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6 Apps you should try for more fun Christmas parties

Just a few days before we greet our loved ones a Merry Christmas and you may still be busy with work, Noche Buena preparations, or even last-minute holiday shopping.

But no matter how busy you are, make sure that you come to prepare for those parties with interesting apps you can try with everyone else.

Heads up

  • Players: 2 or more
  • Free on Android; PHP 49 on iOS

You may have seen this being played by Ellen DeGeneres on her show and you can’t blame her since this is really one of the most hilarious games you can play with your friends and family. This app will make your Pinoy Henyo more accurate and easier since it prepares the words and countdown for you right away.

[appbox googleplay com.wb.headsup&hl=en]

[appbox appstore 623592465]


  • Players: 2
  • PHP 99 on Android; PHP 149 on iOS

Get up, grab a partner, and dance with your phone. Whether you’re a good dancer or not, this game will make you dance maybe even with your crush. Simply with a phone, one grabbing each end, the players are guided with a sphere through a path of rings. Next thing you know, you’re already swinging your arms and twisting your body.

[appbox googleplay com.GameOven.Bounden]

[appbox appstore 850456491]

Reverse Charades

  • Players: 2-4 teams
  • Free on iOS and Android

When one person acts out words for the team to guess gets boring, then try Reverse Charades. The app already provides everything you’ll need to play the game, all you got to do is team up and start acting to let that one teammate guess.

[appbox googleplay com.goodknightgame.reversecharades]

[appbox appstore 411517557]



  • Players: 2 or more
  • Free on iOS and Android

Got booze? Then make the most of it with your friends by playing iPuke. This app takes your Truth or Dare session to the next level with ideas like fill your mouth with ice and wait until it melts, do the samba, or even lay on the ground like a starfish for 30 seconds.

[appbox googleplay com.breno.ipuke]

[appbox appstore 596393583]

Evil Apples

  • Players: 4
  • Free on iOS and Android

If you like Cards Against Humanity, then this app is an on-the-go version in your phone. Evil Apples comes with over 4,000 different answers and there are more than 800 questions too, so you’ll struggle to make your way through all of them before the end of the season.

[appbox googleplay com.evilapples.app]

[appbox appstore 645705454]

UNO & Friends

  • Players: 2 or more
  • Free on iOS and Android

Uh oh! You left your UNO cards at home, or worst, you lost it. Well, this app got you covered and we prefer it in a bigger phone or on an iPad/tablet.

[appbox googleplay com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftUOHM]

[appbox appstore 537263603]

So there you have it! Let us know if there are other apps that come in handy during parties and reunions in the comments below. Also feel free to share your experiences with these apps.

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