Photo Contest: Capture the Beauty of Smile in B&W

Photo Contest: Capture the Beauty of Smile in B&W

YugaTech and Huawei Philippines are giving away a brand new Huawei P10 smartphone in our latest photo contest below.



  • Participants will be required to submit a photo of a loved one smiling and/or laughing in black & white.

(This is to highlight the monochrome feature of the Huawei P10.)

  • Camera to be used may not necessarily be P10.
  • Alongside the photo, participants will need to include a story on how they make their friends or loved ones smile or laugh.
  • Photos can be uploaded in a blog post (or Tumblr/Medium), FB, or Instagram (needs to be publicly viewable).
  • YugaTech and Huawei PH judges will pick the Top 10.
  • Participants will be contacted to submit the raw or original photo for verification (that they were the one who took the shot / they own the photo).
  • Top 10 entries will be posted on YugaTech, with voting from the public for 1 week. Voting is 30% of the final scoring while 70% will be from the Judges scores.

Please use the following hashtags in your social media posts so we know it’s an official entry — #OO #HuaweixYugaTech

Once you’ve uploaded your entry, please leave a link in the comments section down below so we can easily see them. Submission of entries starts today and ends August 18.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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290 Responses

  1. Aki Frilles says:

    Keep the positive vibe rolling!

  2. elena taeza says:

    pwede slr shot

  3. Jomar says:

    Is this open for Huawei user?

  4. David says:

    kelangan ba mobile phone camera o pwede kahit DSLR?

  5. Steven says:

    Ilang entries po ba limit per person joining this?

  6. Hi, just a question, how many entries are allowed per participant? Thanks!

  7. Winston Navarro says:

    Does the subject really needs to be someone you know? what if I’ve just talked or have had a short joke time with the person and took his pic candidly?

  8. Alonzo says:

    Ang ngiting bubuo ng aking araw

  9. Niña Princess Teriapel says:

    Here’s mine :)

  10. Lorenze Arcel says:

    This is my story po. :)

    https ://

  11. during our 1-week activity in Ilocos

  12. during our 1-week activity & vacation in Ilocos

  13. Lorenze Arcel R. Lualhati says:

    My entry po. Thank you. :)

  14. Maki Fernando says:

    Puede po ba tagalog ung story, di po ako gaanong marunong mag-inggles.

  15. Steven Nico Mendoza says:

    Hi Yugatech. Here’s my entry for this. Hope to win this one ?

  16. JM Dela Cruz says:

    Can I use photos taken with a DSLR?

  17. Good Day!
    Here’s my entry.

    Captured by Huawei Y6ii


  18. good day! here’s my entry.

  19. Sana Magustuhan nyo ang aking entry :)

  20. Mark Daniel Bosito says:

    sorry nag error una kong send. pero eto na po sinend kong entry kanina sana po magustuhan nyo :)

    Thanks ;)

  21. Gerald Estillero says:

    my 2nd entry po. thanks

  22. Gerald Estillero says:

    my 2nd entry. thank you po

  23. Jett Derogongan says:

    This is my entry. Links for Instagram and Fb are here. https ://

  24. Jalapeno says:

    Is it permitted to use dslr?

  25. Gerald Estillero says:

    my 3rd entry. thanks po

  26. febryan says:

    hi po sana po makita nyo entry ko. salamat 1st entry ko po ito

  27. My first enty featuring my beautiful mom

  28. One of my most treasured photos

  29. Unforgettable happy moments

  30. It would be nice to have a nice phone camera to capture more moments like this.

  31. Gerald Estillero says:

    my 4th entry po. thank you

  32. Gerald Estillero says:

    my 4th entry. thank you po

  33. Elldon King Arabit says:

    Here’s the link to my entry po:
    Thank you!

  34. Lorenze Arcel R. Lualhati says:

    My 2nd entry po. Thank you. :)

  35. Elldon King Arabit says:

    Here the link for my 2nd entry:
    Thank you so much!!!

  36. Jan Bryan Aguirre says:

    Here’s my entry. *fingers crossed*

  37. Jasper A. Luzica says:

    Here are my entries!

  38. Francis says:

    This is my entry ??

  39. Kendall Songcuan Bernardo says:

    Here’s my entry:

  40. Hi this is may entry hope you like it.

  41. Hi, this is my entry hope you like it.

  42. Hello yugatech, I try to send my entry I hope you see this one.thanks

  43. Hello yugatech and huawei phil. This is my entry I hope you like it.. Thanks.

  44. Hello yugatech and huawei phil. I hope you like my entry.

  45. The beauty of smile will show by Achieving your dream with someone you love ?
    #OO #HuaweixYugaTech

  46. By achieving my parents dream make them happy and proud that’s the best way to make them smile a genuine one ? next year I will make you proud and smile again pa even Hindi kuna makikita ang ngiti mo pa alam ko pagtungtong ko ng stage sa pagkuha ko ng diploma sa college kasama kita at pinapalakpakan mo ko at naiimagine kuna ang MAGANDA MONG NGITI mo iloveyou pa and imissyou …
    #OO #HuaweixYugaTech

  47. Gerald Estillero says:

    another entry po

    thank you

  48. The person who makes me smile too :)

    PS: Sending hugs to him in heaven. :*

  49. Json says:

    any updates regarding who won in this contest?

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