Is buying fake goods worth it?

Is buying fake goods worth it?

In the world of consumer goods there will always be fake ones (or knock-offs or Class A units) especially if when it comes to electronics. Normally, the word fake is always associated to something that is illegal, and if we’re talking about quality, substandard. Yet people keep on buying them because of the dirt cheap price. Is it really worth it?

By definition, fake means something that is not genuine, a counterfeit. It exists in every area including clothes, shoes, electronics, automotive parts, and toys. Luxury brands are mostly the target of counterfeiters.

Producers of these kind of goods have one goal in mind – profit. And in order to do that, they skimp on important parts such as design and quality. That’s why they resort to cheap materials and steal the original’s design, brand and logo. This intention to confuse consumers and lack of quality make these products illegal.

Why is there a demand for fake goods?

There are multiple reasons why a consumer would buy a fake product:

• They want to project an image that they’re using a well-known brand, but can’t afford the original.
• To save on money because they believe that the original brand price their products too much.
• “Pwede na yan” mentality. Mediocrity sometimes play a role. Some buyers would settle with something “that just works” and don’t see the need to invest on quality. Charging cables, for example.


So is it worth it to buy fake goods?

Although we all know that the answer to this one is a resounding no, there’s one factor that makes fake goods really appealing – the price. Fake goods are way cheaper than the original. And if a fake good can satisfy the consumer’s basic needs, it will be hard to resist.

A good example are fake smartphone accessories. If the buyer just needs something to protect his or her device, he/she would go for anything that fits and won’t bother if the plastic is substandard or doesn’t provide the same drop or scratch protection the original has. And if it breaks, it’s easy to replace as it doesn’t cost a lot.

However, going for fake goods will cost you more in the end. Such are the cases of fake batteries and power banks that don’t carry the claimed capacity and tend to bloat or explode, smartphone chargers that ruin the smartphone’s battery making it overheat, and data cables that stop functioning after a few weeks.

In essence, the cons outweigh the pros. By buying fake goods, you’re not getting a bargain, you’re just endangering yourself and your device. Not to mention you’re also funding a crime. So as much as possible, don’t buy fake goods. One way or another, it will do you more harm than good.

Let’s play a quick game, shall we? Spot the fake in the two photos of a Diesel watch below:

One is a $400 watch bought from Macau and the other is a Php4k watch from Greenhills.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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20 Responses

  1. Ethel says:

    Obviously being able to afford original items does not mean you have good taste. Just look at those gaudy, tacky watches.

  2. Alex says:

    Where are the watch images?

  3. el gato says:

    i’m going for the fake 4k watch as its color is more vibrant, imo…

  4. el gato says:

    assuming that the product on the right side of the picture is the fake one… :)

  5. Dissenter says:

    Why would a person buy a fake watch amounting to 4K? Well, social climber are always on the rise in this country, Hahaha, no offense but it is true. Another thing is, okay lang naman ang bumili ng fake for social climbers… fake din naman kasi pinapakita nila… hehehe =)

    Spotting the fake: I think that the fake is the one on the right, as the time on the digital watch could not be seen. Mr Diangson, i have a question, what if these A-Class (fake items) are being sold in a legitimate store? I am positive plenty of store owners are doing this to increase their profit.

    In addition to your article why people buy fake is because the government is of no use (don’t get me wrong, i am just using this for lack of better word. Further, this is a rebuttable presumption). I have tried to inquire through email regarding my concern but, unfortunately and as expected, i did not receive a response.

  6. JessPH says:

    I did a Google image search of red Diesel watches. Surprisingly, the one in the right with a tacky bright red color is the legit one.

  7. Boom Guerrero says:

    This article is discriminating and judgemental. Afaik, some folks prefer knockoffs because they want some of the functionality of the original but don’t care about the finer points that the original has.

    Also, given the pricing scheme in the Philippines, it most of the time is impractical.

    Take for example, getting class a casing for your expensive phone then customizing the hell out of it. Ie add scosche magnetic strips, or grippy stickers. Or paint it to fit your personality.

    Buying the full blown spigen at 2k vs 250php for class a. What would you choose?

    Could it also be, class a for now because panget pa lahat ng cases available?

    • ex flare x user says:

      Panong naging disciminating? E inulit mo nga lang yung pros na sinanabi ng author

    • Carlo says:

      Dear Ex Flare X User,

      For one, ina-assume ng OP na ang mga bumili ng pekeng gamit ay isang Social Climber kapag bumili ka ng pekeng gamit, gusto mong pasikat o pa-“in,” o mas malala, Barat dahil tinitipid mo sarili mo para magmukha kang yayamanin.

      Personally, wala akong problema sa “Class A” na phone CASE, ang Note 3 ko ngayon Class A na Otterbox na nakuha ko ng 500 sa Greenhills, kung hindi 3,500 sa OG Otterbox stall, unavailable na kasi luma na Note 3. At pareho lang namang napu-protect ang Note 3 ko sa pagbagsak at pagbalibag. Ibang usapan na altogether sa “Class A electronics.” Yun HINDI ako bumibili. Ang charger ko ngayon dinagit ko mula sa original Chromecast at sa original Lenovo PHAB, wala namang issues.

      Ang Golden Rule – Hanggang maaari, HUWAG MAGING BARAT PAGDATING SA ELECTRONICS. Baka sumabog yan dahil nakatipid ka lang ng 500.

    • el gato says:

      medyo agree ako kay carlo pagdating sa issue ng electronics.
      personal kong experience na dalawang beses sumabog yung thermaltake 630w smartpower series ko. buti na lang yung isa under warranty sa pc express at dahil out of stock na yung thermaltake, i opted to change it to antec psu (nag add lang ako ng pera). sa kasamaang palad, yung isang thermaltake ko, hindi ko na ma-contact ang isang local reseller.
      kaya ngayon pagdating sa psu: first choice ko na seasonic (M12II 620w/650w, S12II 520w), second choice antec vs 3-yr philippine warranty: silverstone. computer store: pc express sa metro manila, gaisano interpace sa cebu.

      pagdating sa cellphone, barat ako… cherrymobile lang ang kaya ko… :)

  8. kebbot says:

    i wish all people can distinguish fakes from the original… but normaly they dont….. its desame as Christianity ang daming fakes na tinatawag nila sarili nila original… at ang original naman tinatawag ning fake… when people dont seek for the truth they will not find it….. same as sa mga fake na gamit… it looks original but its not…

    • ex flare x user says:

      Ang gamit naman kase alam mo kung saan nabibili ang fake at original. Punta ka lang sa original store nila verify the authenticity, tapos. Ibang usapan naman ang christianity. Meron yang batayan ng pagkakilala sa katotohanan, nag iisa lang yan yun ang biblya.

      sa christianity kase kapag nasatisfy na ang tao sa mga naririnig nya, sa services offered, sa experiences, miracles etc.., ok na sila dun. Gaya ng mga umiiyak na rebultong meron daw mirakulo, yung tubig na nkakapagpagaling daw na galing sa gilid ng parokya nila pero tumagas lang pla yun na linya ng maynilad, yung mga nkakapgpagaling daw ng sakit pag nagpahid ka ng towel mo sa inukit na imahe ng santo, meron pa yung mas nagustuhan niya yung serbisyo gaya ng meron silang open forum para sa mga problemado sa pamilya, meron kayong weekly group sessions gaya ng jam singing open forum etc., tas ang pinakamalala pa yung mga bulaang propeta(fake preacher), nagpapanggap na sila daw ay mga diyos, appointed son of god, meron daw mysterious sa biblya na kaya daw wala sa biblya kase di maeexplain which contradicts the bible(ex trinity), pananampalataya lang daw or ilagay mo lang si Jesus sa puso mo e ok na daw yuun kahit walang religion.

      lahat ng yan pag naniwala sila diyan at nasatisfy sila without consulting the bible, paniniwalaan na nila na yun ang true religion na kinaaaniban nila.

      At syempre kaya merong mga ganyan para na rin matutong mag suri ang tao sa dapat at tamang paraan ng pag lilingkod. Utos ng Diyos yan e. Ng ma destinguish ng tao ang fake sa true religion

  9. Buy a real watch says:

    Buying a diesel watch worth $400 is pointless. If you want a watch worth that much, then buy it from a real watch maker. Diesel seems branded but it’s quality is substandard compared to the legit ones. Sorry out of topic! Lol

  10. c says:

    4k for a fake? mahal pa iyon ha. 500 pa siguro. Sa 4k manghihingayang ka pa rin noon kung manakaw o mawala kagaya ng original

  11. El Gato says:

    Author, alin ba Ang fake at orig sa pic?

  12. FriedChick says:

    Anong kagaguhan ito, 4k watch fake rin naman. Bobo bibili nyan, tangina ano mapapala mo jan, pangkain mo nlng or palamon mo sa pamilya. Bibili pa ng basura d naman magagamit yan. Ay meron po pantingin ng oras… punyemas 4k para sa fake na orasas, tingin ka nlng sa phone mo may orasan din un.

    • Jays says:

      Pang 150 watch lang yung tone ng reply mo. Dude, dun ka sa thread ng CherryMobile. You just dont belong here.

  13. Vince says:

    4K fake watch? I think this article is saying that you need to look for a better fake watch supplier. 400 pesos lang yan if you find the right seller. Hayyyyy

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