account, this will be merged with your SoShop! account. If not, you will need to make an LBC Online account here.

Once an account is created, you will now have access to SoShop! perks mentioned earlier.

Benefits of LBC Online

LBC Online is the platform you will use to keep your online business running from the safety and comfort of your home. It’s an easy-to-use touchpoint for Social Sellers to pre-process transactions online.

Benefits include a dashboard to track and trace, faster transaction for a smoother branch experience, flexibility in payment types, pre-processing, and report downloads, among others. Check out the other features below:
• Rider pick up: Schedule a pick up online, and the LBC rider will arrive at your location on your preferred pickup date.
• Branch drop off: Drop off your parcel at the nearest LBC Express Branch. It’s as easy as booking online and proceeding to the branch. No more filling out forms at the branch.
• Cash on Pick Up (COP) and Cash on Delivery (COD) services:
o COP: Make it more convenient for your customers by letting them access LBC’s 1,400 branches as pick-up and payment centers.
o COD: For your customers with door-to-door delivery requirements, LBC’s wide courier service network guarantees that your customer’s order will be delivered straight to their place.

Who should join?

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who’s planning to start a business or a veteran online seller who wants to grow their existing business, then you should consider LBC Online and the SoShop! program.

With the LBC Online and SoShop!, all you need to do is prepare your product for delivery, book the delivery online, and LBC will handle the rest. LBC will even reward you for using their services. The easy-to-use process will also save you time, allowing you to fully take advantage of the SoShop! features to take your online business to the next level. It’s a win-win process.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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