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iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 5C vs. iPhone 5S, spot the difference

For the first time in years, Apple has announced two design variants of the iPhone — the colorful iPhone 5C and the aluminum-clad iPhone 5S. We’ll break them down to you so you’d easily spot the difference.

In this table, we compare the iPhone 5 vs. the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S.


If you will notice, the iPhone 5C is basically the same as the iPhone 5 but with a colored polycarbonate body, heavier weight and thicker dimensions (8.97mm vs. 7.6mm). The iPhone 5S has the same body construction but different color and slightly better hardware as indicated in the table above. There’s also the inclusion of Touch ID which we discussed here.

You can read up on the detailed features of the iPhone 5S here and the iPhone 5C here.

We’re also including the expected retail price based on the HK Apple Online Store. Take note we included iOS7 to the iPhone 5 since the update will be out this September.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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85 Responses

  1. Luigi says:

    midrange spec(iphone 5c) for 30k! no thank you

  2. abuzalzal says:

    What difference????

  3. epol says:

    apple falls after launching 2 new iphones
    is this the beginning of the end?

  4. Phillip says:

    wow, the plastic one is even heavier

  5. Jojo says:

    Nothing impressive.
    Shares of apple falls at the stock exchange after launching …

  6. kaye says:

    sir, may mali po sa table.

  7. Mike says:

    Iphone 5C – Pricing fail.

    So what’s the point of choosing iphone 5c over the iphone 5?

  8. bern says:

    almost the same, 5C’s A6 is powerful enough to run most ios application.

    Seem not advisable to take steeper price of 5S just for its build quality and biometric security.

  9. anokamo says:

    Bibilhin pa rin ito ng mga uto-uto para magmukhang sosyal. Alam naman natin maraming tanga sa Pilipinas kaya wala tayong asenso.

    • istupido says:

      So ano pala dapat bilhin ng mga di tanga na kagaya mo? Android phones ng HTC, Samsung or Sony Super ganda ng spec sheets but still has laggy user experience? If I know kaya niyo lang naman gusto ang android dahil madali mag install ng mga cracked apps..LOL!

      Di lang mga gustong mag mukang sosyal ang bibili nito. Those whose after better quality and better user experience will definitely choose Iphone over Crappy android phones.

    • Ernesto says:

      For me you can say whatever you wanna say regarding Apple’s iPhone but I still prefer them because of its mobile eco-system and its simplicity. Yes, you wanna get more than 8mp for your camera go with Nokia, bigger screen go with samsung, waterproof samsung and sony yadayada yada but pls respect iOS users. iPhone is not the best smartphone out there but I prefer em because of the ui and ux.

    • gens says:

      nagkaroon din ako ng iphone 5, nakakaexperience rin ako ng lag sa iphone 5. kaya ayun, nakipagtrade na lang sa tipidcp ng htc. Satisfied ako ngayun sa HTC at d na ako babalik sa iphone ulit, unless maging 5 inch screen display :P

    • anokamo says:

      @istupido Tinamaan ka ata. Isa ka siguro sa mga tangang bumibili ng iPhone para lang pumorma. Saan ko sinabing mag-Android kayo?

    • dunlop says:

      @anokamo: must you resort to offensive language just to point out your opinion? can we not have a decent exchange of ideas without offending other people?

      it is just a matter of preference naman yan eh. if you have the money and you are really into apple gadget, then go for it. walang pakialamanan.

    • Ernesto says:

      Well said. Salute!

    • wew says:

      tama si dunlop kanyakanyang preference lang yan…sa personality ko mas bagay ang android kasi mas gusto ko ung super customizable na UI,sa iba siguro iOS kasi stable ung ecosystem tska mas user-friendly

  10. icohgnito says:

    iPhone 5C must not be viewed as a new phone. It’s just the way Apple now demotes an older model phone. They are discontinuing production of iPhone 5 and introduces the iPhone 5C… basically an iPhone 5 with plastic body.

    This is just like how they lower the price point of current model iPhones when new ones are released.

  11. abuzalzal says:

    Pricing FAIL

    plus this is the end of the iPod touch I believe

  12. Dongski says:

    5c is not as tough as the 5 and 5s in terms
    Of material. Thats it

  13. RAM says:

    abe sure ka na na 1gb din ram ng 5S?

  14. Not even quad core? I dunno man… It is quite underwhelming.

  15. Justin says:

    The iPhone is clearly having an identity crisis.

  16. jayofarty says:

    Nothing against about this post. But Sir Abe didn’t mention the new features of the 5s, Fingerprint recognition, 2.2 camera aperture and so. It’s basically the same with the 5 with the table you provided. That’s why it has the same price as the 5 when it came out.

    And for the 5c price, it’s a $99 2-year plan at ATT vs the $199 5 at the moment. So it is cheaper, technically.

    Right! We’re not in the US. But that’s not a reason to bash.

  17. jan says:

    sayang. akala ko makakabili na ako ng iPhone. hehehe

  18. goodha says:

    Hintayin ko na lang yung iphone 6c para hindi lang ako sosyal, kundi ang 6c 6c ko.

    Wait and see when it becomes available worldwide by december this year. As usual, our telcos would dispose of old stocks of iphone 4, 4s and eventually 5.

  19. wew says:

    Kung sakaling hindi natuloy ang iPhone 5c at continue pa rin ang pagbebenta ng iPhone 5,diba bababa lang naman din sa mga 30k ang presyo ng iPhone 5?WTF Apple bad move. Same Price but less premium image eh un na nga ung isa samga dahilan kung bakit pa kayu bumebemta aside from the OS. TANGAAMPUTA

    • Super Ninja says:

      So mas magaling ka na ngayon kaysa mga analyst na taga Apple? May pa analyze2x ka pa. Di mo ba naisip na lahat nang mga yan pinag isipan na nila at mas maraming empleyado nang apple na mas matalino kaysa sayo? If ganun ka talaga ka talino, bakit hindi ka sikat?

    • wew says:

      @Super Ninja unang una di mo kailangan na maging sikat para lang masabing magaling ka.Tska kahit ibang tao magaagree sakin…tignan mo ang Blackberry malaking kumpanya kung tutuusin kaya nilang magpasweldo ng magagaling na tao para mabuhay uli company nila pero nagboom ba bb10 phones nila?HINDE!kasi akala nila mabubuhay sila kahit mahal phones nila tsk tsk

    • Super Ninja says:

      Eh RIM yun eh. Iba yung scenario nila and besides yung Nokia nga lumagpak na mas malaki pa yun. The point is, di mo masasabing mali yung strategy nang Apple kasi madaming factors yun na dapat i consider and isa na yung opinion mo. Kaya nga lumaki yung Apple kaysa ibang tech companies kasi tama yung strategy nila. Yung opinion mo is one sided at di reliable yung basis..

      “Di mo kailangang sikat para sabihing magaling?”..So ano ka nalang? Maging Christopher Langan nalang? Magaling ka nga wala ka namang pakinabang kasi, gano pa kaganda yung opinion mo dahil nga magaling ka, di naman pinakikinggan kasi hindi ka sikat…at dun, mas lalo tayo hindi aasenso…

    • wew says:

      @Super Ninja actually di lang naman ako ang nagsasabi nito,maraming tao ang may kapareho ng opinyon ko….”Magaling ka nga wala ka namang pakinabang kasi, gano pa kaganda yung opinion mo dahil nga magaling ka, di naman pinakikinggan kasi hindi ka sikat…”mali ung logic mo dito pre di mo muna kailangan maging sikat para pakinggan ka,maging magaling ka muna at dun pwede kang sumikat…tska di ibig sabihin na di ka sikat kahit magaling ka eh wala nang pakinabang sau…EXAMPLE AY UNG MGA PULIS NA NAPOPROMOTE DAHIL SA KABAYANIHAN NILA…di naman sila sumisikat kasi di naman sila napapalabas sa TV pero malaki ang naitutulong nila sa bayan.

    • wew says:

      tska oo nga pala hindi ko naman pinagbabatayan kung maganda strategy nila sa kung bumagsak ang kumpanya o hinde,pinagbabasehan ko ung gagawin nilang hakbang pagkatapos nilang bumagsak,para sakin maganda ung move ng nokia na magffer ng flagship handsets at a lower price

  20. wew says:

    kahit discontinued na ang iPhone 5,im sure may mga kaunting stocks pa rin jan kung ako sa inyu ung mga may balak bumili ng iPhone 5c mag Iphone 5 nas lng kayu,almost same price and more premium feel.

  21. 5c is epic fail. i hope ipad mini 2 will not follow the same path.

  22. isklamowsyon says:

    akala ko ba mura? 26k for 16gb.plastic iphone? jurassic era pa ang specs. RIP apple…

  23. Frvgrgrgrgrf says:

    Hahaha ang daming squatters dito na can’t afford ang nagrereklamo sa presyo ng iPhone! This is not meant for you, cheap bastards! You can hate all you want but the fact is you can’t afford this luxury phone.

    • simultaneous says:

      can’t afford a luxury phone? who need a luxury phone if you just use it for basic communicaton? and if it was stolen what are you going to do? punta sa isang tabi at iiyak? lag on androids are tolerable.. tell me what gadgets doesn’t lag? even brains sometimes lag.. hahaha.. androids can do what ios can..

    • rqqwe says:

      Luxury nga e. beyond needs. bobo. pano mananakaw yun kung naka private vehicle ka kasi nga afford mo. bobo.

  24. Techjunkeez says:

    Basically C (plastic) and S (no change) stands for Cheap and Same respectively.

    • cheapmomukhamo says:

      techie wannabe. haters gonna hate. mapa android, ios, symbian,windows,samsung,htc,nokia,cherry mobile, may mga tao pa rin na tulad mo na di maplease. btw, your blog is a pieace of copy paste crap

    • cheapmomukhamo says:

      techie wannabe. haters gonna hate. mapa android, ios, symbian,windows,samsung,htc,nokia,cherry mobile, may mga tao pa rin na tulad mo na di maplease. btw, your blog is a piece of copy paste crap

    • ronald says:

      C for china. S for sh#t

    • appleseed says:

      naku, nagsalita ang mga magagaling, remember apple started it all and gumaya lang lahat ng yan, mga apps apps na yan naku ang dami pa. they are just taking it slow with harmony, unlike samsung na sagad ng sagad, ending nyan wala nang maiisip ang samsung kundi manggaya pa uli haha

  25. droid says:

    did not include 5s’ other features. may pagka bias ang article na to

  26. droid says:

    did not include 5s’ other features. may pagka bias ang article na to
    ska di namn paper specs lang ang usapan. user experience din. naka quadcore namn puro hang naman.
    saka aanhin mo ang quadcore kung ang mga nadedevelop na apps mostly pang single and dual cores naman ( for compatibility)

  27. simultaneous says:

    I don’t hate apple because of its specs or os.. I hate apple because of their over priced products.. hahahaha! f*ck apple!! that’s why their logo have bite on it.. because it was BEATEN by android.. hahaha

    • Sksksksksksk says:

      Hoy squatter! Hindi ka naman pinipilit bumil ng apple! Palibhasa hampaslupa ka! Hindi ito para sayo cheap! Inggit ka lang!

    • Qwerty says:

      Hoy squatter! Hindi ka naman pinipilit bumil ng apple! Palibhasa hampaslupa ka! Hindi ito para sayo cheap! Inggit ka lang!

    • abuzalzal says:

      Hoy palamunin ng magulang mo! Hindi ka naman pinipilit bumili ng Samsung. Palibhasa batugan ka! Hindi ito para sayo kumag at walang silbi. Bitter ka lang!

    • simultaneous says:

      makapagsalita akala mu my mga iphone!! hahaha.. feelingero! pasensya na ha nka iphone 2g pla kau.. hahaha!!! FYI lng my pambili aq ng iphone pero I will never buy an overpriced iphone of yours! why? mabubuhay aq kahit wla aqng iphone hahaha!! i’d rather buy food shelter clothes rather than buy that overpriced iphone of yours! feeling nio pg my iphone kau mayaman kau??? hahaha!! mga uto uto!!!

  28. Jaime says:

    Why does the 5C weigh more than than 5 and 5S? plastic > metal?

    • wew says:

      yeah but to be more specific, plastic > aluminum

    • Queen says:

      The iphone 5C has a slightly bigger size of battery compared to 5s or 5. It was mentioned during the special event of apple when they introduced 5c.
      Watch it in apple.com.

  29. NakikiusoLang says:

    Sa mga taong kaya bilhin ang latest Android phone, di na din sila tumitingin sa price. We can buy an Android phone kahit mas mahal pa sa ip5 (kung meron man). People choose Android dahil nalang din yun sa preferred nilang mag android.. And the fact that your seeing things this way is, it seems like your just buying apple’s latest iphone para mag pasikat, out of preferrence.. hehehehe

  30. silentwarrior says:

    The best phone is the one on your hand. That is my opinion, bakit ba langing nagsasabong ang pro-Apple at pro-Android? Parang religious war ang nangyayari, nakakahiya.

    Be happy sa devices na hawak natin, ganun na lang. I myself is still satisfied with my Galaxy S2, which I rooted.

  31. iFreak says:

    I still don’t like their new releases. Take my comment as it is. It doesn’t need any of your opinion, fanboys!

  32. puhgeh says:

    sige away pa! :))

  33. jujjay says:

    hintayin ko na lang nokia 5110c with “bato mo sa ulo ng snatcher” security function.

  34. gian says:

    Iphone 5s has improved features of iphone 5 that are not visible on naked eye.

  35. churva says:

    is iphone 5c worth it to buy?

    • wew says:

      older version with premium image > newest version but with cheap image

    • Queen says:

      If you are planning to buy apple phone and you are choosing between 5c or 5, 5c is more preferred. Why? 1. Cheaper 2. Iphone 5 is already phased-out in US market. 3. If you still want to buy iphone5, consider 5s because of minimal pricedifference. If you are choosing among apple phones.

    • wew says:

      @Queen mejo mali ka, mas maganda pa rin ang iPhone 5 kung may mahahanap ka pa na stock kasi by this time bumaba na rin ang presyo nun,nasa 30k na lng din more or less…u get a phone with the same specs but with more premium feel…aun nga lang swertihan kung may mahahanap pa na stock ng iphone 5 hahaha

  36. Kami says:

    Sir arci(not sure) of technoodling wrote a very interesting view on the 64bit capacity of the 5s. Something i guess is worth noting. I hope someone can give some further explanation on that para mas maliwanagan tayo at hindi puro sh!t ang nababasa natin dito.

    I do agree though na epic fail ang pricing ng iphone5c. Dapat between, 18-22k lang yun. Well lets hope na subsidized or something ang gawin ng apple for that.

    Funny thing is, nagmukhang obsolete ang iphone5 ko at part of history nalang dahil discontinued ang production. I was expecting na the 5c would be something lower than it.

    Mas appropriate ata yung 5c sa mga youngsters na rich and nasa mid-income. Yun ata yung target market nun.

    Someone mentioned about lags on iphone5 on the previous comments, tlga? I havent experienced it since i got my unit. Baka isolated case. And if ever man may lag hindi kasing evident sa android. (I have a S3 and xperia Z).

    Again, iphone 5s is for those who can afford.

    Naraise na naman yung issue ng quadcore na processor. Eh sana hindi kailangan ng ios sa ngayon yung ganun eh. PRang windows at blackberry.

    Lets see nalang muna ang mga reviews na lalabas when it comes to actual performance. Now kung subpar. E di subpar. Epic fail dim!

    • NurseCarlo says:

      Yap i agree with you im also iP5 user ever since hndi naglalag ang cp ko even 3gb storage remaining at maraming apps n nkabukas at background. Kung meron man e isolated case or baka kinalikut nya ng kinalikut. Maraming haters kc ng iPhone because they never used it pa or experienced. I ve also used android devices and experience lagging. The great thing sa 5s para sa akin is fingerprint security na wala pa sa mga android devices and i know sooner or later they will make the same way. The negative only is the price pero kpg binenta u still mataas prn ang price.

      Ang masasabi ko lang use it first before comment negative sa iba. At icompare nila sa mga android devices nila then tpos kung saan ang comfort gadgets nila doon sila. My sari sarili tyong opinyon wag nyo pagpilitan sa iba na its a crap ang cp na yan. And lastly if you hate tlg iphones or any apple gadgets dont make comments or wait there new devices to launch or read there specifications. Maging open minded kc tyo.

    • wohohoi says:

      IP5 fan padin.. madaming tao kayang bumili ng ip5 at di lang ikaw, pero minsan mas preferred padin mag android.. not a fan of android/apple. I’m currently using both, and I don’t compare kasi may kanya kanya silang advantage.. peace!;D

  37. Eghiem Callasan says:

    Even if I can afford to buy iphone 5s and 5c the price is too high for small improvement. What exactly people are paying for when there not much of innovation?

    • simultaneous says:

      I agree with you..

    • Jason says:

      Yung iba, masabi lang na may iPhone. Puro facebook at picture ng pagkain ang ginagawa. Hindi naman marunong mag email.

    • AGREE says:

      “USER EXPERIENCE” nga daw… pero social apps lang naman ginagamit..

      di lang siguro matanggap na naluluma yung iphone nila kaya bili sila ng bili ng latest model kahit napaka unti lang ng bago..hehehe

  38. tinay says:

    apple is apple its just like a starbucks coffee

  39. ouroborous says:

    I find Apple’s definition of “cheap” medyo out-of-touch.

  40. cybrmyx says:

    That’s just people being cynical…wait for the selling day…i’m sure people will still queue!

  41. uLOL says:

    that’s what you call innovation LOL

  42. airdroid says:

    ang dami ditong bangit nang bangit sa specs wala namng alam sa totoong specs nang iphone. ipagkumapara ba namn ang A7 na 64 bit sa processor na 32 bit. kung ala kayo alam sa “totoong” specs manahimik kayo ang gagaling ng mga tao dito dami alams sa specs..
    saka kala nyo ba proket octa core di na maghahang?
    saka yung article bias masyado. gusto lang ipamukha na walang bago sa iphone 5s..

  43. wew says:

    @simultaneous bobo lang?maraming bumibili ng “luxury items” tulad ng iPhone,Rolex watch,etc. hindi sa dahil kailangan nila ito…kundi dahil gusto lang nila.masyado ka lang bitter(android user here)

  44. ako says:

    I am an Android user. Please don’t get me wrong. I love my device. Really I do. If only i could find a way to connect my device to a projector, life would be much easier. The fact that you can connect an iPhone to a projector is nice.
    malamang sasabihin nyo may laptop naman. pero mabigat na ang projector, mabigat pa din ang laptop.
    So ang tanong ko lang if I am an Android user at gusto ko mag-upgrade ng phone at ang trabaho ko nagrerequire ng mga powerpoint presentation at projector, okay ba na iPhone 5s ang piliin ko?

    • wew says:

      ang alam ko may paraan para sa android, di ko lang alam kung pano mas maganda kung magresearch ka…ung tungkol naman sa iPhone depende naman kung oka lang sau kahit halos walng pinagbago sa iPhone 5,pede na sau ang 5s pero kung gusto mo maranasan ang totoong pagimprove ng iphone,hintayin mo ang iphone 6 =)

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