Giveaway: Want an extra Mugen battery?

Giveaway: Want an extra Mugen battery?

So after testing the Mugen Power extended batteries (see review here), we’re giving them away to readers who have the corresponding smartphones — SE Xperia X10, HTC Desire, LG Optimus 2X and HTC HD7.

Here’s all you need to do — leave a comment below indicating which of the 4 smartphones you use and why you want the extended battery from Mugen (costs between $50 to $110 each).

That’s it. We’ll randomly pick 2 winners and give them the corresponding batteries which we’ll announce on this post by Monday. Not a lot of people might qualify sire there’s a huge chance you can get one of these for free.

Go hit the comments to be included.


Updated: We have our two winners!

We randomly picked which battery to give away using and we got the one for Xperia X10 and HTC HD7.

We then randomly picked which of those who commented got the batteries and picked these two:

– reikoku
– Franz

Please email me with your shipping address so I can send them out to you by Monday. Thanks!

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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123 Responses

  1. UPLB-2008-37*** says:


  2. baste says:

    Have the LG Optimus 2X

  3. ambinp says:

    Xperia X10

    I want those Mugen extended batteries because it keeps boredom away from me. :D

  4. kannuchi says:

    I use HTC Desire. Since I am always on the go and I used to play games, and used to browsing the Internet while I am outside as well, extended batteries like Mugen will be of great help!

  5. Carlo B. says:

    HTC Desire. Its nice to have a back-up battery specially when going out of town.

  6. mike says:

    These batteries are a necessity for me, when going on on multi-day outdoor trips, on the mountains and the beach. I can surf the web, post photos instantly on facebook while out. It completes the power of the smartphones.

  7. JepNear says:

    Oh, Wow! It’s just what I need as of now!
    I’m an LG Optimus 2x user and this battery extender from Mugen will definitely give me more Android power on the go! It’s gonna be 2coresX2battery life!

    Goodluck to everyone! ^^

  8. anjo says:

    I currently have a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

    The reason why I badly want this Mugen extended battery is because I basically use my phone for almost everything. Music, video streaming, browsing the world wide web over 3G & wifi. Sometimes, I also use this android phone to edit my lesson plan & powerpoint presentations which I will use for my classroom teaching. I do these things most of the time because my laptop is very heavy and I don’t bring it everyday. So I just use my android phone to do my research and those that I mentioned above. It will be really great if I have more juice for my phone for me to be more productive and of course, to be able to save energy. :)

  9. Glenda says:

    I have an Xperia X10. I want the extended batteries so I don’t have to keep charging my phone every single day. I also don’t have to worry about my phone going dead if there’s an emergency.

  10. ideos u8150 says:

    sayang walang pang ideos u8150…

  11. reikoku says:

    currently have the htc hd7
    Tired of charging it everyday sometimes twice a day

  12. heckiboi says:

    LG Optimus 2X

    I have a Battery consumption issue with my Optimus 2X – 1500mah is not enough for this phone. After 20 hours of moderate usage (3 widgets running on home screen, simple wall paper, very few services running, 300-500 SMS exchanges, 1-2 hours of Wi-Fi on with Market app downloading 2-5 apps, less than 30 minutes of talk time) my battery got drained.

  13. amao says:

    aw…. walang lg p500?? hahaha.. .gudluck na lng po sa mga sasali….

  14. edd matlih ragadio says:

    SE Xperia SE, it’s nice have an extra power especially when you’re out of town.. Big help having extra Mugen

  15. i have a bf with an x10. :D i i would love to win this so that i can give him the mugen battery. he keeps charging his X10 and so that when we go out, we wouldn’t miss taking pictures spent together because his X10 his lowbat. ;)

  16. coollearner says:

    Hi I’m using an LG Optimus 2x. Currently i’m a researcher and a neophyte developer of GPS application for Intelligent Transportation System in Manila. My needs of accessing the internet anywhere and testing a number of power hungry GPS applications in my phone when and where charger is not available are definitely good reasons why i need something that can extend my battery life up to 3 times which Mugen Power extended batteries can give. Thanks

  17. heckitech says:

    LG Optimus 2X

    I have a Battery consumption issue with my Optimus 2X – 1500mah is not enough for this phone. After 20 hours of moderate usage (3 widgets running on home screen, simple wall paper, very few services running, 300-500 SMS exchanges, 1-2 hours of Wi-Fi on with Market app downloading 2-5 apps, less than 30 minutes of talk time) my battery got drained.

    I badly need Mugen extended battery.

  18. ryan lee viray says:

    Hi, currently using htc desire hd, i want the mugen battery extender so i can used my phone in times of emergency.

  19. Toni says:

    I always use my HTC Desire for mobile surfing when I’m on the go (I regularly check out the latest tech news from Yugatech and other sites), so I really need extra juice.

  20. jlapitan says:

    I have my htc desire, i want the mugen kasi lagi lobat cp ko kpg nkanet on the go and waiting for the gingerbread update for the desire this week….

  21. naiv says:

    Xperia X10

    No matter what custom ROM I use, battery life still sucks. :))

  22. Clyde A. Gabriel says:

    I have the LG Optimus 2X, but i’m planning to get the SE Xperia X10. Hope I win!

  23. echu says:

    LG Optimus 2X.

    Battery life is my main gripe with LG Optimus 2X. I’m a heavy user and my phone is on WIFI most of the time. It barely makes it through the day. An extended battery life would be a godsend.

  24. Edwin Duenas says:

    HTC DESIRE : Extended battery life would mean saving time and energy in charging.

  25. csseyah says:

    I want the Mugen battery for LG Optimus 2x, even thou I don’t have yet that smartphone, B’coz it will push me to get one of the LG Optimus 2x phone, my dream phone, if I have that Mugen battery extra. :p

  26. Peter says:

    I want the HTC Desire’s battery because the stock can’t last me for a day. Mugen Rocks!

  27. Gamedok says:

    I have an HTC Desire. I really really seriously need a Mugen battery since I use my phone for school for browsing, checking e-mail, and reading some tech and gadget news from all over the web (of course, including yours). Here’s me hoping I’ll get one!

  28. Ariel says:

    I have an alcatel first generation known as teletabis.

  29. RM Abaya says:

    can i use a mugen battery for hd7 to my desire HD, i hope pls pls T.T

  30. sprint says:

    LG Optimus 2x

    I’d love to have Mugen battery so that I can enjoy long hours videos chatting with my friends through my smartphone.

  31. lester says:

    i only got optimus one p500 -_-

  32. jayarlou says:

    I have the HTC Desire and a Samsung Galaxy S2,
    i want this MUGEN BATERRY. Thanks yuga ^_^

    God Bless!

  33. Mike says:

    I’d love to have the Mugen battery for my HTC desire. It’ll be great for our weekend trips, when we go on treks, mountain climbing , long cycling trips, etc where no charging stations are available.

  34. vince says:

    i have my htc desire and having Mugen extended battery will give me more time to talk to my “bebe” longer than 6 hours like my htc desire can manage to take for a continuous talk.

    Hope i win!!!
    She’ll be very happy more than I do. It will make Pampanga nearer for us.

  35. Robert Ong says:

    I want the LG Optimus 2X Mugen Battery since I use my LG Optimus 2X all the time. At Home, at Work, during travel, before I sleep, and even while eating…. :)

  36. Xalxo, Noel Franklin says:

    HTC Desire

    I am a Medical Intern and I have to be on duty some times for more that 36 hours. And during this time I rarely get chance to charge my Desire and eventually the battery dies. So if I get a Mugen Power Extended Battery, I think it would help me concentrate more on my patients rather than checking the remaining power percentage every now and then.

  37. supertoblerone says:

    I’d like to have the Mugen battery for my HTC desire because I’ll be climbing pulag on monday and I badly need this! hehehe..:)

  38. Biggs says:

    Oks na sana yung LG Optimus 2X ko kaso bad trip lang dahil ang bilis maubos ng baterya. Ayaw ko namang i-root para tanggalin yung mga LG bloatware apps (na malakas kumakain ng baterya) kase mawawala ang warranty. Sana man lang malutas na yung mga bugs sa parating Gingerbread update. Pero habang wala pa, sana pagbigyan ako ng tadhana at mabunot ang pangalan ko sa raffle na ito.

  39. I want an extra battery because my HTC HD7’s measly 1230 mah battery can’t last all day due to my always-online presence. I wanted to maximize my phone by signing up for a Globe SuperSurf Plan 1799 but was disappointed to find out that my unlimited mobile internet was limited by my phone’s endurance. Don’t get me wrong, the HTC HD7 is great! But being always-on on Twitter, Facebook, and all that jazz has a price – a Mugen extra battery. ;-)

  40. Tony says:

    I would like an Optimus 2X Mugen.
    Because it’s cooler to play Galaxy on Fire 2 without charger cable between your fingers.
    And because it’s 330am and I’m browsing Yugatech on my 15 min break at less than 15% battery remaining.

  41. My HD7 is a beast and would definitely benefit from the extended battery life :) Cheers Yuga!

  42. Keith de Lara says:

    HTC desire s

  43. Renato Romero says:


    My HD7 is my partner at work. I am a Pediatrician and I use the phone to communicate to my patients and colleagues via SMS/chat/calls. Online drug references and medical apps are a big help.

    Although I enjoy the benefits of a versatile smartphone, battery life has always been a problem. Mugen is truly an innovative solution. With it, my standard battery can become my back up battery!

  44. noob says:

    LG Optimus 2X

    sana ako mapili, para maenjoy ko lalo magbasa ng yugatech and nuffnang blogs while on the go.


  45. Angelo says:

    I have my iphone4 and I want to extend my battery with Mugen that compliments its awesomeness..

  46. markyboy says:

    i have this cool SE Xperia 10 and i want to have extended battery life because I’m definitely a heavy phone user. :)

  47. Roy says:

    My wife gave me an awesome Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10i however the battery has a defect an won’t last 24 hours with regular use. I don’t care if these Mugen batteries are bulky, as long as my phone gets the extra juice, its all that matters.

  48. kebbot says:

    I love to have Mugen power battery for my LG Optimus 2x for me to browse yugatech site more and play games with it. I love to conserved energy by not charging my Phone always, i love to go Green, i Hope Yugatech Support Green Ideas… Thanks…

  49. Sherwin Ramos says:

    I own a LG Optimus 2x. Sadly more or less half day lang siya on moderate use. When i first saw this product ito na un solusyon. Im currently running on unlimited data plan, so if i win this il be able to be online 24/7 ngayon kasi i just use 2g connection when there is no need for internet!

  50. Gerald says:

    I want the HTC Desire battery because the stock one doesn’t last me a day!

  51. Sinister Scot says:

    Device – HTC Desire

    As to why, just because. Might be cool to have a more powerful battery (since well, wifi abuse/camera stuff/3D games).

    It’s gonna be awesome

  52. wreek888 says:

    I got an LG optimus2x, i enjoy using it a lot because its fast and dependable but the battery cannot cope with my heavy use since im always out and doing some techie stuff/ music player while spending some waiting with my phone and a battery like this would be a great help.

  53. Franz says:

    SE Xperia X10:

    It’s a good smartphone but the battery loses its juice in 10 hours max.

    MUGEN would help big time.

  54. HTC Desire

    I want to stay updated with the latest tech news every week without bothering the battery life.

  55. hannin says:

    It’s almost 2012. Extra battery would be indispensable if all power goes out. But then, who’d be there to call.

    HTC Desire

  56. sylv3rblade says:

    No Mugen yet for my Optimus Black… darn

  57. paulbenignos says:

    HTC Desire,

    The extended battery would help me a lot, it would extend my surfing hours on 3g and wifi. My only limitation as of now would be the battery and Mugen would help me a lot..

  58. regsh says:

    Mugen Power + my underrated HTC HD7 = a perfect match!

  59. Jan Brane says:

    LG Optimus 2x because I need more power and less down(charging) time.

  60. albertsen says:

    Sony Xperia X10 is my toy so I want to have this Mugen power battery for more hours of fun for my toy!!!

  61. HTC Desire: I spend most of my time commuting on a motorbike using data and BT as I go. I need the extra juice for emergencies!

  62. Suplado says:

    I need an extended battery for my HD7 because it’s a pain in the butt to run out of battery while listening to my fave songs via wireless headset.

  63. Marj says:

    LG Optimus 2x: It would really be great to have an extended battery for those long days.

  64. Silverfilter says:

    HTC Desire.

    With the extra battery, I could play games on my phone until my fingers hurt or until the battery runs out whichever is longer.

  65. k1020 says:

    HTC Desire — I’m starting to get tired of the one-day-one-charge routine AND I want a battery that I can abuse :D

  66. jmlagman says:

    LG Optimus 2X

    I need more juice to enjoy hours of tegra gaming on my Optimus 2x that only Mugen batteries can provide!

  67. janpaulo says:

    HTC Desire

    I like it! Good when you’re travelling in a remote area!

  68. Kenth says:

    LG Optimus 2x. :)

    A large screen smartphone will require a lot of juice to power its large touchscreen display as well as its other components – wifi, 3G, etc. :) What’s a better smart/genius phone – if not a smart/genius phone w/ more battery power. :)

    Thanks sir Abe for the giveaway contest.

  69. verns says:

    The one for LG Optimus 2x, I want.

  70. Jeremiah says:

    LG Optimus2x -It’s my birthday this July 6 so this will be the best gift to compliment my phone and I’ve always trusted your reviews so when you say that this mugen power lasted 8 days wow, this is a must have device for long trips.Thanks and more power to you Sir!!!

  71. PesteV says:

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

    I want the extended battery for my X10 to prepare for the X10 Gingerbread update that’s coming in August, might need more juice for that :)

  72. Jeffrey John Imutan says:

    Device – HTC Desire

    going to zamboanga soon. better to have mugen battery than carrying chargers.

  73. arjay says:

    LG Optimus 2X, why? because Mugen battery solves the main issue in most Android-powered phones which is short battery life.
    LG Optimus 2X + Mugen = Genius Phone

  74. Mary says:

    HTC Desire: Mugen will help me stay connected longer and save on electricity costs due to frequent charging

  75. Mark says:

    Currently using an HTC Desire, and I would like to have a Mugen battery because of my demanding life at work. I always use my phone for checking emails and messaging.

  76. charson pagador says:

    Sony Xperia X10,, i love my phone a lot that is why i always have it as my music player and movie player as well and its the reason why it loses power quickly mugen would do a great job extending its awesomeness.

  77. Kiko says:

    htc desire

    need one for my movie watching marathon during long commutes

  78. LG Optimus 2x

    I need this so I can extend my playtime on Tegra HD gaming. :)

  79. Ron says:


    One of the biggest drawbacks of this device is its horrible battery life. With Mugen Battery, I believe that i can maximize the true potential of my phone. Thus, it will not be just a smartphone, but genius phone!

  80. R. Lizardo says:

    HTC Desire

    I have a great phone, couple with Mugen battery for a longer enjoyment!

  81. Alfredo Villarosa says:

    Finally, a more powerful battery for my HTC DESIRE! Smartphones can maximize your productivity, but only if they have the power to last a hectic day…or even longer!

  82. Eric Bangug says:

    I have an HTC Desire, a Mugen battery will definitely be a great help especially when I’m in long trips (stock battery usually lasts a day), and less if WIFI is on, and/or I’m playing music or watching movies.

  83. Jeboyski says:

    HTC Desire

    I need Mugen Power because the HTC’s stock battery sucks… the life of my phone in just one day!

  84. Tadah says:

    Xperia x10i

    My phone needs a lifetime partner to be useful. No need to travel afar to have it. It is here for the taking. Ta-dah! It’s the Mugen battery.

  85. maki says:


    with a mugen battery, it will definitely extend the usage of my desire.. I use my phone extensively aside from the usual texting and calling (I’m on an unlimited plan by the way).. I also use my phone for playing music, playing videos, facebook via friendcaster, downloading apps, taking random pictures, playing games (when I’m bored) and surfing the net via wifi or 3g (I always visit yugatech using my desire).. That’s why I don’t have a laptop until now because this phone can do the job sans the battery.. My wife gets jealous sometimes because I’m always on my phone doing all these things! Mugen battery please.. Thanks sir abe!

  86. chesterfly says:

    LG Optimus 2X

    I actually don’t have my unit yet, I’ll be claiming/purchasing it 3 weeks from now (thanks to LG’s 50%-off promo). For sure, I’m gonna need the extra juice provided by Mugen Power, with the 2X belonging to the upper-end of the smartphone spectrum (therefore, a huge battery drainer). I wish to be able to squeeze 2 days’ worth of HD gaming, mobile surfing and work-related tasks within a single full charge. And I think it’ll only be possible with a Mugen Power extended battery.

  87. R. Pasion says:

    LG Optimus 2X

    with my active life style and my line of work I need to be always on the go. I need extra juice for my hardworking phone. As a med. rep. communication for us is very important. every info. is vital thats why im always on my mobile fone talking to doctors. with mugen power extended battery I get the edge against my fellow med. rep.

    Cheers to Mugen power!!!
    Cheers to success!!!

  88. jason c. says:

    I love my new hd7 with the big screen. Surfing the net is fun to do especially when i want my daily tech news from I will be using my phone much more when mango hits my device. Sadly enough it only pack a 1200mh battery that mugen extended battery would be nice. Extended hours of gaming and surfing the web.
    Thanks in advance mugen and yugatech :))

  89. L. Cruz says:


    I believe Mugen can unleash the full potential of my phone by making me stay off the power outlet longer. With Mugen, I can.

  90. Jo Narca says:


    Longer battery life = extended gaming time

  91. AL says:

    LG Optimus 2x

    There has been problems with the battery life for this unit, hopefully can get the extended battery. this will be great and no need to switch from 3g to 2g anymore! and no more dim brightness

  92. Andrew says:

    HTC Desire. Im constantly connected, constantly reading.

  93. LG Optimus 2X

    My Optimus literally eats the volts of my battery at the rate of 10% every hour. I’m still undecided on bringing an extra battery or the charger wherever I go. Wouldn’t mind carrying both =)

  94. LG Optimus 2x, because I need more power and less down time.:)

  95. gabriel says:

    LG Optimus 2X

    as a medical student… i use my optimus 2X a lot… reading medical ebooks, searching the net, games (when bored during lectures ^_^y)… i have to leave my 3g on all the time and it drains my battery fast… that why i need this mugen battery for my smartphone, it would really help me as a medical student…

  96. jes_creek says:

    HTC Desire

    I got my HTC Desire just a couple of months now. And since this is new, I’m doing all the things that can be explore with my new Android phone. Doing this make my battery drain so fast and having a Mugen Battery will help me be connected to I-world and continue doing all my stuff without loosing a simple second.

    Thank you in advance for the MUGEN Battery.

  97. Rodchelle Babate says:

    SE X10. I need Mugen battery so I’d still have battery life left once my nephew got tired of playing all the Android games I’ve installed on my phone.

  98. Rodolfo Babate says:

    HTC Desire. So then I wouldn’t have to worry about losing connection with my business contacts when I’m outta the house. Constant text/calls,chat, wifi/GPRS (for internet connection), games/music (to pass away the time) takes a lot of toll on battery usage and lugging away an extra battery or two is a hassle I want to get rid of.

  99. Sidney says:


    I got the LG optimus 2x with the 50% discount promo. I really like the phone but easily eats up the battery when using wifi or playing games. With Mugen battery, I can have a whole day of internet without charging.

  100. Danny O Sagun says:

    I got my Optimus 2x thru the LG promo2Xpert. Thanks anyway for the reply to my query – if the promo was indeed legit.

    The phone is indeed power-laden. I may have seen some lags from time to time but it performs far better than other so-called smartphones. I’m really beginning to love it.

    It may be a powerful phone but it is power-hungry too. I was so dismayed that its fully-charged battery could not even last a day and I mean 12 hours. There were times that I had to charge it as often as two to three times a day. My work, by the way, keeps me busy with my phone preparing reports and releases, emailing, etc.

    The Mugen battery may be bulky and unusual – what a sight to see a hulking phone, huh! – yet is is really necessary to keep my phone running even if I am out as I do not need to look for an electrical outlet to plug it which is not always available.

    Thank you for this chance to get that extra juice. I repeat, if not of the promo carried by Yugatech, I would not have gotten hold of this first dual-core phone.

    I wish I will be lucky again.

  101. kany says:

    HTC Desire. This will help me ease my worries when going outside. Extra juice would mean extra time for me to use the phone!

  102. hidburn says:

    I just got the Xperia off my cousin’s hands over the weekend! Cuz misses familiarity and is out-of-place with this Android. Lucky me, I love SE (with a Walkman history here) and the cam power is a bonus.

    I go around the city the most part of the day. To reach more distance, I use my MC and rarely go on four wheels. Tough job when it’s raining or when my phone would die out on me ’cause I wanted to stretch it’s battery power and just couldn’t. It would mean missed calls, no SMS for loads and reloads, Excel files I can’t access to check customer balances, and more. I couldn’t bear to think I’ll be stuck with a dead phone and I’m on the road for that would mean lost incomes and opportunities. And on an MC, I’ve no access to a cig port for emergency charging.

    An extended battery would be a life-saver!

  103. Gervie M. says:

    For LG Optimus 2X because apps like wifi tethering apps consumes energy a lot. I need it as a backup.

  104. Ish Hernando says:

    I have the HTC Desire. Having an extra battery would make me utilize and enjoy my phone more. As we all know the Desire has major battery issues but despite this fact, my HTC has played a very significant part of my daily life specially when i am out. i check multiple email accounts, facebook, foursquare, check cinema scheds and events via ClickTheCity. when at home, i seldom use my laptop to go online :)

  105. Arthur R. Audea says:

    I want the battery for SE Xperia X10, so I can always check on the Yugatech updates.

  106. Stv says:

    I have an HTC Desire and with 3G on, the battery drains so fast. I need the Mugen battery so that I can use 3G the whole day without worrying about power consumption. With this, I can fully appreciate my smartphone.

  107. NemOry says:

    I want the battery for my HTC HD7 for longer battery life = longer use. YEAH! thanks @sir Abe

  108. Edwin says:

    I am using HTC Desire in which the battery life lasts less than a day. Its WIFI is always on and it drains so fast.

  109. HTC Desire. I recently bought an emergency charger however it’s not doing any justice to my phone. Getting the Mugen extended battery would not have me worrying my phone dying while on a call, on the web or just killing some birds.:)

  110. Sherwin says:

    LG Optimus 2x

    Can’t wait to upgrade to an unlimited data plan powered with long lasting battery. Now I can say that i can literally be online 24/7!!

  111. Louissa says:

    I’m using the LG Optimus 2x. I have two jobs and both of them are quite demanding. I get plenty of calls and I also need to check my email often. My phone barely lasts a day and it irritates me that I have to carry my phone charger in my bag everyday so I can charge my phone wherever. It would be of great help to have Mugen Power..

  112. Nino says:

    I have the LG Optimus 2x. Want the extended battery so I can use my unlimited 3g the whole day and also playing games.

  113. Phia Manzano says:

    I got an LG Optimus 2x. I need a Mugen Battery so that I can watch my favorite movies all day!

  114. Franz Aquino says:

    I got an LG Optimus 2x. I want to maximize the power of tegra II in terms of gaming.

  115. Carlo Aquino says:

    I have the LG Optimus 2x. I want the Mugen battery so that I can definitely catch every detail of my precious moments with my friends and family with its 8MP snapper.

  116. Vivian says:

    HTC desire. for my long duty hours

  117. Rona Gregorio says:

    X10. The battery it comes with is really a pain. i need to charge every 4 hours (for heavy usage) but even if i use it to check-in and FB from time-to-time, it only lasts 8 hours!

  118. Richard Ong says:

    LG Optimus 2x so I do not need to bring my charger on short overnight trips

  119. Jan Brane says:

    LG Optimus2x, because I need more power for this dual-core baby!

  120. yuga says:

    Thanks to all those who joined. I’ve got the two winners now and posting them as an update on the post.

  121. Briann Dy says:

    Boss if your selling one for n900 :)

    I really need one.

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