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Android “L” UI compared against MIUI 6 on Xiaomi Mi 4

One of the most awaited announcements from Google is its new version of OS — now known only by the name Android L. We’ve reported before that it promises a significant boost in performance and even in battery life, but one of the most noticeable change is its layout. Here is a comparison from a thread at MIUI’s site of the awaited Android L against the new MIUI 6 that was just announced last week.

Left: MIUI 6 | Right: Android "L"

Left: MIUI 6 | Right: Android “L”


MIUI’s Lock Screen allows you to swipe up or left to launch Camera app. Android L adds sideways swipe that gives access to your dial pad.


MIUI 6 shows the number of notifications inside a circle. Android L, on the other hand, lets you reply directly to notifications with its “Smart Lock Screen”.

Home Screen

Tiled and flat are MIUI’s icons while Android L’s are cut-out and most are already familiar.



MIUI offers an entire frosted background to make the icons pop out more. Stock Android L limits the icons inside a window.

Notification Toggle - MIUI 6

The notification bar of the MIUI 6 can accessed by swiping down anywhere on the screen. Users may swipe left and right to go to notification toggle.

Notification Toggle - Android L

With Android L swipe down once for the notification bar, twice for the notification toggle.

Recent Apps - MIUI 6

Still on a frosted background, MIUI’s Recent Apps can be viewed as apps or cards. Swipes up to close.

Recent Apps - Android L

This is Android L’s Recent Apps function that swipes sideways to close card-like apps.

Animation - MIUI 6

Icons for MIUI are uniquely animated – tiles have shadows when you move them, they shake like in iOS, and have “firework” effects when you delete them.

Animation - Android L

Animation for Android L are seen while setting options and on Recent Apps.

From what we can see, MIUI 6’s interface is going after an iOS look. Partner that with the Mi 4’s display and we’re looking at colorful tiles on a Full HD resolution. Android L, however, still keeps its classic appeal but definitely with some tweaks. Both look very easy to navigate around with and are aesthetically pleasing in their own ways.

But if you were to choose, which user interface would better suit you?


Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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17 Responses

  1. Komento says:

    O tapos?

  2. TessPinga2 says:

    Agree. What’s the point of this article?

    • archie says:

      Maybe the article was about comparing MIUI versus Android L to show their ups and downs? What the fuck with people asking stupid questions on obvious answers? Ganun na ba talaga kababa ang literacy rate sa Pinas? No wonder nananalo ang tulad ni Noynoy sa bansa natin.

    • biya says:

      binigyan lang yan ng internet feeling na matalino sya eh. kaya walang asenso ang Pinas dahil sa mga taong makagraduate lang ng HS at nakahawak ng PC at nakakapaginternet eh feeling magaling na

  3. Emily says:

    Yung recent apps ng MIUI also copied the recent apps by Windows Phone by Microsoft?

  4. Di nga says:

    Tech Site kasi to.. kahit engadget, gsmarena, anandtech, tomshardware eh nagrereview/nagcocompare ng interfaces.

    magcomment ng may sense hindi un makapagcomment lang. gamitin din kasi ang utak paminsan minsan

    • boy bezel says:

      bigyan mo ako ng link sa mga binanggit mo na site na nagcocompare ng miui 6 sa android l.

    • Boybezeltanga says:

      Nakakapaginternet ka ni simpleng google search di mo magawa?

      at konting lawak ng utak naman, may sinabi akong Android L at MIUI LANG ? gumamit ka din ng reading comprehension pero unahin mo muna pagkuha ng utak sa palengke

  5. francis says:

    no second thought, miui has the best customizable os in smartphone world… so many awesome themes to choose from, and hindi lang theme yung napapalitan, almost everything changes like dialer, messenger, lockscreen, settings, icons etc.

    • archie says:

      Have you tried using MIUI launcher? Stable ba ang interface? Susubukan ko kasing gamitin yung MIUI6 sa Sony Z1 ko and I just need first hand users’ comments. Thanks.

  6. Justin says:

    All this just to compare UIs?

    Wow, dude. You either need to look for something more substantial to write about… or get a life.

    • archie says:

      Why are you demanding things from the writer when they’re not demanding anything from you? Tech blog ito natural na may comparisons na mangyayari. Just fuck off or ignore it if you don’t like the article.

    • kuratong says:

      How about you go home and hang yourself justin

  7. EveryoneIsACopycats says:

    but then, when did miui ui copied from? it’s pretty obvious from iOS.. I know since I own both device :))

    though what I hate about android is those clutter ui to start with(and samsung for overdoing it), It’s pretty cool they’re doing the minimalistic style this time :P

    Read my name and deal with it, originality is a thing from the past :))

    • archie says:

      Wrong. Meizu’s Fly UI was first to use that almost flat icon interface years before Android Jelly Bean and iOS adapted the minimalist look. Some designs are meant to be copied unintentionally but iOS is blatant to patent their works as ‘original ideas’.

    • EveryoneIsACopycats says:

      I’m not talking about the icon design only(not ios 7 alone), I’m talking about the ui in general. mi3 got only home pages same as ios(instead of using the android stock ui, they actually change the whole ui and make it look inspired with ios ui), the setting’s arrangement is also looks the same and any other element. The very first impression after using my mi3 for the first time? it really looks familiar.

      and check the very first miui 1 up to the latest.

  8. Christian says:

    I’m not digging Android L’s interface. It seems to use more power and memory. I’m wondering how they could achieve Peoject Volta with it. With Android L’s launch, I am not as thrilled as the time when my Nexus 7 transformed from JB to KitKat.

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