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Nokia Ovi Maps with Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Nokia has just announced it is now offering Ovi Maps with turn-by-turn navigation to all users globally. Best of all, it’s also available for the Philippines for free.

The new Maps menu takes one click to calculate the best way to walk or drive to your destination, and to find your position, find places, find local Lonely Planet and Michelin listings, entertainment, or events nearby.

ovi maps

Best of all, the Maps can work even if you’re offline since the map data is already downloaded into your mobile phone (there’s be instances that map data is partially downloaded or new data needs to be downloaded from time to time).


The Ovi Maps with GPS navigation is currently available for the following handset models:

  • Nokia E72
  • Nokia N97 Mini
  • Nokia X6
  • Nokia E52
  • Nokia E55
  • Nokia 6730 Classic
  • Nokia 6710 Navigator
  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition
  • Nokia 5230

No luck for owners of Nokia N97 and Nokia N900 though. The installation file is about 27.5MB and can be installed via the Nokia PC Suite. You can download it here.

See some screen shots here:

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64 Responses

  1. Awesome…this will help boost the company sales..For now N97 will be on the older Nokia Maps. But I think it will be solve by mods soon.

  2. Too bad! Why is E51 not included? :(

  3. Phil says:

    are there maps available for the philippines though?

  4. ryan ang says:

    no e71 support :(

  5. luiboowee says:

    Can’t wait to try it. :)

  6. asda says:

    d po ba yan pede sa n70?

  7. This is really cool! Oh man, I really hope that they make this available for N97 and N900 users too. Thanks for the info!

  8. Wekie says:

    If hope they will release a 2008OS Maemo version

  9. part says:

    yugs, is there a similar app for the iphone? i saw a lot of apps on itunes but i’m not sure which works well.

  10. Sanctuarian06 says:

    N73 is not included. :(

  11. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Lack of GPS. :(

  12. jmpet says:

    is it really free? I tried it on my e52 it works for a few mins then it stops. Then prompts for a licence to use the turn by turn feature.

  13. Ton says:

    “in 50 meters, turn right….now….before the MMDA turns around” —> yan sir, ang turn by turn

  14. xxxx says:

    malas 5530 ako eh :(

  15. Nokia comes through again. They’re very proud of what they’ve delivered.

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  17. J says:

    Nokia’s ovi maps is compatible with e71. The Philippine map looks great!:-P

    For Iphone and Android users, Ndrive works. Although their map is very incomplete, especially when it comes to side streets.

  18. yatah! says:

    sana next compatible na ang n82 ko…

  19. yatah! says:

    sana next week compatible na ang n82 ko…

  20. jojo30 says:

    Help! I downloaded the new Ovi Maps on my E72, and I uploaded the Philippine Map but i don’t see any street names or even streets on the map or terrain view.. but when I switch to satellite view I see houses and landmarks and such, but no street names or labels of any kind.. is there something i’m doing wrong, some setting that i didn’t enable/disable?

    This was the same problem I had with the old version. I have better look with Google Maps, but I’m really curious to try Ovi Maps… plus I read you don’t have to be connected to the net in order for it to run, unlike Google Maps.

  21. Ron says:

    Hi Abe!

    I was able to download and install their map updater, loader and the map for the philippines.

    However, once i start using the turn by turn navigation, it goes online and displays a pricelist for their “premium service” and asks for my credit card info.

    I thought it’s supposed to be free :(

  22. Ron says:

    by the way, I am using an e66 and an n95 8gb

  23. junp says:

    @ron↲If your phone is supported, you have to update ovi maps first to version 3.03 either thru FOTA or map updater via pc. And thats it, you get the free navigation. You could also download the phil map thru OTA or map loader via pc. Hope this helps.

  24. Jovz says:

    Downloading via OTA is an option I recommend =) Lovin’ the new OVI maps look and free navigation on my E52 ;)

  25. jmpet says:


    Napagana mo ba ung turn by turn direction? Gumagana lang sakin sandali then humihinto na.

  26. To download new ovi maps via pc is easier on this link:

    Note: Pls try also to update your handsets firmware before downloading to avoid issues and guess what i even downloaded new ovi map in my samsung omnia hd (hacked).

  27. Jovz says:


    yup.las pinas to sta.lucia via the new C5 extension worked like a charm =) hows ur GPS signal?mines constant at 80-90%

  28. Jes says:

    Will the Ovi Map work in other cities in the country? Davao, for example?

  29. Dreb says:

    di ba nababawasan load nyo mga boss? saken kase nabawasan eh.. kahit offline mode sa maps..

  30. Dreb says:

    bali nung tinanggal ko pala yung agps sa settings ayun di na makareceive.. Tapos yung 70 na load ko naging 36 na lang..

  31. Tyron says:

    I emailed nokia and asked them if the update will be available for other devices such as my 5730. This is what they said.

    “Please be informed that currently, the maps of the Philippines is non-navigable so eventhough there is a free license for maps, it is not applicable. Only navigable maps can use the free licensing.”

    That’s weird so this is not free in the Philippines or they just don’t understand me?

  32. parenghilton says:

    sinubukan namin yan sa nokia 5800 dito sa bulacan.. yung main road lang ang kita dito di katulad sa manila na lahat ng roads… pero cool kasi free

  33. tony says:

    this app is amazing. street level maps available- i tried it alabang-slex to southwoods. navigation with voice assist available- “turn right at the next corner, after 100 meters, slightly turn left”–astig.

    yun nga lang after 5 minutes, nag stop because nag expire license. i have to pay 12K for 1 year. yikes. hehe. btw, im a proud owner of a n5800.

  34. Nikka says:

    @jojo30 – Suggest you call up Nokia Careline at 886-1234 to get help. You might have downloaded the map on a different drive (memory card or device). To use Ovi Maps offline (assuming you’ve already download the required map data), just go to MENU->INTERNET->CONNECTION->OFFLINE.

  35. Nikka says:

    @tony — download the new Ovi Maps app for your 5800 from Ovi Maps is now free, no more licenses to worry about =)

  36. Dreb says:

    yup.. free yung maps.. pero kahit offline yung connections basta naka agps settings mo babawasan ka pa rin..

  37. Nikka says:

    @Dreb – To avoid any mobile data charges, set Ovi Maps to OFFLINE mode and set POSITIONING METHOD to only Integrated GPS (unselect Bluetooth GPS, Assisted GPS, and Network based). However, it may take longer for your device to fix its location since it will have to find the nearest satellite on its own without help from the mobile network.

  38. tucson boy says:

    napagana ko na sa e52 ko kelagan lang pala update yung nokia maps, di na sya nanghihingi ng license

  39. jojo30 says:

    @nikka – Thanks! I’ll give it a shot..

  40. jessica says:

    hi, i tried using this application but it says there is a 30 day license.. i thought this is free?? thanks

  41. Dreb says:

    @Nikka.. Thanks for that.. It’s not free after all.. It really sucks your load..

  42. Alex says:

    Installed the new OVI maps application and the latest Philippine map. This is the free version. It worked well on most places. Some turns in Ortigas are not accurate though. I was really surprised at the performance. Few more tweaks and this could rival those of stand alone gps devices.

  43. jinsumaden says:

    i just downloaded OVI maps fom nokia but it doesn show maps. it only show the coordinates.

    i went back to nokia site. but to no avail, i can findt where to download a map. i need mapp for the whole philippines. as i will be travelling this whole year. and i need the map the works offline.
    i tried google but cant work without GPRS.

    i need help. please mail me where to download the maps that i can use offline..

    [email protected]

  44. Dreb says:


    unfortunately you cannot use it online.. you know why? because you cannot get a good signal.. so you are opted to use agps functionality..

    just to remind everyone:

    maps = free

    agps = not free

  45. jinsumaden says:

    @dreb imjust looking forthe map. as i said clearly i want to use it offline.

    @alex where did you download your map? please send me link for the latest philippine map

  46. Dreb says:

    I believe it is on the OVI software.

  47. jinsumaden says:

    ahuhuhu getting frustrated now. the ovi navigator is working wht the red dot. but wehre is the map? its just blank.. i see latitude and longitude on the GPS. but where am i? its just blank. is there a way to download the map without connecting to the internet. ive been looking in the web thru pc. where to download the map but still. frustration.. ahhh!! help dreb.

  48. Nikka says:

    @jinsumaden: what you downloaded was probably only the ovi maps app and not yet the map itself. suggest you visit []
    where there’s a step-by-step tutorial on installing ovi maps.

  49. jinsumaden says:

    just downloaded maploader and now workibg on asian grid.. thanks a lot

  50. Paolo Ong says:

    I don’t know how to view the map for Philippines. It seems that there is no support for my Nokia e75 for Philippine maps.

  51. Bong Nate says:

    Nokia OVI map works well in Nokia N95. Navigation is also ok.
    I also install google map for good and finer resolution satellite view. But unfortunately, you cannot use the google map if you are offline.
    I tried to install MGMAPS with pre-downloaded google map but there is a problem with user data access. I hope Nokia will solve this problem.

    I install MGMAPS with pre-downloaded google map satellite view in Samsung Jet. It works fine. I am yet to test if position updates automatically if I travel.

  52. jinsumaden says:

    been using ovia maps now since my last download. works fine for beginner GPS users but as most say, it details only manila.but it is still good kasi it show the major roads.

  53. tony L says:

    works fine! used the map in Cavite and Pampanga. street level is quite accurate.

  54. rochell bonamy says:

    i bought a nokia 6730 classic because of this.
    i can’t get it to find my position.

    is this because of globe telecoms?

    sorry clueless.

  55. tyron says:

    Nokia GPS phones don’t lock in as quick as standalone GPS devices. Give it a few more minutes. My 5730XM locks in about 3 minutes or so on open ground and clear sky without A-GPS..

  56. rochell bonamy says:


    I’m trying it as of this moment.
    Out of desperation, i tried putting in a smart simcard. it made progress. it was able to locate where i am. (although it was 300 meters inaccurate)

    when i placed my globe sim back, it was (again) back to normal. (can’t detect where i am)

    i asked globe how and they told me that gps isnt possible yet here in our country.

  57. rochell bonamy says:

    i was able to make it work (finally)
    I was stuck in traffic and I left the map on. after 4-6 minutes, it was able to track where I am.
    So everytime i will use it, I have to be motionless for about 5 minutes.
    I cant make the navigation to work though. (it says connection is required. when i choose go online, it cant.)

  58. Ryan Ng says:

    Bro yuga ask lang… N82 phone ko plano ko bumili nlang ng license for Ovi Maps for GPS… ask lang credit card kasi payment nito. Peso ba ang bayaran or Dollar?

  59. dru says:

    I bought N8 yesterday and i use ovi maps through wifi at home. it was a 100meters inaccurate. any 1 pls help. Im using globe prepaid.

    • Bongnate says:

      Use the built in GPS receiver of the phone and do not rely to A-gps if you are not in city
      Get outside under open sky to get more accurate position.

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