Upcoming Google-made smartwatch leaks

Folks over at Android Police managed to get an insider info about what Google is cooking next. Aside from their own Nexus line of smartphone and tablet, seems like the search-giant is already prepping their own smartwatch.


Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series
Image credit: Android Police

While AP doesn’t want to exactly confirm the info stating that they’re giving the rumor a confidence level of 7 out of 10, the render pictured above is quite juicy to look at. It’s just beautiful if you ask us but, as with any rumor, things could change in the coming days. Nevertheless, here are the upcoming Google smartwatches.

The two wearables have a codename of Angelfish and Swordfish with the former being the bigger device. Aside from its large display, the Angelfish will have additional “shoulder” buttons and sports a more detailed watch face. On the other hand, the Swordfish is a cleaner and smaller sibling. Among the two, it’s also the only one that seems to support Google MODE Android Wear bands. Specs-wise, the Angelfish is a standalone smartwatch complete with LTE, GPS, and heart rate sensor while the Swordfish is more of an affordable variant voided of any features mentioned.

All of this rumor leads us to think that Google is stepping up its game on hardware. Well, why not? The Nexus and Pixel line of products proved that Google is capable of designing the best for their software with OEMs following suit.


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