Android One: stock Android & software updates for developing markets

Android One: stock Android & software updates for developing markets

Google has just announced that they have a new initiative for developing markets called Android One – allowing manufacturers such as Micromax, Karbon & Spice to create stock Android phones that will get software updates. It will start in India first very soon, and possibly, it might catch up in the Philippines.

Android One picture


With that said, we might no longer have to worry about software updates with affordable phones. Manufacturers can still, however, pre-install apps into the phone. Google has boasted one phone with dual SIM connectivity, an SD card slot and FM radio just for under $100.

{Google IO}

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8 Responses

  1. Pipoy says:

    Good news. long the outcoming os in android will.blatantly copy by the.copycut os ios apple.

  2. Easy E says:

    nice. Sana lahat ng existing na mga low-to-midrange phones ay mapalitan/malagyan ng android one.

  3. 74 68 65 6f says:

    Masasayahan diyan ang mga users ng rebranded phones
    ng Micromax, Karbon & Spice

    (diba Karbonn A9+ rebranded to cherry mobile flare s100)

  4. archie says:

    They should have done that before. Ngayon lang nila narealize na nasisira ang branding ng android OS dahil sa nagkalat na cheap handsets sa market. Ang argument na lang sa developers eh kung open source pa rin silang matatawag kung maiimplement din ang android one sa expensive flagship phones na laging ineexpand ang hardware line nila.

    • 74 68 65 6f says:

      My guess:

      Google Silver for high-end phones
      Google One for low-end phones…

      Android OS Software features will vary depending on what hardware features are available on that device…
      Surely things like IR blaster, WiDi and NFC wouldn’t be present in low-end phones..

    • Helveltica says:

      I agree! Android OS alone is one of the best thing we have right now in tech industry. There is too much of nice things comes with it, but still no perfect OS out there so there are some issues comes along. The ones tainting the Android platforms are some of the OEMs. Some making very bad quality devices and some ruining the UX (bloatwares, instability, un-optimized, ugly UI).

      Android One should fulfill the promise from when they’re developing the early version of Android OS several years ago. The promise are making a smartphone for everybody that is updatable (there are still limitations when the hardware is too old for newer versions).

      I hope this will (almost) end the long-running OS version fragmentation plague on Android platform.

  5. Tess pinga 2 says:

    Pwede po ba pa demo ng android dto sa ofc nmin sa qc? Thanks

  6. Senior says:

    dko ito ma gets so meaning magkakarun na ng updates yung OS na stock up na lang kung swan sya?… diva KITKIT na ngaun! so un mga previous one mag update na parang ganun ba?

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