New Google Nexus phone to have sub-Php4K price

It seems like Google is on a roll in introducing new devices for everyone. There’s the upcoming Project Ara that will be available for $50, the newly-patented Google contact lens with built-in microcameras, and now reports are telling us that a new Google Nexus smartphone will be arriving with a price tag below $100.

Google Nexus

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Since it’s rumored to be really affordable ($100 converts to around the Php4,000 mark), don’t expect that it will be at the same range as the Nexus 5 when it comes to specs. Instead, the company is gearing this new smartphone for the entry-level to midrange category. There is a possibility, though, that we could be seeing better specs than what we normally see in lower-end devices since the Nexus 5 came with better-than-usual specs for its asking price. Hopefully, Google uses this same formula we’re used to seeing from its Nexus lineup. As of now, the only rumored component is a MediaTek processor.

Brand-wise, it’s still undisclosed as to which company will be manufacturing the smartphone. We’ve seen different brands carry the name starting from HTC, Samsung, and LG as the latest Nexus smartphone manufacturer.

Previous reports suggest that Google will be unveiling a lineup of Nexus devices during their event at the end of June including the next flagship Nexus 6, a Nexus 8, and a Nexus 10 2 along with the new Android OS (rumored to be called Lollipop), but we’re not expecting the sub-100-dollar Nexus to make its appearance there.


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34 Responses

  1. Avatar for The Kidney Disease The Kidney Disease says:

    Oh my goodness! Amazing article dude! Thank you, However
    I am having issues with your RSS. I don’t know the reason why I can’t subscribe to
    it. Is there anybody getting the same RSS issues?
    Anyone who knows the solution can you kindly respond?


  2. Avatar for krysteepermin krysteepermin says:

    chismis site naba ang yuga… wala naman official announcement ang google sa sinabi dito

  3. Avatar for ahooo ahooo says:

    butas ng pwet ? porn site ata toh wrong website ako mga baklaaaa

  4. Avatar for wew wew says:

    ung mga butas ng pwet comments dito halatang iisang tao lng eh hahaha

  5. Avatar for skunk skunk says:

    Sorry but MediaTek and Nexus just don’t mix. MediaTek is so notorious for not releasing the damn source code of their SoCs in the public. If Google were to do this, they should encourage MediaTek to release their source code or else there will be no deal.

  6. Avatar for Catch22 Catch22 says:

    They could call it the Google Nexus mini and slap it with a qHD screen. 720p seems destined for the mid-range just like the Moto G.

  7. Avatar for Danny Ching Danny Ching says:

    When has Google released any of its phones in the Philippines? The promised moto G was never announced.

    I think it’s going to be the same with this one. If you buy from the US, Taxes, import duties and delivery cost will double its price.

    • Avatar for Catch22 Catch22 says:

      If I remember it correctly, they did release Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 here. Only problem is, the price wasn’t subsidized just like in the US. We do have a lot of importers and grey-market resellers here so that won’t be a problem. When it comes to warranty, most don’t care as they root their phones anyway.

  8. Avatar for Easy E Easy E says:

    You can’t go wrong with a Nexus Phone. Hoping for a local availability.

  9. Avatar for Theo Theo says:

    Project ARA is not equivalent to Google NEXUS
    Please get your facts right

    • Avatar for thea thea says:

      What facts?

    • Avatar for eric jay eric jay says:

      the article did not state that Project ARA is equivalent to Google NEXUS, it just enumerated the upcoming devices.

    • Avatar for Benchmark Benchmark says:

      I think you missunderstood the first part of the article. Ara was stated because as the title suggest, the next nexus could be cheap, same with ara.

      Anyway well this is good for the masses, will probably compete with the “local” brands here in PH.

      (I added quotes to the local coz to what I know, this so called “local” are not really made in PH, it is just rebranded China phones…well i hope i could be enlightened by this hehehehe)

    • Avatar for Chrono Chrono says:

      Mr/Ms Theo, please read properly before commenting down here. The introduction is very clear yet you still missed the point. Take some time to read before posting an annoying comment. Thanks

    • Avatar for archie archie says:

      halatang di binasa ang buong article…

    • Avatar for TheoPwet TheoPwet says:

      Here’s a fun fact: malaki ang butas ng pwet mo Theo!

    • Avatar for Theo Bobo Theo Bobo says:

      LOL bobo! Tanga! Di makaintindi nga English..
      Go back to grade one you dimwitted idiot and get your brain straight!

    • Avatar for blackasshole blackasshole says:

      Wag kasi dunung-dunungan,basa muna ng maigi, magaling pa ko mangulangot kesa magcomment ka theo., and also malaki nga butas ng pwet mo..

    • Avatar for Rockafella Rockafella says:

      Bopols mo Theo.

    • Avatar for theo theo says:

      NEXUS is a Flagship google product…malabo magkaroon ng mga entry level phones sa product line nya…
      (Parang Sinabi mo magkaroon ang HTC na HTC ONE or LG G series na ultra low cost).

      Kung yung MOTO X (sub $300) at MOTO G (sub $200) na gamechangers dahil sa price di nga rinebrand as NEXUS, tapos binitawan kasi poor sales at pinagbili sa LENOVO… Pano kaya sila kikita sa sub $100 phones….

    • Avatar for TheoLakingButasPwet TheoLakingButasPwet says:

      Dami mong alam,pero magbasa hindi.

  10. Avatar for Noir Noir says:

    If it has near the same specs as Rioa dn CM’s 5K offering then this is hard to beat

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