Facebook care reactions we actually want

Facebook care reactions we actually want

Facebook care reaction has officially been rolled out to other devices. The reaction, which was originally made to connect people more and show compassion online amid the pandemic, became a hit to Filipinos who are naturally empathic. While some are still waiting for the reaction to appear in their smartphones and desktops, others have made their own versions online which we think is better and wish to be true. Here’s what we’ve scoured on our feeds:

For those who have been craving for french fries and savor it on their own


For our fellow tipplers who miss alcohol during the current liquor ban


For those who want to get a taste of Chickenjoy in the country after the ECQ


For Filipinos who are tired of watching press conferences late at night


For those who are longing for chicken wings


For coffee lovers 


For everyone who wants to sip milk tea and chew tapioca pearls


For couples who are currently in LDR this quarantine season



For people who need to replenish essential supplies (which is basically everyone)


For toy collectors who are probably missing Greenhills right now

For those who are having a hard time dealing with isolation

We care about your feelings. ???#WearYourFeelings: www.linyalinya.ph

Posted by Linya-Linya on Saturday, May 2, 2020


For Titas and Titos of Manila…and probably other regions


and last but definitely not the least, for those who always want to win and end an argument strongly. PERIODT!

the new “care” reaction on facebook is cute but we need a “period” reaction, asap

Posted by Remz Tolentino on Thursday, April 30, 2020

And that sums up our list. Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments below. Wash your hands and stay safe, folks!

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