I.T. industry, among the highest paying for fresh graduates

I.T. industry, among the highest paying for fresh graduates

JobStreet.com recently published their Annual Salary Report showing which industries give the highest paying jobs for fresh graduates in the Philippines. Among them are the Information Technology, Telecommunications, and BPO industries.


For the top 10 industries, the Telecommunication industry ranked 2nd with an average salary of Php19,975 per month. Followed by Computer / Information Technology (Hardware) at Php18,963/mo, and Computer / Information Technology (Software) at Php 18,863/mo. The Call Center / IT-Enabled Services / BPO industry ranked 7th at an average of Php17,711/mo.

top 10 industries_jobstreet


IT is also among the highest paying specializations. Taking the top spot is IT/Computer – Hardware with an average of Php19,447/mo, followed by IT/Computer – Software at 4th place with Php18,940/mo.

top 10 specialization_jobstreet

The list of jobs for fresh graduates with highest salaries has been determined using the average salary of all specializations for fresh graduates, based on actual job postings of employers on JobStreet.com.ph from January 1 to December 31, 2013. The basic salaries shown do not include other forms of compensation such as leave credits, medical benefits, insurance, and incentives. – JobStreet.com


This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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17 Responses

  1. Chris says:


    good article – the Philippines need to really work hard to compete in IT industry and i think were on a good way.

    It would be great if more developers would learn Ruby on Rails and Python and not only PHP then we would get very competitve since everybody speaks perfect english already.

    Anyways just my few coins…

    Cheers Chris

  2. Clark says:

    I never regret choosing IT as my course because I know that the IT industry have lots of job opportunities and there will be more in the near future.

    Good luck fellow ITs!

  3. Nemory Oliver says:

    Create apps, sell them! Earn 20x the salary! :)

  4. chu2 says:

    The survey has its limitations. In actuality, engineers in the Oil and Gas Industry are the highest by a good margin, averaging at approximately 25k starting for fresh grads.

    Issue is that Oil and Gas companies typically do not publish going rates in Jobstreet, thus the limitation.

    • someone says:

      This isn’t a survey. The figures presented came from Jobstreet’s Annual Salary Report. The Annual Salary Report is based on vacancies/opportunities posted on jobstreet.

    • Yatta says:

      chu2 is right, its actually the oil and gas industry thats highest. not all job vacancies are posted on Jobstreet. but then its a good thing, more job choices for the rest of us.

    • chu2 says:

      @ someone

      It is an interpolation for a data sample, in which Jobstreet has historical data of. Jobstreet’s historical data comes in a form of a quantitative collection by the use of their own forms for employer job postings, which is completely optional to fill up. Jobstreet’s sample is but a portion, or a representation of a certain data pool which is called “Fresh Graduate Job Offer Rates” or whichever equivalent to your semantics. Jobstreet’s statistics is not a representation of the whole data pool. Jobstreet is publishing the values as a report. So, tell me, what is a definition of a survey again? Surveys may be classified as a form of Quantitative research and is not limited to opinions.

      You can argue that its Jobstreet’s WHOLE sample data, but that WHOLE sample data is only a PORTION of the entire actual data pool, but please don’t say that its not a survey.

      Enough about arguing about semantics, it still does not change the intent of the post. If you have a rebuttal I will just agree to disagree, because both interpretations is pretty much correct (survey vs not a survey) if looked at a different angle.

      Re POST:
      But IT IS good to know that IT and BPO rates are climbing. If I remember correctly the going rates before were closer to minimum wage, but the competition for several BPOs here may have changed it.

    • chu2 says:

      The non appearance of the Engineering sector just shows that the Engineering and Oil/Gas sectors are VERY secretive on their starting salaries. haha

  5. Yoj says:

    This is not completely true when IT industry falls into OUTSOURCING industry. Salary is F**ng low.

  6. PoBear says:

    learn UNITY 3D, make games and earn more.

  7. Mr A says:

    From the companies I’ve been to, I don’t see them giving this high of a starting salary. Unless you have an exceptional credentials in your CV.

    Anyway, for fresh grads it’s not about the pay that’s important.

  8. YAYA says:

    This clearly shows that the Philippines has the lowest salary since the earth began. With rising basic commodities price and bad taxation, we are truly SLAVES to this reality. Pde ba ibaba nalng sa kalahati tax? Napupunta rin naman ke NAPOLES e. Ung isa kong kaibigan tinawag pang low cost engineer ng foreigner, kulang nalang saksakin nalng sa harap. Ganun tayu kababa tingin satin mangmang.2

  9. twitwi says:

    Its not high paying actually its just above a few notch. This needs more graphs to explain the conclusion. Companies interviewed # of companies that give such compensation. It would be nice to have a full infograph about the topic. I’ve seen companies outside manila that give way below 10k a month for IT services fresh grads and senior levels alike.

  10. Dee says:

    I left my IT profession as a programmer and started on online marketing blogosphere. They should have included this on the chart.

  11. Vintruvian says:

    Even the starting is this low it will change just be good on your specialization and rest will follow. Trust me it will change: by an IT professional for 6 years. :)

  12. Hen-Sheen says:

    The IT industry has many specializations. If you study in a certain university or trained in a certain specialty, then you get the job. Being a Network Administrator is not easy. It requires Field Work and tons of Certificates. I.T. Security is one of the job’s of a NetAdmin. BPO industry has another setback, Metric System & Uncontrollable schedules. In other countries such as Singapore & Malaysia, their English is getting better in par to ours! For now this industry dominates. Originally the U.S. started this job way back the early 80’s. I don’t like to say this but the US based BPO and Accounts might vanish in the Philippines one day. I am trying to find an alternate course to fill the void that I have for the past 32 years. I hate this quote: The “Times” will go against you. That’s reality, GET OVER IT!

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