Google Nexus One Review

Google Nexus One Review

The Nexus One is Google’s latest self-branded smartphone. It has gone a long way since the Google G1 over a year ago. So, before you have one delivered to the Philippines, check out our Google Nexus One review first.

nexus one

First, let’s get one thing out of the way — the Nexus One wasn’t really manufactured by Google. HTC is the company behind it, the same phone manufacturer that did the Google G1. Google’s involvement is with the design concept and software integration. It’s an interesting partnership since HTC also promotes its own Android-powered handsets like the HTC Magic and HTC Hero.

google nexus

The Nexus One has a solid design — combine a thin form factor, sexy curved edges with a polished finish and you get an almost perfect body. What’s a bit disappointing is the color tone used in the finish of the handset — the brown and dark gray combo turned out drab, bordering on ugly. Had they gone with a brushed-metal finish, it would have turned out nice (like that of the HTC Hero).

There’s not much physical buttons here — besides the optical trackball and power button, the only other button present is the volume rocker on the left side. There are dedicated touch points engraved on the bottom of the capacitive screen for Search, Home, Menu and Back. The bottom end houses the micro-USB port aligned with small metal contact points that’s used to connect to the optional dock (sold separately). At the back is the 5MP camera and LED flash.


The 3.7-inch screen is impressive — bright and crisp AMOLED display with resolution of 480×800 pixels. The screen real estate is large enough for comfortable viewing of web pages, Google Maps and watching videos. What the screen really is missing is multi-touch especially for browsing, viewing photos and navigating the maps. However, there are reports that the handset is capable of multi-touch and can be activated by a software update (The UK model has multi-touch and it is rumored that Google had a secret deal with Apple to temporarily disable multi-touch on the Nexus One for the US due to patent issues).

The Nexus One is powered by QualComm’s SnapDragon processor running 1GHz and you can really feel the responsiveness and how quick tasks and applications run on this handset. I’ve used the HTC Hero beside this unit and you can really spot the difference between the 528MHz and the 1GHz CPU. I’ve also tried the HTC HD2 (same 1GHz CPU) run WinMo 6.5 smoothly. The CPU performance really adds to a better over-all experience.

The connectivity options worked just fine — 3G/HSDPA, WiFi 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth. There’s no noticeable problems with 3G on both Globe and Smart, contrary to earlier reports in the US. What’s telling is that the Nexus One does not have native controls to turn on/off mobile internet — Google really expects you to have connectivity all the time. Good thing there’s a 3rd-party widget/app you can install to control this (saves on data charges and battery life). On the contrary, I have that widget built-in with the HTC Hero. The handset does not recognize the 3G network so APN settings have to be manually inputted.

The Google Android OS 2.1 has a number of improvements in it compared to version 1.5 which I am using on the Hero. However, they’re mostly cosmetic upgrades — live wallpapers, slightly new UI and better contacts list, among others. Using GMail is way better as the Contacts list automatically fills up the recipients filed as you type in the email addresses, a feature I didn’t have with the Hero.


The apps in the Android Marketplace is now more appreciated than ever, with applications and widgets running much better. I have yet to purchase a paid app though so that will be for another entry in the future.

The virtual keyboard is comfortable to use and responsive. Text input is still a pain in the first few weeks of using the unit. It gets better as you add more terms into the built-in dictionary. The predictive text gives you multiple choices at a time but you need to teach it which terms to include in the dictionary. The voice-to-text feature is nice, especially for searching. Unfortunately, my diction/accent doesn’t help a lot with the translation.

One other feature of the Nexus One that got my attention off the bat was the performance of the camera. The camera is snappy and has fast focusing. The photos have good white balance and color saturation too. Here are sample photos I took:

Video recording is almost as impressive and nearing HD quality (720×480 pixels at 20fps).

At the same time, video playback is smooth and not jumpy although the player is very simple and doesn’t support fit-to-screen to maximize viewing size. Random skipping from scene to scene is a snap and the audio is always in sync with the video. Audio volume is decent but not loud enough for open playback.

As for battery life, the Nexus One scored low in this aspect. I’d say one and a half days on regular use but expect to re-charge the handset at the end of the day, especially if you’re into mobile GMail and Twitter. Always bring the charger cable with you.

There are some stuff and features I missed from the HTC Hero with HTC Sense UI and Android 1.5 that I’ve been using for months:

  • I missed the HTC Sense UI. It’s a nice addition on top of the Android UI. I missed the customizable calendar widgets and weather widget.
  • The Calendar app on the HTC Hero is better compared to the Nexus One in terms of usability. It’s more visual and a lot less like the boring Google Calendar.
  • The Nexus One only has 5 panels while the one on the HTC Hero has 7 (due to HTC Sense UI, Android 1.5 has 3 panels by default). That’s one point there for the HTC Sense.
  • The optical trackball auto-scrolls the panels on the go with the Android 1.5. With version 2.1, the trackball selects widgets/icons in a row of the current panel before it scrolls to the next panel. Doesn’t make sense from a usability stand-point — I don’t need the trackball to select an icon/app/widget, I use the touchscreen.

The Nexus One is a great handset. The 1GHz SnapDragon is the heart of it all, if you asked me. This is more evident when doing a lot of multi-tasking. And for $529, I think it’s a steal. The Android OS 2.1 didn’t bring much to the table aside from eye-candy compared to the older versions of Android.

Update: The official Google Nexus One blog posted an entry that a software update will be available starting today. This includes a fixed to enable multi-touch functionality. Coolness! The update is not yet available on my unit though.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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127 Responses

  1. ryan ang says:

    ang balita meron na daw OTA update for nexus one with multitouch.. :D

  2. Sayang! Nalolow batt kaagad. Hope they compensate by offering the Nexus One at a affordable price

  3. solaris says:

    Nexus One is the new gadget to have and the new gadget to beat. iPhone = passe and is about as cool as wearing Abercombie polos – eg. Everybody has one, or everybody has a fake one.

  4. jumper says:

    THANK YOU for NOT doing an iPhone-comparison-masquerading-as-a-review. THANK YOU for evaluating the product AS IT IS and not resorting to the old and tired “Nexus One has this, BUT THE IPHONE STILL RULEZZZZZZ” B.S.!

  5. arnold says:

    Here’s how to force update your Nexus One’s software. Don’t have to wait for Google to push it OTA. :-)

    Multitouch and improved 3G!

    Teka will read your review muna. :-)

  6. ryan says:

    Quite expensive but very attractive

  7. arnold says:

    Also, you forgot to mention about the voice-to-text and voice search features of the N1. Those are two major points. Nonetheless, very good review.

  8. nexusonefan says:

    nice review.

    btw, there is an option to turn off mobile internet natively. just go to settings >> account and sync settings, and turn off backround data.

    pa-inform naman kami pg nakapag-update ka na dun sa bagong sw. :)

  9. yuga says:

    @nexusonefan – thanks for pointing that out. Was used to the Settings on the Hero didn’t see this one in there. However, even if that was turned off, I noticed TwitDroid is still updating from the background.

  10. lei says:

    i can’t seem to download any paid apps on my n1 though. not sure if this is just my phone.

  11. arnold says:

    @Lei – me neither. Paid apps in the Android Market I think is not yet enabled. (correct me if i’ wrong here Abe).

  12. Jon says:

    Nice review. Well balanced. :) I would love to have a N1, but the thing that turns me off most is the absence of a physical keyboard. I wish they would release something with similar specs that has a qwerty keyboard.

    Being a fairly new Android OS user, I really love it so far, much more intuitive, and less confusing too. There is one technique I use with the Android to disable 3G/GPRS connectivity, especially when I don’t need it or running low on battery. I simply make a dummy APN, and make set it as the active one. I use AnyCut to make a shortcut to APNs on my Home screen so that I can easily toggle it. Works for me, since I’m on wifi most of the time, and I don’t have a data plan, just on prepaid.

  13. val says:

    Pag available na ang N1 dito sa Pinas, sana hindi exclusive sa isang carrier, sana we can buy it unlocked.

  14. suyog says:

    is it having simple and basic feature of FM radio receiver? I dont know why so called top end, very expensive phones dont have it

  15. lei says:

    val – the N1 was never locked in the first place, actually :) i’m currently using mine with my globe sim.

  16. Seph says:

    Nice review yuga!

    in addition to nexusfan’s comment:
    If you want to disable 3g you can also go to
    Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> Mobile Networks
    then check Use Only 2g networks.

    If you need a quick solution there is an app available in the android market called APNDroid.

    I think one way to access paid apps is to buy the lite / free version of the app and there should be a link for the paid version. Or maybe because paid apps are only available for a certain region. to check for availability i use this site:

    Here’s my personal review of Nexus one (been using it for 2 weeks now):

    – it looks very nice. too bad no all black/chrome color.
    – media player, audio video and picture quality is great
    – Google apps integration if your a Google user,
    *Google maps is superior to iphone.
    *google googles – take a picture to get data related to it.
    – voice to text input is amazing :) but you need an Internet Connection.
    – for geeks like me – Android SDK is free, so you can make and sell apps.

    Not Good:
    – i still think the trackball is a little off.
    – touch is good, but not as good as iphone, still ok though.
    – android market lacks premium apps, few apps so far that looks good/designed for Nexus One.
    – screen is not glare resistant, hard to see anything under sunlight (dont know if this is the case for other phones).
    – 512 MB limit for apps. You cant install your apps on the SD card. unless of course you root it.

    Sorry for the long comment but i just want to share my experience also!

    have a nice day everyone!

  17. Mojics says:


    ayos ah.. nakabili ka na ba?

    gusto ko sana bumili e.. wala lang ako makunan kung saang place..

  18. misterbvs says:

    motorola will also be partnering with google this year to create another android-based smartphone. :)

  19. lolipown says:

    One question taht has been bugging me for quite sometime now…

    How was the experience switching from OSX (your iPhone) to the Android? (Nexus One or the Hero.. whichever currently your main phone is)

  20. rjgolo says:

    Just manually installed the update for the Nexus One and it seems it made my N1 a bit faster and responsive. Also, multitouch is now enabled without rooting!!!

  21. solarisdreams says:

    i do believe a side-by-side should be done with the iphone. for one thing, the screen on the N1 is way bigger, brighter, and well, there’s also that small thing called multitasking.

    N1 + latest update to enable multitouch = where-have-you-been-all-my-life device.

    RE paid apps, as stated in the android troubleshooting section, paid apps are only available in certain countries. About 15 or so…Philippines is not one of them so we’ll have to live with free-apps for a little bit.

    Oh yeah, did I mention this is way thinner and lighter than an iphone?

  22. anonymous says:

    512MB for apps ONLY and can’t save apps on memory card? jeeezzz, that s*cks =(

    it’s quite confusing… nexus one runs on a 3G network but not compatible with AT&T in the U.S. (only T-mobile US for now)

    so if it ain’t compatible, i presume it doesn’t run with Globe/Smart/Sun 3G as well, am I right??

  23. lei says:

    Mojics – yup! ordered mine last jan 8 and had it shipped here.

  24. hehe says:

    gumagana nga sa Globe/Smart (and i assume Sun).

    Open Source FTW!!! go android!

    android phones para sa mga geeks
    iphone para sa mga pa cute at gusto maging IN!

    hehe joke lang apple fanboys…

  25. rjgolo says:

    Gumagana siya sa Globe, Smart and Sun. Personally tested ko yan. :)

  26. anonymous says:

    i’ve ran across website and tech specs on Cellular and Wireless say:

    UMTS Band 1/4/8 (2100/AWS/900)
    HSDPA 7.2Mbps
    HSUPA 2Mbps
    GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
    Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)
    Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
    A2DP stereo Bluetooth

    At first I was worried that N1 can only connect through Edge/2G dito sa Pinas. Since both Globe and Smart run on 3G 2100 network, so dapat talaga optimum 3G performance is expected when using N1 dito sa Philippines, di ba? that’s my real concern regarding this. thanks @rjgolo and @hehe =)

  27. lei says:

    also, regarding the previous complaints of n1 users in the states, my internet connection was never really spotty. go figure. :)

    has anyone downloaded the recent n1 patch yet? my phone’s much faster now. i love it! :D

  28. Rolfo says:

    Nice review, does somebody know when the phone will come to europe?

  29. Seph says:


    didn’t have to do the manual update thing.
    when i switched on my phone earlier. it just prompted me to update!

    and yes it feels faster.

    Google will ship the unlocked version of the phone to customers in the U.S., U.K., Hong Kong and Singapore

  30. MIKE says:

    @anonymous replied on Feb 5th, 2010 at 2:38 pm(28)

    UMTS Band 2100
    and 3G 2100 are the same thing so, don’t worry about N1 3G in Phils.

  31. kjaonline says:

    How long should I wait til I buy this? I want to buy it cheaper kasi

  32. rjgolo says:

    How long should you wait? Well, it depends on how much you’re willing to spend and whether your patience will last until the price drops to that level. Price is one of the very first things you have to sacrifice if you want to be on the bleeding edge of things. :)

  33. Bryan says:

    this is one of those gadgets that are useless in the philippines. internet are to slow.

  34. rjgolo says:

    I respectfully disagree with you on that. :p

  35. Bryan says:


    can you please tell me which network are you using?
    mine is globe unlimited 2000 pesos a month. Tried Smart also (50 pesos/day Unlimted). Both can’t be use for Voip calls.

  36. rjgolo says:

    I use Sun on it but I haven’t used it for VOIP calls yet. If you rely on our cellular networks for internet, I’ll have to revise my previous statement since they truly are cr*p. There are tons of free wifi spots all over the metro though so in general, I will have to still disagree with your previous statement. :)

  37. Bryan says:

    If your going to rely on a free wifi, then that can’t be called a “mobile smartphone”. Everytime you’re going to make a Voip call, you have to find a right spot.

  38. @bryan & @rjgolo:

    Try to download new version of fring app for Android here: (it’s free)

    Fring offers free skype voice & video calls, smartphone to pc and vice versa both on 3G / Wifi networks. So, great idea if you have unlimited 3G data plan.

    fring also lets you make affordable local and international calls & live video calls to landline and regular cellular numbers using your SkypeOut/SkypeIn account or almost any internet voice service (SIP).

  39. belle says:

    mr. yuga please help me decide on what to purchase… omnia 2 or wait for nexus one? do you have any idea if the n1 be available in philippines soon? i want to get my hands on a new phone soon…. or before april at the most… pls reply soon… thanks in advance….

  40. Gripe says:

    Love my Nexus One!!!
    BUT… I can’t get MMS to work. I’m on Globe postpaid and I tried to use the settings for the iPhone but I’m not getting it right.
    Does anyone know how to set up MMS for Globe on the Nexus One?

  41. john says:

    “The Nexus One only has 5 panels while the one on the HTC Hero has 7. More is better and I’m not sure why this was reduced on v2.1.”

    -Wrong, 3 panels lang ang sa 1.5, yung 7 panels na yun, SENSE ang may kagagawan nun.. kaya sa 2.1, 5 lang kasi walang sense..

    You are a gadget freak, pero parang ang dami mong di alam. no offense, but marami mali.. anyway, na try mo yung bluetooth? di mo kasi nasabi, meron ng file transfer yan eh (because of 2.1)

    i still like my hero better, dahil sa sense UI. i am just waiting for a 2.1 update sa march.

    • yuga says:

      @john – none taken since I don’t claim to know everything and I don’t think I’ll ever know everything in my lifetime. thanks for the correction though. let me know if I missed anything on the Nexus One.

  42. junj says:

    Hi! How do you set up the APN (Globe). Also have you tested the MMS function? Is there an MMS setting? ….sorry newbie on the android os.

  43. may says:

    what’s your say on HTC Desire? should I wait on this one or get the Google Nexus One?

  44. pinay311 says:

    I mostly use google docs. Has anyone tried using the N1 to access google docs? This is the difference for me. If it’s easy to access this sold na ako sa N1. hehe

  45. Please let me know if the nexus one is the philippines already. send me a mail ([email protected]) Thanks!

  46. PaoJ says:

    @yuga, can you post a 60 days after review? I’m curious to see how it holds up after the honeymoon stage.

  47. AlsoInterested says:

    What @PaoJ said. Thanks!

  48. junp says:

    N1 is now available at ebuystore!

  49. john michael says:

    Do I need to activate my N1 in the US in order for it to run here in the Philippines?

    I asked my sister to purchase a Nexus1 in the states and she’s bringing it here next week. Does she needs to activate it there?

  50. Moonie says:

    Nexus needs no activation to run it here in the Philippines, and there is no 3G problem like in the US.

    I’m running the latest leaked Google update, not OTA, with Cyanogen’s latest ROM. It runs like a dream!

    Best phone I’ve had so far.

  51. marvin says:

    im happy with my new n1, im on modaco a12. ang ganda ng ui sence.. panalo!

  52. John Michael says:

    Hey guys, help naman. Baka alam nyo yung APN values for SMART? D pa kasi maka connect ang N1 ko sa internet using GPRS. Wifi OK naman.

  53. panch says:


  54. Moonie says:

    @John Michael: If its just internet, just create a new Access Point Name and put in “internet” as the APN without the quotes.

  55. Albert says:

    Is there a limit to SMS storage? Or are you just limited by the internal memory? Thanks!

  56. Moonie says:

    There is no limit to SMS storage, as you said it is limited by the internal storage. You have to uncheck “Delete old messages” in the Messaging application’s options though.

  57. lolobabes says:

    My wife got hers in January just a week after release in US, I got so jealous so i asked my uncle to buy one for me too and brought here in the phil in mid Feb. best phone I had – I didnt buy iphone coz i thought too big for me and this was just the right size!Its a must smartphone – go adroid!!!

  58. lolobabes says:

    APN for smart use “” and globe “” however we have very unreliable 3G service in the philippines

  59. Michael B. Silva says:

    Guys alam nyo ba ang APN Settings ng Smart for Unlimited Data Surfing?

  60. felchris says:

    i want that N1 ..I really kile that one…

  61. noob says:

    How do you setup 3g/hsdpa for nexus?

  62. jejmaster says:

    I asked my friend from states to buy a nexus one for me. He told me there is an option in the ordering screen whether “Compatible with 3G T-mobile or 3G AT&T”. What will i choose for it to be compatible here in the philppines’ 3G (Globe, Smart, Sun)?

  63. lolobabes says:

    just buy the open line $529.00 USD if am not mistaken… just upgraded my N1 to Froyo and its simply amazing… ahihihih

  64. jejmaster says:

    yes both are unlocked version and $529 USD. Its just that they have an option for compatibilites. I chose the T-mobile compatible since it was the previously tested here in the Philippines. The AT&T compatible is just a recent version. I think both are compatible since they support 2100 Band UMTS 2100.

  65. paoj says:

    @lolobabes – was it easy to manually update to froyo?

  66. lolobabes says:

    Yup there are several guides to do it just search “manual update to froyo”

  67. _randell says:

    @abeolandres Which Android phone wins your vote?

  68. deanberris says:

    @abeolandres I learned that Motorola Milestone is already available from some dealers here in the Philippines. It’s the GSM version of Droid

  69. jhoeforth says:

    @abeolandres Any idea when the new Xbox (and Kinect) will be available here in PI?

  70. Tatts says:

    Gumagana ba yung isync with the androind os?

  71. lolobabes says:

    After 3 months I just got my Nexus One working on 3G here in the Philippines, thanks to this blog lol

  72. bani says:

    Simply the best phone in the world …. iphone 4 is not even a match…. however… works on all 3g networks in the philippines… even CURE network… i just receive OTA update from Google giving me froyo 2.2 …. ngayon my n1 is the fastest mobile web browser in the universe.. nagiging wireless router sa lahat ng wireless device mo (look ma! no wires)… me full FLASH 10.1 for mobile (flash gumagana sa Full html view di kaya iphone)…google earth with ease… Fring app (pagsasamahin lahat ng YM. skype..IM at iba pang account mo.. tapos video calling pa. antay ko kung iactivate na ng google ang wireless N nya ang FM radio… kasi yung mga hacker nagawa na…gps nya talo pa yung binibili ng military natin … longlat at GC to the nearest 1 meter..voice search dami pang ibang d kayang gawin ng iphone…hayop ang quality ng pictue at video parang DVD…me MS exchange support parang blackberry.. at higit sa lahat integrated lahat ng googgle web service sa nexus one tapos daming application na walang bayad….. sadly… magiging last of the Mohican’s na itong N1 ko kasi googgle just announced yung last batch ng N1 sa US… anyway … magiging most coveted cellphone na itong n1 ko ( law of supply and demand).

  73. JM Guevara III says:

    Found APN and MMS settings for Globe Telecom.

    Works for me. Enjoy!

  74. lolobabes says:

    But it will still be available in other countrys who already have N1 except america.

  75. Sandy says:

    cheapest android ever? i know people who bought one for less than 10k.

  76. trish says:

    @yuga do you know where I can still get this?

  77. trish says:

    @yuga Thanks. Will get one next week! Is there a market cheater app?

  78. warner says:

    Do you guys know where I could buy Nexus One in Cebu?

  79. trish says:

    @warner check the list of stores that carry the htc brand here: Yuga was right. I was able to find one in Greenhills. Thanks @Yuga!
    Am not able to surf over the 3G on SUN, does anyone happen to know how to configure the APN?

  80. warner says:

    @trish. cool! Thanks =)

  81. verna de gracia says:

    at night its really hard to use the camera but at day time the pics are so clear.

    what will i do to activate the internet?

  82. Trish says:

    @verna You can try to change the settings on the camera to get good shots at night. Or you can download Camera ZOOM FX from the Android market. Really awesome camera app. As for internet, you’ll need to input the APN manually. Initially, I had a difficult time configuring the APN since the SUN customer support reps didn’t know what a “nexus one” is. But yeah, searching online I got the APN for internet and MMS. This didn’t work at first but I took a shot at inputting the APN for GPRS too. Lo and behold, it worked! Which carrier do you have?

  83. verna de gracia says:

    my carrier is smart. I am looking where I am going to input the apn but when I go to settings , mobile network settings and choose access point names there is no box where I can put the APN. I am glad that you responded.

  84. Trish says:

    @Verna To add an apn at the blank screen, just click on your settings button to display the menu.

  85. verna de gracia says:

    thanks for the help. ill call smart to help me fill out the entries.

    Now I will be loving my Google Phone more!

  86. Trish says:

    @verna your welcome

  87. verna de gracia says:

    i called smart they can not troubleshoot because they are not familiar with google nexus one . is it just the apn which will be filled out?

  88. Trish says:

    @verna I don’t think you have to fill in everything. Can’t say for Smart or Globe but for Sun, I only put in the Name, APN, then Save on Settings. That’s it.

  89. yubi says:

    hhmmm.. this review looks like a copy of the official website:


  90. Trish says:

    @Yubi this was posted Feb 3, that was posted Feb 8. When you click on the ABOUT link. This is what it says, About-This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress. Dunno about plagiarism, it could be that Yuga also owns that site or the site has asked for his permission. Only thing is I didn’t see Source (Yugatech link)

  91. Trish says:

    @Yuga Heads Up

  92. Mach1 says:

    Nexus one Rules!
    My N1 just got an update to Froyo 2.2.1 build
    FRG85 this morning. Google serves their baby first, beat that!

  93. Warner says:

    @all, please post your sun cellular 3g settings for Nexus One. I’m having a hard time figuring how to configure sun 3g. Even don’t know how =(
    Please post.

  94. Well I am convinced there is more to come, this issue can not be fulfilled by merely this data in your item Google Nexus One Review . On The Nose reporting like this constantly requires you to go for more articles! Your perspective is actually one I would wish to see more of.

  95. gretz4all says:

    gretz post thanks :)

  96. nice review pals,. this really make me absorb your review details.

  97. Harry says:

    nice HTC,.. you point it clearly,.. :)

  98. thegeeklab says:

    guys, if anyone of you is interested in getting a rare Google Nexus One Developer’s phone, please send me an email. We have one unit coming this June with Gingerbread 2.3.1. price is 20,000 only.


  99. nice review,.. i want to buy it :) you make me realize about nexus,.. :)

  100. 4ddl says:

    Nice Info, thanks :D

  101. Ric says:

    Abe, can I ask for the 3G settings of HTC Nexus one over sun cellular? I went through calling SUN Customer care as well as Sun Business center and they cannot get it to work. I’m using a postpaid sim.

  102. clint says:

    need help. nexus one power button busted. had it fix in singapore. paid like 4k. after a few months its not working again.

    any tip on where to have it fixed locally like a shop in greenhills maybe?

    any info will be very much appreciated.


    • rj says:

      i have the same problem! htc customer service suggested that i have it shipped to taiwan but it doesnt seem like its worth it. did you find a local shop that can fix the nexus power button? would appreciate your suggestions!

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