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I.T. one of the highest paying specializations in the PH

If you’re a soon-to-be fresh graduate or already working your way up the corporate ladder, then you might want to read this. JobStreet Philippines has just released their Annual Salary Report 2015 showing the highest-paying specializations in the country which includes Information Technology or I.T.

According to JobStreet’s report, those who specialize in Information Technology (IT) receive the highest salary compared to other specializations.

For Junior Executives with 1 to 4 years experience, IT / Computer – Software receives Php37,784 per month, followed by IT / Computer Network / Database Admin at Php33,029 per month.

For Supervisors with 5 or more years of experience, IT / Computer – Software receives Php67,478 per month which is almost a Php30K increase from Junior level, followed by IT / Computer Network / Database Admin at Php52,319 per month– an almost Php20K increase.


For Assistant Managers / Managers, the same IT specializations remain on top with IT / Computer – Software raking in Php100,838 per month – a Php33K increase from Supervisor level, while IT / Computer Network / Database Admin receives Php81,274 per month – a Php29K increase.

Other high-paying specializations include Law / Legal Services, Engineering Electronics / Communication, Customer Service, and Public Relations / Communications.

For the complete list of JobStreet’s Top 10 Specializations with Great Salary, hit the source link below.

source: JobStreet PH

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I.T. industry, among the highest paying for fresh graduates

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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64 Responses

  1. jaded says:

    nakow…ang masama nito, baka magpagpapaniwala ang mga fresh grad na ganyan talaga kataas starting salary sa magiging trabaho nila, baka sila pa maging demanding pag nag-apply ng trabaho. mataas na nga masyado ang 20k para sa call center agent.

    • ezy says:

      The 33k-37k salary for 1-4 yrs IT experience is achievable. The salaries posted here are pretty much accurate based on the people I know ;)

    • azid says:

      ang fresh graduates sa amin 25k starting. Huwag mo i-compare sa call center agent ang IT dahil ang skill lang ng call center agent is english speaking. Kahit hindi nakapag aral basta marunong mag english eh pwede maging call center agent.

    • rubied says:

      why compare to call center agents? the article was talking about IT professionsals. 20k is small even for fresh grad. if you’re making less, either you’re getting ripped off (or you just suck in this field)

    • jaded says:

      actually, i was just generalizing, not merely comparing IT with call center jobs. kung nabasa nyo yung original post sa jobstreet, hindi lang IT lahat ng nilista nilang top 10, meron ding nasa ibang fields like engineering ;) pero mas lamang talaga IT, sa lahat kasi ng experience categories ng jobstreet (Jr., Managers, Supervisors) pasok ang IT sa Top 5.

      (ps. i work in IT, too)

    • dahaka says:

      @azid what company? I’m a fresh grad na magsstart plng sa paghahanap ng work. If totoo na ganun starting, I want in ;)

  2. NotaSheep says:

    Well it is the leading market job right now :P nursing is…. over flowing with inexperienced nurses…. haaaaa… i wonder if the next job parents are going to shout is “WHY YOU NO TAKE I.T!? take I.T! not engineering! I.T!”

    • rubied says:

      marami na ring IT grads ngayon. notice the schools that are flourishing (Datamex, STI, AMA) it’s just like when nursing schools began popping out everywhere.

      but i think the difference is you actually have to be smart and skilled in this field. some shitty diploma is not enough. so skilled IT profesionals get paid a lot even if there are a lot of shitty graduates unlike in nursing where all graduates are basically the same

    • nightingale says:

      not all nursing graduates are “basically the same”. Just like in IT, nurses also need to acquire certain skills to be able to qualify for higher paying positions.

    • potatoman says:

      Nursing skills are routines, IT skills are logical, specially for developers. That is why nursing became over flowing.

      Nursing routines does not change as fast as software and technology does.

      The key in being successful in IT field is to continue learning. If you are an IT and never practiced for 2 yrs or more, it will be very difficult to catch up.

  3. cj says:

    Well, in terms of software development, mas mataas pa jan ang rate ng industry. I also dont think na magkakaroon ng overflowing candidates for that, daming graduates ng I.T, pero di marunong mag program.

    • jhepoyski says:

      true that. though nasa specialization naman yan. im sure marunong pa din sila/kami mag Hello World.

  4. baymax says:

    i wonder if those people who hire employees know the difference between coders and software engineers..

  5. Ex-Alodian Knight says:

    For someone who might consider a career jump, what languages should I learn other than Android and Java just for this?

    • rubied says:

      android and java is already a nice start so just get good with that. other languages could be learned easily (even on the job) once you get good with one.

      develop something nice on your own on android and upload it to the google play store. make an app/widget you would like to use (or think someone will want to use)

    • sahod says:

      kung gusto mo malaki sahop sir asp.net or php/perl (like fb google twiiter sites)

    • accel says:

      I suggest that you study some programming languages from Microsoft such as VB.NET and C# as your first programming language. The easy to learn syntax of .NET languages and the user-friendliness of Microsoft’s Visual Studio will make your first programming language a fun to learn with.

    • anokamo says:

      .NET (C#, ASP.NET)

    • Ex-Alodian Knight says:

      Thanks for your inputs guys, I’ll have to prepare for this. It may take time, but I’ll be able to get through it.

      Many thanks.

    • potatoman says:

      I suggest you learn PHP + HTML5, Objective C for iOS, or swift iOS is already transitioning.

      You already have a good base in Java and Android. We all know that mobile is the next big thing.

      Why PHP? You won’t starve if you know HTML 5 and PHP. Very easy to get projects, many companies hire PHP devs but pay very little since competition are though.

      Why Obj C? iOS developers are very rare, they get good pay when employed. And the coding is very easy, well for me it is.

      Why Swift? Because google is planning to use Swift on android development as well. That makes you a droid and apple coder in one.

      Why not other language? It is good know as many as you can, but be an expert to a few at least. Why not microsoft, because they are a dying platform.

  6. Tony says:

    Nako! Baka maniwala ang mga estudyante na maganda ang IT. Thousands ang graduates sa IT pero nabibilang mo lang sa kamay ang nagpursue sa IT work. Like us. Only one percent knows how to make a program and the rest are ‘copy paste’. The other problem for IT graduates like me is technology changes. 3 years after pa lang pero advance na ang lessons ngayon. Ni gumawa ng android app di ko alam.

    • his says:

      ok lng yan maliit na man sahod ng app devs may pamasahe pa sa google kung magaupload ka ng apps mga 1000k sobra,

    • jajajajanaopaul says:

      It depends on you to adapt to the changes and advancements in technology, as they say if you are in the IT world, technology grows, just go with the flow and learn.

      There’s always a way to learn new technologies.

  7. Shai says:

    nag work ako online (working student) almost 15k sahod ko working @odesk.com virtual assistant lng. yung mga it jan mag self study na lng kayo about ado.net at asp.net kasi -> (yung c++ pala wala yung silbi c++ lng! ) c++=<asp.net

    • potatoman says:

      C++ is a good start for learning, that is why it is used in schools. And you be doing a lot of self studying in the field of IT, a never ending one to be exact.

    • potatoman says:

      C++ is a good start for learning, that is why it is used in schools. And you will be doing a lot of self studying in the field of IT, a never ending one to be exact.

    • siraniks says:

      ma silbi pa rin yung C++, what about IT na nasa game development? sa mga Unity programmers C#, Javascript sa mga game engine codes C++ …

    • gustokohappyka says:

      I do c/c++/low level development and I earn 100k+ per month…

  8. MayaSeelenfreund says:

    ECEs invading the IT industry. Good luck naman sa mga IT grads.

  9. asdasdasd says:

    walang kwenta! pwe! I worked in it before as a fresh grad but my minimum was just 15k, baguio city pa. Java Developer ako. Taz sa manila less 20k lang 3 yrs exp ko sa .net at java, kalokohan yang mga sahod na yan

    • geekchick says:

      baka ikaw lang yan.. i too started at abt 15k.. and on my 3rd yr i actually reached 35k (+bonuses up to 18 mos).

    • tip says:

      Depende n rin siguro yan s skills and capacity mo.

      Ako boss baguio area. Starting ko 10 going 11 tpos naghanap ng iba pa2sukan naging 15 ngaun nsa 20k n po ako on my third year as web dev.

      Kung tingin mo na ung skills mo is worth more than 15k, ask a raise or better yet quit and find a better company. :)

    • potatoman says:

      There is no one to blame here but yourself. If you think you are good enough to get higher pay, why not apply on a bigger company? You choose to stay and get paid at a low rate because you became complacent in what you do. Go out of you comfort zone and try other things, it is very easy to double your salary by moving rather than waiting for an increase.

  10. m3n says:

    how about computer engineering graduates kasi po this coming march pa graduate na po ako .. may pwesto po ba kaya kami sa IT Industry.. specially sa Hardware iknow some basic networking..

    • jhepoyski says:

      meron naman. though the trend is panay Project Based employment ngayon.

    • JRPGBro says:

      If you can tough it out to get your Cisco Certs, mag call center ka muna (tech support) for funds and experience then saka ka mag IT, that’s how I got my current job as a Systems Admin.

  11. m3n says:

    how about computer engineering graduates kasi po this coming march pa graduate na po ako .. may pwesto po ba kaya kami sa IT Industry.. specially sa Hardware iknow some basic networking.. like cisco

  12. CSS says:

    Pano naman yung mga Web Designer, Programmer? malaki din kita nila at yung iba homebase pa

  13. Abbusal says:

    Tama, malupit na combination is ECE + IT = malupit na sahod

    • potatoman says:

      What ever your course is, it doesn’t really matter. What you learn in school is just the basics, you need continuous learning to be successful in IT.

  14. Mr A says:

    I agree on this. IT will not end go down as what happened to Nursing boom. Maraming IT graduates but few choose the Software route.

    According to this, only 1 out of 10 IT graduate are employable. Saka, for IT people, it’s easy to find jobs. Wala pang 1 months, kung magaling ka, makakahanap ka ng trabaho. It’s not hard to switch jobs and good developers are hard to come by lalo na sa mga foreign outsourcing startups. No choice sila. Need nila magbigay ng malaking sahod or else walang magwowork sa kanila.


    • westbluef says:

      Well, technically IT outsourcing startups can actually pay more. The reason companies outsorce their work in the first place is to lessen their expenses. Basically developers in other countries are quite expensive. Now compare their currency to the rate of our peso and our price will seem like the rate of a beginner but with the skills of a senior dev. However some companies I found will, despite the cheaper price, will try to lower your price but will still charge their foreign client a higher amount, Now these are all happening behind close doors so who knows how many are there. But despite that, the good news is I’ve seen a lot more who are willing to pay more for their devs.

  15. pisting_yawa says:

    Civil Engineer here and self-taught software dev. Yung isang anak ko nag-enroll ng IT pero after 1 year hinimok ko lumipat na lang ng ibang course. Magaling naman sana kaya lang may problema dahil TAMAD magbasa na pinaka importante sa lahat dahil sa bilis ng advancement sa technology.

    • potatoman says:

      You sir know the key to success in IT :D

      Continuous learning is what makes you good in IT. Be always one step ahead of the pack, read and learn everything that is new.

  16. jm says:

    wala yan sa engineering na nagsunog ng kilay ng 5-6 years, starting salary sa probinsya 11k, sa manila is 13k ahahahaha
    kaya ung ibang engineer ngcacall center nalang at di pumupunta sa field nila

    • potatoman says:

      It is a matter of choice, any course can be in the field of IT.

      They choose to apply in a call center rather than get paid 11k with a better career growth.

      I learn from google and youtube, all self study, never had a BS diploma and yet I’m in the IT industry.

  17. jojo says:

    Yeah.. Very accurate figures, my brother is a software developer and he is making 40-60k while i’m just making 25k of net pay as a tech support in a call center, kakaingit nga eh pero nagsimula lng xa 7k a month, tyagaan lang talga sa IT field…

    • JRPGBro says:

      Same with me, nasa ganyang figures sweldo ko ngayon but I started as a contractual IT Tech for almost 2 years with 13k a month then customer absorbed me… Systems Admin, first job was TSR for a call center but I have Social Anxiety, I hated phone calls, now I talk to machines and fix them

  18. grey says:

    pasok din po ba jan ang mga graduate ng Information System like me?

  19. jamesmurren says:

    I know someone making 1Million pesos per day or $30k-$40k. you read that right a day! No joke! and what he do? sit infront of his computer. I see him rise buy this car, buy this house, buy this property, build businesses.

    Truly, Internet marketing is sky’s the limit. Don’t limit yourself by working 8-12 hours a day.

    • KruxVendetta says:

      Oh really?, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but your opinion sounded like pyramid-ing/Networking. But I’m referring to the “shady networking” not the networking industry in I.T. Those were too-good-to-be-true story.

    • jamesmurren says:


      Don’t worry buddy. I am not persuading someone on any full-of-shit-networking stuff as I don’t fcking believe them too.

      When you truly realize the potential of Internet Marketing Business you’ll like “I wish I haven’t spend my 5 years working on that shitty company with a shitty boss”.

      I am just giving advice not to limit yourself. Work on your own, think about where those employers getting clients from, work for them directly.

      If you are a web developer. Make your own websites and make money with it. Think bigger make your own company and PHP 1M / day will be yours.

      Of course everything is with hard/smart work. When I said “Sit infront of computer” because that’s what you would be doing most of the time.

      “Thank of the bigger picture. Don’t limit yourself”

  20. JudasBreed says:

    ako it undergrad with 8 yrs experience. i make 90k+ per month.

    • potatoman says:

      Same here, 6 figures…

      Graduates,your BS diploma will not guarantee you success, it is all up to you to be who you wanted to be.

      The only thing that will be useful is on your first job, and in some cases promotion. Internationally they don’t give a sh1t!

    • astersik says:

      baka nag ooperate ka ng porn site.

  21. Angel says:

    Saan ba ko pwedeng mag apply to achieve that big of a salary?

    • potatoman says:

      Think big, start small. Don’t work for money, money will come along as you climb the ladder.

      Look for a job that will make you grow, learning is the key in IT. If you think you are not learning anything on your current job, leave and find new opportunities.

    • wew says:

      First, let your passion do the work. Kung fresh grad ka, huwag munang maghangad ng malaking sweldo. Experience ang habol natin sa mga unang taon. Kapag napatunayan mo na naman ang sarili mo sa mga boss mo, hindi sila magaatubiling itaas ang sweldo mo.

  22. pobear says:

    why not just make games for apple and google. youll earn so much. most devs use Unity3d anyways.

  23. Gonfreaks says:

    I think the salary indicated here is the average. I earn 6 digits a month with 8yrs experience. I didn’t get promoted, but I get higher positions when I transfer to different companies. Take risk and continue to learn new and be up to date with the latest technologies.

  24. secret says:

    mejo accurate ito. although mas mataas na ngayon compared dati.

    – starting ko: 12k increased to 16k
    – transferred after almost 2 years: 25k promoted/increased/counter offered to 40k
    – transferred after 4.5 years total exp: 50k
    – transferred after 5.5 years total exp: 70k

    ang secret is lumipat pag hindi na naiincreasan. hihihi!

  25. justin says:

    Mataas nga sa IT. 20-25k fresh grad starting sa Accenture, Associate Software Engineer, 27k NetSuite, .

    Kaso pamatay, pang matalino. Ung mga ECE walang mahanap na work, siksikan sa IT hahaha.

    Yung iba akala basta marunong mag-computer, ok na. Lol mali kayo!

    I search nyo sa google kung sino pinakamayayaman na tao sa mundo… walang accountant, walang doctor, walang piloto, walang abogado, walang civil, mechanical engineer. Puro IT professional. Mark Zuckerberg, Larry page, Sergey brin, Larry Elison etc…

    Kahit sa demand ng trabaho, ang dami sa IT.

    Based on observation lang ha.

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