Poll: What's your smartphone budget like?

Poll: What’s your smartphone budget like?

Been talking to a number of phone manufacturers lately regarding the smartphone market and how price-sensitive FIlipinos are. I threw out some numbers and wanted to get some more feedback from my readers here and see if I’m within the ballpark figure.

I’m putting it out as a poll on the right side navigation column but feel free to leave a comment to qualify your answer.


Our poll for this week — what’s your smartphone budget like?

a) I can only afford smartphones under Php10k.
b) Between Php10k to Php15k is my preferred budget.
c) I can go up to Php20k but that’s it.
d) I’ll spend as much as Php25k for a smartphone.
e) It’s Php30k tops for me.
f) Even if it’s above Php30k, I’ll go for it as long as it’s really good.

Best way to figure out what your answer would be is to check what’s the most expensive smartphone you bought int he last 12 months and start from there (that means if you own an iPhone, you should be picking e or f).

I’m sure everyone wants uber-cheap smarpthones but we know that’s not gonna happen. Go hit the comments and share your thoughts.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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97 Responses

  1. Mich says:

    A, B, C and D. lol ☺

  2. deuts says:

    I got myself an iPhone 4 so I guess it would be (e)!

  3. jonas says:

    I’ll go for b.beyond that i’d rather have a netbook

  4. pisig.ORG says:

    I’ll go for “F”.

  5. nixmanabat says:

    C! , thats all i can

  6. Angel says:

    My Answer is letter F

  7. Hihey says:

    Any price range, as long as its cost effective and does what it should do as a smart phone for a fair price.

  8. garnet_girl says:

    Well since I have an iPhone 4, it’s ‘e’ for me. But that’s the extreme. I’d be in ‘c’ if not for the iPhone 4.

  9. jill says:

    “I’m sure everyone wants uber-cheap smarpthones but we know that’s not gonna happen”.

    Why would it be so impossible to happen? Has the industry reached a dead end? Remember when a basic LCD TV cost 65K (at least), and how much are they now?

    • yuga says:

      @jill – price positioning. If smartphones would sell for Php5k a pop, then the mid range and entry levels would have to sell for under Php1k. There’s not much money to make off sub-1k handsets.

      My guess is that the price range will remain the same but the specs and features will continuously improve.

  10. JC says:

    b) Between Php10k to Php15k is my preferred budget. – but i can go over a little 15k.. like my old wildfire.. bought it for 16k..

  11. Cliff Rosario says:

    I’m an e to f.. depends.. from nokia

    I think most of us traversed all the options already (a-f). We all had phones from each segment before and we can say that Filipinos will always be where the global technology is.. ika nga “Kung anong uso.. makikiuso ang pinoy”

    “To each his own” ha.. baka may mga trolls at haters na naman dyan.

    • Cliff Rosario says:

      ignore that “from nokia”.. hehe.. owns an iP4, HTC DHD and hopefully the effin SGS2 gets delivered this week..

  12. Cliff Rosario says:

    I’m an e to f.. depends..

    I think most of us traversed all the options already (a-f). We all had phones from each segment before and we can say that Filipinos will always be where the global technology is.. ika nga “Kung anong uso.. makikiuso ang pinoy”

    “To each his own” ha.. baka may mga trolls at haters na naman dyan.

  13. xx says:

    Since I got an iPhone before, I answered E but in reality, I’d rather depend on the free smartphones offered by telcos under a plan that would suit my mobile consumption. Medyo magastos ako sa IDD at NDD e pati on-the-go net access. Kung ganun din naman kasi ginagastos mo buwan buwan ba’t ka pa bibili ng phone kung libre na sya at that plan? Yun nga lang kung sa Globe ka, pahihintayin ka pa ng matagal bago mo makuha yung phone mo. (Humihirit pa rin LOL!)

  14. Oni says:

    normally i would say c but if it truly appeals to my taste it would be d

  15. marjon says:

    ako b or c nalang pero mas prefer ko ang B

  16. MyMaria says:

    Pwede ba all of the above? :) A to F. Pero mas okay kung libre ang phone like it comes FREE with a plan or GIFT from a loved one ;)

  17. mel galima says:

    30k tops for me, (E)

  18. kokey says:


  19. Name: IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    A for me due to budget constraints. (Ideos U8150)

  20. Jeric says:

    Got an iphone4 so its “e/f” even though i got it at 31k, but i must say my original budget was 20k below. I was undecided before until i have save some amount to buy an unlocked ip4.. plus resale value is quite good.. nevertheless, satified.

  21. Eason says:

    A for me, but I bought a second hand S8500 which is for me perfect for my multi-media needs for a phone. But if Brand new my choice would be B

  22. Jeff says:

    With the advent of the tablets, I don’t put much premium on smartphones anymore.

    Hence, I just go for the blackberry for the email, and my budget will be the amount that will be required to be paid by my carrier’s plan to get the blackberry that I want.

    In other words, gone are the days where I spent thousands just to get the latest Xperia phone…I’ll just pay the required fee by my telecom carrier under the plan that will give me a new blackberry phone.

  23. wreek888 says:

    I am in letter B when it comes to smart phone because its reasonable but i will only go for F if its an iphone.

  24. amao says:

    B… kaso yung price na lng nya ngayun pang A..

  25. kt says:

    10k max

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  26. Marvin says:

    E – bought my SE Xperia Arc for almost 30K

  27. Aaron says:

    Go for F. there is nothing better to spend something if you lack of budget and spending something that expensive common even you will get to your sense that good thing i bought this and not that. to many people take things cheap but the end product in 6months either out of date or a crappy smartphone. NEVER LIKE Apple though even its the most greatest App selection. but in Movies it sucks cant even play a 1080p format video’s thats just poor for a smartphone.

    Current Smart Phones

    Samsung Galaxy S
    Samsung Galaxy Tab

    Both at Android 2.3.3 Coolest Update ever

    Next target phone.

    Samsung Galaxy S II already got 40k save on it.

    Next Tablet waiting

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 going to wait the MAX Specs first.


  28. Joma says:

    For me price is dependent on the specs and quality of the phone. Personally, the ones between 10k-15k are already good enough for me. I like to strike a balance between practicality and technology.

  29. neil says:

    my answer is c…i would spend 20k for a smartphone but for 30k, i would rather spend it on a laptop with decent specs

  30. konqueror7 says:

    would be between B and C. i don’t have one yet, just planning. i think to pay for a smartphone topping 30k is way over board. i’d like to separate my gadgets into what they do best instead. a good camera will be a high-end phone camera.

  31. josh says:

    for me B:)

  32. kyflo says:

    A or B..

    I am looking for an Android 2.2 or 2.3 phone with a 600Mhz-1Ghz processor, a good GPU, and capacitive display that will be within my chosen price limit.

    CM MAGNUM HD is still kinda expensive even though it is in the B level.

  33. myet says:

    B but c have to think twice if i realy need that bad

  34. Reggie says:

    B.) for midrange featured smartphones for me that i find interesting
    and i can go as high only as D.) if its top-of-the-line like Samsung Galaxy S II with all the bells and whistles, and only if i have the budget right away

  35. Alwin says:

    a smartphone between 10k-15k is the most practical choice for me. i did buy an iPhone, but not brand new. I may consider buying above 15k but definitely not beyond 20k.

  36. Ry says:

    A or B :)

    I still believe a phone should be a phone :)) I don’t like watching movies in small screen nor browsing the internet with it. I will just buy a Tab for that. My phone right now is Nokia C3 :P and it works like a charm for me :)

  37. heckitech says:

    c) I can go up to Php20k but that’s it.

    “LG Optimus 2X” user

  38. Mglrayo says:

    B or C, i think the last thing i bought was an htc wildfire s, i can only afford phones below 20k as of now.

  39. migz says:

    e for me. bought an SGS as soon as it was available here.

    Samsung Galaxy S
    DarkyROM JVH v10.1 RE

  40. thepaper says:

    B or C… =)

  41. wingatu says:

    a) I can only afford smartphones under Php10k.

    Hanggang 3k lang ang budget ko para sa phone.

  42. adam says:

    My answer is c) I can go up to Php20k but that’s it.

  43. Jay Quing says:

    B… Smartphones are getting affordable, at dapat sulitin na rin un. hindi naman kailangang magastos ka para lagi ka connected. kahit nokia 5230 lang current smartphone ko eh naging useful at more-than-just-a-pantext/call na.

  44. yajson says:

    less than 7K..
    sana mas bumaba pa ang price ng lg optimus one..

  45. Chu says:

    b) Between Php10k to Php15k is my preferred budget.
    c) I can go up to Php20k but that’s it.

    What is a good phone in that price range? I’m planning to buy one . :)

  46. Gemsimmx says:

    A to F. But price is respective of the quality of the phone. And when I say quality it means the performance of the device based on it’s hardware coupled with it’s software and the user experience when using the device for any service .

    Maybe the right question is, on the average, what do users want in their smartphone? This is for the Pinoy market only since every market differs. Then after coming up with the baseline of features of what a smartphone should have, time to talk about the price.

  47. Noir says:

    A to B only.

    I see no reason why Smartphone manufacturers need to price them high…

  48. dat1979 says:

    I got my iPhone 3GS in globe postpaid plan it’s all around 14k plus cashout but worth it!

  49. Jam. says:

    Manufacturers should consider this poll seriously, so they’ll know what the people want. For me it’s B to C

  50. 21 says:

    Is iphone 3gs worth to buy? i’m kinda confused, coz it only has 600mhz prcessor whch you can’t much power,,

  51. chinitoguy says:

    This is my preferred choice
    b) Between Php10k to Php15k is my preferred budget.

    I would really love to get a Samsung Galaxy Ace or the upcoming MeeGo powered Nokia N9.

  52. Vince says:

    c) I can go up to Php20k but that’s it.

    Satisfied LG Optimus Black user here :)
    wala pa nga lang available na jellycase :(

  53. Steve Jobs says:

    Nahh… I will get it for FREE.

    My iPhone 3G before is worth Php48,000+ before noong na release sya. But libre ko lang nakuha sa Globe Postpaid.

    I’m using Globe Services and in the same time i get a FREE expensive phone.

    My next smartphone would be FREE.

  54. Pinoy Persuasion says:

    B. Samsung Galaxy Ace satisfied user here. ;)

  55. tebenets says:

    for me 30k is my maximum budget for a smart phone. and thats for the iphone that will be released by apple later this year (?)

  56. lester says:

    i have optimus p500 and it’s a good phone!

  57. lulu says:

    I had a 24k Winmo phone before so my answer should be D. but then, sa dami ng options ng gadgets ngayon, I might buy a ‘next smartphone’ if it’s B. I’m really the type who wants a phone and net connectivity separate because of battery issues (I use wifi whenever there’s a chance). If there’s no B, I’d get a simple phone, then buy a tablet or netbook.

    btw, is there something wrong with the poll, I can’t see the results.

  58. John says:

    Between Php10k to Php15k is my preferred budget.

    I dont need the best ones, just those that are “good enough at the moment” :)

  59. Earl says:

    F for me, dont really mind the price, as long as it appeals to me.

    But i do have to wait for my usual 12mo minimum lock in period from my telco.

  60. DriftSpeed says:

    B to C – no more, no less. If it hadn’t won the LG2xpert contest for 50% off the LG Optimus 2x, I wouldn’t have bought it at its price — I would’ve gotten a Galaxy SL instead. ;)

  61. A-B for me. Why can’t I view the poll results?

  62. Kira says:

    C. I can go up to 20k but thats it. I need an upgraded phone but not too expensive ones. they easily depreciate the following months.

  63. leemar says:

    until C ONLY. 20k thats it!

  64. JepNear says:

    I think my budget falls down to D,
    currently using LG Optimus 2x

  65. gary says:

    i bought my iPhone 3GS 32 gig just only couple of months before the release of iPhone 4 for Php27K. i regret buying my 3GS… and as a result of that regret, i promised to myself that i will not be buying any smartphone anymore… this’ gonna be my last, even apple releases iPhone 99. i dont care anymore.

  66. cxian says:

    I can go as far as >30 if my phone can make me coffee in the morning.

  67. Suplado says:

    F here. though this may not apply everytime, but you gotta pay big for top of the line products.

  68. quzaqi says:

    id give anything as long as it’s smarter than me… that it can do all the thinking for me and not ever go wrong. ha ha ha ha

  69. simplynice93 says:

    A and B! I only get what I need. :)

  70. Kenth says:

    Definitely A, but I can stretch it a bit if I can’t find a unit that fits my need in bracket A (Php10,000 max), to bracket B (Php 10,000-15,000).

  71. KennyV says:

    c.) I can go up to Php20k but that’s it.

    Pero kung kaya A-B, mas ok Hehe

  72. roiji says:

    d) I’ll spend as much as Php25k for a smartphone.
    I hope these smartphones stay low..
    They’re already as expensive as laptops…

  73. sue says:

    I don’t have a car and commuting on public utility is risky so i prefer the lowest range.

  74. Qball says:

    B)Id spend 10-15k budget for a smartphone. Higher than that would be very expensive for me. I would rather spend 25k and above for a good netbook or a laptop, just my 2 cents.

  75. fr0stbyte says:

    I can spend 30K on a smartphone BUT it has be a very capable one.. A phone that will last me at least 3 years. I don’t phones that make me wanna upgrade every year. Pero kung commute C1-00 lang ang dala ko. Hahaha. PH is a very dangerous place for gadgetry

  76. Jonathan says:

    I have A and F. F when I am in a safe area, A for areas that are not safe to have an F phone :)

  77. daniel says:

    B – for a typical middle class family member that is student. i belong there haha.

  78. supernaut says:

    under 10K smartphone is enough for my needs. i can’t even maximize the use of my ideos. :)

  79. okidok says:

    My Nokia E63 is more than enough for my present & I guess future needs, I bought a Galaxy tab WIFI only (P1010) at CMK a couple of mos ago for 16K, its great!. So there goes my budget hehehe :)

  80. bernardo says:

    a)-Because this only fits my budget, I can’t afford to purchase more than 15k for a phone.

  81. jayson says:

    Ill go for b) its not the problem of the budget but it is rather the declining of the price of the phone that runs down so fast..It can have half the price when you bought it in 3-6 mos. So lower price means lower depreciation.. :)

  82. C. 20k. I am a Blackberry user but I tend to look for cheap deals online. I never go to malls to purchase a phone. I will never spend more than 20k for a mobile phone.

  83. ty says:

    c. up to 2ok
    am waiting for htc desire s to drop to 18-20K and ill get one of those smartphone!

  84. Kimberly says:

    b) Between Php10k to Php15k is my preferred budget. Not the cheapest but affordable. i do not like buying expensive phones cause it’s not worth it. Cmon! Phones do depreciate value. With the fast pace of technology, the expensive ones will soon be cheap :D

  85. carlos says:

    a) I can only afford smartphones under Php10k
    because that’s my only budget for a phone..that’s why i’m looking for a high end smart phone..maybe at the range of 5k – 7k :D

  86. bing says:

    personally, my choice would be b. but since i am looking for a smartphone gift for hubby its gonna have to be e-f – you know how it is with boys and their gadgets :) my iphone 4 is great and i dont think ill be replacing it anytime soon but galaxy note seems like a good choice too…

  87. Albert says:

    I pick letter A. and do you have any android phones that costs 10k but it is not made in china please reply A.S.A.P

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