Apple announces iPhone 5C!

Apple announces iPhone 5C!

Apple today announced the iPhone 5C which comes in a variety of 5 new colors and made of polycarbonate materials. That’s almost same specs as the iPhone 5, only now they come in colored plastic.

The iPhone 5C will be available in blue, white, red, yellow, green colors.

Apple iPhone 5C specs:
4.0-inch IPS LCD display @ 640×1136 pixels, 326ppi
Corning Gorilla Glass 2
Apple A6 1.2GHz dual-core processor
PowerVR SGX543MP3 (triple-core)
16GB, 32GB internal storage
DC-HSDPA 42Mbps, LTE 100Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, dual-band
Bluetooth 4.0
8MP iSight camera, LED flash
1080p video recording
1.2MP HD front-facing camera, 720p @ 30fps
GPS w/ aGPS support, GLONASS
iOS 7
132 grams (weight)
124.4 mm x 59.2 mm x 8.97 mm (dimensions)

The iPhone 5C will be ready for pre-order on September 13 and release date is set on September 20 in Singapore and Hong Kong. iPhone 5C release date in the Philippines is December 2013.


As for the iPhone 5C price, here’s the postpaid contract as indicated by Apple:

iPhone 5C 16GB — $99 cash-out on 24-month postpaid plan
iPhone 5C 32GB — $199 cash-out on 24-month postpaid plan

No prepaid price kit indicated yet.

Apple also announced the iPhone 5S here.

Updated: As per the Hong Kong Apple Online Store, here are the prices of the iPhone 5C:

iPhone 5C 16GB – HK$4688 or Php26,500
iPhone 5C 32GB – HK$5688 or Php32,000

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83 Responses

  1. kc says:

    26k is not cheap at all. I could buy high end android smartphone like the xperia z with that. Clearly apple defines cheap differently.

    • John says:

      C is not for cheap lol.
      It’s for ‘Color’.

      They are not offering something cheaper, they’re giving an alternative choice for a little less… just like the iPad and iPad mini.

    • lousy says:

      sir it isn’t meant to be cheap, the experience is meant to be the same unlike in other platforms where the user experience suffers or lacks as compare to the high end devices because they make “cheap” devices. i don’t think the ‘C’ in ‘5C’ mean cheap sir, i think it’s meant to be ‘Colorful’ lol

    • iPhoneCrap says:

      C doesn’t mean CHEAP. It stands for CRAP!

    • zero says:

      Yes, they have a different meaning cheap. it’s basically an iphone 5 of last year made in cheap plastic this year. Innovation has really died down for apple since jobs’ death.

  2. Ambin says:

    BUMMER!!! I’m hoping that the base price would be pegged at about 15k – 17k. no hopes for getting an iPhone on December. maga-Android na lang ulit ako -_-

  3. apdroid says:

    if u cant afford it dont buy it…

  4. chekaden says:

    animal na apple, sugapa talaga sa presyo e wala namang binatbat sa android.

  5. Ernesto says:

    I’m an Apple fanboy and I don’t like the color pallete of the iPhone 5c.

  6. abuzalzal says:

    Shabu pa Apple!


  7. anokamo says:

    Good luck sa mga uto-uto!

  8. wha says:

    eh pa nga ba? an iPhone will not be a phone for the MASA, it will still COST AN ARM AND A LEG when it reaches the Philippine Shores

  9. HiERARCH says:

    ang mahal pa ‘din puteek ‘wag na..

  10. igorotak says:

    ..still expensive. Well, if you have the money to splurge, then go for it. For the mean time, if you currently have the iphone 5, stick to that muna

  11. puhgeh says:

    ay konti lang difference ng presyo sa 5s? :))

  12. kelvin says:

    Apple products are TOO EXPENSIVE!!! they say they made the iphone 5c for cheaper version of iphone and for those who cannot afford those iphones (4-5) but they really know what the meaning of cheap??? P 26,500.00 could buy 1 high-end handset or 2 handsets, tsk tsk tsk….GO for ANDROID gadgets…..

    • zarne says:

      I am not depending Apple but it was the Tech media who built the hype about Iphone 5C being “cheaper and targeted for emerging markets”. Apple did not promise any cheap phone. Prices on ALL Apple products have always been above their competitors that’s why I am not a fan of their computer and phone products.

      Bottom line: Take it or leave it

  13. Obi says:

    Small screen and expensive! Samsung still wins!

  14. lol says:

    iphone 5c = CUPAL! 26k amputa…. What a geedy company… although…..Ishheeeeppppppppp Galore!!

  15. sir jacko says:

    Hmm.. ano kaya sasabihin ng mga apple fans na galit na galit sa plastic build ng samsung and nokia? Is apple pulling off a lumia? ;)

    Nice multi-colored polka dots effect case! Perfect for new year’s eve! :)

    • PinkyHeart6 says:

      They’ll say it’s made from Premium Apple Plastic

    • zero says:

      Yes, they certainly copied lumias when it comes to colored smartphones. The difference is, lumias have vibrant colors, which is good, apple has a lighter and pale shade similar to baby’s toys.

    • zarne says:

      Apple fans won’t be caught dead sporting this plastic phone. Iphone 5C price is a no brainer for me. For a few more bucks, you could buy the 5S with better built quality and more phone features.
      Both phones are not wallet friendly.

    • sir jacko says:

      haha :) i wouldn’t trade my lumia plastic and note 2 plastic with apple’s bubble gums. heck, even with old tech, i’ll hold on to my iphone 4’s glass and aluminum build. no way you’d see me holding a dotted plastic bubble gum phone. ;)

      but, i’m thinking twice about the 5S’ champagne gold finish.. it just exxxuuddesss class and elegance.. it says a lot about my social status ;) hihihi :D

      apple, take my money!!! haha

  16. PinkyHeart6 says:

    Now the argument switches to: Who makes the better PLASTIC, Apple or Samsung?

  17. Marlito Agbunag says:

    Apple naming of 5S and 5C is but just correct and truly reflective of the entire USA. This phones are cheaply built to satisfy and cater the emerging markets, and that is the POOR COUNTRY they call as USA. LOL. USA is financially down and all Americans are so poor. They don’t have any cash. All they do is Swipe their Credit Card. That is why Apple got the idea of American poorness and named their phones in honor of the American poorness and it becomes iphone 5 SWIPE and iphone5 CREDIT CARD. Because for sure there is no American out there that would be able to buy iphone other than to iphone 5 SWIPE and iphone 5 CREDIT CARD.LOL LOL

  18. Marlito Agbunag says:

    talagang eng eng ang mga mayron apple phones, tignan mo specs, kahit ung chery mobile ni ginoong abuzalzal tatawanan ang specs ng iphone ke 5 or 5suckshit pa iyan. What OS experience are you talking about, I have all the platform, wlang gaganda sa essential and confidential business communications pag RIM OS, secured na at bilis. But heavy gamings at net, Android ka. Win 8 pag office side ka. Now IOS [apple as they always prefer] pag naglalaro ka ng tik tak to, browse ka ng facebook… ngbbsa ng text ni kabit… ngbabasa ng apple news. nag titingin ng bags shoes pra sa kabit… at apple gear para sa kabit… kasi ang apple ay bukod tanging PARA SA MGA KABIT!

  19. Marlito Agbunag says:

    bakit ko sinabing mga eng eng ang may apple. Simple KABIT at BAKLA lang naman mayron mga iyan. Bakit kung KABIT or BAKLA ka ba may sapat kang pag iisip at katinuan ng ISIP. WALA. karumal dumal ang ginagawa mo. Kahit saan biblia ka tumingin demonyo kang KABIT or BAKLA ka. At bagay sila ng apple kasi ALL PORMA but TOTALLY CRAP. Lahat ng gurl meron DIAN ay KABIT dahil sure na binili ng PAPA nila iyan. Ang mga kala mo lalaki ay apple ang dala ay TALAMAK NA BADING or CLOSET QUEEN. Magwla na kau if gusto niu BUT tumingin kau sa sarili niu, TRUE NA BAKLA AT PUTA KAU. Hindi ko sinabing meron ako apple ang sinasabi ko ay nakakagamit ako dahil may apple na bigay kay KABIT!

    • Christian says:

      Ano namang kinalaman ng pagiging bakla sa pagkakaroon ng iPhone? Eh bakla ako pero naka Android ako, so anong point mo? Nagmamapait ka kasi di mo kaya yung presyo ng apple products, pati mga bakla dinamay mo pa. Hanap hanap din kasi ng trabaho para may maipambili at may mapagbuntungan ng katangahan.

    • Shabu pa! says:

      Shabu pa pre! :))

      Mas maganda ang heavy gaming sa android? Really??? Kelan pa??? hahaha
      Napaghahalataan na di ka pa nakakagamit ng iphone or any IOS Device.

      Apple products is using internals(e.g. Ram, CPU, Memory) that has far more better quality compare sa cherry mobile na pinagmamalaki mo. LOL!

      Marunong ka lang kc magbasa eh, kaya pag nakita mong mas malaki ung numbers, mas maganda na para sayo.

      It’s the overall product quality and after sale support ang nagpapamahal sa Apple products, it’s not about purely on spec sheets which is fooling stupid people thinking any phone/device will perform better if it has higher CPU/Ram but in reality, all it does in an android phone is to drain it’s battery. :)

    • Marlito Agbunag says:

      Bwahaha hoy mga puta at bading, diko kau kasing cheap na shabu lang kaya haha poor niu, ako cocaine bwahahaha, at ang apple niu plan 999 hahaha mga cheap hanggang puta bading at iphone nalang kau hahaha. Vertu ang gamit ko hahaha kahit mga papa niu d pa nakakita ng vertu hahaha mga poor members ng society bading na puta pa or puta na bading pa or putang bading or bading na puta or putang puta hahaha mga parausan hahaha oh pila na tuwad na hahaha eto pambili ng apple niu

  20. ed says:

    5c is for emerging market, it does not follow since mahal pa rin. in 2 years time, apple will be down .

  21. Kepkep says:

    nako dami nnmang bumabanat sa iPhone. tanong lang nman dyan e, nagkaroon na ba kayo ng iPhone?

  22. Late_Reaction says:

    “the iPhone 5C is not a new device. The iPhone 5C is the iPhone 5, and Apple found a cheaper way to produce it.”

  23. marlito agBUANG says:

    hoy Marlito, u sound like an angry woman na pinagpalit ng asawa para sa isang BAKLANG KABIT ah. hahahha

    SHABU PA! hahahahhahahahahhahahahaha

  24. Marlito AgBuni says:

    Actually, marlito sounds like a rentboy na ayaw patulan ng mga matronas and gays.

  25. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Behold, the new Apple iPhone Lumia series!

  26. Marlito AgBunganga says:

    Actually, Marlito sounds like a rentboy na ayaw patulan ng mga matronas and gays. LOL :D

  27. prisz says:

    and just when i thought to buy one, damn internet it kept on announcing “Apple will released a low-cost phone”. that’s low cost for them since they used plastic materials, but not for the consumers. -_- *dissapointed*

  28. sir jacko says:

    the 5c is low cost and for emerging markets.. with a probable 25k-30k price tag.. YES IT IS!.. compared to the 5s! it really is cheaper.. than the 5s!

    horay! apple take my money! :D

  29. wozzy says:

    Ang laki ng bezel pa rin. Practically same size lang ang Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

    • Magelan says:

      Kc recycled iphone5 po 2ng 5c. What hapend was they’ve orderd a lot of iphone5 components frm der suppliers, den in d end po yta ng 1st quarter eh bmba na kgad ung demand kya dey halt d assembly and production. So pra ndi maluge ung company 4 d over production of d components, dey use a cheaper plastic for the base/casing to house d actual iphone5 innards pra mbenta nla sa mbabang price.

      Den d aluminum case goes to d 5s, so double recycling po ngyare. Kya ndi rin na increase ung screen size. Hehe. But im sure der next itiration of iphone would have a bigger screen size to catch up wid d likes of d people.

      D big sell 4 d iphone ryt now is d touch id, 4 most of us pinoys, its not much of a hype coz we dnt use our phone like others do. To western countries or even to singapore n hongkong, d busnes people use der fon 4 mobile banking, so dat extra security is a must 4 dem. Unlike 4 most of us, we use it much for selfie on ig, play hd games or candy crush, 4 fb viber we chat twitter n d likes, download n watch porn movies animes or watch on iwant tv.. Hehe..

      D only pros 4 us pinoys of d new 5c is dat its cheaper, and for d 5s, its d new cam 4 selfie adicts.

  30. Kenneth says:

    Wala lang kasi kayong pera kaya ganyan yung mga pinagsasabi niyo!

    • Max says:

      Gago! Ikaw social climber lang!

    • ALAS says:

      wag ka ngang magpaka-ignorante dyan. sadyang nagpapakapraktikal lang kami dahil alam namin na mas may patutunguhan yung pera sa mas magandang bagay at hindi yun sa wala kaming pera.

    • simultaneous says:

      di naman kelangan ng luxury phone pang tawag at pantext at panunuod ng porn ampota.. my pera ka nga pagnanakaw naman iyak tawa ka naman!

    • sander says:

      pag sinabing mahal wala agad ng pera! dba pwedng practical lang. hay nako isisp-isip din pag may time…..

  31. Ren says:

    Wala namang ganong bago eh. Matamis lang magsalita ang apple. Pero ganun pa man, maganda naman talaga ang iPhone. Kung bibili kayo ng 5c or 5s wag dito, pabili na lang kayo sa america, mas mura siguro. :)

  32. abuzalzal says:

    Releases an economy-class iPhone.
    Priced like a high-end Android Phone.

    Fucking Apple logic.

    • Son says:

      tama ka jan.. mura sa US pero pagdating sa pinas mahal yan for sure. I’m guessing 6 to 7k ung iphone 5c 16gb at 10 to 11k 32gb

  33. wew says:

    hihintayin pa siguro ng Apple na mangyari sa kanila ang nangyari sa Blackberry bago magiba ng strategy.

  34. ambin says:

    oks na oks talaga ang yugatech. parang the buzz, may intriga pa sa comments hahaha

  35. Abujakol says:

    Hahaha ang daming squatters dito na can’t afford ang nagrereklamo sa presyo ng iPhone! This is not meant for you, cheap bastards! You can hate all you want but the fact is you can’t afford this luxury phone.

  36. Sksksksks says:

    Hahaha ang daming squatters dito na can’t afford ang nagrereklamo sa presyo ng iPhone! This is not meant for you, cheap bastards! You can hate all you want but the fact is you can’t afford this luxury phone.

  37. Did I miss the part that this was supposed to be a BUDGET iPhone? So sorry Apple but I won’t buy this sh*t. If only you released something that were as cheap as the US price of the Nexus 4.

    • Dkdkdkdkd says:

      Hoy squatter! Hindi ka naman pinipilit bumil ng apple! Palibhasa hampaslupa ka! Hindi ito para sayo cheap! Inggit ka lang!

    • simultaneous says:

      makapagsalita akala mu my iphone talaga.. pero malamang meron k nga android os nmn tama?? hahaha

  38. simultaneous says:

    f*ck apple!! basic call and text and surf doesn´t need expensive phone!

  39. 'em says:

    Yes I had an iPhone 4 before but I dumped it for a Lumia.

  40. Ksksksksks says:

    Daming mga hampas-lupang squatter dami nyong sinasabi di nyo lang naman kaya bumili! Pustahan tayo kapag pina-pili kayo between iPhone and cheap android phone na libre, iphone kukunin nyo!

    • simultaneous says:

      ikw kung papapiliin ka ng 1000 at 100 na pera anu pipiliin mo?

    • wew says:

      @Ksksksksks tanga mo bat mo pinagkumpara ang iPhone(highend handset) sa isang cheap android phone lol hahaha syempre kung ako iPhone na,then IBEBENTA KO SAKA AKO BIBILI NG HIGHEND NA ANDROID OR A LUMIA 1020

  41. Djepsospps says:

    Mga hampas-lupang squatter dami nyong sinasabi di nyo lang naman kaya bumili! Pustahan tayo kapag pina-pili kayo between iPhone and cheap android phone na libre, iphone kukunin nyo!

    • Ronald says:

      I have an s4, htc one, s4 zoom, s4 active and sony xperia z. I gave away my iphone 4 black & white 2 years ago because they bored me. The only phone i cannot buy is the vertu. Its like buying a car. Now that is a luxury phone. An iphone is not. You moronic jerk.

  42. wew says:

    walang bibili nito dahil sa Apple ang brand niya,di makkatulong ung brand kung alam naman ng lahat na cheap version to ng iPhone 5s…kung bibili ako ng phone na may premium image andaming android flagship phones jan na magsusuffice

  43. wew says:

    Apple should have at least not used a glossy plastic,honestly di talaga maganda tignan pede naman sila gumamit ng plastic housing na hindi masyado nasasacrifice ang premium feel,mas mukha pang luxury ang sgs4 kaysa dito eh.

  44. Jackfortrades says:

    Sus niloloko na lang kayo nang apple. nagbabago lang design ng phone at lumalaki lang ang screen ng iphone nila. Overall pangalan na lang ang dinadala nila. for me this is just a waste of money and for that price range?! i can buy a much better phone. yung iba kasi dyan “nakikiuso” na lang at masabi lang na may iphone sila. wag niyo gawing status symbol ang ang iphone niyo.

  45. silent b0bjay says:

    mga dre chillax lang eto ang di mahal –>
    puff and pass…

    • abuzalzal says:

      puff and pass mo mukha mo.
      puro na lang ganyan ang sinasabi mo tapos wala pang kinalaman sa topic. pa-konsulta ka nga sa psychiatrist dre nang mapigilan na yang “puff and pass” bullshit mo.

  46. tututut says:

    mga putang ina nyo lahat, ang sasama nang mga ugali nio Cellphone lang pinag aawayan nyo pa. ang chi cheap nyo…

  47. Abcdefghijk says:

    Wow, yung iba makapag yabang wagas!! Porket naka iPhone ka tapos sya S4 squatter sya. Ang yanang. TAMPALIN KITA NG IPHONE GALAXY 69 ko eh. RAWR!!!!

  48. sows says:

    it’s always a maztter of preferrence. Hindi dapat pinagaawayan. Kung trip mo apple and afford naman it doesn’t mean na social climber ka. Kung android prefer mo, it doesn’t mean na cheap ka, maganda rin naman ang android e – iphone5 user

  49. Anonymous says:

    Some people are like Iphone 5c.. cheap and plastic!

  50. wew says:

    tingin ko ang mga bibili nito ay ung mga magulang na gusto bilhan ng phone ang kanilang mga anak pero ung may magandang tatak at magugustuhan nila dahil maraming kulay =)))

  51. basbayaogag says:

    Mga tarantado pala kayo e. Edi wag kau kumain sa inasal kung d nio gsto ang mcdo. Mga tanga.pathetic morons stupid assholes biatch chuy

  52. basbayaogag says:

    Mga tarantado pala kayo e. Edi wag kau kumain sa inasal kung d nio gsto ang mcdo. Mga tanga.pathetic morons stupid assholes biatch chuy kituhuy

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