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Google’s gonna grab attention from Windows 8 on 10/29

Windows 8 isn’t the only big thing to hit us next week as Google sends out invitation for an event which will be held in New York City. So mark your calendars folks because we’ll surely be in for a treat.

So what can we expect from these events? Well, we know for a fact that Microsoft will be showcasing their latest PC operating system as well as its mobile counterpart. Along with Windows 8 launch, we can also expect the Redmond-based company to formally launch the Microsoft Surface along with the other devices which will carry the upcoming OS.


Unlike Microsoft, nobody really has a definitive say on what Google has in store for us on their impending event despite of numerous leaked images of the LG Nexus 4, 32GB Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and rumors of Key Lime Pie.

Based on early reports, Android 4.2 will not have significant difference with Jelly bean. Also, we feel like it’s too early for Google to release a successor to Jelly bean at this point in time. But even if Google did decide to showcase it during the event, it will take more than an improved OS to impress their tech-savvy audience. This thought leads us to think that the highlight of the event may most likely be a new hardware rather than the OS it’ll come with.


As far as the hardware is concerned, we think that it’s about time that Google announce a new flagship handset to replace the 1-year old Galaxy Nexus. There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the next Nexus smartphone, but the most convincing thus far is the LG Nexus 4. You can read more about this alleged device on our previous post here.

Speaking of hardware, we also believe that the search giant will be showcasing the revamped version of Nexus 7 on the said event. Rumor suggests that the latest iteration will feature a bigger storage capacity and maybe even have 3G/4G connectivity, although we’re a bit skeptical about the latter. In line with this, Google may also update their pricing scheme for the 7-inch tablet, to pave the way for the 32GB variant. The company may also shed some light on their plans for the 8GB model.


It’s also speculated that Google may unveil their first 10-inch tablet on the same event along with the beefed up Nexus 7. Based on the details that were leaked via Picasa, the slate is called Nexus 10 and is said to boast the Samsung Exynos 5 Dual 5250 SoC along with a 5MP snapper. This is a bit of a long shot if you ask me, but we’re not totally disregarding the possibility that it may show up during the event.

This is turning out to be a busy week for tech as two giants slug it out to wow the crowd with their latest offerings. Oh and in case you forgot, Apple is also holding an event this week (October 23) which is rumored to be the launch date of the iPad Mini. We’ll try our best to give you all the scoops, so be sure to catch our coverage of these events.


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Avatar for Ronnie Bulaong

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

23 Responses

  1. Avatar for jason jason says:

    Okay, the event on the 10/29 is not for Windows 8. It is for Windows Phone 8. Get your facts straight.

    By the way, the Windows 8 launch did do wonders for the Windows brand basing on the launch and its reception. The Windows Phone 8 will definitely get recognized further by this.

  2. Avatar for ecaps24 ecaps24 says:

    I have to admit that our company is still using XP. Not innovative but I guess it’s the most used OS in the world by a company. We plan not to upgrade until 2014.

  3. Avatar for imnoyid imnoyid says:

    In my opinion, Windows 8 is innovative. Though not as great as the others. No need to boast about what you know and who you are. Hater will always be a hater.

  4. Avatar for radioactive_balut radioactive_balut says:

    Rain on Microsoft’s parade rather.

  5. Avatar for tad0 tad0 says:

    oops. ke @chopotka pala yung comment ko. :)

    • Avatar for chopotka chopotka says:

      @tad0 – that’s what you get when you think using your ass. LOL

      Wow, exchange, really? I work in an enterprise, and we don’t use Microsoft products, from the data center down to the workstations. The company I am working for have 4 POP across Asia, and we have triple 100Mbps WAN connections to the net, nakakasunod ka pa ba? I bet my ass DSL lang alam mo! LOL

      And, why would I use a resource hungry product like Exchange if there’s an open source equivalent that does things better. I let you a little secret, para naman madagdagan ng laman ang utak mong biya, did you know that Hotmail yes, your beloved free webmail from Microsoft uses FreeBSD. Even Microsoft’s networking stack came from BSD, I bet my ass you have no idea what I’m talking about.

      Pirated? As if I don’t know, eh sa internet cafe ka lang nakakapag internet, you don’t even have your own cloned PC. LOL

    • Avatar for tad0 tad0 says:

      Then I really pity where you work from. I can imagine you fools have to log-on locally and life on enterprise without ldap.

      And triple 100Mbps WAN? I’ve seen better! Baka wala pa nga kayong dark fiber to other sites. Pulubs na kumpanya. And you don’t use ANY MICROSOFT Products? Di ka gumagamit ng office? ng windows? Most likely naka-open office na pangpulubs? Come-on you call yourself on enterprise? And I dont know those BASICS? Kahit high-school pa lang ako eh alam ko na yan! Oh come on I’m an infrastructure specialist and you bet your half ass na nasa cafe lang ako?

      Most microsoft haters hate things that they don’t about. LOL. Sasabihin mo na resource-hungry yung exchange eh wala nga kayo nun. It only goes to show how your words come from WIKIPEDIA and GOOGLE.

      As what I have said PEOPLE talk LOUD when they want to act that they KNOW something.

  6. Avatar for tad0 tad0 says:


    I’m really sure na ang alam mo lang na product ng microsoft eh xp, 7 and vista. Have you tried entering the enterprise world where MICROSOFT dominates? Heard of Exchange? Lync? and others? I bet no, because people like you who talks LOUD thinks that they KNOW everything.

    Pupusta pa ko na yung gamit mong OS ngayon ay windows (na inaasar mo) at pirated pa. Hahaha!

  7. Avatar for obnox obnox says:

    ah yeah full of bigots hahahha thank you for reminding me the word BIGOTRY LOL

  8. Avatar for obnox obnox says:

    hahahha kung makapagcomment naman mga ito kala mo sila na ang magaling at naiintindihan ang business strategies ng microsoft, Apple, & Google. hahahahaha sino ba kayo? parang mas magaling pa kayo kay Ronnie Bulaong ah…

    • Avatar for obnox obnox says:

      joke lang sige comment lang kayo dami ko natututnan

    • Avatar for chopotka chopotka says:

      No offense to Ronnie Bulaong, but FYI, business strategies such as Apple’s and Google’s just to name a few are actually being taken up in business schools. You will know these things if you happened to attend one LOL.

    • Avatar for obnox obnox says:

      as if he knows

  9. Avatar for chopotka chopotka says:

    Surface? Windows 8? Innovative? Really? I bet my ass off that these products will fail, miserably! Just like Vista! Are you willing to bet yours? I bet you’re still using Windows XP! LOL.

    Microsoft already flopped, just recently, haven’t you heard? Microsoft partnered with Nokia and released the Lumia series based on Windows 7 mobile platform. People who bought the said phones found out the hard way that they cannot upgrade to the latest version, if that is not blunder, I don’t know what is!

  10. Avatar for tarush tarush says:

    And in the end, it will be Microsoft Vs. Apple all over again. Android may be a great success but it enjoyed its success during the “sleeping years” of Microsoft in the mobile world…

    • Avatar for chopotka chopotka says:

      Wow, really? Where have you been all these years? You are obviously sleeping too! You still live in the PC era, in which case you don’t know, will soon come to an end. The reason why Microsoft remain dormant is because they don’t have any more idea(s) to still, have you seen Pirates of the Silicon Valley? If not, I urge you to.

      Even Microsoft admitted that they only expect to gain 8% market share by 2016, assuming of course that their product won’t flop.

      Microsoft is in the same boat as Nokia, which will banish into thin air for failing to innovate!

      Enough said!

    • Avatar for unggoy unggoy says:

      kung napanood mo nga ung pirates of silicon valley, alam mo naman siguro na ninakaw ang concept ng gui from xerox diba?

      tingin mo innovation un? guess what. ung sinasamba momng kumpanya ang gumawa. irony.

    • Avatar for NONONONO NONONONO says:

      Microsoft is lacking in the innovation department? Meh. Have you heard of the Surface, Windows 8, Kinect and Microsoft Research Labs? I bet you don’t. Those are all innovative products from Microsoft. Yes, tablets are made popular by Apple and Apple started the era for “touch” devices, but right now, their new products are now incremental upgrades with no innovation. Micrsoft’s research labs have a lot in store like the 1ms screen and Microsoft is the only one who dared to shake the the status quo by releasing Windows 8, they defined their leading OS in a whole new way that invoked innovation in software as well as hardware.

      Also, I think your perception of the PC era coming to an end may be wrong. Touch is still not as good as keyboard/mouse in the productivity department and I don’t know anyone who could live in a world with no keyboard and mouse.

      Yes, Google is full of innovation like their plans for project glass but with Android, they are really not innovating lately and you don’t have the right to say that MS is not innovating when all the innovation in hardware and software comes from them.

    • Avatar for Water Water says:

      Yes, the PC era is going to end.. and the hybrid (Touch + PC) will come with Windows 8 in the lead. :)

    • Avatar for qwerty qwerty says:


      you must be the long lost false prophet, lol!

  11. Avatar for Filbook Filbook says:

    This is Microsoft’s last chance to get into the mobile business http://filipinobook.com/microsoft-future-gloomy/

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