Google Chrome TV Ad

Google Chrome TV Ad

When people say that TV is dead and Google is the new screen, it’s going to baffle them when they see Google Chrome in a TV commercial.


I have to admit, it’s a nice commercial though.

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23 Responses

  1. mike says:

    i like the ad, it’s like a spin off of those drawn cartoon type ads like twitter has.

  2. nicely done…im using chrome browser..its nice…

  3. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    so is google evil now because they are so big :)

  4. edz says:

    GOOGLE wants to dominate the INTERNET!!!!

  5. Lezuric says:

    i’ll stick yo mozilla

  6. sky says:

    very nice :D

  7. NIEL says:

    My default browser is Google Chrome. It is simply amazing.

  8. Darren says:

    very cute commercial film ~ ^__^

  9. Kenneth Yamat says:

    i got what they are trying to point and i admit that chrome and safari has better interfaces than mozilla but ill stick to it. as to what i have experienced it has faster download speeds, better add -ons , other utilities and over all better browsing experience.

  10. Rome says:

    hey, that advertisement was done a loonnngggg time ago! Heheh! Anyway, simula nung i-launch yung Google Chrome yan na ang default browser ko. I find it faster (and easier/simpler) than Firefox and IE. Ang complain ko na lang siguro ngayon eh yung Internet speed(??!??).. Ang bagal pa rin ng Internet sa Pilipinas! Mabilis nga Chrome, di naman masabayan ng Internet speed(?).. Buti pa sa abroad nama-maximize nila yung speed ng Chrome kasi mabilis na rin Internet nila. Kelan kaya tayo magkakaroon noon?

  11. Fried Pal says:

    Somewhat funny, I guess.

  12. Jim says:


    I think when it was released a couple of months ago it was only released on the web via youtube of course but never released as an actual ad spot on TV.

    It is only now that it is being released as an actual ad you will see while surfing your TV (most probably in the US first) now and that’s what it makes it significant.

  13. keiko says:

    I hope Chrome is standard safe just like mozilla… or else webmasters will curse it like IE hehe

  14. Carl says:


    Yes it is beyond standard safe, since hackers find it difficult to break because of the sandboxing feature it has which blocks them along the way.

  15. mike says:

    i think it uses a rendering engine similar to what safari uses, if not the same one. But I still use firefox as a benchmark for my work.

    if there will be add-ons like firebug and tamper data on chrome i may consider shifting.

  16. Glenn says:

    Nice tv ad! simple yet cute! haha!

    I use Chrome in the office. I just don’t understand why whenever I leave it open for a long time without me using it, it does not open pages anymore and instead just shows “Resolving Proxy” in the status bar…

  17. Efren says:

    that browser is cool..

  18. Hussein says:

    Nyok. Matagal na to ah. Sana pakita to sa Pinas no?

  19. FriendlyHoaX says:

    I thoughts it’s chrome? But Why is it colored blue?

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