Project Ara to have Sennheiser’s audio expertise

Project Ara to have Sennheiser’s audio expertise

Many have been waiting for the arrival of this module-based smartphone for the simple reason that you can just buy the specific parts you need to build your very own handset. Now, those who consider themselves audiophiles can appreciate this device even more as Sennheiser partners up with Phonebloks – the development group behind the awaited Project Ara by Google.

project ara prototype

The audio company behind today’s quality headphones has just announced partnership with the same group that‘s making Project Ara. For those unfamiliar, Project Ara is an upcoming smartphone that functions like a computer. From its basic state, users can add parts or modules one by one like a camera, processor, and in this case, Sennheiser speakers to be integrated into the phone.


While a working Project Ara would only cost under Php4,400, installing it with premium speakers like Sennheiser might significantly bump up its price. Although what you get in return is high-class sound system and improved speech functionality on your smartphone.

To know more about this handset, we have the highlights during the prototype demonstration on the link. Lastly, we should be seeing Project Ara around January next year and when we do, would you be interested in installing a Sennheiser component into it?


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