Specs and features of Motorola Nexus 6 get leaked

Specs and features of Motorola Nexus 6 get leaked

After being given a tease of what we could be seeing when Motorola’s Nexus 6 arrives, more details have emerged and are reported to be confirmed by a source.


Motorola Nexus 6 ‘confirmed’ specs:
5.9-inch QHD display @ 2560 x 1440 resolution, 496ppi
13MP rear camera with OIS and dual ring flash
2MP front camera
Aluminum frame
Front-facing stereo speakers
Android 5.0
3200mAh battery
Refreshed icons


The Nexus 6 will allegedly carry some traits from the current Moto X (2014) like the ring flash embedded around its rear camera and fast charging feature which charges the battery for 15 minutes and gives off 8 hours of battery life. It’s reported to have a set of refreshed icons as well – in messaging and also with the Wi-Fi, battery, and signal icons on the upper part of its gigantic screen.

Previous specs that came from another source “directly familiar with the Nexus 6” also include a 2.6GHz Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage space. With internals like these, the upcoming Nexus device is shaping up to be a monster both in size and specs.


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10 Responses

  1. rockz says:

    I currently own Nexus 5 D821 and its currently the perfect size for a smartphone, I cannot go beyond 5.5, OMG, 5.9 is just too big? Perhaps Google will launch a compact version with the same specs except the reso and screen size? hmm ?

    • JpL says:

      Hi Sir Rockz, i’m the one who posted a comment below yours, may I ask how’s yout experience so far with Nexus 5? Smooth po ba? di ba sya complicated? If you happen to own an iPhone was it better? Sorry Noob adroid user (to-be) hehe, i just want to get inputs before i make a purchase since mahal gadgets these days hehe, my friend owns a Note 3 so i’m weighing if i should get that or a nexus.. thanks!

    • rockz says:

      Hey JpL!

      I’m an iPhone user too (iPhone 5S), I actually have both phones. In terms of smoothness, Nexus 5 is as smooth as the iPhone 5S. In terms of build and quality, its a slim phone where you cannot even notice when its inside the pocket just like the iP5S. Nexus has the edge in terms of OS updates (unlike other Android phone from HTC, Sony, and Sammy), like the iP5S. Nexus updates are leeched directly from Google and its the first device to receive Google’s latest iteration of Android. In terms of hardware, Nexus 5 does have the same specs as with Note 3 except for the RAM, Note 3 has 1 GB additional RAM.

      iOS and Android are different in some aspects, if you really prefer user friendly UI and straight to the point you go with iOS but if you would like to be as open, adventurous and like to customize every aspect of the UI, you go with Android.

      Overall, Nexus 5 is a good phone, I’m using it as my daily driver. Btw I also happen to have a Note 3 way back January. I like the big screen and perhaps I’m just not really a fan of AMOLED screens. Colors are just too saturated and unrealistic, pero depende na yun sayo hap.

      Lastly what I don’t like with other Android OEMs (sammy, htc, sony) is their slow updates, so if you would like to move over to android and want to be updated and as smooth as iOS, go for Google Nexus devices, and if you go with Nexus since may upcoming Nexus 6 na, wait for it nalang hehehe kaso Philippines is not included on the official release of Nexus phone, look for online resellers like Kimstore, Widget City, or DB Gadgets.

    • JpL says:

      Sir Rockz Thanks a lot po, now i’m leaning more sa Nexus since you’ve mentioned abt OS updates et al, and you have also experienced using iphone so mas may weight opinion mo… i guess 5.9″ is too big for a primary fone #IMHO, so baka i will go for Nexus 5, since may ipad nmn ako. Again thanks ulit! good day….

    • Mel Imperial says:

      Mag nexus kana lang. 16k na lang yung 32GB niya sa Kimstore. Wala kang mababasang reklamo sa Nexus 5 <3 <3

    • lee says:

      Nexus devices are always included here in the Philippines thru Smart Communication. It has always been.

      Maybe your not a smart subscriber.

  2. JpL says:

    i’m an iphone user ever since, and i’m leaning for quite sometime now on making the switch to android. And acc. to my friend i should get a Nexus. Should I wait for Nexus 6 or is Nexus 5 the smart choice? suggestions pls. thanks in advance :)

  3. igniculus says:

    sana comfy ang size nya for me..this is it.

  4. Easy E says:

    You can’t go wrong with a Google Nexus phone dahil “alaga” ng google in terms of updates, bug fixes, etc. Wala akong reklamo with my n5 (i also own ip5). I advise you not to shift from ip to nexus, but have them both.

    For the next Nexus phone (which i think not be named “6” dahil sa copyright ng “Blade Runner/ Do Android dream of electric sheep”), Gusto ko ang screen size nya. I will have it whenever possible.

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